American Idol 2012 Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Discusses Journey

Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

She might not have won American Idol 2012, but Jessica Sanchez left happy after last night’s season 11 finale event. Speaking with Fox, Jessica expressed joy for her chance to sing with Holliday, the upcoming summer tour, and what made her experience on Idol so special.

There were lots of comments last night during Jennifer Holliday’s duet with Jessica and while the performance was impressive, it was the facial expressions that captured a lot of attention. Jessica immediately praised Holliday, “I love her so much. She’s the sweetest thing and she sings like a freakin’ monster. I couldn’t have picked a better person to sing with that night.”

When asked how she kept her composure singing opposite Holliday’s animated expressions. “I’ve watched her past performances on Broadway and that’s who she is. She really likes to tell the story and when we’re singing those songs we’re really trying to dig deep in to our hearts. She’s really pushing herself out there and that’s what I was trying to do too.”

As for the upcoming American Idol 2012 summer tour, have you signed up for your free Idol tour tickets yet??, Jessica says she’s “definitely excited” and can’t wait to be reunited with her Idol family. “I won’t have to worry about people judging us,” she explained. “Our fans are coming out to see us and I can’t wait to see all of them.”

When asked for her one highlight of the season Jessica couldn’t narrow it down beyond “everything.” She thanked everyone involved in the show for their support. “It’s just been an amazing journey and a crazy ride. I love it.”

Watch Jessica Sanchez’s full post-Idol interview with Fox below:




  1. The only difference between the two great singers is one understood the song the other is doing her best to sing it well.  Nothing wrong with that except an artist does not have to be a perfect  singer, facial expressions, timing a nd delivery of the words of the song means more to a captive audience.  That is probably why I like a smaller concert done in a concert hall or a cozy theater where the personality of the performer is very much eviient, usually this is when a perfect performance is delivered and not so easy to forget.

    Just saying…………………….

    • very perceptive, as usual.  not many artists can command the stage in a huge arena and make it feel like small venue.  jagger is first to come to mind.  how many of these kids will have the longevity of the rolling stones???

    • Ed, I agree with your comments about the smaller venue for a concert. (I saw Peter Rowan in an Iowa Roadhouse with about 20 other people, Robben Ford in a hotel bar, Lyle Lovett in a converted movie theater and Stevie Ray  Vaughn finish a show sitting on the edge of the stage with an acoustic guitar when the electricity failed.) However, when P2 did Volcano, it had that type of effect for me. Very small and intimate. He seems like a genuinely, nice guy and I hope he is around for a long time. 

    • It was suggested to me in an earlier post that just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean I should always give it.

      I am going to exercise a little restraint right now and take heed of that advice.

      I will simply say that everyone knows what just happened with these results and there is no clear understanding of whether it was right or it was wrong but each of us have to look into our heart of hearts and answer that question for ourselves. What ever our personal answer is, I don’t think any of us will ever be able to justify it with words. 

      All I have to say is congratulations to Jessica and Phillip for being the great human beings that they are and for carrying themselves with the pride and dignity that so many of us were unable to achieve.

  2. Jessica, we thank you for making us proud.  We know that you will be successful after your American Idol journey.  For us, you are still the winner because you had shown your consistencies throughout Season 11.  We will continue supporting  you.

    Your (3) last perfomances last night were incredible, very powerful and berathtaking.  You are such a winner not only to me but the whole world who witnessed that explosive performances.

     Considering age and experience differences, Jessica held her own in the duet with Jennifer Holiday, that was spectacular and was rendered with passion and conviction.  The way I see it, Philip is the american and Jessica is the Idol.

    • Hi Jerileo,

      I was not going to comment on your statement but this may speak to others in this group.  I sincerely believe that your statements and many more that was done by other people in the past could have been  some of the reasons that prevented Jessica from winning idol this year.

      For what ever purpose you have in mind you and others created a division among fans , one side are what you classified as AMERICANS of which Jessica belongs to this category.  And then the other side
       are the PINOYS.  You and others like you have effectively created a tug of war, in disguise of racism, to what purpose I am still puzzled to what it can achieve?

      I have caerfully stood by reading a majority of your comments (general) some are valid but most are idiotic and unfounded and the  direct results were a clear animosity between american fans and what you called world fans.

