American Idol 2012 Spoilers: Top 5 Song List Revealed

Tonight’s American Idol 2012 song list has been spoiled! We’ve got your preview peek at what you’ll be hearing for both the British pop selections and the 1960’s hits. There will also be group performances, one duet and one trio.

Read on for the spoilers and start piecing together for who you think will be singing each of the songs. I know Branden will be happy to hear there’s no Adele on tonight’s American Idol set list!

American Idol 2012 Top 5 – 60’s Hits:

  • “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – The Temptations
  • “The Letter” – The Box Tops
  • “Proud Mary” – Ike & Tina Turner
  • “Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • “River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner

American Idol 2012 Top 5 – British Pop:

  • “To Love Somebody” – Bee Gees
  • “Time of the Season” – The Zombies
  • “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis
  • “You Are So Beautiful” – Joe Crocker
  • “You Don’t Have To Love Me” – Dusty Springfield

American Idol 2012 Top 5 – Groups:

  • “Higher and Higher” – Jackie Wilson
  • “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – The Righteous Brothers

So let’s start hearing your predictions on who sings what.

American Idol 2012 top 5 song list




  1. nice,,,,,,hopefully jessica will sing proud mary   in the style of  tina turner   thats gonna bring the house down..l don’t remember what song she sang,,when JLO said  put a little tina turner style,,,,so  this her big chance to do it,,,,can’t wait….

  2. American Idol 2012 Top 5 – 60′s Hits:
    “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – SKYLAR“The Letter” – P2“Proud Mary” – HOLLIE“Fortunate Son” – JOSHUA (BOOOOOORING)“River Deep, Mountain High” – JESSICA 
    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – British Pop:
    “To Love Somebody” – JOSHUA“Time of the Season” – P2 (GOOD)“Bleeding Love” – Jessica (WOOOOOW)“You Are So Beautiful” – HOLLIE (?“You Don’t Have To Love Me” – SKYLARLIKE IT?

    • Hopefully Hollie will sing “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”.  and Skylar will do “To Love Somebody”  as that is a staple of country bar bands.  “You Are So Beautiful” is right up P2s alley.    Good luck to Joshua and Hollie tonight.

    •  Jessica will go home this week, hopefully.  I actually fast forward through her performances now because she always looks and sounds the same when she sings.  I enjoy the more interesting contestants, the ones with a little personality.

      • weird…Looks and sound the same. First all of the AI contestants are changing there clothes every performances. Second they always sing different song and it is ironic if you say it sounds the same. HAHAHAHa. brainless….!!!

      • Dont be a hater, shes one of  the best singers in the competition. Personality?  What do you want, shes not an all american pretty blond girl but she does sings beautifully. And pls the girl is only 17, give her a break.

      • You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo right!  Cannot really say why, but I just cannot stand her.  Same ole, same ole, nothing exciting.

      • The voters tried to send her home but that blew up in our face.   We can only hope.

      • @79bf0e6cf83567a6bc361baccf006c28:disqus ..Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks were hardly All American blond beauties.  They both, Kelly in particular, were phenominal.  It has nothing to do with looks.  I personally think JS gets a lot of her fan base bc she is not ur typical beauty.  One season fans will vote simply because the person can sing, pretty, ugly or otherwise.

      • You cant even sing like her. U have no life. Prolly ur a loser and hater.

    •  It should be, “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield”. Hopefully, Hollie will sing it.

    •  Haha, the contestants do themselves. But the mentors may suggest songs to them if they don’t feel it’s right for them. But usually the contestants pick and choose songs they want to do and stick to it.

      • That’s only partly true.  The contestants choose from a very short list of songs that have been cleared by the producers.  It’s not like they can sing any song in the world.

      •  I also heard that they choose from a list that is given to them.  But it is hard to believe that that obscure second tier, B side Jimi Hendrix song that Elise sang would have been on any list that somebody would have come up with so maybe she just fought to get to sing it.  There were SO many other, much more well known rock songs she could have picked!!

  3. My guess of song choice and order of performance:

    1) Josh: Fortunate Son & You Are So Beautiful 
    2) Hollie: Proud Mary & Bleeding Love 
    3) Skylar: Aint Too Proud To Beg & To Love Somebody
    4) Phil: The Letter & The Time Of The Season
    5) Jessica: River Deep Mountain High & You Dont Have To Love Me

    Hollie is not getting the last spot because she already did last performance show, I think Jessica will get the last spot because she hasn’t had the pimp spot since top 13…

    Higher & Higher – Joshua and Jessica
    You’ve Lost The Lovin’ Feeling – Phil, Skylar and Hollie


    • woops! mistake!

