American Idol 2012 Top 5 Performances: Austin Powers Night

Austin Powers night on Idol

It’s Austin Powers night on American Idol 2012! No, they’re not doing actual songs from the movies, but the finalists are taking on one British song and one 60’s song so if you put those two themes together you get the International Man of Mystery. We’ve already seen the Idol spoilers for this round’s song list if you can’t wait to see how tonight turns out.

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American Idol 2012 Top 5 Performances – 60’s Hits:

  • Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep, Mountain High – 1-866-436-5701
  • Phillip Phillips – The Letter – 1-866-436-5702
  • Skylar Laine – Fortunate Son – 1-866-436-5703
  • Jessica Sanchez – Proud Mary – 1-866-436-5704
  • Joshua Ledet – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – 1-866-436-5705

Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet tackled “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” as their duet. That left Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, and Skylar Laine to perform as a trio with “Higher and Higher” which still reminds me of Ghostbusters 2 and a surprisingly agile Statue of Liberty.

American Idol 2012 Top 5 Performances – British Pop:

  • Hollie Cavanagh – Bleeding Love – 1-866-436-5701
  • Phillip Phillips – Time of the Season – 1-866-436-5702
  • Skylar Laine – You Don’t Have To Love Me – 1-866-436-5703
  • Jessica Sanchez – You Are So Beautiful – 1-866-436-5704
  • Joshua Ledet – To Love Somebody – 1-866-436-5705

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s American Idol show and who was the best!




      • Hater and very jealous creepy person lol and to top that sour grapes – just put this in your mind judges had saved her and what does it mean to you if your smart enough ” Jessica” is the best singer

      • Ma’am, no name calling please. Jessica is not ugly and does not deserve to be called that by YOU!!!!

      • Ma’am, no name calling please. Jessica is not ugly and does not deserve to be called that by YOU!!!!

      • doods dont say bad words why dont u look up in the mirror, or u are only hater of jessica sanchez, afraid of this girl coz she will will this competition u suck.

      • it not about looks, it about who sings the best. I did not vote for her to come on top, but  she does have a great voice!!!!!!!

  1. if jessica pulls off proud mary, she’s on her way to the finale.. its a make or break song

  2. if jessica pulls off proud mary, she’s on her way to finale.. its a make or break song

  3. Go jess,phil,josh,hollie, and skylar…all of them are wonderfully amazing!! I hope i can see an excellent performance! SAVE THE SHOW from lame ratings!!!

    and last thing, i hope the judges will give standing O to the very much deserving performer tonight..of course i won’t be shock if it is josh again

    • I think you’re right.  The judges, for some reason, are trying to push the public to have Joshua be the winner this season with all of their standing ovations.  I feel so sorry for the other performers, who sing better than Joshua, but the judges just stay seated.  What’s up with that?  C’mon judges be fair to all of the performers.

      •  cos Joshua is their screamy idol….i hate his voice…sorry but is true..thats my opinion…Everyweek he sings same style like a crying goat….or screaming goat…i mean

      •  I was thinking the same things.  How rude to be so out there over one singer and he is not even all that good to me so so.  Does not seem fair for judges to steer you to vote for one singer over the others.  No one should vote for Joshua that would send them a good message

    •  its annoying now with the judges always standing O with this screamy guy….Everytime he sings, i change the channel…its like listening to a goat….meeeeeeeh…lol

      • I agree..the screams can be annoying(Joshua). I loved Jessicas 2nd song- perfect. And I also loved Hollies “Bleeding Love”. I thought she wouldve been booted off weeks ago, shes really peaking & becoming a threat. Phillip Phillips has his own style, but its getting flat, boring now in a competitioon where stand out performances matter. He could be in trouble tonight. He is sexy as hell though, & I loved the bromance with Joshua hehehe…so firty & hot when guys drop their guard & show some love 🙂

      •  ha.. ha.. ha.. me too! Can he sing melody without screaming like my Idol Princess Diva Jessica. love love love

  4. its definitely a night of jessica to show off what’s she’s truly made of..

    Proud mary – will show her power
    Bleeding love – willl show her tender falsetto

    GREAT!!! Gotta vote for her

      • Of course she will. This whole season has been rigged. You’ve all gotten roped in. No drama. No pins and needles. Jessica was the next AI before they even started.

  5. river deep, mountain high for hollie….NO hollie..that song is a badluck, that is the reason why pia got voted…

      • Standing O from Steven & Randy.  All 3 said she was great!   I’m loving Little Steven breaking Jimmy’s stones.  LOL

    • I agree!  I haven’t been a big Hollie fan but I gotta say, I really loved this!

