American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillip Reflects On Experience

American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillips

Last night on American Idol 2012 the season 11 winner was crowned and now Phillip Phillips is ready to look back on the season that lead to his big win. In a post-finale interview with Fox, and may I happily note their usual monotone interviewer is gone, Phillip discusses what it took to get there, what he was thinking as the confetti fell, and what he looks forward to doing next.

When asked what made him so emotional during his coronation performance of “Home” Phillips explained, “I wasn’t even thinking about the song, honestly.” He went on to add “I was just looking out and thinking about how long the journey was, you know, and just to win. Just crazy. Still can’t believe it.”

Touching on his ongoing health issues this season Phillip admitted there were times when he thought about giving up. “Yeah, there were a couple of moments of that and it gets tough. I’ve been sick. I don’t like complaining or anything. That’s why I’d get in trouble cause I wouldn’t complain,” Phillip explained. Rumor has it that Phillips will finish his media tour and then take time off for surgery and healing.

Phillip says he learned that the whole process “you can be yourself throughout this Hollywood stuff and TV shows. You can still be yourself and not change for anybody. You can do some good things for people, you know?”

After being prompted to look in to the camera and state “I’m the new American Idol” Phillips commented it was “very weird” to hear himself say that. I’m sure his fans are glad to hear it though. They can look forward to many more opportunities to hear from Phillip Phillips as he moves forward with his music career.

Watch the full interview with Phillip Phillips, the new American Idol winner:




  1. When is American Idol going to stop being a popularity contest because the guy is cute, I know that more women watch the show then men but come on
    Sanches has a dynamic voice and my friends and I all feel that she should have one.  Why can’t the Judges decide the final winner?  Pia was bumped off early in the show and she had a great voice.  Come on women clean your ears, think about the talent not the looks.

    Digusted with Idol 

    • I really don’t think that’s what matters. You know, Sanchez is very young and though she is very talented and has that enormous voice, she doesn’t know herself enough yet. And that’s ok, because in a year or two she will and then she’ll have greater impact on people with her music. I think that in this cometition we were all impressed by her vocal ability, but never really felt the song… And she did not have any original moment on idol and that’s why she didn’t get the voice. If Phillip was someone like Scotty McCreery I’d be disgusted too, but this is a different situation.

      •  You said what I have been trying to say all season long! she has an amazing voice but doesn’t bring the emotion to it, because I never really felt the songs either, maybe once in one song I did, I don’t think there is people out there that feel the music too and they are just listening to the technical parts of it so they are very mad about that this girl with a big voice didn’t win. I agree in a couple years she will be able to bring that to her songs. Maybe sooner than later. With Phillip I can feel his songs, that’s what I always loved about him.

      • Hi Songbird,

        I really don’t know why people expected Jessica to bring a lot of emotions to the songs she sings.  Most of the songs she chooses to cover are songs performed, composed and experienced by  more mature artists that has an attachment to the songs they wrote and performed.  That is what maturity is all about.  In time Jessica will feel these songs thru experience and whether her own or someone she knows, then emotional attachements to the song will happen automatically and we will see that on her performance.

        It is silly to think otherwise that all those songs she performed thru out the competition she can actually relate to, something that will be difficult to fake.  I watched Jennifer and Jessica’s duet.  Although both did a fantastic job in singing, only one showed the intensity and angst of
        that song, guess who did????

        In time she will become an artist not just a singer, know what I mean?

      • @55d3392e017fe16e26b0fe6cf0c8b07c:disqus Voice is perhaps the least important quality in an Idol competition.  In this show, it’s all about charisma and personality.  How much you enjoy the performance counts far more than technical skill.  Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson have voices that are total crap.  But, they are such a pleasure to watch and listen to because they have star power.   Jessica is a naive, home schooled 16 year old who knows so little about life that she brings zero believability to the lyrics of her songs.  If she can’t copy a performance by a more mature vocalist she is lost.

    • And when will people stop complaining just because his/her favorite did not win? Jessica is a better singer but that doesn’t mean Phillip is a bad singer. A lot of people like him and voted for him. He is good in his own way… America has spoken, let’s move on!

      • Some people Love Jessica okay? And  i totally agree with you. Dont be mad at Idol.. They didnt do anything. I just think that Jessica would have had a better chance. I mean she is young… America like’s Young Celebrities.


    • When they, the producers, change the voting system. But I’m happy for Phillip. Jessica is very classy, it is a tough act to follow. She deserves the best. I’ll by CD from them both.