      So be it, what’s done is done .  I always  have a firm belief that music
      has no colour, no barrier and no religion, but this season I have seen and witnessed a mess leaving some not so good imppression on the Filipino community that lives here in North America.  That is very sad.  All because you wanted an “American singer with Filipino and Mexican Parents (Good american citizens) to win.  Shame on you.

      • I am just praising Jessica and I am just giving my opinion on what happened last night.  I am contented with Jessica’s placement and I have nothing against for the results.

        Who are you to judge us, Jessica’s supporters.  I am just saying thank you to Jessica for making us proud.

        We don’t need your negative opinion because we believe that Jessica had shown the world her amazing talent and her journey in American Idol will be forever in our hearts.

        Move on and stop bashing.  AI has picked the winner already.

      •  I’m a Filipino and genuinely happy for Phillip in winning the AI title.  There will always be passionate and emotional fans but there are also heaps of Filipinos like me. I prefer Joshua, not Jessica but I’m still smiling.

      • Hi Pepe.

        I am a Filipina and i agree with you.
        Jessica and Philip are friends and both are happy with what they achieved so we should stop all the hate. Majority of the fans are saying alot about discrimination.. please, this is non sense. It is what it is, people has voted and Philip got the title.  ACCEPT IT.  

        Disappointment sometimes is mistaken for Bitterness. I love Jessica so much and i wish her to be great more than she is now, but i don’t call her World Idol just to justify that she should have won over Philip. The guy is so freakin’ talented, he deserved everything. 

        MOVE ON people. 

      • I am forever reading from Phillip’s fans about this so called “rude behavior” on this website, coming from Jessica‘s Filipino fans. And I just do not get it, at all. Sure, I have to read though hundreds of Jessica’s fan’s everyday, urging her other fans to “vote. vote, vote. Now even though I see nothing wrong with that and I see that happen everyday and every year, I suspect Pepe considers that because it is Filipino people saying it, that is considered pushing their favorite Idols down our throats”. But, only when it is done by Jessica’s fans … Never when it is done by the fans of the Idol he likes, of course. Now what I have seen on multiple occasions is a few of Phillip’s more immature fans (a tiny fraction) saying Jessica is “buck-toothed and ugly”.Other times some of them say Jessica is “arrogant and self centered” is you can believe that … And of all people, they were talking about Jessica when they said that.. This is a level that I never have seen a single fan of Jessica’s stoop to on this website. So, don’t even try to tell me about the rudeness of Jessica’s fans. As I read this website every day and have never seen it. And I not Filipino, as I know that is what you are thinking.

      • I agree that the posts about Jessica’s appearance were rude an unwarranted. I think she is a cute girl. However, apparently, the posts were deleted because I, myself, was called a b*tch, stupid, an idiot, and tone deaf by a legion of people who were Jessica fans.

      • wake up and smell the coffe,its a tv show rating are what are important and as far being americans,its ajoke i serve in the marines for 20 yearsand to these day we are americans went its coll for some one else so dont be so goodie goodie.

    • I am not American and therefore respectfully ask you to please not include me in your group. I respect JS voice as it is strong and powerful, but still was lacking certain qualities to enable her to win this contest. I understand your loyalty to JS, but hopefully she is more open to critism than you yourself because she will need it if she wants to become a true world Idol, of which america is included, and not just an Idol in the Philippines.

      • I dont believe he used your name in specific can u just let him give respect to jessica without having to listen to u

      •  What qualities Jessica is lacking?? What is the basis of your judgment of a good singer/artist, are you a music producer?? For your information, jessica has already gotten a huge offers from big time music  producers…. 

    • Filipinos are like that, passionate to their idols even when they are being fooled or robbed financially.. look at their hovernment! LOL a lot of them graduate from cllege but settle for less work… their gv’t sucks real bad.

      •  judging from your paragraph organization you are a filipino. pretentious!

      •  Isn’t true….Currently, we have a good economy and an awesome president. Even in the United States there are corruptions (big time) especially in California!! The Philippine goverment is trying to clean up it’s own mess done in the past… and who do you think you are by the way?? Where are you from?  For your information Filipinos are happy and contented people, and we are immune to our problems! We live a life one day at the time with contentment, and we don’t easily give up. Yes, we have some corrupt goverment officials… but you see them elsewhere!!!  What is your point by the way? Silly!

    • no phillip is an AMERICAN IDOL  but JESSICA is a WORLD IDOL…. got it… hahahahaha.. thumbs up

      • Phillip will be the new Lee DeWyze after 1 album the company will drop him.