  6. Hollie’s done… Another OK for her… nothing that will make your mouth drop

  7. horrible performance by hollie.. i am a fan of her.. but honestly, its no close to good =(

    • All a matter of taste.  I never think Jessica is good but again, a matter of taste.

    •  i was hoping she would kill keep bleeding love, but it’s like doing a rendition for YouTube for her friends.. –_–

  8. go phillips2….and hollie….and skylar…..for the wiiiiinnnnnnssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  9. Goodluck jessica godbless.we know how good you are,you are 1 of thebest!


  11. rollin.. rollin.. rollin on the river! proud mary! all the way from seattle chicago! VOTE for JESSICA!

  12. Got a feeling Jessica is last 🙂 and she is singing Proud mary and bleeding love :)))))

    • yeahh. I know everyone want to win but when skylar sings, as if not so normal vocal cords. Unlike Jessica so flawless.


  14. I find Skylar kinda feeling awkward on her 1st song hopefully her next song she’ll be comfortable.

  15. phil’s starting to get boring.. i’m thinking of diverting my votes to skylar or jessica

    • i was rooting for him to be part of the finale…but not anymore. i tried to love his performances, but they were just really forgettable..i hope it would be a hollie-jessica : joshua-jessica : skylar-jessica…

  16. Phillips tunes just simply sound “almost” the same including tonight (1st song)… I wonder about the 2nd song??? IMO

      • bruce springstein, mick jagger, bob dylan all sound the same when they sing…i think we will all know a phil phillips song like we all know a frank sinatra song.  boring is recreating the last person to do the song which is what everyone else is doing.

  17. this season is made for a girl winner.. enough is enough.. its time again for real talent to shine. a talent that will stand with carrie’s and kelly’s.. guess who’s i’m talking about


    •  if with carrie, that would be skylar.  With kelly, i’ll go for jessica. This is analogy.

  18. don’t forget to vote vote vote for Jessica. its not enough to see people adoring her or liking her performance.. vote for her

    • I can’t see what you folks see in Jessica.   She is just a 16 year old that has a good voice – if she wins – I don’t think she will go very far.   All I know is when/if Joshua gets the boot – thats when I’ll  stop watching AI, as he is the most interesting performer this year.

      • Thank goodness… More pimping of Jessica would just make me laugh at how blatantly obvious it is that they want her to win.

      • jessica has never been in the pimp spot yet.. and once in the dead spot. just so you know.

  19. can’t recognize phillip’s song . all i heard fr skylar  is mumble,mumble,mumble. hollie outsang the 2 !

  20. LMAO with josh and Phillips lol but their duet was really great, actually love it a lot!!! awkward at first but middle to end was superb (that’s just me of course 🙂

  21. What the heck is this?!? This is absolutely awful!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing Jessica? You lost my vote unless you do something better next time around..

    • Randy said he did not like it; said it was sung too much. other two judges said it was okay and that blues were more of what she needed to do rather than rock.

    • Randy Jackson: This performance was barely OK.
      Jennifer Lopez: You’re so grown up there, I forget you are 16.
      Steven Tyler: the only thing that experience gives a run for it’s money is a 16 year old.

    • everytime jessica performs i can’t believe her that she is only 16! very very very good jess!


    • Not so good that she’s fourth or she didn’t pull it off? Which is not good, the spot or the performance?

  23. Jessica blew me away! Amazing control and restraint! that’s the performance i’ve been looking for.. gotta vote for her  for sure!

  24. it amazed me that Jessica Sanchez did’nt get again the pimp spot. how ridiculous.

    • At this point, pimp spot doesn’t meant that much any more. Then there were 9 or 10 , it’s nice to sing the last one so people would remember you. But 5? Nah!

  25. finally…randy jackson knows what’s up! jessica is not perfect like everyone thinks…

    • IN the first place, noone said that Jessica was perfect only the Jess haters PRESUME THAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS SHE IS PERFECT. In the 2nd place, name me another singer in this competition who can sing anything i.e. ballad, rock,pop. So bottom line, is TO ALL JESS HATERS OUT THERE. IF YOU DISLIKE HER….SO BE IT…WE GET IT….BUT RESERVE YR COMMENTS TO YRSELF PLEASE

      • Skylark and Hollie. Dude stop defending Jessica so much. Lay off. They are all good at this point, however Jessica was one of.the worst the first round.

      • may be u feel jessica perfect…and then,…when i said jessica is not perfect like evryone thinks….u feel threatened…..and u replied me….U said i’m JESSICA HATERS…..blalala….

      • This is a venue for opinions, why would anyone be on this site if they did not want to give an opinion?  Certainly are many compassionate characters here, it is entertaining.