      • “American Idol” in any language means the same, its the people who decide, no the judges

    • Isn’t the entire concept of the show decided by viewers calling in to vote.?Does that not make it a popularity contest? Come on girl, you are either a sore loser, or not very bright. I agree that a lot of changes can be made to the format. My friends all felt that P2 was the better at least on the final night. Doesn’t mean either of us are correct.

    • Ed, 
      Well we said the same thing . I have no doubt that Jessica will only grow.

    • that’s exactly what made me to vote for him, his talent, he’s to young for me, the problem is human doesn’t know how to manage to lose. He won because the majority voted for him

    • Everybody knows why JS lost.  Simple. All it takes are 300,000
      teen girls to vote 300 times and P2 gets 90 millions.  I voted foe
      JS  300 time in 3 hours but my granddaughter and her mom voted
      for P2  600 times each in 4 hours.  How can you beat that?  They are fast and determined. 

    • well, aside from being cute, he touches heart when he performs and he connects to his listener. that makes him the winner.  😛

    • You know..we already have a Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, so listening to someone who can imitate them is not real talent. If you watched X Factor this season Melanie Amaro was able to sing same songs, hit notes and had a better tone in her voice, then went on to sing her versions. I also saw on the View where Whoppi introduced Sanchez to sing at the Apollo theater when she was 10 years old. If agents believed she was that good they would have signed her along time ago. I am sure in a couple of years she will have a really good career. Phillip is unique and very talented, he writes his own music, he is going to make a real impact in the music industry.

  2. Everyone let us all move on and accept the reality. Its PP who won. That’s the nature of the show. Let us just support both PP and JS. Anyway, both are great singers. God bless

  3. Congrats to the “Gentle Giant”, Phillip Phillips!!  You won our hearts and our souls from day 1 and now you’ll continue on the journey that brought your sound to our minds..  It was such a trememndous pleasure to watch you being yourself the entire season, encompassing all of us with pure genuine caring and music that truly was the BEST this season.  Never ever change the beautiful freespirit that is you Phillip Phillips.  Your emotion as you sang  “Home”, a moment that  took our hearts and let us know you ARE the true American Idol!!  And most of all, wishing you good health to  carry you through for a very long time; get your health issues taken care of buddy, we looooooove you!!    

  4. PP is the 5th WGWG in a row now.  and obviously the worst of the 5.  Congratulations “VoteForTheWorst”………… guys really know how to screw up a singing contest.   There is no way that PP should have made it this far.  HE CAN”T SING !!!!!!!!!!!!     It was obvious last night the guy cannot sing out of his measely one octave range.  If you look up the word  “pitchy” in the dictionary,  you’ll see his face.   Nice job everyone., another Lee Dewyze in the making (only Dewyze could actually sing well, unlike PP)   The dumbing down of American has now hit the music industry.  Season 12 should be a real winner.    Maybe the #6 WGWG winner will also play the harmonica.   We are a laughingstock to the rest of the world.

    • What amazes me is that some people can’t manage to comprehend the simplest fact like Jessica and Phillip are two different kind of singers. I mean, although I really don’t like or respect Jennifer Lopez, she said that it is a finale of opposites…

    • Get a life–you need to find something better to do than criticize people who put them selves on the line each week.  At least they put themselves out there–what do you do–live in your parents basement and hide behind a generic sign on?  Guest–put your name out there if you are going to be so critical–my guess is that your talent is minimal and you are jealous of people who are–or you are just a pitiful excuse for a person.  I’m guessing both.

    • I can see your a very “poor” person, If you dont like the course of the show you can watch another one, box maybe?

    • why can’t you stop with the bashing?? the show is over, phillip already won. now deal with it! i’m sure jessica will not be too proud of her fans if ever she have read all your nasty posts against phillip. even she admitted that phillip is a great artist, and so is phillip admitted that she is one of the best he heard. so what exactly is your issue with another ‘WGWG’? you want a girl to win, why, for a change? so lame!! she’s a great singer, and not winning AI will stop her to succeed. that’s a fact. phillip is an AMAZING artist that even he didn’t get the title he will succeed. that’s a fact. can’t you just appreciate him? he’s not doing any harm to you guys, he just wanna share his music. if you don’t wanna support him, that’s fine, he’ll not beg for it anyway, millions of other people will. but PUHLEASE stop with the bashing and move on!! 