      • Jessica was sabotaged by JLo and Jimmy they know that Tommy Mattola wanted Jessica. Because if she won she will be the property of AI for one year  and Tommy cannot touch her so since JLo works for Tommy and Tommy is a friend of Jimmy they end up sabotaging her last song.

    • I don’t think the results had anything to do with being American or not. Jessica is obviously American. She is not Filipina but a mix of races. Her dad is of Mexican decent and her mother of Filipino decent, but they have a long connection with the US. So I don’t quite get why this is even brought up.

      I am a big Jessica fan but the moment she sang that horrible 3rd song I knew it was over. It was awful and that did her in. It didn’t help that Phillip had a great 3rd song and performed it really well. I am not a fan of Phillip, and don’t care for his style of music, but he performed well and was a star with his 3rd song. If Jessica chose that 3rd song then she really did herself in. I don’t know who made that choice but that is why she finished 2nd ( which is really quite the achievement).

      In any case I am sure we will hear a lot from Jessica in the future. Great young talent. Phillip deserves to be congratulated. He is extremely likeable and will do well in the pop world. Really good guitar strummer also.

      Excellent season of Idol in terms of the talent. They should probably tweak the voting system if possible and consider who should be judging. It would be nice if they had at least one serious musician as a judge along the lines of Harry Connick Jr. or equivalent. The weakest part for me this season was the judging. 


      • The reason it was brought up was all the filipinos that swarmed this site claiming her as theirs.  Honestly, before I came on here, I had no idea what her heritage was. I assumed she was part Hispanic because of her last name but I didn’t not she was filipina and I really didn’t care.  Americans are made up of a lot of different heritages. That’s what makes it such a wonderful place to live.

    • you are rigth, we show them what mexican and felipino can do but dont worry we all know who want in american idol is ehither white or blck who wins and also about the ratings

  3. Jessica and Jennifer H. their performance was over the top, so they’re the only ones who got a JUMPING OVATION. lol

    • you really think so… only thing i thought was over the top was all those  damn scary faces she was making n jessica trying to do the same… i couldnt stop laughing..

  4. this is the ultimate performance (jessica and jennifer) you will Never forget!  All the feelings, facial expressions, devouring action and vocal prowess is at the highest level.   You couldn’t ask for more (unless you want them to roll over!  hahaha).   Both felines are ready to pounce everybody!!!  It was really a shocking sight to see!   I never seen anyone contort her face with so much gusto!   And the diminutive Jessica was really up for the challenge!  It gave all of us shivers in our spine!  (not only the lame goosies).  Oh my God!  this really catapulted jessica to the stratosphere!    This performance alone overshadowed the announcement of the winner!   I  wonder how the judges felt and what will they say when they witnessed this Epic duet! This is truly memorable!   This is the standing ovation of all standing ovations (considering JLO is jumping up and down)! Whewwww!   BRAVO!   Magnifique!  

    • This is true. This standing ovation was absolutely genuine unlike the ones given to Josh by the judges. No tapping the arm and saying, “Come on, stand up.” 

      You couldn’t help but stand up after this performance. If I would have been there I would have been on top of that table. 

      A truly spectacular performance and one that will go down in history. I hope you got it recorded or something because you witnessed one of the all time most spectacular duets in history!!

      A 16 year old and a 51 year old were able to break the generation gap and erase all of those years in between and stand as one. And it happened on the American Idol stage! 

      This performance left me in total shock and awww!!!!

    • the performance really gave me goosies from head to toe…really really amazing!…i keep on playing the vid over and over again..Jessica, you really united every people at every corner of the globe..i’m truly a fan..

  5. What can I say Jessica?

    You made this AI season really exciting and engaging. With the whole drama of the saved, to the uncertainty on your face during Top 2 announcement, and on to the Finale. Which you weren’t declared Winner, yet it was still your Night.

    Goodluck onto your next journey.

  6. I thought the final show this season was better than last year´s. My problem was with the final singing show – the songs Simon picked for both of them were boooorrriiing beyond belief, the songs they chose were also not our faves of the season, and the possible new songs for both were terrible – they sounded like made to order by a computer… By now we know these singers hardly ever become a commercial success, but we like to see their journey, it is very entertaining – no wonder the show has great ratings over 11 years of existence.  I do not believe Phillip will make it big in the industry because pretty much everybody is rerecording old classics with their twists. Creativity these days is running low… no big new sound coming up, only old stuff repackaged. As to Jessica, if what I heard is true – that Mariah´s producer and former husband is interested in working with her – she will make it. There is a huge market outside the US in Asian countries too… One thing I liked better last year was Scotty´s celebration in the end – he is so mature for his age and of all previous winners´shows on AI, his is the only one I bother to pay attention too – he is easy lestening and has great energy too. Let´s see what happens to Phillip until next year – good luck to him…

    • Simon picked the first sing only. The other two were chosen by the contestants themselves, including the “Coronation Song.”