      • very well said…they are defending underdogs…thinking they are helping them…then putting good singers down just to lift these poor singers…so obvious. but to me no matter what you say jessica sings so great though others thinks not…SO WHAT…

      • ALL voters are entitled to an opinion. It’s a free county. No one is getting mad at all the jessica priases and insults to other candidates (joshua and hollie). But for some reason, you won’t accept  any difference of opinion. Vy, you are a clearly COMMUNIST!

      • well right now youre stinking up this website. this website is made for supporting your favorite, not bringing the others down

    • No way is she just a ballad singer. She is an all rounder despite all what all you Jess haters may think

      • Yeah, Hollie is big surprise. I’m still surprised why she’s still there. Peace!

        Jessica slayed it!

      • All rounder???? She has never delivered an upbeat song well. she’ll be singing in an airport lounge somewhere.

      • Hollie just totally out sang Jess in the group number.  Hollie outsang Jess in the first round, too.

      • JEFF is just giving opinion. Let’s not get carried away by shouting. come on…this is just a compettion. it’s not like it’s a life and death issue

      • I am not crazy about Jessica but that does not make me a Jess Hater by any means.  We need to agree to disagree

    •  totally agree why is Hollie still there yeah she can belt out but she’s not ready yet her voice cracks she can sing but not ready yet she still gotta practice

  26. We have diff. taste of music and I love Jessica’s rendition of Proud Mary. Way to the top Jess, my family and loved ones have solid supports for your victory.

  27. Again JS almost trip!!! To me, first time I seen her feel she accomplished something and didn’t really matter to her the judges reaction and comments. She’s acting more like a 16 yrs old

  28. why was joshua so weird about phillip putting his arm over his shoulder?

    • I guess the audience going nuts and the standing O escaped your notice.  Josh owned the night on both of his solos and the duet.

  29. Hi everyone, may I ask the link of AI livestream of these performance? Thanks xx

  30. Joshua just conjured up Smokey, Sam Cooke and James Brown. Fan-friggin-tabulous!!!!! Way to go Joshua!

  31. Just started watching from beginning…Oh god it’s the 60’s. Kill me now

  32. According to the comments on this blog, everyone sang the first song BADLY. Who was the less worst???

    • You must not have read all of the comments.  Hollie got a standing o and sang great.  The duet between Joshua and Phil was fantastic, and Joshua’s Temptations song blew the roof off!  Skylar shrieked [not good], Phil mumbled [worse] and Jessica came off as a high school talent show contestant [also not good].

  33. Randy Jackson: This performance was barely OK.
    Jennifer  Lopez: You’re so grown up there, I forget you are 16.
    Steven Tyler: the only thing that experience gives a run for it’s money is a 16 year old. {judges’ comment to jessica’s performance

  34. Hollie really surprised me tonight. I think phillip is heading for an elimination. My favs are still Jessica and Joshua…vote, vote, vote!!

  35. what the ffff….steven tyler doen’t know bleeding love….where u been????????

  36. Why didn’t JESSICA sing Bleeding love? She can sing this song great!! Hollie always steals her song choices. First, Rolling in the deep, and now Bleeding love.

    • please…steal….yeah i hope jessica summon hollie….LOLOL……..hah….steal..seriouslyy…muahahahahaha….

    • Are you kidding me? hahahahahahahahahahahaha FOR THE RECORD, THAT is why I don’t like Jessica. Some of her fans are just plain irritating. Steal… what are you talking about? They would give it to Jessica; they want her to win.

      • Hating someone because others look up to them. Hmmm… You have some personality issues right there.

      • OK, I never said hate. But it makes me want her to go home just to make them be quiet already.

    • First off all Jessica wouldn’t even compare to hollies rolling in the deep prick. Nuff said

    • Excuse me?  How would you figure Rolling in the Deep should be Jessica’s when it belongs to a blue-eyed blonde British singer?   How could that be any more Hollie’s than it already is?

      • I wish I could hit the like button more than once for that comment! hahahaha!!! 🙂

  37. I
    think its all scripted. they “intentionally” hate Jess just to make
    sure her fans won’t get tired or get lax in voting. —> i do believe
    this. so hate all you want judges, i know your scheme! -> Ross88
    True ….


    • 1. How do you know it’s all Hollie fans?
      2. I don’t bash Jessica.
      3. You BlueJs CONSTANTLY hate on Hollie. Golden rule, my friend.

      •  i am actually a fan of jessica but i dont hate hollie.. im not seeing her a threat either.


  39. I think that all of you will agree with me that the song choices the producers give the contestants to song are boring songs and don’t really show the quality of talent they have. It would be so much better if the contestants could choose the songs they’d like to sing. Don’t ask why the ratings drop every week.