    • Makes me sad that just because PP got the most votes people are saying bad things about him. So you see AI did nothing but the Amerian People did. We voted PP in because we wanted him to win. And thats the end of that. I voted for him even though I had never voted before for anyone. I loved him from the first song he sung. And I am 72 years old and I hear well. He is the one that won my Heart and many others too. He won by the votes simple as that.

  5.  Jessica is still the winner but American Idol is American Idol its a shame for them if Jessica wins the title ..(period)

    • Phillip is the winner of American Idol, it’s his day to shine and it’s not right that people put him down, Jessica lost and she’s not the better singer they just have different voices, she can reach high notes, but Phillip has his own style and he gives his songs the Phillip Phillps touch. He is fantastic.

  6. Let us be happy with the results..let’s see in the future who will hits the billboard and thats what we are looking forward too.. after all they are all winners in their respective talents. i love philip and jessica..congratz to both them they made that far..

  7. It’s like “History Repeats Itself” thing, the game is over now. Another WGWG is proclaimed winner. Let’s us just see whose voice will promise “stardom” and “big name” in the world of music. After all, the most deserving contestant does not always take home the win. Good Luck for their respective carreer, time will prove who is just for temporary fame.

    • Stardom? Really? Well none of American Idols have reached stardom. People say that Underwood is the one with the most success, but that’s just in America. Only Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert are known abroad. Jennifer for her movie and Oscar winning performance and Adam Lambert for two catchy songs. And maybe Katharine McPhee will join them with her series. That’s not stardom!

      • Yeah?  Well Carrie Underwood made 14 million dollars last year, so, I guess “Just in America” is good enough.  Screw the rest of the world, let them make their own stars.

      • No?  What do you measure it by?  The snobbish opinions of people who set themselves up as arbiters of taste?  Or being loved in foreign countries?  The rest of the world does not matter in this instance.  This is AMERICAN Idol!  To quote the Bard, Get thee to a nunnery.

  8. This is the right thing to do Idol staff…next audition make sure the qualification is clear that it should be 100% Caucasian no 50/50 nor 70%, c’mon we know who really CAN sing…just can’t believed his guitar is better than his vocal chord…let’s all move on…so sad why people supporting this kind of program that’s really sucks! It’s true really disgusting!!!

    • And why are people still talking of race!? Joshua was 3rd, Jessica was 2nd. If that was about skin, they wouldn’t have been in those places! Get a grip!

    • Aren’t you one of the people supporting this program and still posting about it?  Hypocrite!

  9. PP is the 5th WGWG in a row now.  and obviously the worst of the 5.  Congratulations “VoteForTheWorst”………… guys really know how to screw up a singing contest.   There is no way that PP should have made it this far.  HE CAN”T SING !!!!!!!!!!!!     It was obvious last night the guy cannot sing out of his measely one octave range.  If you look up the word  “pitchy” in the dictionary,  you’ll see his face.   Nice job everyone., another Lee Dewyze in the making (only Dewyze could actually sing well, unlike PP)   The dumbing down of American has now hit the music industry.  Season 12 should be a real winner.    Maybe the #6 WGWG winner will also play the harmonica.   We are a laughingstock to the rest of the world.

    • If you’re a laughing stock to the rest of the world it’s because you’re all so stuck on making this a race issue. Jessica didn’t lose because she’s not white, she came runner up, beating thousands of people of all shapes & colours. She won 2nd place! A black man won 3rd. Get a grip! Holly & Elise had amazing voices too but being white didn’t save them.

    • Please learn how to respect other people’s choice, and we are talking of millions of voters here. Be a good sport.  Philip Philips won bec he deserved it. You just cant simply criticize Philip.  Millions of people all over the world love him. why cant you accept that? No, American Idol is not a laughingstock to the rest of the world. I am from somewhere in that rest of the world, but in  contrary, we together with the rest of our country appreciate and support American Idol.

  10. WGWG prevails again ! I like Phillip and Jessica even more but this “competition” is  run by teenage girls ! But I’m glad he won and Jessica made it very far so there really isnt a reason to bash !

    • You forgot all of the cougars that are in the audience…………It’s also run by people whose goal in life is to screw things up.   Thank you Vote For The Worst.  PP should have never made it past the Top 7.  Colton, Elise, Hollie, Skylar, Joshua and Jessica are all better singers than PP. 

      • That is your opinion, but not to million of people who voted for Philip, not to mention those who love Philip but were not able to vote like me. We just need to learn how to respect other people’s choice without saying nasty things that are not true, just because your own choice did not win.

