American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Giving New Car To Parents

Phillip Phillips on American Idol 2012

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips might have been given a brand new 2013 Ford Fusion during last week’s finale, but he’s not going to be the one driving it.

The newly-crowned American Idol winner is reportedly handing the car keys over to his parents. He plans to continue driving his 2001 Ford Ranger truck. At least it’s a Ford. American Idol should appreciate that.

I don’t know if Phillip’s modesty is charming or annoying. You just won American Idol, Phillip! Indulge a little! You no longer have to drive an 11-year-old truck!

In other news, Phillip is reportedly scheduled to have surgery this week to remove the kidney stones that have plagued him since the beginning of season 11. TMZ says Phillip will recover in style at an Idol executive’s Malibu, California, home.




    • yes he’s really awesome considering that he won over very musically talented and vocally superior competitors like DeAndre Brackensick, Colton Dixon, Elise Testone, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. Way better singer than him but still won them over for obvious reasons. now lets pump up his “nice guy” image to offset his humdrum acts.

      • Ha Ha
        your comments are the same as your name – all others except for Joshua and Phillip are dime a dozen !

      • poopoo, do you know what your stupid user name is?????? That is what you are compared to PHILLIP PHILLIPS!! He is sweet! He is a doll. giving his parents his new car. He is a nice guy and I don’t give a damn what any of the rest of you think. Maybe the STATUE Jessica should be the winner!!

  1. According to Hannah Blackwell, Philip’s girlfriend; he wont undergo any surgery, he’s just fine and excited for tour. Check her twitter account @hannahblackwell and check it yourselves. Ive had enough of everything regarding kidney stone surgery. Starting to get annoying.

    • Look again–she just said that it wasn’t scheduled for ‘tomorrow’ & that he would be fine once it is scheduled and would be on the tour.  Obviously he is going to have surgery.  Last I checked he and his family are not the ones putting it out there–they are being asked constantly–so if it is annoying–blame the media.

  2. Don’t know how him giving his car to his parents annoying….as a parent of kids about his age I found it quite endearing and shows me that he still understands what is important.  Stay exactly who you are Phillip–you have this whole season–it is why you made it so far.  Good luck with everything.

    • well since he didn’t deserve it because he didn;t do any ford commerical and the other idols did it should went to joshua ledet third runner up, i feel bad too!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How can you be so uncaring? How can you say such things? How can you even be an AMERICAN? Or Are You? He was sick! Stop saying things like this! Congrats Phillip ! AMERICA LOVES YOU !!!!!! Thats why you WON!!!!

      • he doesn’t deserved all of this .he got the title without any sweat.without even trying hard.look at the finally for many times he went to the stage.?don’t tell me because of his kidney again .if that is the case drop out and give way to the kids who is more deserving,,joshua,hollie, skylar those kids are deserving one… peace to all.

      • He deserved the title just as much if NOT more than any of the idols! There will always be haters when their favorite didn’t win! Get over it you trolls and spend your energy on your favorites articles instead of spreading negativity!!!! You show your low class! Keep in mind if you can that Phillip never complained nor did he advertise his kidney problems! It is either his family or some reporter doing this! I really think Phillip’s GF needs to stop talking about his surgery status! Leave that to Phillip and his PR!!!
        Congrats Phillip Phillips!!! Enjoy your win, you DID deserve it!!!

      • You hit the bulls eye and Phillip is full of it ….. Joshua is so much MORE than Phillip will ever be.  In fact, just watch and see … Phillip will NOT sell records …. it won’t happen.

      • He probably missed the Ford commercial shoots because he was in bed sick.  I wasn’t a fan, but I do understand that he was sick.

      • Read your msg agin…. Cookie…. PLEASE.. he won it fair …. Plus he is driveing a FORD TRUCK… 2001 at that… What as the ford com. got to do with it… Im so suprised at the terrible remarks…. Im so thank ful for all that Ive gotten in life, and it wasnt easy, Ive worked 12 hrs a day.. raised 2 boys, and STILL IM SO HAPPY WHEN SOMEONE WINS SOMETHING.. Thank God.. I sure would want to me hateful like some of you.. by the way, the last to yrs.. Casey James and Haley Reinhart , they were my fave and they came in 3rd.. I didnt HATE the winners

    • He is so humble, true to himself and has his priorities straight.  I am so happy that he won and I was not a fan until the end of the competition, after Hollie was eliminated.  He deserved to win because AMERICA said he was the best and yes, he did deserve the car.

