Jessica Sanchez sings National Anthem Before Weather Cancels Memorial Day Concert

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez was a part of this past weekend’s Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C., and she was able to get through the opening National anthem before bad weather took over and forced officials to abort the concert.

American Idol alum Chris Daughtry and his band had taken the stage and was interrupted as the announcement was made that attendees should start heading out. The show was later halted altogether.

Jessica was set to perform again later along with other acts like Natalie Cole and Trace Atkins. Luckily, we’ve got Jessica’s performance of the National Anthem before the severe weather really moved in after the jump.




  1. JESSICA SANCHEZ IS SOOOO FREAKING FANTASTIC ! Will american idol ever have another girl winner! THE VOTING  HAS GOT TO CHANGE !!!

  2. Jessica Sancez got screwed over by American Idol as a Runner-up.  She did not get nothing unless 19 Recording will make cd for herto sell uo to $30k.  If Iwere you Jessica, I would go some place else to record songs and read the contract first.  You need to have a great Manager that knows music business not like this Pro American Idol screwers.  To all judges, you all know what happened, If I were you I would donate some of my earnings to Jessica as a consolation price for what she did.  Randy, JLO and Stepehn all made $20m each or more.  What is $20k for each one of you?  I am just saying its tax deductibleas a gift.  What do you think people? 

    • It is not tax deductible but I agree that “everyone is considered equal except some are more equal than others.”

    • Yea, they really take advantage of these kids.  Not just the #2 singer, but pretty much anyone they have locked under contract.  Even last year, I had thought each contestant got $100,000 for going on tour. Even that’s not a lot for how much they’re bringing in.  Instead they each got a bag of chips & a soda for each show they performed.  Ok, not really that bad. Same idea though.

      They prey on these kids dreams.  Yea, I know they sign a contract.  They don’t have to sign the contract.  They can just stay home and not try out.  I get all that.  Still, I think AI takes advantage of them.  They know that a kid with a dream will sign their life away.  They’ll be right there with open arms smiling when they get a kid willing to sign the dotted line.

      They don’t even offer the winner $1,000,000 anymore.  They offer $300,000 if I’m not mistaken.   So for $300,000 plus a little bit more for a few others, AI gets 100,000 people to go to the cattle calls.  They get about 300 more people to put anywhere from a few days (Hollywood round) to 6 months (final few contestants) of effort into their show.   They’re making out like bandits.

      I think that’s in part why they’re so gung ho on young kids.  Older ones are more apt to rationalize what they’re investing time wise vs the rewards that they’re likely to get and realize it’s not really worth it. 

      Yea, take some of that wasted 20 million they paid JBlow and pass it down to the kids. 

      • I did hear they were making a lot more this year for the tour. I heard 175k each but I’m not sure if that’s right. They used that as the reason that the runner up was getting so much less this year.

      • In addition of the runner up price all screw….becasue she is not white. Last season the runnuer up paid $200,000 and for the 1st $350.000 same as the pay P2.  I was reading the article the AI producer change the price  for runner up $30,000 only plus whatever they make on the tour and she doesn’t get any recording contract. I hope what I read is wrong.  This is serious cut back for the runner up.  They totally screwing her up people…………

    • When I see the words American Idol, one word comes to mind, EXPLOITATION. Most people in our neighborhood don’t watch AI but I do. After I found out how AI exploits these kids, I’m out too.

      • Withou idol, they would never (or would have taken them years and years) to be recognized…not sure where the exploitation part comes from. Is only a year tour and then they are on their own….I don’t see Kelly, Carrie, Jordan, Adam or Jennifer being sad or exploited

      • The draw in viewership lies on the contestants. I for one could care less who the judges are. I am not watching the show for the judges, I’m watching it for the talents presented by the show. They can take any bum from the street for all I care because the votes determine the winner anyway. The show started with unknowns like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson (as far as star level is concerned). The only one I vaguely recognized was Paula Abdul. Yet that was the time the show was rated highly. That just proves that the star status of the judges has nothing to do with the ratings.
        So if the contestants’ talent draws the audience in, shouldn’t the contestants be compensated fairly well? IMO, considering how saturated the reality show market has gotten, the ratings of AI can still be considered very  respectable because interest on the talents exist.

      • The only EXPLOITATION going on is child EXPLOITATION by Jess’s parents. Children should not be allowed to earn money from talent until they are 18, before then, it should all be donated to pay the national debt. 
        AI should raise the age to 18-30 and it solves the problem.