  11. The true Phil Phillips fans must be hating life right now.  The AI recording contract is very onerous and restrictive.  Jessica will be free to sign with whomever she wishes.  Because of her worldwide appeal, I’m sure there’ll be an army of studio execs beating a path to her door.  Akon said he would sign her the next day.   In the long run, Jessica was the real winner last night.  No title, but the freedom to choose the best label for her. (and best $$$)

    • I don’t think she’ll have the label freedom you’re expecting. 19 Entertainment has first swing as the Idol finalists. She’ll be under the same label as Phillips should they decide to pick her up and you can be sure they will.

      • I really can’t understand why people believe that they would spend all this money and time promoting and training these contestants and then let them walk away to another label.  Great job all season.  Really enjoyed the site.

    • Yeah, I heard yesterday that it’s pretty much like indentured servitude. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood made enough on their first albums that they could buy themselves out of the contract. Hopefully, Phillip can too!

    • I’m a true Phillip’s fan and I’m just happy for both of them, whether they were successful or not, only time could tell. You need to follow Jessica’s act. She was classy and humble.

    • So what? P2 will soar with talents regardless of label, and he goes down in history and be remembered as the WINNER

      • that would remain to be seen,  either he will reach stardom…….or banish into oblivion……….usually it’s the runner-up that make it to the top..

      • @Pearlyfel really? Usually the runner up that makes it to stardom? Besides Adam Lambert…who else can you say? Some people will say Clay.  Personally, I think he has spent more time under the knife trying to look like K.D. Lang than do anything I’d spend money on, but that’s just me. But, really..besides Adam and maybe Clay, who is the other runner up that has made it to the top?

    • So, when Phillip’s cd comes out we’ll buy it and when he releases another we’ll buy it and so forth, He is awesome. I’m sure he’s going to reach the top, Phillip is special

    • You can try to console yourself all you want.  Phillip won, Jessica lost.  Deal with it.

    • IF that is so, then be happy now and stop saying negative things against Philip. 

  12. abandon  american idol,,,lets all shift to “the voice” hahaha,,(just kiddin)

    • Nice joke…….In the same format, “The Voice” singers would be highly exposed as not all that good.   They can choose anything they want to sing and can hide behind a vast amount of background music and singers.  Heck, sometimes you have trouble picking out the voice of the actual contestant.  Juliette (another “VoteForTheWorst” sponsored contestant) was truely awful at times.  She never would have made the AI Top 7 or 8 with that level of consistancy.

    • Last year after Haley was sent  home and we were left with all-country finale, I said that I wouldn’t watch AI again. But here I am! 🙂 We’re all hooked!

      • I love Scotty but I did love Casey and Haley too, I love Phillip this year and DeAndre, I never could understand why the judges didn’t save him, if the teenage girls were voting as cute as DeAndre is I would have thought they would have voted for him too. They did call out for him to be saved the night he was sent home.

  13. Boy, did the Public get that one wrong !  Philip, was good, but Jessica had more volume and range than him.  But, the biggest disappointment of this year, was that of JOSHUA being sent home.  He was, by far, the Best Ever !!!  Even the judges commented on that.

  14. Okay everyone screaming all over the place WGWG makes you look like your back in 1st grade throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way.   Time you straighten up a little bit if you wanted her to win, the lines were open for 4 hours, guess you should have voted a little more. They are Both going to have a career. Lets just be happy they both made it as far as they did. If Phillip would of came in second I was going to be happy that he got that far and that he will still be able to make music. It wont be the last you hear of Jessica.

  15. He just seems so humble and a nice guy. Hopefully, they don’t eat him out there!

    • He seems to have a good head on his shoulder, he seem’s strong. Lord knows he’s been in pain and he kept going 

    • P2 is beautiful,hes a genuine person,hes a unque artist,never seen anyone who moves like him and hes turned boring songs into really good ones coz he makes it his own.he deserved the win.Jessica was great too

  16. Jess fans shame on you, she would be devastated by the terrible things you are saying and the very poor sportsmanship you are showing. SHAME ON YOU!

    •  I think maybe her fans cost her a few million votes, I have heard some people vote against her just because of her obnoxious fans. 

      •  Yep it’s her fans who made me avoid the blogs as they dominated them. Jessica is good but her fans turned me off to her. And I have to say Phil had me when he did Thriller in his audition.