      Hollie: River Deep Mountain High & Bleeding Love*
      Jessica: Proud Mary & You Dont Have To Love Me

      •  Hopefully Hollie sings, “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”. Classic Era Female Brit Pop- the good stuff.

    • Josh & JS makes a good duet~
      I wonder how they come up with order or performances~ do they draw lots? :)) just curious.

      • I didn’t mean to put that comment here, but still, woohoo no Adele!

      • yeah as much as I love Adele, none of these singers can top her. And the Adele songs are so overdone…

  4. P2 is surely number 2, since Dave Matthews covers “Time of the Season” by The Zombies.  Guess the others are: 1) Skylar, 3) Jessica, 4) Joshua and 5) Hollie.

    • hollie cant get the pimp spot again for 2 weeks in a row… so i think jessica will, because she hasnt had the pimp spot. IMO 🙂

      • It’s not about spots, it’s about song choices. If Jessica is number 5 like you said, we’ve just found our first B3.

  5. I sure hope Jessica’s doing either of the Ike & Tina Turner for the 60’s and Bleeding Love for the Brit Pop! Go TeamJay

    • Yes, praying for it too~ “Proud Mary” as like the glee version~ 🙂 that would be fun plus “Bleeding Love”~ woohoo~!! can’t wait.

  6. I think JS will sing bleeding love since that’s I think sound more current suited for her age as for Jimmy’s advice~ 🙂 #hoping

  7. I think Jessica’s gonna sing one of the Tina Turner songs and FOR SURE Bleeding Love. She did a cover already when she was 12. She will kill it tonight! 

    • Hell yeah! I can’t wait. She did great when she was 12, I can only imagine how amazing she will sound now that she’s 16 🙂

    • @Floramayy…either she kills it or her mom kills her.  Dang, Jessica, this is the last show mommy will let you on if you don’t bring home the prize.  Sing little girl, sing!!!!!!  Poor little Jessie

      • hopefully you’re in your teens if not then bless your heart my dear

        Good luck to all especially Hollie & Jessica

      • @St.380…I calls it as I sees it!!  Just in case u haven’t heard, mom is a notorious stage mother putting her on AGT at age 11.  It’s great to have a support group, not a momager.  And, no, I am not a teenager but thank u 4 blessing my heart.

      • Your welcome my dear but sorry that I don’t see it the way you do, I choose not to judge anybody particularly to their personal lives.
        Have a good day & smile 🙂

      • @aa03e3cccaf30a7c61a8314c74cd5c3a:disqus We each have a different definition of judging “dear.”  U do urs and I’ll do mine.

      • Sorry Floramayy, in the midst of the day, I inadvertently sent @St.380’s post to u.  I believe she may be a wee bit older and I certainly didn’t mean 2 confuse the dear thing.

  8. “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – The Temptations – Joshua (This is perfect for Joshua)“The Letter” – The Box Tops – Skylar (Process of elimination, but Skylar can handle it all)“Proud Mary” – Ike & Tina Turner – Jessica (This is perfect for Jessica)“Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Phillip (He can’t do two Cocker songs in one night and the next one is perfect for him)“River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner – Hollie (Celine Dion version)

    “To Love Somebody” – Bee Gees – Joshua (Right in Joshua’s wheelhouse)“Time of the Season” – The Zombies – Skylar (This can certainly be turned country)“Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis – Jessica (Natural fit)“You Are So Beautiful” – Joe Crocker – Phillip (See Jessica, though I would have rather heard “A Little Help from my Friends”“You Don’t Have To Love Me” – Dusty Springfield – Hollie (More Dusty for Hollie, but it suits her)

    “Higher and Higher” – Jackie Wilson – Girls (I only say this because the other is a guys duet.  Phillip does the low part and Joshua the high part)“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – The Righteous Brothers – Boys

    For once I think the songs are basically in order with Hollie getting the pimp spot. 

    • I agree Hollie again at the pimp spot.
      I would rather not see JS at the pimp spot bec.I would not want her to sing those both last songs~ It will be boring for her. :))) 
      Skylar doing Zombie, country? Never heard it but let’s see. I hope it will be good~ yeah. 🙂

      • the listing of the songs is not the order they perform, at least based on the previous weeks, it has never matched up that way

    • i don’t think hollie will get the pimp spot.  2 weeks in a row?  nah

    • you mean to say it is a good thing to sing last and bad if you do it first?