      • Forest Gump, nobody seems to raise that age question with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, etc. They started at pretty early ages too.

    • Then don’t sign up for the show then. It’s pretty simple. I’m not saying they aren’t exploited but only a few months ago JS was for the most part unknown just like all the other contestants. Her career has been given a huge boost. People now know her, and she will get much better representation now that she is famous. She doesn’t write music, and thus needs great songs to be written for her. That makes it very difficult to make it in this industry. I’m not saying she will get those songs while under contract to AI, but she certainly has a better chance now than when she was nothing more than a very talented little 16 yr old in some place called San Diego hoping to get a shot along with millions of others. Now she has an excellent chance something most people don’t get.

      •  Hi guesty,

        Yes I agree, she is an unknown if you do not consider the following:

        1) At age 10 Jessica got a standing ovation at “Showtime At The Apollos” hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.

        2) At Age 11 she was one of the Finalists on “America’s Got Talent -1st Season.   And was hailed by Simon Cowell as one of the best that year.
        The guy that eventually won still performs in Vegas.

        3) On September 22, 2008 , she was the guest singer of The Star Spangled Banner during the San Diego and NY Jets NFL Game.

        4) She was one of the singers chosen to sing in Lisa Lavie’s We Are The World 25 for Haiti during the 2010 Haiti Earthquake singing with some of the most famous singers/artists of 2010.

        5)  And finally before season 11 of AI , she was Diane Sawyer’s  “Persons of Interest , March 19 2010.

        Finally 2nd runner up of AI – season 11

        not bad for an unknown, right????

        just saying………………………………

      •  Ed
        Fine, I’ll pay her $5 to do my laundry. It’s a world wide conspiracy against her because she is half Pinoy! There you have the truth, now what? You wanna cry more like baby!

      • Ed: I take your detailed response to mean she was quite famous already, and yet she STILL didn’t even have a small record contract never mind a big one where she will get access to decent songs. Pretty poor for someone quite famous right????? Just saying…….

        But seriously I think your post just shows how difficult it is to make it in this industry and I repeat AI has given this girl, and most of the other contestants a huge boost.

      • Okay, let me just say what I know. 
        She actually write songs.She mentioned it on an interview or she tweeted it, either.

    •  1.boohoo…sore looser
      2. same contract they had for year, hear anyone crying about it (but fans)
      3. The person giving gifts, gets taxed for giving gifts, not deductions…dummy

      • Forest Gump,
        “3. The person giving gifts, gets taxed for giving gifts…”. You obviously don’t have a clue and you are calling the other person a dummy. Gheez

      •  Takethat,
        A gift tax is a tax imposed on the transfer of ownership of property. The United States Internal Revenue Service says a gift is “Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.”
        When a taxable gift in the form of cash, stocks, real estate, or other tangible or intangible property is made the tax is usually imposed on the donor (the giver)

        Retards…you don’t read the IRS tax code apparently.

    • It’s actually good she didn’t win, b/c she got signed w/ Tommy Mottola. Tommy’s wife tweeted and confirmed it. If Jessica would have won she would have been property of AI for one year and would not have been able to sign w/ any1 else. Part of me is wondering If Jimmy didn’t purposely give her a bad song, so she would not win and Tommy could sign her, b/c Jimmy is friends w/ Tommy

    • She knew the contest rules, so I can’t say she was screwed over, Johnny Keyser tried out for the show he didn’t make it but he put out a cd and it’s awesome.

  3. imo they took advantage of jessica being young … i hope for great things to come for her

  4. They later continued the taping and Jessica sang two more songs–the Prayer and God Bless America. They may rebroadcast the whole show today.

  5. If only the weather had gotten bad during Jennifer Lopez’ judge audition a few years ago, this show wouldn’t have been on its way downhill.

  6. Very incredible performance considering that she kindda lost her voice. During her “God Bless America” performance, she did a little talk and her voice is kindda hoarse.

  7. Stop kidding ourselves here. This is pure exploitations by the big wigs on youngsters trying to give their dreams a shot. The host, judges, and producers are making a lot money but the contestants including the winner are merely given tokens for their effort. Whether the top finalists can sell records or albums is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that without the contestants, there would not be any american idol show.

    •  Kind of like corporations do to all their employees (except the management of course)…it’s call Capitalism.