    •  yeah, jess fans (well, on this blog) are N.A.S.T.Y. i almost like to think that jess had an exclusive conference for all her fans and urged them to bash on phillip. poor jessica, she’s supported with this kind of people.

  17. Wow..people..really. Show what it’s like to be a good loser and stop the hammering on the kid. Jessica should a lot more class than most of you!

  18. I really liked the last five contestants on this year’s show and could see any one of them the winner as far as singing ability.  When it comes down to having the whole package for entertaining an audience – which should also be a major consideration – my vote went to Phillip and Skylar.  I couldn’t wait to see them perform each week.  The other three seemed to cling to their comfort zone and not take risk with anything different.  I’ll end my comment with Congratulations Phillip, a very deserving winner.  I totally enjoyed every one of your performances this year.

  19. Philip sang with heart and soul, he connected. Jessica has the better voice but Philip wasnt ever trying to be someone else. Whitney Houstan songs are great but what young kid listens to that today. Philip desereved to win and I cant wait for his album! Jessica will do fine!

  20. As far as I’m concerned, the whole show should be scrapped and replaced with a show where contestants are judged on their talents instead of which one stupid little girls prefer.  Also, the voting system is so bad – totally rigged. Good luck in your careers Jessica and Joshua – you were both robbed but have faith, singers sell records – I’ll be first to buy one.   Phillip who can’t sing winning over you two? Come on America, this is 2012.  American Idol is on it’s last leg anyway. This show should be abolished, then again, it’s on Fox – can’t expect it to be any different. I won’t waste a minute watching it inthe future. 

    • I have watched American Idol since season 1 and have heard the same things said after the finale of every show but the show goes on and the blogs continue to be filled with arguments about who  should have won and who was best.

      All I know is that American Idol has given a lot of young artists great opportunities and many have gone on to have great careers.

      As for success, both finalists this year have had a “American Idol Journey”  CD’s released today on iTunes and Phillip Phillips is at #3 on the iTunes chart and Jessica Sanchez is at #38.

      As it stands, that tells me that more people are buying Phillip’s music than they are Jessica’s, which is one of the benchmarks many posters have been making on this site.


    • I agree with you on the voting system, however, your two contestants will not be as successful as a P2 or even a Skylar Laine.  I would never buy a Jessica or Joshua album, the screaming and yes it’s screaming gets on my nerves.  Jessica is a Whitney wannabe and a good cover artist, that’s about it. 

      • nah, p2 might sell records in america, but outside the country he wil never be as succesful as jessica. il give him max of 1 yr of fame, but js wil be legendary. mark my word!

    • The top 10 are all under contract with 19 Productions and Interscope (Jimmy Iovine’s record company) for 3 years.

       After the tour, typically the top 2 go into the studio to make their debut album, which usually is released about 5 months after the final so expect Phillip’s and Jessica’s to be released in the October time-frame.Both Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina released their debut albums in October, 2011.   

      For the remainder of the top 10, they are also under contract with 19 and Interscope for periods that vary from 1-3 years but if they are released – like Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox from Season 9 – then they are free to go off and make their own negotiations.

      It can take up to 12 months for other albums to be released as is the case with Haley Reinhart who finished #3 last year and her debut came out on Tuesday of this week. 

      • Cheers for that info. You tend to get a lot of misleading information on this board so appreciate the clarification.

  21. Well, AMERICAN IDOL  is popularity contest and at the same time money -making with At & T so with the  teeny boopers, it will continue that WMWG will always win , however, the American Idol  EXECUTIVES  was NOT  thinking that  people starts  to be turned  off with the results, that could be the reason  as to why the American Idol’s rating  plummeted down. ANYWAY,  as for the result of the 11 th season AMERICAN IDOL, I CAN SAY THAT  WHEN THEY  GAVE JESSICA THE THIRD SONG TO SING, I knew  it was  intentionally done because that song was really bad.Whoever composed that  song and the melody, should re-think twice.It was bad, and I  HAVE TO AGREE WITH THE JUDGES,.However let us put it this way ,in  perspective…PHILIP IS THE AMERICAN  but JESSICA IS THE IDOL.

    • “They” did not give Jessica that third song to sing. The first song for each was chosen by Simon Fuller and, if you recall, the judges gave the first round to Jessica.

      After that, the song choices were those of the finalists. They each chose their own favorite song from the season and, frankly, I think both chose the wrong number because each had sung much better songs.