    • maybe he just can’t stand the fact of driving around town with a car he loosely endorsed or looking aggrandized to a  cozy & carefree win.

  3. I have kept many AI programs on my DVR in order to watch P2 over and over until he starts appearing in concert and get his an album out.  He’s a tremendous talent and a very genuine individual.  So glad this was recognized by the voters.
    Am in hopes that he gets the necessary surgery out of the way and has a speedy mend.  Will be watching for news of him through the summer months.
    I don’t look to see the likes of him on next year’s Idol . . . he’s unique – a true original.   I hope he continues to travel the path he’s most interested in travelling and his music brings him the happiness he’s brought to so many AI viewers this season!

  4. please stop that kidney issue already.he already won,people vote for him coz of that and of course hes a cute guy.anything new about him rather than this? our opinion he should sing tha national anthem in pbs not jessica ,he is american idol winner .not the other way round.peace to all.

    • I certainly didn’t vote for him over kidney stones or his looks. I like his sound. I will buy his album. We are strangely entitled to different taste in music.

      Aside from that, what a good kid. His parents should be proud of raising someone with a loving, giving heart.

    • personally I didn’t vote for him because of a kidney issue or looks either. I voted for 3 people all season, all different in their own right.  Elise, Phillip and Skylar.  Not all cute boys clearly.  But they commonality is that they stuck with doing their style of music.  But, truth be told Phillip had me at Thriller.  I loved Skylar and Elise as well and I really hope they each get contracts so we can hear more from them.  In fact, there are several others I’d love to hear more from.  I just felt that Phillip was for me the one that held my interest.  I love the jazz, blues qualities to his style and his music would be something I’d have listened too had he arrived in some manner other than idol.  As for his kidney issues, it is rare that you hear a single thing from him.  So whatever is being repeated probably has little to do with him and a lot more to do with the fact that his camp has been quiet about his plans most likely so he doesn’t have cameras in his face when he comes out of surgery. I’m guessing he’s more annoyed by the discussion than ANYONE!  He’s not going to sing on PBS for the same reason he’s postponed a lot of the press.  His health should come first.  Anyone else who wants to berate him over this or beating out Jessica, you should probably get to buying her singles and recap album.  Because Phillip has had everyone of his singles in the top 200 on itunes including #1 for almost a week.  And the #2 album (His AI Recap) behind John Mayer for a week, too (still holding). Jess topped out at number 11 or 12 thus far on albums and #138 with only one single in the top 200.  For all the supporters out there that adore her and claim she should have won, perhaps you should get off the blogs/msg boards and start actually supporting her by buying her music that you love so much.  Because for all the thousands of people who whine about it, it seems like she should be selling a lot more. She’s amazing, she should do really well.  Her music is not my thing and I don’t feel she is any more or less unique than Phillip.  For every person that says volcano was almost identical to Damien’s version, I can say the exact same about pretty much every one of her songs.  But, outside of one or two of Phillip’s they were pretty different from the original. So, let’s stop splitting hairs and wish them both success.  Phillip a quick recovery and can’t wait to see what all of the top 13 do with their careers as I believe there will be a number of season 11 alums to get contracts. 

      •  yes, and a very long defense you should make for him ‘coz he lacks the real deal to prove it otherwise.

      • i don’t have time in my hand to answer you.but what caught my attention is about the pbs ,if his health should come first .why he waited for so long ,to get the operation done.and should finish the ai first .so tell me which is the priority first ,health or winning?(SORRY ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE ,I’M FROM ARAB COUNTRY.)

      • …. you can write all of the defense BOOKS that you want to write but the bottom line truth is that Phillip’s actually Lee Dewyze in disguise.  Epic FAIL !!!!!  He will NOT sell records …. just saying   

      • Wasn’t Thriller fantastic.  He had has full voice then, during auditions.  He sang the hell out of it and even broke a guitar string!   That’s when I decided he was going to win…at auditions!