    •  Hi guest321,

      So, would you rather see this kids go to the subways, bus stops,
      streets and pan for a living?  What you call exploited kids were treated
      like big stars and were given  national and international exposure.

      Isn’t it a shame and isn’t a pity that the show has to treat them so bad.
      Hey was that a song I just quoted???? LOL

  8. Stop ithating others  guys. Release your hatred, free them all.

     Jessica will be huge, she got a bright  future ahead of her. god bless!  


  10. With her military backgrounds, it’s clear that she is very proud to be American. Just saying……

    • Too bad the Pinoys fans kept trying to take that away from her…well at least half of her. I think that attitude of the fans…cost her millions of votes and likely the win.

  11. I thought,  for them, comparing to Phillips  to Dave Matthews, was a positive thing,  It had gathered million votes for him but when I commented 
    about it, my comment was  immediately deleted. I guess American Idol does not want to face the music.  And yes, they were right, It was a matter of preference. it was simply being honest I don’t wanna hear D Matthews cd any more.

    • huh? Are you referring to this site, because if so I’ve seen it mentioned many times, just like Jessica being compared to Whitney Houston. I wonder which reference would garner more votes? No idea really what point you are trying to make.

      • If you cannot understand my point ask others  or try to dig it yourself. You are not a baby anymore. Otherwise they would have deleted it here too.

    • Your comment would not have been deleted for making a DMB comparison. I’ve made that comparison on this site (and as Guesty points out, so have many others).

      If your comment was deleted then it violated one of the Commenting Rules posted above. It’s that simple.

      • You never read or seen that comment that I made. Don’t you think it is self serving of you to make a comment like that, especially no  harsh language was used unlike your comment on me.  You do not know what it was.  Would it be fair if I made a comment on what you wrote without me reading it??. Would it be proper to know it first? I can understand if your are a Phillip fans.  Until now I have never vote any one of the contestant unlike you.

      • @yahoo-O7EFL3R7YKJ4TNIEPTOCRBH6LM:disqus : Yes, actually I would have both read and seen your comments especially if they were deleted. I run this site so I admin the comments as well. See that little blue star that says “Moderator” when you mouseover it?

        I missed any “harsh language” in my comment above. I suspect we’re having a language barrier moment here.

      •  yes he’s really awesome considering that he won over very musically
        talented and vocally superior competitors like DeAndre Brackensick,
        Colton Dixon, Elise Testone, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet
        and Jessica Sanchez. Way better singers than him but still won them over
        for obvious reasons. now they’re milking his “nice guy” image to offset
        his humdrum win.

  12. I don’t  agree that Idol contestants are exploited.
    I’m sure 99% of top ten finalists would do it all over again given the chance.
    Jessica, Phillip, Scotty, Adam and others would likely never be known world-wide without Idol.
    The exposure in the industry………..priceless.

  13. just question… why di PP2 said he really want to sing his own song and ended up si nging home which he said not his kind of music??? was he pushed to sing tbat song because they think that’s the winning song for him?? And why not guide Jessica to a song to which they think will click to audience and not that song they said it’s a bomb???? I am not a phillip hater,I like his attitude and I congratulate him for being the winner.The conclusion is up to all of you……peace everyone..x

    • Because he’s special!!! I am so frustrated right now. All the details are starting to come to the surface and it’s just proving what I have said all along. 

      I am starting to come up with a new conspiracy theory for the way things played out on this year’s American Idol though.

      Maybe this song was the reason for all the jerking around of the contestants and America this season. Maybe they had this song waiting and were just looking for someone to sing it.

      Maybe this is the case every year. Or maybe sometimes it’s the person and sometimes they just have a great song that they want to find somebody to sing. 

      Either way you look at it was rigged from the word go and it wasn’t fair that Jessica had to choose her own song and arrangement and Phillip was spoon fed the song that he got.

      But Jessica did a great job at the Memorial Day celebration. That’s your American Idol right there.

      • Taymaro. Come on this is a piss take right? Please don’t tell me you are actually serious in your comments.

      • Don’t know what you mean by “piss take”.

        You tell me if it’s fair that they give Phillip a song and tell him you have to sing this. Nothing else. This is the winning song.

        Then they give Jessica a list and say. Okay, hon’ hears your list. Pick one out and leave her to fend for herself with no coaching and no guidance.

        That is exactly what past contestants have complained about. Some people get special attention and coaching and guidance and others are left to “wing it” on their own. Of course the ones that get the help do better.