      As for AI singers hardly ever becoming commercial successes, I suggest you Google “American Idol Alumni Sales” or “List of American Idol Finalists” and click on the links for the artists to see how many have been successful.

      17 x Platinum Albums, one as high as 7 x Platinum
      14 x Gold Albums

      Countless Platinum and Gold singles from the albums.

      An Oscar winner, many Emmy’s, Grammy’s and two Tony awards plus many acting careers with the most current being Katherine McPhee in “Smash” and Jordin Sparks upcoming film debut.

      Jordin Sparks with 10 million single downloads being the most of any Idol contestant and she is the only one who had 5 singles from her debut album achieve top 20 spots in the Billboard top 100. She also has the largest selling single “No Air” with 3 million+ sales.

      Currently, not counting the compilation albums from Phillip and Jessica released today, there are 4 American Idol alumni in the top 20 of the album charts. They are:

      Adam Lambert – The Deluxe version of his album
      Carrie Underwood
      Haley Reinhart – The Deluxe version of her debut album
      Kris Allen

      In addition, Haley Reinhart is also in the top 50 with the regular 10 song version of her album, Kelly Clarkson is at #76 with the Deluxe version of Stronger that was released last October and #176 with the regular version and Scotty McCreery’s is still hanging in there at #105.

      There has been and continues to be a lot of successful American Idol alumni in a cross-section of Music, Musical Theater, Broadway, Movies and World Tours.

      The figures under Alumni Sales are for US sales only and do not count international sales. 

      While Carrie Underwood leads the US sales, Kelly Clarkson leads with worldwide sales at about 25 million and Adam Lambert’s debut sold more than 2.5 million outside of the USA. 

      This competition has made a lot of young people household names here and overseas and made them very successful financially.  

  7. Happy Jessica made it to the Finale…hope she visits the Philippines soon…she made American Idol a family event for us…made this the best season of American Idol ever !!!


    • Wouldn’t it be nice if her so called fans did? They can learn a lot from a young American girl how to behave with class and enjoy the moment. 

  8. Jess lost but somehow it doesn’t feel like she really lost.  🙂  Being runner up is not bad.  Plus she made her last performance on Idol (with Jennifer) memorable!! just wow.  so let’s just all move on and handle our loss with grace.  

    No more bashing!! It’s really crazy right now!!! It’s like one of Manny Pacquiao’s fights.  

    • JS’s the highlight of the finale.. she’s a winner in her own right.. 
      I’ve noticed Phillip sang only three songs. LOL! one is his winning piece… too bad that the american idol winner wasn’t able to perform much in the finale, he even wasn’t able to sing rest of the top 12. 

      • Phillip Phillips was unable to perform as much because of his illness. The kid has to undergo Kidney surgery and was told by his doctor to rest as much as possible. In fact, his doctor wanted him to drop out and have the surgery a few weeks ago.

        This is why he did not appear in most of the Ford Films.

      • Hi Vanessa:  Did you seethe finale?  I was so happy about P2 winning.  My sister and I could not wait until WC time, we followed through this site. 

      • ihere you loud in clear personaly the african american kid song better then the putty white boy.

    • You’re right, she did not lose, she will have a great career as she matures.  She really has amazing vocals!!

  9. Jessica, you are my idol and my winning, I cried watching your great presentation with Jennifer, shook every part of my body. Already a superstar …

  10. She should have won
    All the girls vote for the boys because they are “hot”
    Boys you need to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Everyone knows why JS lost.  All it takes are 300,00 teen girls
      to vote 300 times and P2 already has 90 millions.  I voted for JS
      300 times in 3 hours but my granddaughter and her mom voted
       for P2 600 times each in 4 hours. How can beat that?  They are fast
      and fanatic. 

      • your granddaughter and her mother are both teenagers? You must be from the south. lol. Kidding! I’m kidding!