      •  yes i agree all very different singers and a good crop of singers that will do well with all albums i`m in australia and can`t get any songs downloaded yet but hopefully soon

      • So! I’m contra alto and don’t song high notes either. You sing in a key you are comfortable singing in….another ridiculous thing to say.

  5. This Phillip is just a genuine  nice guy.  Respectful etc.  I’ve heard him talk on some of the Talk Shows and this kid is the real deal AND he can sing.  This season had a lot of talented kids on it and they all deserve a chance at their dreams……..

    • Hi Phyllis and friends,

      Ahhh , life after idol, LOL

      You guys better have something better to do this summer, heh heh. it is going to be a long and dry one and no idol to talk about.

      I suggest to let this one go and let it simmer until next season.

      have a wonderful summer my friends.

      just saying……………………………………………….

      • Hello Ed,
        Idol season went fast.  i know youwanted Elise to win but I’m sure most of these idols will get contracts.
        Now I’m on to SYTYCD.  I’m just a reality junkie.  GTP has a website to comment on so I’m back to putting my 2 cents in….LOL…..
        Well you have an awsome summer..  Stay safe…..see you next Idol season!!!!!

    • What do you mean a waste? Come on read this site. Read all the whining, crying, conspiracy theories, mostly written by what must be spoilt little children who did not get their own way even if the majority didn’t agree. Lets face it adults wouldnt be able to write this stuff at least not with a serious face. I thought P2 had the young girl vote wrapped up but this makes one think twice. This stuff is comic gold and by no means could you call it a waste.

      • nothing will change my opinion for this year american idol season 11…for the last time it’s a waste.. peace to all…;

      • @Juvy…I don’t think there is anyone who is trying to change ur opinion or even cares about it.  Do yourself a favor and stop watching AI if it is so annoyingly wasteful to you. 

    • Juvy – why are you so hateful?  Maybe it was a waste for YOU but not for the overwhelming number of people voting for Phillip.  We really love his singing.  You don’t.  So get over  it.

      • @Lesdell…some people are sore losers and hate to see others happy.  Phillip is my favorite singer since Adam…and boy do they ever have a different style.   It kinda makes you wonder if they hated the season and the show so much, why do they want to make comments about it? 

    • Hi Juvy,

      Waste?  waste?  what are you talking about.  In the last few weeks I have seen your name on this post so many times.  All I can say is you did enjoy wasting your time here, and all the comments you have made.

      Shall I go back to the pages of the previous posts to remind you how much time you wasted watching AI and posting your comments after?

      just kidding, being serious are you going to watch season 12?  I bet you
      will, LOL

      • Ed, you must have thought the same about me. All I can say is sometimes you like the outcome of the game and sometimes you don’t but you can’t talk football without watching it.

        Some of us just like talking about it. Bad or good, it’s the discussion and interaction with others that makes it so much fun.

  6. Just wish him good health and immediate recovery if he goes for surgery……..If there is one thing I like about Philip is his humility. He has been ver humble. The competition is over now. The next challenge is how those finalists make name or even big name in the music industry. In other side, I just  hope that rumour or tweet about Tommy Mottola’s interest of producing the first album for Jessica is TRUE.

    • He has to do a lot of nice things to maintain popularity. He can’t depend on his vocal prowess or musicianship too much.

      •  yeah, people behind him must be so creative to pimp his “nice guy” image to make up for his mediocre singing abilities.

  7. Why don’t you think Phillip deserves a car? Just because he missed some Ford videos doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get one. Come on he was sick. Every winner on Idol gets a car. People are so jealous and selfish over stupid stuff. Just be glad he’s not an jerk like some people and that he was nice enough to give his parents a car. 

      •  You and the rest do not have a clue what it is to have stones in your kidney. If any has had a baby then that pain is nothing compared to having stones in your kidney.He did not play the pity card it is what it is.Just like Jessica playing the poverty line did you see what her home looks like.That is luxury for me . In any case she did not do the american anthem justice by screaming. This is only my opinion

      • They didn’t make a great big deal about his illness…..and I’m sure that was requested by him and his family…good, very modest people. I would love to meet them all.