  9. I think the guys surely have the edge in these song selections…”The Letter” will certainly be done by P2…”Fortunate Son” by Joshua…

    Of the girls, Hollie or Jessica singing “Proud Mary”…should be best female performance, atleast in the first set…

    “Bleeding Love” is gonna be either really good or really bad…that song could send someone home or launch them…since the producers appear to be making it a sandwich song (looking at the song list)…I am guessing they didnt think the practice went well…and someone is in trouble

    • I believe Bleeding Love short Version will be awesome as well as this was done on Xfactor before, and it was great arrangement.  So hopefully will see same if not I agree with you will be a sandwich song.  Ray Chew and Michael Orland are both great on these things. So I am not worry too much.

  10. Idol Performance Predictions:
    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – 60′s Hits:
    “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – The Temptations : Skylar“The Letter” – The Box Tops: Philip“Proud Mary” – Ike & Tina Turner:  Jessica“Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival : Joshua“River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner : Hollie
    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – British Pop:
    “To Love Somebody” – Bee Gees : Skylar“Time of the Season” – The Zombies : Philip“Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis : Jessica“You Are So Beautiful” – Joe Crocker : Joshua“You Don’t Have To Love Me” – Dusty Springfield : Hollie
    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – Groups:“Higher and Higher” – Jackie Wilson : Joshua, Jessica“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – The Righteous Brothers : Skylar,  Hollie, Philip

  11. Alrighty, I’ll give it a shot at pairing them up.

    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – 60′s Hits:
    “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” – The Temptations – HOLLIE“The Letter” – The Box Tops – PHILLIP“Proud Mary” – Ike & Tina Turner – JESSICA“Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival – JOSHUA“River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner – SKYLAR

    American Idol 2012 Top 5 – British Pop:

    “To Love Somebody” – Bee Gees – SKYLAR“Time of the Season” – The Zombies – PHILLIP“Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis – JESSICA“You Are So Beautiful” – Joe Crocker – JOSHUA“You Don’t Have To (say you?) Love Me” – Dusty Springfield – HOLLIE

    Only thing I’m absolutely sure is Jessica doing Proud Mary and Bleeding Love, I also feel confident about the boys ending up like this (Dave Matthews covered “Time of the Season”, could it be any more obvious for P2?). Those three people and the songs seem so logical for me, with Joshua it’s “do a upbeat song and turn it around with emotional heart-moving ballad”. I’m torn with Hollie and Skylar though, it could go either way. If Hollie wants to show her power side, she could end up doing “River Deep, Mountain High”, which I think would suit better for Skylar with her energy and everything. Then, in the second, I rather see Dusty Springfield being Hollie 101, though it is something Skylar could pull off. Ideally, I’d see Skylar doing the Turners and Springfield, because she needs to pull off some amazing versatile performances if she wants to stay. Then again, she is a country girl and could end up doing The Temptations and Bee Gees, which I see more as something you can country up a bit. Just have to wait and see.

  12. okay….jessica sing diva’s song….. again…..again…again…

    • so does Hollie. Why doesn’t anyone ever point that out? They choose those types of songs to show off their voices, because this is (supposed to be) a singing competition.

      • @34ed5235d03053b49e8aa5f2f0942fa7:disqus and@f0e3437083d582b963c2beed7042dbf0:disqus …so u guys check it out my activities….LOL…whatever talking…i don’t care… to the hand…bla..bla..bla…..jessica’s boring….

    • everybody sings the same style. have you heard P2 belt it out? no! coz he peace y’all.

    • jess is boring for you but your post is boring as well again and again and again…boring perf threatens you huh otherwise, you won’t care a bit…i guess you might end up adoring her even in my sweet dreams and your nightmare hehehe

      • @2f74351dd2a2eb0d4851199be9f8812c:disqus And if you weren’t threatened by her posts, u wouldn’t respond 2 them.  It’s like if you scream louder to those opposed to your views, it will make JS better, don’t think so.  She can scream all by herself.

      • don’t butt in essa, this is between team cd and me, three is a crowd, go find your mate

      • @2f74351dd2a2eb0d4851199be9f8812c:disqus  Hasn’t been a person born yet that has been able to tell me what to do.  Fortunately 4 u  I’ve lost interest.  Ciao

      • hand: i’m alright doods..thank u..LOLOLOLOLOL….doods u r so funny…

      • @16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus  These folks here can come up with their lame rebuttals, but u r so right.   Want a salad with your balad.   I don’t call her a diva tho, she hasn’t earned the title yet.  She acts like a diva, wants  2 b treated like one, but sure doesn’t look or sing like one.  P2 to the rescue!