  40. Loved both songs by Hollie! Thought Phillip did a good job with his first song but has been really pitchy on the second song. I have to agree with Randy, I didn’t care for Jessica tonight.


  42. what happened? who’s best? worst? got standing o? o guys poor me i need an update! please p[lease

    • I think Jessica is the best .  I don’t rely on judges’ comments.

    • So far the judges best remarks and the audience reactions most favor Hollie and Joshua.  I think Skylar may be in trouble after her songs.

  43. PLEASE vote for hollie, people. They are intentionally throwing her under the bus. Don’t let the stupid producers do that. She did stinkin amazing on Bleeding love.

  44. Please, comment about how the performances were and what the jugdes said!!

  45. Hollie sounded good on the trio song. Skylar sounded OK. Jessica used too many vocal acrobats. Sounded kinda nasily. And now for the Jessica fans getting angry.

      • For future reference, that’s what I mean by irritating. I said Jessica sounded nasally in that song. She’s not just nasally all the time.

      • 1st time to comment.

        I don’t lke JS’s fans too.

        a,They argue about eveytime and everyone who didn’t like JS’s performance.
        b, They made this site not trustworthy anymore.

      • Come on man, I’m giving my opinion. This site wouldn’t be fun if we all just liked everyone.

    • hollie is better than jessica…she’s peaking late while js peaked early.  have 2 agree that joshua was great..phillip and skylar not so much.

    • there are lots of people here like you.trying very hard to bully JS fans, actually stating that they are waiting and expecting them to get angry.and when you get what you want you will proclaim that they are irritating. people like you are the ones who are irritating and making this site less enjoyable. its okay to argue but branding people just shows how arrogant others can be

      • Then prove us wrong. Don’t react. Think about it- you’ve been associated with rabid glamberts. is that what you want? If not, make us look like idiots. BY reacting, you prove us right. 

  46. What about JOSHUA and 

    SKYLAR? Nobody’s talking about them. Why? Because they were so good or so boring. LOL! 

      • putang ina mo din. una unahan lang yan! tanga! edi ikaw nalang kumanta, ay baka lumindol.

      • Just got the translation. Matt, look on google translate. It’s Filipino. Put in thorn’s comment. I think you’ll find it enlightening. 
        P.S. Thorn, you’ve been flagged.

      • english please. this is international. 🙂 yeah, that message was meant for thorn not to you.. 🙂

      • Don’t fret it….the guys like Hollie because she is “cute” they are not going for her voice.   Please the 2 of you watch your language–so disapponted and embarrassing.

      • okay, i just wanna clarify, i didnt gave any offensive words to jessica nor hollie, “thorn” is the one who gave an offensive comment and it was a bad word[actually, a tagalog word, but when translated to english language was a very bad word]

  47. I am a huge Phillip fan–but that second song was not good–don’t know what happened–its like he couldn’t hear himself when he took that ear piece out.  Too bad–think that could spell the end for him.

  48.  Jessica did a fantastic job in her rendition of Proud Mary, Hollie did a good rendition of her song choice just like everyone else did. The very fitting dress that Jessica wore was a destruction to her awkwardly dancing skills but her vocal prowess was just wonderful. She is so childlike in some of her mannerisms, no pretenses, such qualities! I am glad all these fame and recognition doesn’t get into her head. Stay grounded, Jess!

  49. Jessica’s version of Proud Mary is just ok for Randy? really? her performance was amazing wow Randy are you not feeling well today?

  50. If Phillips is so boring and doesn’t sing well, why are you still voting for him? This is not a model competition. This is a singing competition. Vote for the best. It’s not P2, clearly!

    • The votes are delivered by a public of eclectic musical preferences; therefore, the determination of who the best one is depends on the individual voter.  Having one person’s opinion as the final verdict on who should win renders the voting process futile.  I, just as much as any other American, am entitled to opine and cast MY votes for the contestant I consider the best based on my musical preference, free from the incessant and unnecessary badgering of those who disagree with MY preference simply because it differs from theirs.

  51. Wow, I think there really needs to be a judging change on this show, they like every performance!  Phillip and Skylar’s second songs were terrible, Phillip couldn’t hit the notes and Skylar was extra nasally…Holly was good but not great…next up the best singer in the competition, go Jessica!

    •  If there’s one thing I’ve noticed this season, it’s that Jessica’s fans can never see a quality performance and accept it … UNLESS it’s Jessica.

      • Just for the record, I’m a Jessica fan and a musician (which is why I like Jessica) so I can recognize when the other contestants do a quality performance. I don’t go around hating on the other contestants just because I like Jessica. That doesn’t make any sense lol.