      Jessica went back to her performance that got her into the top 24 and the Prayer has been sung by so many singers that have all had hit with it going back to Celine Dion with the original hit and most recently by Jackie Evancho. It was not a good choice and Phillip did not pick his best either.

      Then they were allowed to select their own “Coronation Song” and, Phillip chose a much better one than did Jessica.

      All the arrangements are there choice as are the clothes they wear so let’s get off the blame the show bandwagon and realize the choices the finalists had to make themselves.

      Finally, despite all the comments about Jessica and her heritage, she was born in the USA as was her father and that makes her an American, born, raised and educated.


    • If you people all hate Idol so much and disbelieve the fact that someone other than your favorite can win, there is an easy solution.  Every tv has a little things call a remote…change channels, turn off the tv, read a book, watch JS on YouTube, she’s all over the place..I’d love to make a wager you’ll be watching again in cold boring January.

  22. Oh I remember again the monotone interviewer~ Waah. But I’m sad I just felt it is still boring with P2~ 🙁 P2 is really shy. I hope he could get away with that shyness a bit., 🙂 Go P2!

  23. It is what it is. It is AI’s fault that they don’t limit the # of votes one person can make. Also, it is watched mostly by women, which also contributed to Phillip winning.

    This year’s finals had the biggest mismatch in vocal ability of any year, including when Kelly beat Justin, but at least the better singer won that year.

    • cmon I see ppl voting like 3000 times (yea you read it right) per person for JS, and you still complaining?
      and where the hell is Justin Guarini now with his supposedly better vocal ability? 

    • Kelly was so much better than Justin. Just like Jessica is so much better than Phillips.

    • If Phillip had lost, his fans would have said the votes were rigged from other countries as was suggested.   Take the loss and still stand behind Jessica.  She will be famous without some of her fans insisting that every vote Phillip earned was from a teenager.  Just ludicrous.

    • All a matter of taste.  In my opinion the best entertainer became Idol winner.  The whole package, people liked him.  If I do feel the connection I will not purchase the album.  I did not feel the connection with Jess.  P2 is the whole package!!

    • Or at least some musical instrument. Not only does it give you a better understanding of music, it will be instrumental in helping you write your own music, and assist in allowing you to expand your knowledge of music. In the long run it will allow you more freedom in your future career.

      Well said Rjia, just thought I would add a bit more to your statement so that people understood what you were conveying.

      • Phtha: agreed. Wasn’t a Colton fan but had respect for his knowledge of music and trying to put his personality into the music he played. Skylar also showed her talents which was pretty impressive for her age. She seems to have a lot of focus for someone so young regardless of whether you like her voice or her style of music.

      • Skylar has been in theater from an early age and was on the stage in Les Miserables.

      • Skylar had been in two touring Broadway shows when she was 8 and 9, touring the USA, Canada, China and South Korea. The shows were Les Miserables and, I believe, Annie.

        That gives a young person a lot of confidence and stage presence. 

    • Season 1: Kelly Clarkson

      Season 2: Ruben Studdard

      Season 3: Fantasia Barrino

      Season 4: Carrie Underwood

      Season 5: Taylor Hicks

      Season 6: Jordin Sparks

      Season 7: David Cook – did not use a guitar all the time

      Season 8: Kris Allen – ditto David Cook

      Season 9: Lee DeWyze – first to use a guitar on every song as did the runner-up Crystal Bowersox who was female!!

      Season 10: Scotty McCreery

      Season 11: Phillip Phillips

      So 2 out of 11 winners were guitarists and even P2 did not use it on every song. It is true that David Cook and Kris Allen play guitar with their groups now but they didn’t on the show on every song.

      It kinda puts the WGWG argument to bed and, if you check, Season 9 was a bust with it being the ONLY season that did not produce a successful contestant.

      • Scotty played guitar during several of his performances.   That’s 5 out of 11.

      • @857d35dd53918861a06af71cb7c9b20c:disqus With respect to guitar players, Scotty held a guitar in his hands a couple of times and made some half-hearted efforts to strum.

        There was no way he could be called a guitarist and most certainly does not use one now in his performances. 

        Prior to season 9, there was a restriction on the number of times you could use an instrument whether it be a guitar, piano, et al. 