    • jenna thats what im talking about is about rating went have you sean 99 million votes dint you think that american idol loved that, but honestly jessica was a better singer and not because shes mix  but because she can sing and we will see who gets farther in their carrier peace out marco

  11. I would like to attend the concert in Toronto to see and hear the beautiful voice of Jessica Sanchez. They are all such talented performers in their own rights.

  12. This is the very first season of American Idol that I watched from the very start and have familiarised all the names of all the contestant since Top 24 and it was entirely because of Jessica Sanchez. From the very first time that I saw here on Youtube for her “I Surrender” in america’s Got Talent, I then hoped that she  would join A1 and it’s like a dream-comes-true thing  after I learned that she did audition for A1 though I did not see the entire video of her auditioning.
    I may be one of those few who got some sort of little disappointment of her never singing ‘Listen” in the entire season but it’s nothing to compare on how I enjoyed and anticipated every episode of season 11 because she’s there.
    Good Luck Jessica Sanchez  for the very bright future ahead of you very soon in the music industry. We will always and continue to support and love you.

  13. Hey. what happened with her record deals? Who signed her?

    1- Tommy Mottola?

    2- 19 Interscope Records? 

    3- Akon?

    4- Someone else?

    I’ve also heard she’ll make some duets with Jesse McCartney and Thalía.

    Is it true? Can somebody please tell me what’s up? I don’t know what’s going on. i’m so excited for the news. Tell us what you know!

    • She is under contract with the American Idol people. Just like quite a few of the others. I think its 19 Interscope Records.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus  – You are correct that Kelly broke with 19 Productions but she is still listed on its’ recording start roster as 19/RCA so I don’t know if RCA has some royalty agreement with them. 

        It is all a bit convoluted because Fuller sold 19 Productions in 2005 to Robert Sillerman’s CKX Group, Inc for $210 million. 

        Then Fuller started XIX Entertainment, which purchased (according to its portfolio) the non-American Idol business, which includes Carrie Underwood and David Cook plus the Beckham’s and Annie Lennox.

        I think Kelly Clarkson is presently being managed by Reba’s husband.

        One unique aspect of her is that she is the only one who has appeared in all three major singing talent shows. She started with American Idol., was a guest mentor on the Dutch Version of X-Factor and also a mentor on Blake Shelton’s team on the Voice this year. Starting tonight, she will be one of the mentors on the new show Duets.

        She is, by far, the top selling American Idol contestant of all time internationally with over 25 million in sales.

        Looking forward to seeing what Duets is like because I like Kelly and Jennifer Nettles. John Legend and Robin Thicke (who was also a mentor on the Voice this year) are the other two.  


      • Did Duets start already? I love Kelly Clarkson..that girl has some pipes!  The rest of them..I could take them or leave them. I like some of Sugarland’s music but Jennifer Nettles rubs me the wrong way.  John Legend and Robin Thicke? Who? LOL..I know..I know..they’re famous but I can truly say I don’t think I’ve heard a thing from either of them.

    • She will be under contract to 19 Productions and Interscope Records (Jimmy Iovine’s Company) for the next 3-5 years depending how successful she will be. In addition, they have an option to extend for a further 5-years.

      Kelly Clarkson, the winner of Season 1 is still under contract to 19 Productions as is Fantasia Barrino, winner of Season 3, Carrie Underwood, winner of Season 4, Katherine McPhee, runner up of Season 5, Jordin Sparks, winner Season 6 plus all winners of Seasons 7,8,9 and 10, many of the top 5 from most of those seasons, including 7 of last years top 10.

      Jimmy Iovine will be in control of her recording career and nothing will happen until after the tour. Typically the winner and runner up have their respective debut albums/CD’s released around the October time-frame do don’t expect anything until then.

      You can tell which acts from previous seasons are still under contract to 19 Productions because they appear as guest artists on the shows and finales.        

      • Kelly Clarkson for sure is NOT under contract to 19 productions any longer. Her CD Breakaway was her first one where she was not under them.  I’m not sure about Carrie..but I know she was trying to get out from under also.

    • there is a tweet from @thalia:twitter that Tommy Mottola has called her and confirmed to be working with Jessica Sanchez with her first CD, I just don’t know from what record company 😉

    • its reported already, Tommy Mottola is going to work with her first album, and Akon is still courting her to make one for him too, the duet with Mccartney, we just have to wait co’z its going to happen soon.just read all the articles about the famous artist and producers who wanna work with JS even if she lost in AI

  14. jessica, darling, you have your whole life and a fantastic career ahead of you.  go out and make beautiful music.  best of luck

  15. LOL Awesome You go girl.  I knew you had class and would want fans with class

  16. i just took the screenshot of this message and sent her to her twitter, i just wanna knw if this is real her.