  13. I realize the song list isn’t necessarily in order, but I think this time it is, and I think this is who will be singing the songs in the order shown on the list:

    1)  Jessica – Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, To Love Somebody
    2)  Skylar – The Letter, Time of the Season
    3)  Joshua – Proud Mary, Bleeding Love
    4)  Phillip – Fortunate Son, You Are So Beautiful
    5)  Hollie – River Deep/Mountain High, You Don’t Have to Love MePerhaps they will in fact go in a different order, but I think this is who will be singing these songs…

    • I hope the one who will sing River Deep Mountain High won’t go home..Last time Pia left with that song. Hope that song is not unlucky 😛

    • i thought the same for phillip but i don’t know.  he might surprise us with something really crazy like bleeding love.

    • AH> Proud Mary for Josh, YES. Bleeding Love for Josh, Ah. pls. no~ 🙁 I can hear some strong vocals that’s not appropriate on my mind..sorry.
      I hope JS will sing it, or P2  haha, 🙂

      I also think Hollie will be at the pimp spot, but I think she’ll sound old with those songs~ 🙁

      • Phillip – Bleeding love??  (Maybe he’ll be doing the original version of Jesse McCartney)

      • @b7adea155dca5d6ca0dea9530a276a0a:disqus , oh yah~ actually I’m just thinking of JS doing it, but suddenly, I thought of Phillip doing it too, on a different style, probably yes, musch like Jesse version~ 🙂

  14. I find it hard to believe this list is in the order they will perform tonight…I cant see the show ending with “You dont have to say you love me”…that said though, I would not be surprised if Hollie is again the one to close the show…I believe they pick the best song and performer from practice to finish the show…if this IS the song list and the order…my guess, Hollie is the closer…Skylor opens

  15. my guess:

    Jessica Sanchez- Proud Mary and Bleeding Love
    Skylar Laine- Ain’t To Proud To Beg and To Love Somebody
    Phillip Phillips- The Letters and Time Of The Season
    Joshua Ledet- Fortunate Son and You Are So Beautiful
    Hollie Cavanagh- River Deep Mountain High and You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me

  16. The pimp spot is not a guarantee that the contestant will be safe from elimination.

    • I have to agree on this. The pimp spot means nothing if the contestant blows it on song choice and/or the vocals.

    • Yes, by performing last (I won’t call it the pimp spot) the audience remembers the performance the most, if it’s bad, they remember that, if it’s good they remember that. So really I think it raises the risk a bit.

      • British that later moved to Australia, but they stayed British.

        Olivia Newton John would be more of an issue.  Born in Cambridge she moved when 4

    • I think you’re right.  They were first singing in Australia prior to England. I thought they were from Kansas. LOL

    • They were born in the UK, emigrated to Australia in the late 50’s when they were all very young, started their musical career there and then moved back to the UK in 1967.
      Robert Stigwood who produced them also produced groups like Cream when Eric Clapton was lead guitarist & singer, musicals like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and the movie Saturday Night Fever.

      When the Bee Gees were inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame in 1997, their award was presented by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys who dubbed them “Britain’s first family of Harmony.”

      They lived in Australia for about 10 years as kids.

  17. River Deep, Mountain High… for some strange reason, I suddenly remembered Pia Toscano. This song apparently brought down Pia.

  18. For phillip tonight I can definayrly see him doing some CCR, Cocker, and be involved with the trio tonight.

  19. for me…

    Jessica—-“Proud Mary” and “You Don’t have to say you love me”

  20. Joshua – Aint too proud to beg // You are so beautiful
    PP – The Letter // Time of the season
    Jessica – Proud Mary // Bleeding Love
    Skylar – Fortunate Son // You don’t have to say you love me
    Hollie – River Deep, Mountain High // To Love somebody

    • I’m confused, why would Skylar sing Fortunate Son.  U have 2 listen 2 lyrics, it’s a guy song that I’m hoping Phillip sings, it’s very much his style.  I think Miss Jessica will sing River Deep, as Pia did last yr, so she can show us all again that she is just drop dead wonderful, little sarcasm there!

    • I think this is much better comparison.  I think you nailed it Clara.  Wow.  I will vote for you tonight. lol

    • i bet…..the judges will give stand o’s for joshua even though he falls on the stage, ….LOLOLOLOLOLOL…

      • Phillip is the him, but I disagree that Joshua screams.  I think he has a beauTIful voice and oh so much charm which some of the others are lacking.  Like Tyra Banks always says, he smiles with his eyes.