    • Hi Rija,

      Most if not all artists who are serious with their passion for music knows how to play an instrument that includes Jessica.  To what degree an artist uses their chosen instruments depends on the song they write.
      Guitar is probably the most easiest to carry and to accompany a singer.   But my guess is you know that already. LOL

  24. Songbird, that is an understatement. Didn’t you hear how Jessica put all her feelings in every song she sings? And we’re not even talking about her voice here. You are so blinded with Philip’s looks that you can’t hear that this dude cannot sing a melody, out of tune in some cases and cannot hardly hit the right note for the song. The only way he slide through past Joshua and Jessica that ultimately won him the title, is his smile and looks. Well, congratulations then Philip. You just joined the league of Hicks, Allen and Dewyze. After the dust has settled and the heat of this season is over, fans will another cute face and true talent will survive. There will always be another cute face to look at but the real talent will survive and lasts forever.

    • Growling is not feeling! She is generaly great technicaly and that is what people confuse with feeling, just like you…
      I’m sorry, maybe you did feel it with her, I didn’t. I suppose most of us didn’t judging by results. 
      And I don’t think that Phillip won because of his looks. He’s not that good looking. :0

      • People say negative things when their favorite loses every year.  It’s one of the first lessons you teach your children, to play fair, and if you lose a game, an argument, etc. do it with dignity.  This isn’t directed to Jessica, she seems to be handling herself fine.  Phillip’s raw emotion at his victory was awe inspiring.   Have a great career P2, I know I’ll be listening to you.

  25. I am so proud of Phillip, just like his family. He is a very unique artist and that is what I like, unique. I voted for Phillip throughout the competition. He is a true artist and he deserves the win, Jessica has a beautiful and powerful voice, there is no denying that. Phillip was meant to win and I am glad he did, the world will learn a lot from this young man who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in and the world will be a better place because of his music!!

    • There are no degrees of unique.  Someone/something is either unique or not. They/it cannot be very, slightly, more, less or kind of unique.  

  26. A class act, I will say. Last nights show was fabulous, except for a few singers who screamed instead of of the night? Hollie and Jordin Sparks…awesome performance. Congrats to Phillip and to Jessica…both will surely be stars, but I am glad Phillip won.

  27. Last year when Scotty won Lauren’s fans didn’t bash him like some of you bash Phillip, most were happy for him. Lauren had a powerful voice as welll at 15 mind you, but nobody treated Scotty like some of you are treating Phillip, it’s like all because Jessica can hit high notes and she’s 16 she deserved to win…. Even some in the media need to grow up and get over it. Not the writers of American Idol Net, mind yoiu, Phillip won and he deserves this win.

    • difference is, vocally jessica is far more superior to philip than lauren was to scotty.
      you are right in saying that Phillip deservd to win though. he got more votes so he should be the winner.

      the problem is in the american idol voting system.they just want to boast about getting 132 million votes, and don’t care that the same teenage girl votes 4 phillips 3000 Times.

      • Just stop. All of you. Half of you were on here yesterday talking about that you voted for Jessica until your fingers were numb. Just take this graciously and move on. Stop whining.

      • There were also people claiming to have voted for Jessica 1,000’s of times as well so it was not all one way.

        We are far from teenage girls and, while I was not a Phillip Phillips fan to start, his performances grew on me. 

        They will both have recording contracts and, as with previous  seasons, will have their debut albums released around the same time – probably in October – so, whoever you liked, look forward to their albums and future success.     

      • Didn’t you have the same opportunity, you could have voted  for Jessica 3,000 times, right?

  28. one might as well call this show ‘america’s cutest boy that may or may not sing good’  

    • Or Sour Grapes, in honor of the huge number of silly, sore losers that seem to watch the show and throw their toys out of the pram when their favourites lose.

  29. More then teenage girls vote for Phillip, I know I did. I wonder has it occured to anyone that he really does have a HUGE  really HUGE amount of fans.. he does you know.

  30. well said!.i love jessica and phillips…..but i dont think so i gonna believe that u r jessica sanchez!..that’s impossible!

  31. Phillip won fair and square.  It’s just a damn TV show.  Get over it people.  And stop saying that the judges favored him, because the opposite is true.  They were Jessica obsessed.  Philip is a musician, not just a singer, and that’s why he won.

    •  And Jessica will have a career too, especially once she matures.  So there’s really no difference from what it would be if she won.  She’ll still have a record.  Probably a better one than she would have if she had won, since all the songs would probably be like that awful song.