  8. Okay, so he gives his car to his brand new parents. Fine, I guess…

    Hopefully, after his surgery, he can produce new songs… hopefully.

    [Off-topic but did Jessica or Phillip guest already at the Ellen show?]

    •  Re: [off-topic] = no news from Phillip yet, but Jessica just had the NA for the National Memorial Day and guest on Live! With Kelly and will perform on The Today Show on Thursday. She also headed the parade at Orlando, FL with other finalist.

      • Phillip called in to Kelly’s show last Thursday, he couldn’t come in person for obvious reasons.   She asked him to come back when he was well.  Further, I’ve read that Joshua and Jessica are doing some of P2’s press for the same reasons. 

    • Okay, his brand new parents??? I guess I missed that tidbit in the news..hmmm. I wonder if his old parents know about this?

    • Phillip didn’t have to do the post season media tour. His kidney stones were getting way too painful. He needed surgery right away. Now he has moved it a couple weeks down the road. He will probably miss a few of the concert tour dates as well. That mean that his fans who purchased tickets for those first few tour dates are getting ripped off. 

  9. Afraid the personwriting that Phillips modesty is annoying . . . in  giving his new car to his parents.  That’s Hollywood for you- they do NOT have a clue.

  10. honestly it takes a really pathetic person to sit there and type on the computer and hate on people who are following their dream and succeeding and your doing nothing but being jealous so u feel its necessary to hate on them just because they have fun doing what their doing.

    • I’m not pathetic. I’m angry that Jessica didn’t win. She deserved it. She had to pick her final song from a list of several and then she had to arrange and perform that song. All Phil had to do is sing the song they handed to him in it’s original arrangement. Throw in some marching drummers and viola! There’s the winner…LOL

      Bitter to the very end is my motto. Well in this case past the very end…LOL

      • What does “P’raps” mean? Shouldn’t there be another apostrophe after the “r”.

      • You are really just repeating yourself, honey. We get you wanted jessica to win. As I always sang to my son when he was little and wanted something..’ You can’t always get what you want…..’. That made him even madder, but that’s just how it is….a fact of life!

      • Too bad, so sad. My favorite was voted off earlier in the season. I didn’t even vote in the last two results shows but I know who was the better singer of the last two or three sweetie! You do too. Phil aint the one though.

  11.  I think he show’s class.He’s thanking the people who got him this far!

    • I agree.  He has a giving heart and spirit.  I read on his gf’s twitter that they met working at a woman and child’s homeless shelter.   He is a rare breed to have talent and the humility to go along with it.  I heard P2 won by a landslide, so I’m just ignoring some of the things I’ve read here about such a close victory.  Whether it’s by one vote or 1,000,000, you’ve still won.   Jessica, I am sure, will also do well in her career.

    • What gift is he gonna bestow upon his kidney stones. Certainly they deserve some of the credit for his success but yet he is just gonna cast them aside and discard them. He should have them bronzed and place them on display next to his trophy don’t you think?

      •  You are one sorry bitter person.Thanks to the likes of people like Phillip that do make this place a better place to live on.Have u lifted your sorry bottom to help anyone?So use your anger for the better for human kind instead of being proud of your bitterness

  12. this post is lame. now we’re talking about odd stories on how he gave up his ford prize, conspiracies over his illness, and please someone tell me this is not a lame attempt to cover up for his media round-up absences…nuff said.

  13. in response to poopoo ,in my eyes he didn’t workhard for tht title.hes just another wgwg category ..i will give him a year to shine.                                                                                   

    • nah you didn’t get the irony of it. the post before this page is about JS’s NA on PBS NMDC and other blogs posting many of her media gigs, idol parades (yes, she does hard work, even after the show). now making a story like “giving car to parents” (only to generate an ‘aaah so humble, so adorable, lovely boy’ comments is plain duh, pimping him to be given second thought by cynics) just makes him less of a ugh…jeez 

    • First you say he didn’t work hard, then you call him a wgwg and then you give him a year to shine. Isn’t that a contradiction?

      Can’t you get it that all people have different tastes in music. If I controlled the music industry and based it upon my tastes very few of the artists you seem to like would have even gotten a recording contract. Would that be good no it wouldn’t. Mind you an artist I really liked back in the 80’s named Freddie Aguilar would have gotten a lot more international exposure, but I can only assume from your comments you would only refer to him as another AGWG. Strange that the Philippines best selling international artist ever was a guy who nearly always gets photographed with a guitar.