    • Someone please put seat belts on the Judges.
      I sure hope this is Joshua’s last performances,
      I don’t think my dogs or cats ears can take any more.

    • as long as he and jessica lets out a holler or scream like they are hurting they will be sure to get standing o’s.  like i said before think want josha and jessica the final two…..

  21. Go Phillip!!! WGWG Pride!!
    Go Skylar!!!  WCGWOG Pride!!
    Go Hollie!!! WGWOG Pride!!
    Stomp the Rest cause Your the Best!!!!!!!!

    • Go Jessica
      Go Joshua
      Go Hollie
      Go Phillip
      Go Skylar

      Need to say more.   thank you James for selectively cutting out others. 

  22. Go Jess idol queen all must VOTE VOTE for her or you just racists because she very best face , breast, and butt. She Hott Idol. Very best voice in America like randy says. She so much better than fat grandma hillbilly Skylar. Hollie should be dog walker since she can’t sing, maybe Jess hire her to walk her dogs . Joshua is flaming black who Americans will never vote for cause his screaming and he fat too. Phillip face like monkey when he tries singing and poo, he going down. They all scum but Jess she shines alone as a light in the world like god himself. You wait and other pathetic losers get ground under by her brilliance.
    She will sing Proud Mary and change words to Proud Pinoy

    • Ur not going 2 believe this dude…I just read that Jessica HIRED Hollie the DOG walker to walk HER!!!!!!!!!!

    • See..its posts like the one above that make me feel that Jessica will need restraining orders when this is all over. She’s 16..stop looking at her breasts and butt. Freak.

    • This is exactly why people like me don’t like Jessica. Her fans are rude and obnoxious as JessOnlyIdol proves. Apparently the only way to state that the love their contestant is to put others down. 

      • Leah you are so naive to think that Jessica’s fan would say something like that.  We are trying to solicit votes not to lose votes.  Believe me that is one sick fan who wants to make Jessica’s fan looks bad.   If there is a bad apple out there,  I am so sorry.

      • I understand that there are polite, considerate fans out there. I am just pointing out that there are extreme Jess fans who can be rude and arrogant in their zeal. As for soliciting votes I thought that we were supposed to judge and vote after the performance… but that’s just my opinion. Love to all american Idols and their polite and considerate fans. 🙂

    • Your words are a total turn-off and its’ not helping Jessica any.. I have this bad feeling you are  just a “masquerading” Jess fan out to ruin chances and turn people away…   

      • Do you honestly think that was a post by a Jessica supporter? I assumed it was a wind up post by someone who didn’t like her just to get a reaction., hence my fishing comment.

      • Guesty, that was one of many. Look at the youtube comments on Hollie and Skylar’s performance videos. People call them nasty things and then say “jess FTW” it is very rude. I’m sure there are normal fans, who respect the other contestants, out there but the ones who get noticed are the rude ones…I’m just sayin’, it’s a turn off to me.

  23. I have a horrible feeling that my favorite will be going home this week.

    I know there are many other Hollipops out there, so please vote as much as possible to get her into the top 4.  Randy predicted she would not make the top 4, so let’s prove him wrong. 

    She deserves it, just as much as any other contestant!! 

    • @yahoo-BROH3QHYPCFFIS7IM6J4FAHEEI:disqus If she do good~ many more votes will come for sure~ 🙂 I hope she do well~ 🙂

    • She is lucky she stayed till now…she is like a fungus…she needs more training compared to the other finalists. She can sing but no control, no technique, just a big mouth and loud voice!

    • I don’t want Hollie to go, too.  I want Hollie and Jessica face off for finals.  You better vote and vote for Hollie and I will do my part for our Jessica.  Cheers!

  24. I was hoping Jessica would sing Leona Lewis “Footprints in the Sand”, I think she nails it when she does the slow, inspiring ballads that draw out the emotions. “Bleeding Love” is too cliche. IMHO

    • i dont like Bleeding Love as i listened to it on YouTube.  Skylars by contrast is quite easy to sing and i think it is more popular.  I expect her (Skylar)  a standout performance tonight so with Hollie.  I keep my fingers cross on my fave JS considering the difficulty of her choiced songs.