        That’s just one example of how this show always pushes the “chosen ones” to the front.

        No it’s not a “piss take”, what ever that means.

        I’m not trying to take anything away from Phillip’s talent but IMO Jessica was just better. That’s all there is to it.

      • Seems to me if Jessica was so great of singer they could have gave her any song and she would have Aced it…. Stop making excuses

      • Oh she did ace it. She sang it very well. Give the studio version a listen on Youtube.

        It’s just that lyrically and stylistically the other song is better and I just think its fundamentally unfair that he wasn’t made to choose his song from a list on his own like Jessica was.

      • Taymaro, if JSan’s studio version is good and live performance sucked [which it did] that proves the point of what a lot of us have been saying all along.  She has no lower range and like Ashlee Simpson needs to depend on engineering to fill out her thin voice.  

      • Phillip Phillips has no range at all. 

        Have you ever heard of nerves? Maybe her nerves got the best of her on stage.

        There has never been a recording that had more engineering in it than the studio version of “Home” by Phillip Phillips. So don’t start talking about auto tune unless you really want to take it all the way there. 

    • From what I read, they gave them 3 or 4 songs to choose from…so really no choice.

      • Yep…I think you are right.  Based on what I have seen and read from both Jessica and Phillip..neither one of them were given much time or many choices. . .they wouldn’t have been the songs that either of them would have chosen if they would have been given more time and options.  Phillip just got ‘lucky’ with the song he got…he even said that in an interview.  There is no conspiracy unless you are talking about the one in many Jessica fans heads!  Sadly you all seem to think that you are protecting Jessica.  Don’t think that girl wants anything to do with fans like you guys.  She has way more substance and class than any of ‘ you’ supposedly supporting her.  If you want to support her put your money where your mouth is and buy her music!!  Sadly that does not seem to be happening on Itunes.  It seems they are way more interested in getting their opinion out there. . . which seems very self serving to me.  And, last time I checked none of you are present during the song choices….so the only people that know what happens are probably Jimmy and the contestants..maybe Nigel.  I would tend to believe what they say over people who seem to have an ‘ax to grind.’

      • People are forgetting one thing that song Phillip sang is hard. If he didn’t have the talent to make it into something more then the words and music written on paper he would have been boring. Jessica had the same chance with her song,. She could have made it sound any way she wanted too

    • I would think it was like Scotty, Phillip never was in the bottom three, he has a Huge fan base, much larger then Jessica’s. It’s just fact. Out of all I them the only one’s I believe will get a contract Phillip of course, Colton, and DeAndre. People are sick of screaming, and voices done to computer.  

  14. I still say this should have been our American Idol for 2012. Such a beautiful rendition of our Nation’s Anthem. 

    I wonder why they didn’t get Phillip to sing it? Don’t give me that crap about his kidney stones either…LOL

    •  crap about his kidney stone? yes they are make believe. If you ever had one, you would show a little compassion. He has had over 20 and yes he is in pre-op prep right now!

      • I have had kidney stones, twice as a matter of fact. LOL Know what you’re talking about before you speak!

      • Looks like American Idol doesn’t require health examinations and police background checks on these contestants like any other workplace do.

      • common kidney stone problem, he had prior operation already so its no longer life treatening. Besides its only kidney stones.

      • plus now a days kidney stones are operated thru laser where they can go home the following day. Then a repeat removal if theyre having a multiple stones. That what exactly happen to PP2. Its not a major drama.

      • then he should have gone to surgery sooner–he could have skipped this year’s A1 and come back next year instead.  How can I feel so bad when he put it upon himself.  He has choices to  make and evidently the call for A1 is greater than the pain he was feeling.  Don’t forget that he was given especial accomodations (not doing Ford commercials, etc) during the show.

    • Not that i dislike philip, but i dont think he can deliver star spangled banner as beautiful and as flawless as jessica did. And yes, i think he is taking his much needed rest after ai finale because he will undergo operation soon. 🙂 still cant figure out though why jessica didnt win….oh well, like what jessica shiuted out for her blujays “this is not the end for me”…..oh i can see how right you are!!!!

      • You guys act like he’s 67 years old. “Oh he needs to take it easy cause he is having surgery.”

        Poor pitiful little PP…. He’s 21 years old. He’ll come through like a trooper.

  15. Reminded me lots of  when Roseanne Barr sang the National Anthem, they hit the same high notes and runs…great job Jess and no slutty dress either!