      • who is  Freddie Aguilar by the way ,is he phillip s cousin?you involving another people here.why don’t you stick your comment on philip and only philip?how about that?peace to all

      • Hi Juvy,

        You keep saying peace , but you are a natural rebel, heh heh
        and here you are again rebel rousing are’nt you??

  14. Giving his Brand new car to His Parents is not annoying, it displays a giving heart and gratitude! He never portrayed anything other than himself, he is humble and how could that possibly annoy someone? BTW I don’t think he cares about any comments made in this forum or any other.
    God Bless You Phillip in whatever you do!

  15. He will probably have kidney stones removed by lazer beam which means no incision! Recovering will be fast. Guys in Georgia like their trucks or maybe his parents needed a new car…whatever it was sweet of him! Jes’s songs all sounded the same and her duet with B. Holiday was painful screaming. She will do well, hopefully her producers will pick good songs for recording.

    •  First off, this article is about P2 and his gift to his parents, which is admirable. Secondly Doctor, the recovery time has been a reported 6 weeks at the mansion. Laser “beam” seriously? Last and more importantly, why are you bringing your asinine opinions about Sanchez up in this topic? Who is B Holiday? Last I looked, in less than a week, Jennifer Holliday, a Grammy winner and a legend, and Sanchez’s duet is almost at the 2 million mark in views and is still trending as of today. I suggest that the next time you “beam”, you “beam” up to the Enterprise and go far far away so we don’t have put up with such idiotic nonsense.

      • I suspect the duet has so many views ’cause people have heard how awful it was and want to see the ruckus and facial expressions for themselves.  I made my husband watch it so he would know what I was talking about when I told him what a ridiculous performance was in AI.

    • @b53a2d019bac0f3625cd4f11a0789cca:disqus I believe this site is set up to discuss your feeling about AI and the contestants.  J. Holiday a legend, give me a break.  That performance was disgusting, as bad as fantasia and Joshua. My Opinion, and after reading many other posts apparently I am not alone.

    • Yeah, who is B. Holliday? And you are out of your mind if you think that duet was bad.

      First of all go watch the Broadway production and watch the performance in the context of the musical. Then you will realize it is actually supposed to be painful. So if it came across that way then they did exactly what they were supposed to do. Perfect!!!

      • It’s a matter of taste.  I think it was bad, others do as well.  You obviously liked it.  There is no absolute, we just like different things.

  16. Phillip will do well, I just hope DeAndre Brackensick gets a contract, his voice is amazing. I love to hear him sing too. I still can’t believe he was voted off. Some of you talk about Jessica, but DeAndre had her beat. Anyone that ever heard and loves Earth Wind and Fire know what I’m saying 

  17. I wish him well during his surgery. Being in a family of kidney stone and kidney disease I can really understand his pain. He is a giving child I think I would do the same thing if my parents were living.

  18. It isn’t often you see that kind of love and respect for family. That is wonderful he gave the car to his parents. His world is just beginning and will have plenty of time and money to indulge. I wanted him to win from the very first time he auditioned and am very excited I have summer tour tickets my boyfriend got for my granddaughter and I to go in August. Good luck, Philip and Congrats!

  19. TMZ reports that Phillip’s surgery has been postponed until next week.  He has developed a high fever from a sinus infection he now has.   He had eight surgeries during the course of the show and was in, at times, agonizing pain AND STILL managed to win it all.    This victory was no accident, it was meant to be.

    • He really wanted it, I think not only for himself, also for his family.  He is apparently very closeto all of them, an amazing very talented young man.

  20. First off I don’t think it’s annoying that he gave his new car to his parents. Maybe his truck is still running fine, but his parents vehicle is on it’s last leg.

    Now onto the hateful comments. Phillip one plain and simple. I was a Phillip supporter all season, he had me at Thriller. Like another poster said, if you like Jessica so much then go out there and support her. By that I mean download her singles. Buy her cd when it comes out. By tickets to see her on concert. Don’t come on the blogs and tear down the person who beat her in a singing competition. If you think Jessica will have a bigger career than Phillip then get out there and help to support her career,  and not come onto the blogs and whine about how she didn’t win and say hateful things about the person who did win. She showed herself to be gracious in defeat why can’t you people follow her lead?