    • really?   come on  Its a joke.  She is a little tied up today and wouldn’t write this anyway.  But I would hope she thinks it.  I know Phillip would if the situation was reversed

  17. The duel between Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez was
    the most memorable moment of season 11 American Idol.  Jennifer and Jessica were awesome and equally
    impressive.  Jessica was lucky to have a
    duet with Jennifer.  Jennifer managed to push
    and turn Jessica from a budding diva to a full bloomed one.  Jessica did not win the title but she
    certainly wins my heart.

  18. She deals with all the grace and maturity of a star. It’s difficult to imagine she is only 16 and saying all those things.

  19. this is not Jessica.. how dare you, impostor! check your grammar first before u claim that u are someone u’r obviously not!

  20.  yeah, please do not pretend to be somebody else you’re not because you don’t have the right to..and even putting into her mouth the things you’re saying right now is even more shameful..whoever you are, please stop this pretension and just grow up!!!! you are not dealing with children here who were born in the past era…grow up and be reponsible…hehe…

  21.  That performance of Holliday and Jessica was scary!  The three heads and now the big teeth will give me nightmares until next idol 2013.  Is anyone serious that this was good?

    • I just assumed that Fantasia/Josh were dueling with Jennifer/Jess.  I heard no singing, I heard screaming and screeching and saw ugly faces and oh yes teeth.

      •  Oh! are you pp’s fan too? You sure know very little about music! You go by the looks…. If you don’t consider Soul … music, then you’re a racist!!! 

      •  As simple as that…you don’t like black-music…then you’re a racist!  If you have nothing good to say about it, you should keep it to yourself or you will be labeled as a terrorist!!! I’m not kidding….

      • @tomkat..not liking Fantasia and Joshua’s performance does NOT make someone a racist. I don’t like rap and I’m not a raicst. That’s like saying anyone who doesn’t like country music is racist against white people since it’s almost all white singers.

      •  To Pally45: Obviously, White people know so
        well what Soul music is(mostly sung by black) because they(White people) have lived in the US all
        their life….and why do they have to verbalize their distaste to this type of
        music and say unpleasant things about the singer’s teeth or face expression????
        Ever since, that’s how they express themselves when singing. I’m Filipino, but i
        do understand and respect soul music even though i’m not a huge fan of it …and
        i wonder why  White people on this site have zero tolerance on this type of music and they
        have to verbalize it??? Isn’t that like being a racist?? I said it before…if
        they don’t have anything good to say about it….then they should keep to
        themselves instead of expressing their distaste to it with insult.  If you know what Patriotic act is… this kind of verbalization is considered a hate-crime. Shouldn’t the Americans know better??

      • I didn’t say a word about Jennifer Holliday’s race! If she had been a white woman on stage making those faces, I would have laughed at her also! Why do people always have to bring race into things?

      •  To Pally45:  Pally, i’m sure you have your own favorite fruit. say you like blueberry…. and you dislike  kiwi fruit…You can be vocal about what you like and dislike about things because they are not human, and have no feelings….but you can not be negatively vocal about how African Americans  express themselves in music…. Ofcourse that’s rude and offensive!

      • Tomcat, If you do not live in USA, I can understand your ignorance on what music is popular here. But, try to understand that soul or R&B music has not been popular here by much of anyone, including black pe0ple for about 20 years or so. So, are the black people who do not like R&B music (and that is most of them) racist as well. Or is it just white people who do not listen to R&B you think of as being racist?

    •  Yes, it was scary- she looked possessed! It least she did not wear a skin tight outfit like Fantasia and Shaka Khan- now that was hideous. Seriously, I do not care for any of that kind of music- it is extremely boring to me. I like rock and pop and some country.

      • I’m with you. That nonsense that is called singing? Yelling and screaming? I just don’t get it.

      •  To Pally45: I think you’re an intelligent person but sometimes you just let your own feeling dictate what you have to say…. Again, if you don’t like the yelling and screaming…. at least have respect for others’ taste! I believe, it all boils down to personal preference…  Though you don’t like it, there are lots and lots of others who appreciate and love to listen to Soul music especially people  in the music industry. At least, if you don’t accept the fact that African American music still exist, and that include screaming and yelling …because that’s how they express themselves…. then you know what i meant.