    • Just because of that one dress you are calling Jessica “slutty”?   They made her wear that dress to match the dress that she was singing.  Tell me, anyone of your kids or neices ever worn one “slutty” dress and were not even aware it was “slutty”?    Or maybe you don’t even have kids–that’s why you are so judgemental.  So sorry for you.

    • hahahah.. calvindecline, you hate jessica soooo much. thats not good, one day you’ll wake up realizing that u dont have common sense because of hate. dont worry you’ll hear more of jsan and the more u hate her, the more u’ll enjoy her music.

  16. I have always been a fan of AI, but I may have seen my last one. I know how she must feel because 80 years ago when I was a kid my dad used to give me a quarter to go to bed without my supper.  He would the steal the quarter and make me go without breakfast for loosing it.

    • Wow! How old are you and where did that comment come from. That’s child abuse!

      What do you mean, “I know how she feels”.

      That just seemed to have dropped from the sky.

  17. I believe the winner was determined long time ago.   Here are some observations. 

    1)  The 3rd songs at the finale were planned and pre-arranged so that a marching band went well with the “Home” coming song for Phillip.   But for Jess’s song choice, everyone knew they were NOT going to release that song for her.    It was not because she did not sing it well, it was obvious they gave her all the bad choice of songs to pick from.   This showed that they have “already”  picked the winner. 

    2)  If 19 entertainment and Interscope (Jimmy) have to work with the contestants for 3 years or more, isn’t that being logical to assume that they have the “final say” who they wanted to work with ?

    3)  When Jimmy made comments on the contestants on the night that they selected the top ten, it seemed like Jimmy was spot on for ALL the contestants.   Yeah, maybe he predicted his own selections, that was why he was spot on.    I think the top ten were selected by the production team and Jimmy.   Rewind your tape and watch it again. 

    4)  Jimmy said he did not like the style of Reed Grimm, was he being selected ?  No.  Jimmy said he did not like Adam Brock, was he being selected ?   No.   He also said Elben is too young, was he being picked ? No……    Think about it, why was he spot on ALL the time, or was he part of the decision making team ???

    5)  On the night of voting for the final two,  the phone lines for Jess were ALL busy and could not get through.   That means a lot of people were trying to call in.   But Phillip’s lines were wide open, I was able to get through easily.   Why didn’t they show the public the actual number of votes if the “winner” had more votes ?    They were using Jess’s fan’s number of votes, so that they could claim they have 132 million votes.

    6)  They selected the winner long ago as early as the top 10 were selected.   This is their show, and they selected who they wanted to work with.  The winner did not need those votes to win.   Voting was just symbolic !!!

    7)  Do you think the teens votes were that powerful that determined the winner ?   Think again,  you think a big production company would let the teens decided the winner  ??    It will be too naive to think that way.    The production team had the “final say” to whom they want to hire.  



    •   So…who killed JFK?

      Dude or dudette,
      you are really thinking way too much about this and you might need some help to move on.

      Phillip won and Jess didn’t. The world (yes all votes were counted) voted it that way and iTunes sales back the vote up very strongly.

      Jimmy doesn’t care who wins, he can work with any of them he wants to, they are all under contract to him.

      Now if you can’t accept those two FACTS, go call a shrink.

    • and a week after  the news was about that Producers told Colton to be easy on religious ,he got voted off …at least This elimination im sure was NOT people’s vote …
      and through these past seasons American Idol ‘s been about TEENS all 16-17s contestants …This is NOT right AI… STOP IT

    • interesting observations.  until the public actually gets to see the numbers we’ll never know how accurate (and true) the votes are.  we all seem to forget that show biz is a BUSINESS and the powers that be do not want to back someone who won’t make money.  sometimes they get it wrong, like lee dewyze. but they got it right with carrie underwood and kelly clarkson.  they also didn’t a lose a dime when it came to adam because they signed him and look what he’s done.  we also seem to forget how fickle the public is.  a star one day is on the bottom of the heap the next.  let’s hope that next season is more diverse and as unbiased as the show allows

      •  Voted for 2 hours straight and only got 15 votes.  Busiest I’ve ever seen a line in all 11 seasons.

    • Must admit reading this page is ten times more entertaining than watching the show. Why didn’t my favourite win, it’s racism, no its a conspiracy theory, its sexism, no its preordained, its young girls, no its the judges, or the producers, no it’s the song aaaaaaAAAhhhhhhh its the GUITAR……

      The show is a week old folks its time to make you way back to planet earth.