  52. Why does Joshua have to get the pimp spot every time!? Enough with that already! Jessica and Skylar haven’t had that spot for weeks and Joshua gets it every other week! They are really pushing Joshua and I’m not liking it….

    • He gets that spot sometimes because he’s the best talent on the show. He has the ability to bring the house down every week. No one else on the show has been that consistent…

    • He’s blowin it out the box right now on To Love Somebody!   Hell, YES!

  53. Yesssssssssssssss Jessica has done it again….that was amazing, beautiful!! I really want to see her in the final. She has a big and bright future ahead of her.

    •  Jeff, what Mr. Lovine meant was that the interpretation of the song by Jessica was like a lounge singer. Any problem with that? It’s how shallow you perceived his statement that differentiates the level of a person who appreciates music.

    • Jimmy Iovine said she will never sound bad even if she sings Yankee Doodle Doo. He also said if Jessica deserves to go home, we all deserve to go home. 

    • No he said that she has to be careful with that song because its easy to make it sound like that. Listen more carefully next time.

  54. Jessica killed it. In a good way. Didn’t like the way the performance was set up, but she sounded great…

  55. I liked jessica’s second performance.  really nice.  she kept it under control.  very sensitive.  this is going to be a tough vote.

    • “Correction” … I believe you were talking about the singer who bit the dust last week…

      • I respect that you liken Elise to a lounge singer, but I recoil at your audacity in conclusively “correcting” what AIFAN simply stated as his/her opinion.  You should not fault another for the simple reason that he/she dislikes whom you like; nor should you state with such finality that you, instead of the person opining, know what he/she actually meant to say.

  56. Jessica Sanchez that was beautiful …. that is a performance to beat .. that was the right kind of song that will stuck up in your head … Having a last song syndrome! Unbelievable!!!

  57. 2nd song goes to hollie and jessica!!! they were both great… the other were forgetable

  58. josh picked a good song from this list for his second song.  i do like the bee gees version better..  his beginning was very nice. but then he turned it on…that over singing is what kills him everytime.  he needs an honest coach.  not all songs are gospel.

  59. John Biederman @Bieds4u

    All I can say is wow!! Jessica Sanchez just knocked it out of the park! Best song of the night by far! Awesome job on “You Are So Beautiful”

  60. Starting to know what people mean about joshua’s mannerisms… ANOTHER STANDING O. REPLACE THE JUDGES IMMEDIATELY!!! Particularly randy. ANOTHER STANDING O. UNBELIEVABLE.

  61. 2nd round best to worst


    overall for the night

    skylar (going home)

    •  I hope it’s not Skylar, but I fear you may be correct. I think Skylar, Phillip and Joshua are my bottom – similar to you.

    • Mine is this- 
      1st round:
      2nd round:
      Tie- Jessica and Hollie


      Predicted Bottom 3:
      Phil or Josh

      Based on tonight, Skylar SHOULD go home. Based on overall, Phil or Joshua. 

    • You might as well say this…

      2nd round rankings
      1. Jessica
      2. Jessica
      3. Jessica
      4. Jessica
      5. Jessica

  62. Hollie did a GREAT job tonight. She brought it on River Deep, Mountain High AND Bleeding Love. Let’s just be proud of the fact that the girl has overcome not so pleasant conditions and still brought it.
    Personally, though I love him, Phillip is getting a little repetitive. It’s starting to bore me, and I hate that because I really want to enjoy his performances.
    I was happy the judges stayed seated for one of Josh’s performances. Took them long enough.
    Go Hollie & Skylar!

  63. best singer in 50 years ever??? haha is that for real..
    nah that have to be messing with us

    • I literally lol’d when she said that. I still can’t get over it haha. That is some major bs right there JLo.

  64. No standing ovation or JESSICA? And once again for JOSHUA? Those judges are the worst ever!!!!

      • He isn’t much better. Maybe the judges think so. But it’s not what the mayority of the people who watch the show and follow them on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc., think!

    • I’d like to see the judges just stay seated on one episode. The less they show their partial attitudes, the better.

  65. there’s goes randy again with his joshua infatuation . this dawg gets erection to the max everytime josh sings even if the song is ordinary…

  66. And there goes my other favorite Joshua. Yep everyone start hating on the standing O…but he deserved it with that song. He is a GREAT singer and i do believe he is one of the best American Idol has seen. Wnt see him in the final but will see him with an album in stores by years end. Vote, vote, vote for Jessica and Joshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I Think phillip and skylar will see the bottom tmrw nite.)

  67. First performance:

    Hollie did really well, not great but good – still best of first round

    Philip, I like Phil but he is starting to get repetitive.