  22. YES ms. scared again. ms. holliday is truly a legend ang the way she sang the song was really with feeeeeeelings!!!!!!! truly truly a GREAT GREAT ARTIST…BRAVO ms.JENNIFER HOLLIDAY AND JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!

  23.  MR. Matthew Boyer, may i suggest that you change this picture? I guess you still have alot of better shots  of MS.Holliday…Just show your respect for this great woman please. and may I ASK why you have to pick this shot?

  24. Jessica Sanchez is the luckiest of the two for coming in second place.
    You could see she was genuinely happy, just look at her face. If you
    win, you are locked into a very controlling contract with the AI record
    label controlling everything you sing with very little to no input from
    the artist themselves. Jessica would have been forced to sing that
    stupid song written for her as a first single and it was not even her
    genre of music. Jessica, being only 16, will be singing and writing with
    the best R&B and soul musicians out there. She dodged a huge bullet
    tonight by not winning. Feel happy for her now that she can choose her
    own path and the artists of her choice to work with. She is an amazing
    talent who is not even close to her peak. She will mature into a great,
    natural performer and will be around for a long time. –  love it ^_^

    • Hi Sailor Moon,

      You obviously you did not see Pythagoras475’s comments regarding contracts.  Look again because you are way off on your assumption.

      But I agree with her being blessed !  Not bad for a gifted  16 year old “American Artist”  she will have a wonderful career.

      • actually a friend of mine posted it on facebook and you don’t have to take it seriously and we are free to say what we feel like saying am i right? peace Ed ^_^

      •  Hi Sailor Moon,

        Freedom of speech is good, providing your information is correct.
        wrong information can sometimes provide  bad results.  Think about it.

    • Jessica chose that song from a selection of 3-4 songs given her. Also heard it sounded much better in the studio, but as you know did not come across when sung live. No idea abou the quality of the songs she turned down.

      As far as choosing her own path see Ed’s message below.

      Jimmy said she has a rare gifted voice, but seemed to insuate that it might take a couple years or so before she matures so that you really start to see the talent that she has.

    • jessica is now in the same position as adam.  he didn’t win and he wasn’t a prisoner of the idol powers that be.  and we all know how he turned out.  she’s free to pursue a remarkable career.

  25. I saw in a TV crawler yesterday that the song “Home” sung by Philip is not an original composition. How true is this? Does anyone know?

  26. on the coronation song, judges said it is the Phillip Phillips that we love. earned praises and standing ovation. fans voted for him because of the HOME song that they think truly reflects the real Phillip Phillips. but on the recent interview, Phillip said the song ain’t who he is, not something he would write. ooops. awkward. LOL

    • Phillip is being honest! Actually he didnt wrote the song “HOME”, it was done and performed already by someone. You know the judges…they are being dictated by the producers, IMO.

  27. The best performance of the night really was Jessica and Jennifer’s duet. I watched it many times and still i want to watch it again. I enjoyed their facial expressions like they were fighting, i enjoyed  their superb singing skills and how the song was perfectly arranged for them. I was entertained!

    Anyway, eventhough i am sad that Jessica didn’t get the crown, i still feel good because it was Philip who won if it were the others then i’ll really be upset.

    For me Jessica and Philip are the best!

  28. This was the highlight of the show for me.
    Best duet i have ever seen on IDOL. Watched it number of times already.
    I bet JLO got goosies. 🙂

  29. EVERYBODY, support Jessica Sanchez by buying her music on iTunes. She isn’t even in the top 100 while P2 has a lot there. It’s quite sad 🙁

    • Don’t worry much~ 🙂 
      Let’s just wait for her album. It’ll be big too~ 🙂

      Yeah, Congrats to P2! 🙂

      • Okay..I just looked. Mine chart only shows the top 10..and looky here..who is at number 2? Why, I do believe it is Phillip Phillips!  His single Home is number 1.

    • Most Jessica’s fans are waiting for her album. Itune sales are nothing but hyped up to generate sales. $1.25 per song? give me a break! I’ll wait until her album release to go on sale.

  30. Jennifer Holliday brought out the best of Jessica Sanchez in this song. What a duet!!! one of a kind. This will remain as the best duet EVER!!! SUPER!!! Hats off to Jen & Jess. 