    • And the problem with the phone voting?  It happened with Joshua, too.  They wanted to just make us better by having a female in the top 2.  Actually, it should have been but Joshua should have been in the top 2..not Phil. 

    • They also took every opportunity to gain sympathy votes for P2.

      1. They claimed his parents couldn’t afford to go to California. They make a living off of lending people money and collecting the interest off of that money. In a down economy, the pawn industry will be booming due to people needing to liquidate some assets. If they can loan all of that money out every day why can’t they afford to go to California.

      2. The kidney stones have been played up to no end. Now the show is a week over and it will still be two more weeks before he gets surgery. Doesn’t seem so dire a situation now does it? Not doubting he had them but just the severity of the situation. Jimmy said Phillip has gave new meaning to having a sick day on American Idol.(not one mention of Jessica’s soar throat during the finale)

      3. Oh he is so naive that he doesn’t understand that Jimmy didn’t actually mean literally standing still when he said he is afraid the others will pass him up. I don’t know how many times Jimmy said that Phillip had “great character”. He also said “I think we are witnessing a star being born”.

      4. His home visit was so touching. He cried and tried to give a stuffed turkey a high five. And his doctor was shocked at his poorly appearance and how much weight he’d lost. He was afraid for his physical health and pleaded for him to leave the show and get medical attention. His father cried too. How touching.

      Can anyone think of any more examples?

      •  1. Pawn shops sell their items cheap.  They really don’t make much money off of the items they sell.

        2. Kidney stones are painful.  And in past seasons, they have carried on way more over a freaking sore throat or stomach ache.

        3. I don’t give a damn what Jimmy says.

        4. Jessica cried too.  Everyone cries and does silly stuff at their home visits, not just Phillip.  Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen anyone say on here, honestly.

        You think Jessica didn’t get sympathy votes after her near elimination and after talking about her father being in the military?  Please. 

        Phillip is surely not who the producers would have wanted to win, ever think of that?  They like their little puppets, which is what Jessica would have been.  Phillip does his own thing, and rarely listens to the opinions of others.  You really think they would have wanted the one who would surely rebel against them to win?  Yeah, definitely not.

        Phillip deserved to win and he did so FAIR AND SQUARE.  It’s been a week.  Quit whining, and move on with your lives. 

    •  Hi AI_Fan_5015,

      You must had read all of John Grisham’s novels.  You have it all figured out why Jessica did not win?

      Did you ever consider that there are people that liked Philip as a singer, performer and why he was never in the bottom 3 ?  Of course
      you will say it was planned from the very beginning like “A Spawn”

      I like both of them, they were great and that is why they reached the finals.  It is now over, finshed.  So here it goes, more than one way to say this:

      Terminou , Zavrsen , Afgewerkt , Terminee , Fertig , Finito , Fardiga ,
      Tapos na , It is all over baby blue and guess what that _____ lady sang
      already………………………..just having fun.  Have a good summer amigo.

      Just saying……………………………………..

      • Phillip was in the bottom 2 along with Joshua during the top 3 elimination round.  Jessica got 75.??% while Phillip got only 21.??%  from the 90 million votes cast.

      • Hey Czarinna12,
        Are you the say anything and everything even though it dosn’t make sense person??  There were only 3 of them left, wait a second, wait a second, but of course philip is in  bottom 2 out 3, hey that make sense
        doesn’t it?????

        Okay Czarinna12 , thanks for correcting me on that, Philip was in the bottom 2 out of 3 remaining singers. 

        Hey guys Philip was indeed in the bottom 2 when there were 3 left.
        There my freind happy?

  18. Just come to think of it.
    First, Jessica said that her winning was not her style sameway with what Phillip said.

    Second, is it planned already or not? Have they been forced to sing those songs which could determine who will be the winner is?

    And lastly. They should have just sang 1 same song like what happened to ‘A moment like this’, ‘I believe’, ‘This is my now’, ‘Inside your heaven’, and ‘No boundaries’ to really determine who could pull the song beautifully no matter what it is.

    • I agree with you on that.  that is the best way that you can compare 2 singers–when they have to go against one another with the same song.

  19. I’ve read many articles re Jessica and her runner-up status.  She shines like a star and states repeatedly Phillip should have won.  She seems happy and is on the road to stardom.  I don’t understand if she is in such a good place..why are her fans so unhappy.  Support her, love her and realize you don’t have to be in first place to be a winner.