    • Gosh, I wish all these people would quit boasting about Phillip winning American Idol. It was handed to him on a silver platter. It’s not like he was really the best of the competition. He was just the most popular, that is if the votes were the deciding factor.

      If you don’t like Jessica then just keep it to yourself. Go support Phillip and quit trying to act like he is a better singer than her when you know he’s not. The best singer never wins American Idol.

      • everyone has different view of “best singer” or rather good music. as Shawn said above, if u like jessica’s music, then go buy it.Maybe Phillip is not the best singer, but he’s music connected to his supporters and we appreciate that kind of music

      • he is famous because of his looks .but when it comes to vocal hes like his type of genre but people din’t mention about how good he is.i don’t really care who won the title except him.the rest of the kid are worth the title but must be kidding me.the whole world knows except the people whos blinded by his look.peace to all

      • Well I wish all these people who quit whining that Jessica didn’t win. Like I said before Phillip won get over it. And this is a thread about Phillip. I don’t go into the threads about Jessica and talk up Phillip there. And it was a reply to all these people whining because Jessica didn’t win that I’m replying to. They come on here and tear down Phil for winning, and are mean and nasty. No I don’t dislike Jessica, the music she does just isn’t my cup of tea. I agree that she is a better singer than Phillip(even Phillip admitted that), but I just didn’t connect with her like I connected with Phillip. And no I didn’t support him because of his looks but because of his artistic talent.

      •  And I for one don’t believe in the teen girl theory. If it were teen girls voting over and over for the cute guys then how come it wasn’t a Phillip vs. Colton finale?

      • I know for a FACT that not only young girls voted for phillip! Why? Because all season I voted for him over 3,000 times and I’m 48! (with a good ear for PERFECT singing talent. May I remind you…..he was NEVER IN BOTTOM! That says a LOT!

      • That’s cause you are at the other end of the spectrum of voters. The cougar vote. What’s wrong hunny? Yo man aint doin it fo ya like he used to?

      • That was one o’ them “ehhhhh should I, should I not?….sigh may as well” moments Pally.

        I have those from time to time. Sometimes I make the right choice and sometimes not. It’s always up for debate.

  21. I agree Branden. I think it is annoying when someone reaches a certain level of success then they want to flaunt it. Now he wants to shower everyone with gifts and act like a big shot. Keep everyone indebted to him by rubbing it in their face.

    Maybe he is sincerely a nice guy but they seldom are. In trying to be himself and not change and act all uppity he is indeed coming across that way IMO by trying to show everyone how generous he can be. 

    But when you are under the spot light everything you do can be viewed in a bad way. Sometimes you just can’t win. 

    And what’s this about recovering in an executive mansion….wow! Someone has taken a shine to him. (Nigel maybe?)Better watch out Phillip! Just how far are you willing to go to achieve fame and fortune? LOL

    • Are you freaking kidding??  You are a complete and utter moron & an idiot–I have no idea who you are nor do I want to know someone like you.  Sitting back and judging people because you can–doesn’t mean  you should–sometimes people should just keep there mouths shut & this is one of those times.  I sure hope that someday you grow up…not counting on it…but I hope it happens.  I’m sure your parents are proud–not!!  I know as a parent I would not be proud of someone who acts and says the things you say about without even knowing them.  You are an awful excuse for a human being. 

      • I didn’t open my mouth once while typing this. Now don’t accuse me of things you have no idea about. I don’t have voice to text. I just let my fingers wonder over the keyboard and see what pops up on the screen?

        I don’t even think very hard about it. 

        Some people just go out of their way to be nice and kind and sometimes it crosses the line from being unassuming to being downright immodest. That’s just my opinion. That’s when it gets annoying.

      • Yea, I’m a 48 year old mother and grandmother and would be very disappointed if my son or grandchildren spoke and acted that way……..DISRESPECTFUL! Shame on you!