  25. Phil is FOR SURE doing “Time of the season” by the zombies, I just listened to it on youtube and the guy singing sounds almost EXACTLY like Phil

  26. Guesses:
    “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” & “You Are So
    Beautiful” (Joshua)

    “The Letter”   & “You
    Don’t Have To Love Me” (Sklar)

    “Proud Mary” & “Bleeding Love” (Jessica)

    “Fortunate Son” & “Time of the Season” (Phillip)

    “River Deep, Mountain High” & “To Love
    Somebody” (Hollie)

    “Higher and Higher” (Girls)

    “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” (Boys)

    • that would be “one hell of a night” for Jessica singing those songs !cant wait for JS to perform..luv it !!!

  27. I’m getting so tired of the judges  trying to sell Joshua and Jessica. They can sing, but I would pay to hear them.  Their advise has certainly caused more harm than it has helped, and they are so inconsistant , and certainly not a asset. The show would be much better, if they eliminatd the “Judges” completely.

    • and what about the praises that the judges are giving to skylar and philip’s performances?  you don’t have any comments?

    • So who do you want for a btter talent among the 3 others you haven’t mentioned? The singing nose?the no control voice? Or the weird same sounding voice??….

    • The judges have been equally giving praises to Phil and Skylar when they don’t perform at their best.  And who has the “nasal” voice–i thought it was coming from Skylar.   Nonetheless. I think 4 of them deserves to win and whoever that be will depend on fan voting.   Just vote for your favorite so he/she will win.  

  28. Listing Bee Gees as British artists is a little stretch. Even though they were born there but grew up in Australia. They started their music career in Australia then took it to America. They even lost their accent.

    • Right about born in the UK in the Isle of Man before the family moved to Manchester and then emigrated to Australia when the 3 brothers were young in the late 50’s.

      Right that they made their first appearances as a group in Australia,

      Wrong that they then came to America.

      Fact:They were born in the UK, emigrated to Australia in the late 50’s when they were all very young, started their musical career there and then moved back to the UK in 1967.Robert Stigwood who produced them also produced groups like Cream when Eric Clapton was lead guitarist & singer, musicals like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and the movie Saturday Night Fever.When the Bee Gees were inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame in 1997, their award was presented by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys who dubbed them “Britain’s first family of Harmony.”They lived in Australia for about 10 years as kids.

  29. So why does Jimmy tell Phil he shouldn’t do Dave Mathews then give a song that is also performed by DMB? Is Phil really doing that song? I guess we don’t know yet. And BTW whoever suggested that The Zombies sounds just like Phil must be listening to another P2. Either that or my flat screen is broken.  

    • All the judges tell the contestants confusing things from week to week. Some contestants ignore the judges and do their thing, so try to do what judges tell them. This year, I think the one’s ignoring judges have been doing better.

      If I have time will go through my recordings of this season’s show and make a summary clip of how confusing the Judges have been this year and put on youtube.

    • i guess the same…both at No. 3.   Excited how JS performs a Tina Turner?  A tough song for her IMO.

  30. I guess it’s part of your job to report what you find out, but I would be just as happy not knowing. In fact, I like to know what the themes are and then try to see if I can guess what songs might be chosen. Now, some of that element of questioning has been removed. I wish someone had planted that list to throw everyone off, and different songs will be sung. Can’t this just be entertainment, instead of Sherlock Holmes 101? Absolutely not, my dear Watson! Good luck to the final 5!

    • Next week go to Wikipedia’s AI site. They have posted song choices and performance orders each of the last two weeks on Monday and then erased them on Tuesday. They haven’t got one right yet.
      But I think I do:
      Bee Gees– Joshua or Skylar, possibly JessicaZombies– Phillip, possibly Joshua or SkylarLeona Lewis– Jessica or HollieJoe Cocker–Phillip or JoshuaDusty Springfield– Hollie or JessicaTemptations–JoshuaBox Tops–Skylar is best bet, but could be anyoneProud Mary– probably Jessica, maybe Hollie, probably not SkylarCreedence C.R.– Phillip, possible SkylarTina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” is the kiss of death. Pia Toscano (possibly Idol’s all-time surprise elimination) sang this the night she went home in 9th place. She was one of the two favorites. IMHO, whoever sings this song will be going home.

  31. I know Dave Matthews’s sister and I just saw her about an hour ago. I asked her if she or Dave ever watched AI, she said no. I told her about Phillip and how sometimes contestants’ artists mentors/heroes send encouragements to the idol contestants. She said she would mention it to Dave…so hope he watches and encourages Phillip…I’m sure Phillip would get charged from it!

    Phillip, you better nail it tonight!!!! Dave might be watching!

  32. I see some comments about the Bee Gees not being British so, for the record, here is a brief bio.

    They were born in the UK, the family emigrated to Australia in the late 50’s when they were all very young and they started their musical career there before moving back to the UK in 1967.