    Skylar is also one of my favorites, but just did ok

    Jessica, eh… I think she ruined that song – the screaming at the end didnt help

    Joshua I think sang it really well, just something missing.

    Hoping next round is better.

  68. Darn Jessica & Hollie are my current favs. Love Hollie’s performances & LOVE JEssica’s performances especially the 2nd song (WOW). voting….

      •  Or, perhaps, just expressing an opinion that differs from yours. She’s undeniably talented, but we’re not all singing her praises endlessly.

    • Awful she was not……her first song was okay…….however her second was flawless.She is not my favorite,however her talent can not be denied.One her second song she surpassed her Whitney Houston song.It was just beautiful and controlled. Finally she tapped into her emotions. I give credit where it is due,rather they are my favorite or not.

      • I wish more people were like you. I don’t get why people exaggerate about the contestants they don’t like. All of them are talented. Give credit where its due.

  69. i dont get it… u dont have to shout or screach just to show ur a great singer!! i thought it was exxxxxagerated singing. 

    • I don’t think you have to shout or screech either, therefore Joshua, Skylar and Jessica should not even be there.

      • I’d keep Josh because he’s a showman and can learn control.  I’d toss the other 2 because Jessica feels nothing in the music and Sky is just a bad singer and we don’t need another Jennifer Nettles.

  70. hollie was the best tonight….she’s not in the bottom 3 based on her performances….

      • Optimism!!! 🙂 I think she is a great singer. We can only hope people pick up the phones.

    • hard to sing while sitting, especially with those falsettos…. amazing!

  71. Hollie and Jessica did very well…that is what I was hoping for…

    How America votes, dont know…but they did their part to remain in this thing!!!

  72. As always, just one  opinion……

    first round:  Hollie pretty good.  Really enjoyed P2.  Skylar not bad at all.  Duet Josh and P2 weird.  Jessica is no Tina, agreed with Randy on this one–didn’t sit well.  Much as I’d like to, just can’t get on the Jess bandwagon.  Josh as expected another churchy sounding rendetion, but well done.  Round 1 to Hollie and P2

    Hollie’s second song loved it. Very, very nice.  Beautiful.  J2 funky, but not  my favorite for him.  Girls trio just so so.  Skylar interesting….one of my favorite songs but wasn’t expecting Skylar to sing it.  Good job.  Jessica, great job, very nice, but was so damn predictable this would be her second song.  I’m still not buying it.  Slobbering judges, puke.  Good song choice for Josh; enjoyed it, but again, had to mute the judge’s slobbering.  Round 2 to Hollie/Skylar.  Josh numero 3.

  73. My First round goes to:
    2. Hollie
    3. Skylar
    My Second round goes to:
    2. Hollie
    3. Joshua
    4. and 5. Skylar/Phillip


    My Predicted bottom 3:
    Hollie [ so sad of it, she performed well, but still, i think she will be on the bottom 3 because of the fanbase]

    Eliminated [Prediction also]
    Hollie :[[ so sad 

    • how about KELLY, CARRIE, JENNIFER (OSCAR, GRAMMY WINNER),…i think u r too much…out of control..

      LIKE IF U DISAGREE WITH @ab0d6eb6d0a2f671f45f717ce72bf491:disqus 

      • Mayer is just giving opinion. Let’s not get carried away by shouting. come on…this is just a compettion. it’s not like it’s a life and death issue

      • She’s 16, the rest were in their 20’s and in their prime. She’s already giving them a run for their money now, just think about what she will be like when she’s their age.

    •  One of the most talented American idol finalists you must say. She is in league with Kelly, Carrie, Jennifer, Adam, Daughtry.

      The others, Hollie, Joshua, Phillip and Skylar, they’re good too and they have their own league.

    • I totally agree with you. JESSICA has done something no other contestant ever did. She’s known all over the world and has fans worldwide. Carrie and Kelly didn’t have much attention while they were on idol. Jessica have got millions of followers. She’ll sell more than the others.


    • That’s stupid.  All the Pinoys who can’t actually vote for her waste their time trying to push her on the internet.  All it does is create a strong dislike for them and Jessica.

      • AGREED….i mean like, @ab0d6eb6d0a2f671f45f717ce72bf491:disqus ….U R OUT OF CONTROL….i think better u said jessica is the winner of american idol 2012 than jessica is the most talented singer in american idol….thAT NOT ACCEPTABLE…..AND I’M SURE 90% who LIKED YOUR COMMENT WERE PINOY….