    •  What’s wrong with him giving the car to his parents? If I could give my mother a brand new care I would. If I could buy my mother a house I would. Really as it has been said before Phillip doesn’t come from a wealthy family. In fact it has been stated before that Phillip’s hometown was raising money so his parents could fly out to California to watch him perform every week, so it could be that Phillip had a decent running vehicle and his parents vehicle was probably on it’s last legs. Really if you could do things like that for your parents wouldn’t you? I bet if Jessica had given her car to her parents you’d be saying about how nice and sweet she is.

      • Jessica is a minor and doesn’t drive. Her parents probably got it anyway. 

        Phillip’s artistic talent? He copied the exact arrangement of his coronation song and Jessica had to wing it on her own. It was obvious he was getting preferential treatment with songs and coaching. 

        Jessica got nothing…she was dropped like a rock in the 11th hour after they got her to the finale.

      •  Taymaro, so your favorite didn’t win so what? If Jessica had won would I be here whining because Phillip didn’t win? No I wouldn’t, I’d be saying that I would be happy because even though he didn’t win Phillip got 2nd place which isn’t bad, because 2nd place isn’t bad. Ever hear of Clay Aiken? Or Adam Lambert? They both came in second and both have had pretty good careers, so what’s stopping Jessica from having an amazing career because she came in second.

        Last season my favorite James Durbin didn’t win. In fact my favorite didn’t come in second but I wasn’t here boo hooing because he didn’t win. I accepted it and resolved to support his post-Idol career, so for top 3 week and finale week in season 10 I was able to just sit back and enjoy the show.

        Now if you love Jessica so much then get out there and support her career and don’t come in her b****ing because she didn’t win. 

      • Hello Shawn, I’m replying to your other comment about 2nd place.  I remember quite well when Adam came in 2nd a lot of us on this site were pissed off but we never knocked Kris Allen.  Last year I wanted James D. to win too but I didn’t knock everybody else but for some reason these commentors this year are really nasty and say the meanest things about Phillip…………….Just bad sour grapes!!!!!

    • You are such an idiot–I can’t believe it!!  Go crawl in a hole and stay there–nobody will miss you!!!  Not even Jessica fans will miss you I am sure!

  22. I can see so much humbleness in Phillip! If he’s indeed giving his brand new Ford vehicle to his parents then so be it. He’s just being grateful. Philip is such a wonderful person and I know God will bless him with much, much more! =)

  23. There’s nothing annoying about him being humble. He is generous and has class as well. He is non-materialistic. People can learn from him. He is a role model to many people and makes a wonderful American Idol:)

  24. AI already sucks and gets worst with his win. many people won’t get over  it or move on since AI have fooled them so much that a non-WGWG has a chance of winning but to only to find out otherwise 

    • So Why are You Still Posting on AI’s site? Go to the Flipinos AI Site…. OH WAIT you can’t because they don’t have one….. HE WON because AMERICA LOVES HIM …… she lost in the 7th spot because AMERICA Didn’t like her…. get over it…… This is AMERICAN IDOL and America Voted and crowned PHILLIP PHILLIPS as the 2012 Idol … Congrats PP2 for a WIN well deserved ….. Cant wait for your own music to hit the stores !! GET WELL SOON you are in our prayers……

  25.  Phillip Phillips became the fifth consecutive male and white person to
    win the show, which lead to some viewers and critics accusing American Idol
    of having gender and ethnic biases. The biased towards the so-called
    “white guy with guitar” (WGWG) has been widely commented on, with some
    complaining about the predictability of the likely winner. The string of white guitar-playing male winners includes David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery who won seasons 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively. Just hours before the finale, Richard Rushfield, author of the book American Idol: The Untold Story,
    said, “You have this alliance between young girls and grandmas and they
    see it, not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on
    the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity
    contest,” he says, “And that has led to this dynasty of four, and
    possibly now five, consecutive, affable, very nice, good-looking white

    • I love Phillip but still wonder why DeAndre was voted off so early, I did vote for him because I know he can sing, his voice is amazing. And I’m still wondering why they sent Johnny Keyser home

    • Oh for..ridiculous. The final three were white, black, and asian-hispanic. I would hardly call that a racist show!