    Robert Stigwood who produced them also produced groups like Cream (Eric Clapton), musicals like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and the movie Saturday Night Fever.

    When the Bee Gees were inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame in 1997, their award was presented by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys who dubbed them “Britain’s first family of Harmony.”

    They lived in Australia for about 10 years as kids.

    • Go Brian Wilson…truly the greatest music genius of all time. Would love to see him on as a guest judge or as a mentor, but afraid he’s getting too old physically, plus damage from all the drugs

  33. This week is really hard to guess, but i will try… 🙂

    Joshua – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg & Bleeding LoveHollie – River Deep Mountain High & You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
    Skylar – The Letter & To Love Somebody
    Jessica – Proud Mary & You Are So Beautiful
    Phillip – Fortunate Son & Time Of The Season

  34. Anoher fallacy I see on here is that the British week should help Hollie and that is a load of bull. Does that mean that when she had to sing songs that are considered American, she was at a disadvantage? If so, she has done well to get to the top 5.

    She is 18 and has lived in Texas since she was 8 so has spent more of her young life in America than in England. 

    I am originally from Liverpool and sang for years both in a group and then as a solo artist, singing songs of Sinatra, Elvis, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Survivor, Bon Jovi, Toby Keith et al and one of the most common questions I was asked was “where does your British accent go when you sing.” Singing is multi-cultural and, with a few exceptions, like Adele, accent less.

    Here is an example of one of the songs mentioned above;  “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”  Elvis (US), Dusty Springfield (UK), Tom Jones UK) and Helen Reddy (Australia) all had big hits with that song.

    At this stage, the top 5 have earned their places, whether because they have a strong fan base who would vote for them if they sang the Yellow Pages or if they have a great voice. Let’s face it, some of the top selling artists have not always been the ones with the best voices so there is a lot more to success than just having a great voice. The Boss is a prime example, even by his own admission.  

    I wish all 5 the best of luck tonight and that they all have stellar performances. However, I do have two wishes:

    The first is that someone puts super glue on the “judges” seats and the second is that they mute the mikes when they are commenting!! 

    Let’s enjoy the top 5 and vote for the ones we think deserve to move on to the top 4.    

    I do have a request and that is that the hate posts stop. The average age of the final 5 is 18½ and they will all have careers in music in whatever genre they choose. So let them do their best and let us all applaud them all for getting this far in a competition that starts off with thousands of auditions.    

    • In regards with the judges reactions and comments, most of the time I change my channel then watch the results and listen to Jimmy’s critics (better that way IMO)

    •  You know that is what a new rule should be…Once the show hits the top 5, no more judges comments until after the voting (comments on the following night when vote results announced). But it won’t happen, show is rigged I tell you all and judge’s comments had lots to do with rigging.

    • If there is a fairy godmother / godfather (is there such a thing?)  visiting this site, for sure with a post like this, your 2 wishes will be granted!  I also wish the same….

    • I am all for the glue and muted mikes.
      I think “goosies” or hemmoroids are reason J Lo seems compelled to stand everytime Joshua sings. Either way, I blame it all on Randy.

  35. Its gonna be:

    Joshua – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg and You Are So Beautiful, Skylar – Fortunate Son and To Love Somebody, Hollie – Proud Mary and Bleeding Love, Jessica – River Deep Mountain High and You Don’t Have To Love Me, and Phillip Phillips in the pimp spot – The Letter and Time of the Season…..but I hope Jessica does great!!!!

  36. GO JESSICA!!! thru survey, 46.2% of my school is rooting for you plus my family & friends!!! We can’t wait to watch you tonight GOODLUCK. We love Hollie and Joshua too

  37. Skylar – aint too proud to beg  & to love somebody
    Phillip – the boy top and the zombies
    Jessica – proud mary and bleeding love
    Joshua – forunate son and you are so beautiful
    hollie – river deep, mountain high and you dont have to love me..

    usually the song lists arent in order (meaning first group of songs and second dont necessarily coincide with the same singer).. but this time i think it does. 

  38. Everyone only talk about Jess cause she #1 best singer in world. YOU MUST VOTE JESS, no one else. Jess always nails perfect performance, perfect voice and very emotional for her age…always gooses me. The others should just give up, no one in same league as Jess, they voices terrible, they just losers. Only vote Jess!!!!