  32. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  Finallyy…Soo happy for Philips he deserves it…me and my bro have been talk about him since day1 and ive shared many of his performances and talked about him on my wall now that he won its sooo awesome… 

    • I am happy for him too. Actually I am proud of all of them ,they all brought something to the table ( or stage). I have not walked in their shoes. but I admire the love they all seem to have for music. If everyone had the same sound just think how boring music will be. I say celebrate and be happy for Philip and the great future they all can have if that is what they chose..

  33. on the coronation song, judges said it is the Phillip Phillips that we love. earned praises and standing ovation. but on the recent interview, Phillip said the song ain’t who he is, not something he would write. ooops. awkward. LOL

  34. Congratulations Phillip.  And good luck with your surgery.  I hope it fixes you up and you heal quickly.  Also, congratulations to Jessica who did a great job too.  Good luck to you both.

  35. it don’t matter who won….they both were very good  ….as a matter of fact all of them were good singers this year as the same with before….the judges just pick out of the crowds the best they believe has a voice that needs to be heard by americans hince its called “AMERICAN IDOL”….i had too many favorites this year til each and everyone of them kept getting cut off the show then  i just went further on down the line til it got down to the bottom two and was like idk about this…its tough….but i really honestly think jessica needed more time to find herself where she is soo young at 16 wow she’s still a baby compared to phillip and she is a small young lady with a strong more mature womans voice….its remarkable as well as phillips singing he stayed true to himself and never let anyone change the way he was which if someone is born into that situation as of EAST vs. WEST  of being family oriented and more the country type of person then they stick with their roots and thats in my opinion what phillip was doing….I couldn’t be more happier in the contestants this year compared to last year!!! phillip won and  america voted end of story time to move on to next year just hope the contestants are as wonderful this season 12 compared to season 11…..LOVE IT!!!

  36. it must be disheartening to hear many people say Jessica Sanchez is way too young to be an American Idol. AI prod team should have just raised the age requirement, so 16 year olds won’t expect to win. but yeah, Jessica indeed is still young. 10 years from now, she’s 26 years old. whoa.

  37. fusses* Where did all the phillip fans go? :O :O like it if your one also looking for phillip fans in this comment section!

      • Why? Don’t know how to multi tasks?
        Or are you one of those who easily gets confused doing more than One thing at the same time.

  38. I’m a 26 yo straight male and I still would’ve voted for P2 (if I were living in the states) even though jessica’s voice is “better”.
    It’s not that much about hitting notes, but who moves you the most. Otherwise hundreds of artists with rather limited range wouldn’t have sold a single album.
    P2 won because he connected with lots of people. Don’t undermine that.

  39. Listen, I have NOTHING against Phillip, But Come on! Ya’ll have picked great American Idol winners in the last 10 seasons. But America I think that ya’ll should have picked Jessica! I have been rooting for Jessica the whole time. Last year or something like that, Pia Tasconto Was kicked off and she had an amazing voice like Whitney Houston! Have Ya’ll Heard Jessica Sing I will always love you? To me Phillip’s Voice is too growly and not so Professorial.. Jessica was ready to become a celebrity. Yea she may be young but come on does it matter how young they are? NO! Does it matter how good they look? NO Does it matter what there voice sounds like? YES! In my opinion Jessica should be the next American Idol! 

  40. Philip’s interview after winning..'” I miss my family and my girlfriend…. I love her to death…she’s a very important part of my life” …
    I wish he goes home soon and propose to her.. Then get married and have a family…I wanna see the frustrated faces of the majority of girls who voted 4 him.

  41. I didn’t care for PP’s style of music except when he did follow original melody, but that’s just me. Others like his unique style which will probably lead to success for him…but I love his humility. He makes McCreery appear boastful. PP is so much  more reserved. I didn’t vote for him or anyone after Skylar left, but I don’t see what the fuss is about if America likes WGWG so be it. Jessica did have a great voice but she never held my attention but for a few seconds.

  42. Congratulation Phillip! you’re the best thing that ever happened in AI, well for me, hehe.

    • he has been at the top spot of iTunes for days, check your facts before you post. Look up top 10 songs on itunes, USA and Canada, then look at the albums….

      • Well..he has taken a fall. His song is still in the top 10, as is the album..but no longer #1. However, I didn’t see Jessica’s name.

  43. HaHa…America got it right and the show got it right!!

    iTunes – Top Singles Chart

    P2-#1 single – Home

    P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151

    Joshua-1 song, #177

    JS-1 Song, #194


    iTunes – Top Albums Chart

    P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1

    JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7


    Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

    P2 is topping them all:





    Blake Shelton

    Maroon 5


    Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


    Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

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