  26.  Let’s stick to the facts. Phillip won. Everyone should accept this. LOL. Phillip gave his new car to his parents; we should also learn to accept this. It’s his car and he can give it to anyone he wishes to, why not his parents, who have been there always?

    Perception is a crucial part of life. We interpret things based on our own experiences and outlook in life. Our interpretation actually mirrors the content of our hearts and minds. Are we optimistic persons, who perceive Phillip’s action as generosity? Or are we pessimists, who interpret Phillip’s action as an act boastfulness or pride?

    Take your pick, do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty?

    • nothing wrong with my post above, it is factual and will pass journalism standards. and we don’t have to be a philosophical virtuoso to identify a lousy win.

    • I think you all now see that we could have avoided all of this controversy if everyone had just voted for DeAndre Brackensick like I said to start with. Then he would have won and there would be no question as to whether or not the right person won. You would definitely know that the winner did indeed deserve the title of American Idol. He was humble, showed great character, displayed humility, had the looks. All the things that Phillip had plus he was a superb vocalist with a very broad range. Trade the guitar for a ukulele and add a little more hair and there you have it. The perfect 2012 American Idol and everyone would have been happy!

    • appreciation to the parents supporting for him – what is this people – dumb of just being an ass-hole – this is the kind of people we want – love the parents always – through them God send us to earth and get what we get and enjoy what we enjoy – people everywhere tend to forget the right way to live – in Muslims society – the boys will not go to heaven if they ever forget and didn’t take care of the parents. Phillip  is a good man and don’t ever try to be funny and question what he did with his good way of treating his parents – you are just jealous and stupid

    • Such a nice thing to do! You can tell they are a close family, which is everything (to me).

  27. I really like Phillip Phillips! I think he deserved to win!! I hope he gets well real soon. You are a very nice young man Phillip! And I hope you do wonderful in your career. And no matter whatanyone says “You are not A   HUMDRUM performer. Who ever said that is stupid !!!!!! I liked Joshua . But he screamed too much for me. Jimmy Iovine told him to stop doing that. I heard him tell Joshua to tone that down big time!!

  28. Lots of comments complain that the WGWG has won the last several years.  Yes it is true, they all have that in common.  It is a popularity contest.  That is what American Idol is with their voting system.  If you want something else, watch a different show.  Stop complaining about what Am Idol is.  It is no secret how the voting goes.  People vote based on who they like.  Thats it.  Complaints are made acting like they are surprised at the outcome.  Of course the popular will win.  That is how the show works people!  Get over it!

  29. Finally, got Jessica Sanchez: Journey to the finale. Bought also her “The Prayer” and “Change Nothing” Singles. The songs are amazing, I like them all. I don’t think she sounded like other artist what people have commented. This is the first time I bought in itunes.  But we are in computer age now so better get use to it. I think, people have a hard time accepting her at this time because of her age. She just amazed me, time will come in god’s time. This girl has an amzing talent. The competition is over and we should just support them both.

  30. There is nothing wrong to buy Jessica Sanchez album even you are a Philip fan or the others. You guys wont regret it. I think, she is a great example for the young kids to achieve their dreams. This girl have suffered too much criticism on this show. She just want to fulfil her dreams and I dont think she did something wrong in the world or in each of us to say something bad about her. Why not support her to achive her dreams. Buy her album. I am not a Philip fan but just  extend my support also to him.

    • That’s how I feel. We all have our favorite but don’t have to say bad, ugly things about others’ favorites. That’s just childish to me.

  31. P2 is a great kid, the real thing!!
    Why didn’t they just use the screaming of  Joshua/Whaletasia to
    generate  ultrasonic sound waves to break up the Phillip’s kidney stones
    saving thousands in medical costs.

  32. ok, let’s see-FUSION? or truck… country boy says don’t take my TRUCK!! go phillip!!! can’t wait til he is healthy and thru with the surgery—Leesburg Loves You, Phillip!!

  33. He is the type who will let his parents sit and push a wheelbarrow while he drives by in a car and will have the audacity to toot his hooter at them.

  34.  I watched this show and thought this young man extremely talented he had something the rest did not have thank goodness America thought the same way, think he will be a great star of the future.   A total original which  is more than could be said about some of the judges.

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