  74. skylar and  jessica I proud  say  I am so please  to say  you  my  biggest  stars  and  I know one  of you  will I hope  win teh  title  is skylar lane  of  couse  you are  the power house  yes  I aslo  agreee  the judges  to  say they  say  you are the one  everyone  need

      • LAURA is just giving opinion. Let’s not get carried away by shouting. come on…this is just a compettion. it’s not like it’s a life and death issue

  75. I am seriously conflicted here over the best performance tonight, So many great ones. Hollie keeps surprising me, so good tonight. Jessica’s second song just proves she may just be one of the best singers ever on Idol. Skylar’s got talent. Joshua is good too.
    My favourite performance tonight was Joshua and Phillip duet. For me Phillip is the most unique voice here.
    I’ve got no idea who’s going to win this. But I’m enjoying the music.

    • philip is has lots of ladies wooing over him and he will be voted cos of his looks rather than his voice. Very sad

      • Being a great singer alone will not bring big success. I think you must have a distinct, enjoyable voice. Phillip has the most pleasing sound and I think he may have the best chance of commercial success.

        Idol has given many great singers exposure and most successful are not always the winners.

      • VYYYYYYYYYYYYY,,,……darren rothwell is just giving opinion. Let’s not get carried away by shouting. come on…this is just a compettion. it’s not like it’s a life and death issue

  76. hey Joshua, why are you always screaming? i can’t remember you singing a song without screaming damn what’s wrong with you dude?

    • Ah, I clicked “Liked” instead of Reply. Matt, can I Unlike it? Sailor Moon, you’re the screamer, dude. Why are you whining every week about Joshua? Stop complaining, start learning to sing 🙂

    • the judges seems to always give him standing o”s. i guess for the screaming. think they need new hearing aids. josha and jessica is always the bottom 2 each week for my family…

  77. Considering both performances this is my ranking of the top 5:
    1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. Skylar
    4. Joshua
    5. Phillip

  78. Hollie and Jessica in the Finale :]] Keep supporting both of them especially Hollie! i dont want her to go home!

  79. No offense people yes Jessica Sanchez is a great singer yes she got a standing ovation, but JOSH DID TOO pick another person to talk about other than her she isn’t the only idol there 🙂

    • excuse me, noone said that Jessica would win. we hope only… short there is hope for any of the sick….

      • vy,…once again and again…seriously…..go to bed….u r out of control….

  80. Phillips is the worst in this poll. Will he finally be in the bottom 3? If it’s a fair competition, he better be, ’cause tonight he was the worst. Sorry!

  81. i hope philly wont be in the bottom3 tomorrow… i thought he was so so tonight!!! pls vote

      • yeah, i hate to admit he was the weakest!!! its a shame if he’ll be in the bottom for the first time.

  82. top 5 IMO!!!
    1.) Hollie
    2.) Joshua
    3.) Skylar
    4.) jessica
    5.) Phillip
    safe…. well aat this point no one is 100% safe lets face it
    bottom 3 will probably be Phillip, Skylar, and Joshua
    Hollie may finally not be in the bootom but then again she may.
    I can’t even guess who will go home at this point.

  83. First of all, I can’t believe that Ryan doesn’t know the difference between a tulip and a daffodil. Good thing the song wasn’t “Tiptoe through the Daffodils!” But this is not about gardening. It is about singing. I hate to see any of these contestants go home. I really would like to see these five a couple of more weeks, at least. The competition gets better and better. But since one has to go home, I’d have to say that Philip, for me tonight, was the least inspiring. There’s a difference between making a song your own and making it difficult to recognize. 

    • You are right about P2. He should go home. Just boring tonight. And he doesn’t seem to ever learn anything or grow through the competition. That’s a shame.

  84. dialidol…i don’t know how to read that …but i think hollie on the top…..

  85. I really like Philip, but tonight’s performance was so -so on both songs.

    For both songs, Joshua and Hollie did the best.

    Jessica and Skylar only had one good performance.

    All five have talent, time will tell.

  86. Attention Holliepops:
    WE NEED TO VOTE LIKE WE’VE NEVER VOTED BEFORE!!! She is in danger because of the producers’ sabotage!!!  

      • But it’s true! She proved tonight who has the stronger voice among the three girls. The trio was like a nice little polite cat fight. And guess who won?! 

        Hollie blew Skylar and Jessica out of the arena!!!

  87. Im for Skylar all the way!!  Jessica has no emotion to the songs she sings. She got up 2night after her last song and it was like she didnt want it to me. Should have just let her go home. Skylar feels every song she has sung and i love that she has that lil firecracker in her. She always gets me going. Good Luck Skylar!