  39. Everyone ready to vote for Phillip tonight? Remember you got to vote your favorite to keep them in. This isn’t about the vocals anymore. It’s about winning American Idol. All of these 5 deserve to win. Not one is more deserving than the other vote for you favorite as many times as you can tonight.

    Phillp Phillips FTW! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!!

  40. My spouse and I had tickets to see The Temptations on the 27th at Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, NC. We gave them away! LOL 

    I don’t even think anybody ended up using them. Sad! 

    • Is it because they’re too old to put up a good show? You didn’t like their music or you just had conflict schedule?

      • Just didn’t want to go….I have seen them recently at the Dixie Classic Fair. It’s not all the original singers. Just wasn’t interested in going. The tickets were given to us and we passed them on. I don’t know who ended up with them..LOL

    • Pray? Apparently you didn’t know Jess is an atheist. Why she was ripping on Colton. You should have voted for Colton. Do you really think wasting prayer on a TV show is a good idea, I got a feeling God is busier with other more important things. Please don’t pray here.

    • if she sings this song, she could end up like Pia Toscano….she could….hope she does not sing this song

  41. Jessica or Hollie
    “River Deep, Mountain High” – Ike & Tina Turner 
    “You Don’t Have To Love Me” – Dusty Springfield 

    Hollie ot Jessica
    “Proud Mary” – Ike & Tina Turner 
    “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis 

    I hope this doesn’t happen XD Hollie singing proud mary LOOOL. The vocals would be great but the interpretation terrible.

  42. Leona Lewis is just absolutely AMAZING!!!

    I can’t take it no more!!!!!!!!! I think I have my first celebrity crush!!

  43. I hope Hollie let’s her voice soar on You Don’t Have to Love Me!!! There is a risk it could come across as boring if she doesn’t just blast it out of the park.

    • Hollie will show tonight her real cracking voice. Air won’t be enough to save her last note.SWEAR…..

  44. i think joshua will sing proud mary… he said it’s one of his favorite songs… 😉

  45. i think jessicas going to win it no matter what.. i just hate all the screaming, madness, nasal singing and too strained singing.. I love the soul and simply the rawness of jessicas songs. She just do what she wants to do, she doesnt have to act out..

    • hope so, but at the end of the show, ryan says “vote for your favorite”, not vote for the best singer… damned!!!!!

  46. 1) Hollie – Ain’t too Proud
    2) Philip- The Letter
    3) Jessica – Proud Mary
    4) Joshua- Fortunate Son
    5) Skylar- River Deep Mountain

  47. Bee Gees– Joshua or Skylar, possibly Jessica
    Zombies– Phillip, possibly Joshua or Skylar
    Leona Lewis– Jessica or Hollie
    Joe Cocker–Phillip or Joshua
    Dusty Springfield– Hollie or Jessica
    Box Tops–Skylar is best bet, but could be anyone
    Proud Mary– probably Jessica, maybe Hollie, probably not Skylar
    Creedence C.R.– Phillip, possible Skylar
    Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” is the kiss of death. Pia Toscano (possibly Idol’s all-time surprise elimination) sang this the night she went home in 9th place. She was one of the two favorites. IMHO, whoever sings this song will be going home.

  48. Round 2
    1) holli – To Love Somebody
    2) Philip- Time of Season
    3) Jessica -Bleeding
    4) Joshua- You Are So Beautiful
    5) Skylar- You Don’t Have to Love Me

  49. I always get confused on Jessica and Joshua’s choices because they are both powerhouse singers. Joshua might sing Proud Mary and Jessica might sing River deep, Mountain high. Imagine Joshua saying, “When I was a liitle girl, I had a rag doll..” :))

  50. Getting the ear plugs ready for the dogs and cats….they know…it’s almost Joshua time

  51. Wow great performances in order of fab

    P2 & Joshua-wow Phillip is more than a growler after all. Joshua had to scream like always. Having them sing together I think show, Phillip is the talented one by far!!

    Phillip is such an original…he is a great talent

    Stevie is the best mentor they have had

    • I loved Stevie as the mentor! He was hilarious.  I’m a huge Phillip fan but I wasn’t too impressed with his second song. Loved the first. Hollie and Skylar both had great nights! Skylar was actually the best on the song with all three girls.

  52. Remember how Eddie Murphy used to spoof James brown on SNL well Joshua did that….it’s was funny as a comedy skit, but annoying as hell when a musical performance.

  53. I want BK now…. Steven Tyler selling screaming good chicken at BK

  54. vote for your favorite and vote for the best singer too!!!!!!!! then let’s see on the heads-up who really is the idol for the american people (only)… not necessarily the world lol


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