    • she should have a long, long talk with adam and she’ll see just how good the number two spot is

      • I hope you mean that he is doing well.  That was my point earlier, that you don’t have to win to be successful.

      • to vanessa.  adam is doing PHENOMENALLY WELL!!!!!!!!!!!  i think he was better off not winning.  case in point, the glamnation tour.  what other contestant went out on a worldwide tour right after idol!  you don’t have to win.  you just need the exposure the show gives you to jumpstart your career.  adam has no regrets for not coming in first

    • And the fact is, the non winners will make it bigger.  So Jess fans, Jessica was gracious to giving the title to Phillip (not that I agree with the result) so let’s just move on and pray for the best for Jessica.   Next time, I hope American Idol will think about the health of the contestants before they include them–as it give reasons to why a contestant can not perform fully.    

  20. Is this true? i read from a VFTW post that PP won by 0.06% over JS…

    The post said Nigel revealed it and even the AI staff was shocked!
    Phillip Phillips- 50.03%
    Jessica Sanchez 49.97%

    Gosh, how close….

      •  fail: 61.97+55.2=117.17, the numbers are on percentage, it should have equaled 100. On whether the reveal is true or not, no one knows for 100% sure, but we can speculate, i remember Seacrest mentioned at the beginning of the finale results show “one of the tightest competition ever”. Then Interscope made websites for both finalist, maybe they felt guilty not giving Sanchez equal footing when she’s just a heartbeat away from the title.

      • OH No, did you even  attend a school? Your percentage is wrong… Please go back to school. That’s why this country is falling because of people like you who can do the math. Learn to count will you.

    • Personally I think if the vote had been even remotely close in all likelihood they would have pumped that fact ad nauseum the entire show. Instead they only harped on about the number of votes. Therefore I don’t buy into this story.

      • Can I just be surprised with the stats? HAHA.

        This is open for any comments, right? pls do respect,
        thank you~ 🙂

      • Lizlie: and can’t I express my cynicism simply based on my experience with reality TV shows how they love to milk any issue to death in order to create more drama, something they didn’t do in this case. Which leads me to believe it wasn’t that close. Whereas the number of votes was mentioned over and over. That comment was directed at poo poo.

        Mind you my comment earlier I thought was directed at juvy. Think my eyesight is failing a bit and I apologize for the whining dig.

      • It wasn’t close.   Jessica’s fans should be so happy.  She had been eliminated and brought back by the judges.  So to make it to the final 2 is a real accomplishment.  The right victor was named, but she did well considering what could have happened had there been no save.

      • The reason why they did not give the percentage right there and then is  because the more the fans will think more that it was rigged if they told us how close the votes were. 

      • these votes meant nothing, unless the votes were 1 person 1 vote as we do in electing our president. whomever won had the most number of fingers to press the keys of the phone or computers. 

    • Really???? WOW.
      but then again, I’m convinced JS didn’t need to win. 🙂
      Happy for her. She’ll make it big. 🙂

    • Who is not aware? 
      I think JS and P2 both have a HUGE fanbase. And I think people and JS & P2 themselves are both aware of it. 🙂 Just sayin,..

      • Obviously, P2’s fan base votes more and buys more iTunes since he has 4 or 5 of his songs in top 100!

      • Yeah agree, P2’s fan votes hard, Good thing Nigel considers changing the voting system for next season especially for those who can’t vote for a long span of time… 🙂
        Yeah, P2’s fan buy more of his songs, I really believe P2 songs are more like a new songs that would be nice to buy unlike JS classic/ old songs.. but still believe JS would sell a lot also with her first album and with such voice soon.
        Moreover, Songs in Itunes are not available to some countries. More JS fan are international. It could be a reason too.

        Don’t get me wrong I love both of them, just sayin~ 🙂
        I’m anticipating their first album~ Wohooo.

  21. JS opens the day with the Anthem and closes the show with the “America” song, WOW. Amazing! 🙂 The prayer is Sublime! <3

  22. the reason I am not buying songs of jessica in itune is because I don’t want to give my hard earned money to A1 production (or who ever will profit ). I’ll just wait for her proper album and know she will get benefits from it properly…

    • same here.we are waiting for the proper album .we don’t care about itune.people here in middle east are very eager for that album..we can’t wait any longer…

    • a very good reason, indeed. hopefully, the album would be up and coming.


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