    • I honestly couldn’t get past the faces Jennifer Holliday was making. I was seriously laughing. I thought the whole thing was WAY over the top.

      •  Hi Pally45,
        Whew, I thought I was alone on this, I am glad there is another one that feels the same.  Letting out emotions is one thing letting out indescribable facial expressions is another, LOL.

        I do admire Jessica’s strength in her duet with Jennifer, She is a highly skilled performer with lots of shows to her credit.   Her purpose was to show her young protege how its done, but Jessica stood up to her and sang the song with her note per note, pitch per pitch and the result was

        Just saying…………………………………….

      • Yes way way OVER THE TOP. Jennifer is reminiscing her performance on Broadway and performed it on idol.  I know Jen is pushing Jessica to the limits so that they can bring down the house which they did. We saw what Broadway really is. 

      • Pally45– since you seems ignorant of what a broadway show is. This is how Broadway singers do. They give all the emotion to their performances. Not only they are singing they are telling a story also.

      •  It’s kind of what chickens do when you pull their heads off to eat them

      • @Dabest. Apparently, I’m not the only “ignorant” one. A lot of people thought it was funny and over the top. I realize she is a Broadway singer..this wasn’t Broadway so it looked funny. I laughed. You didn’t. Sue me.

  31. come on are you for real jessica its a better singer but like  aleays the putty white boy wins.m

  32. Jessica Sanchez (born August 4, 1995) is an American singer from San Diego, California. She was runner-up on the eleventh season ofAmerican Idol. Despite her loss on the American Idol Season 11, she has often been dubbed as the “Global Idol” or “World Idol” by several followers all over the world.

    Twitter made some statistics about the Top 2:

    Phillips: 55%
    Jessica: 45%

    Jessica: 65%
    Phillips: 35%

    It means Phillips will be more succesful in the USA while Jessica will be more succesful worldwide.

    Congratulations, both of them!

  33. They might was well rename the show – ” The next white guy with guitar “, with instead of the current panel, new judges will be Kris, David, Lee which will be also known as the guys who got dropped from at least one of there labels and are basically no where. ( Pretty sure PP will get dropped in 2 years. )

  34. Is is true that American idol will pay Jessica $30,000 for making singles?

    No record deal? No album? No money?

    SHAME on you, American Idol.

    I hope Tommy Mottola or Akon sign her.

    •  They can’t unless the pay a ton of money to AI to buy out her contract, and they not going to. She’s AI’s “be itch” for at least 5 years.

  35. HaHa…America got it right and the show got it right!!

    iTunes – Top Singles Chart

    P2-#1 single – Home

    P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151

    Joshua-1 song, #177

    JS-1 Song, #194


    iTunes – Top Albums Chart

    P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1

    JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7


    Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

    P2 is topping them all:





    Blake Shelton

    Maroon 5


    Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


    Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

    • as of this early stage savor your victory as long as you can,don’t let it go,until jess fans engulf you.beware not all the days are the same,when that the day come you are unaware of it.peace .

      •  So where are all her fans, why don’t they buy her music, poor girl, her fans bailed on her

      • to bubbagump,we don’t care about her music in itune you cannnnnnnnnnnnn’t measure success base on that alone ,it’s still early my dear ,let’s see who has the last laugh?

  36. Let’s not fight over who the real American Idol is. Both of them are great in their own ways. I think that they are also the most humble and laid back top 2 that we’ve ever seen. Both of them deserve to win! Most of all they respect everyone around them.

  37. Jennifer Holliday is one ugly screaming be itch…made Jess look like a playboy bunny standing next to her.

  38. This duet is the best I’ve seen in my entire life.  Never gets tired watching this. Magnificent.

  39. Whatever the idiots say, Jessica Sanchez sang the US national anthem at the White House lawn for the American war veterans! Nothing could be more American than that. Right choice of the Obama government as to who should sing it!

  40. “They don’t know the hell we’ve been through, coz when you hold me like you do… that’s when i want to change nothing…” – jessica

  41. Boy I know you have a tough job but common man this was a no brainer Jessica had this in the bag . I mean I didn’t even really care for the song she sang to much but couldn’t you even hear the range she had. You know now I think I understand it’s propaganda at it’s worst I am ashamed for you people You all know Jessica was better than Phillip. Wow amassing I don’t even think I’ll watch American Idol any more.

  42.  None of the AI winners have ever had this much sales on iTunes right after finale.

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