  88. Josh still the best..
    Jessica got to go…been voted off once …least talented but still good

    • ahahahha, what do you say now, Jessica drones? Like this post if you agree! 🙂

      •  HHAHAHHA….only one like?????…maybe everybody here are disagree with your illusion..LOL

  89. “You are so beautiful”
    WOW. It left the judges blank, so speechless.~ 🙂
    What did J.LO said to JS last tym, the voice alone will not do it??
    I guess it will~! 🙂

    • Jessica did good on this song but the vibrato that Randy was talking about comes naturally as your breath goes. It’s actually the diaphragm spasming but she did control it and even it out so it didn’t sound bad. The high note she hit on the word “me” both times was sharp too but not by much.

      • I don’t know so much about music terms but thanks for sharing~ I can’t sing that good, my comment based on solely on how did it affect me as viewer~ 🙂 #justlovingmusic~ 🙂

      • And that’s exactly what you should base your opinion on. Nothing else. I liked this comment but I would like to give it about 30 likes!

      • wow…your like a pro when it comes to singing competition Taymaro…so what or where is your credential so we could believe in you?….

  90. now you see…
    the battle for finale is no other than the 2 girls power… HOLLIE & JESS… 

  91. Joshua and Hollie were the best, no contest. Then Skylar.
    Jessica did great on the second song, not the first one. P2 was meh.

    • Pretty much agree with that. Liked P2 first song but not impressed with his second. Jessica did great with her second song, but really cringed throughout her version of Proud Mary, but then Tina Turner’s shoes are not easy to fill.

  92. DONT BELIEVE JESSICA GOT 46% OF THE POLL??? LOOKS LIKE SOME KIND OF  “BULL” hollie and skylar was far far better then her. she and josha should be the bottom 2 tonight…….

    • It’s just a small group of Jessican crazed fans who have invaded this site. They have no clue and they can’t vote anyway. They are seriously annoying now, and make me dislike Jessica, which is a shame.
      They’re just so narrow-minded!

      • Small group????? how about your group???? HAHAHAHHAHA    maybe you live in a mountain, kindly check AI Top 5 Facebook & Twitter accounts plus their You Tube hits and let me know who’s leading…..  hahahahha

    • hahahhaha…bitters!!!!   This is REAL…thats why you are here!  and .that’s why Jessica was safe last week! Move on! Sleep well…

    • It’s an inconclusive forum poll participated in by people on this forum.  The votes that really matter are the ones you cast after the show.

  93. pls vote jessica is not safe

    phone lines:05/02 Vote 1-866-43657-04, 1-866-43657-09 

    also vote on facebook. just visit jessica’s page /comments for the link

  94. Everyone acts like this is the first time Hollie has sang well. Geez! Give the girl some credit. She has an amazing voice. Much stronger than Jessica and not nasally like Skylar. She proved it on the duet. She even nailed the high note. That was so much fun to watch. Like a nice polite little cat fight. Jessica started it off kind of soft and low and a little pitchy and then Hollie kicked in and WOW!!! Then Skylar came in and it sounded like Elly Mae Clampet. Then back to Jessica with a high note and then Hollie was like, “oh you think you are the only one that can do that?” And she hit that high note pitch perfect and with much more power than Jessica. That was an amazing trio. 

    And Hollie did not mess up Leona’s song. And I liked the little celebration toward the end when she nailed the little run she was trying to do. Did anyone else see her pound her knee with that microphone. That alone made me smile.

    Hollie FTW!!!!

    •   Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in each of
      her songs. Try listening to all her songs over and over again.

    • If you are referring to the falsetto high note, Jessica’s was much stronger than Hollie’s. It’s not surprising though, because Jessica has a larger range. This is from a technical standpoint, btw. I love them both and hope for a Jessica-Hollie finale

  95. I just wanted to say that all of you at this point could cut a record!  You are all so very talented this year!  Love it

  96.  Remember how Eddie Murphy used to spoof James brown on SNL well Joshua
    did that….it’s was funny as a comedy skit, but annoying as hell when a
    musical performance.

  97. bottom three
    1. skylar (home) my favorite but i want be watching, first and last
    2. philip
    3. hollly

  98. Hey Jessica fans! I voted for her 700 times! I hope you’re happy 🙂 and keep voting! 😀

  99. If some people didn’t like Jessica’s performance earlier, well I bet to disagree. I so love her! I am still rooting for her on the Finale along with my family and loved ones here. I can see Jessica as a true star!

    “You have something called polarity.The opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is indifference. When you have people that love you and people that hate you, that is the definition of a true star.” – Tyra Banks

  100. International Cool Music Critics of World (ICMCW) AI rankings effective post 5/02/12 performances:

    *quote from Sir Paul “Really a great group the last 5, so hard to chose, but we base our bloody rankings on just the quality and talent of the artist.”

    • “International Cool Music Critics of World (ICMCW)”…ahahahaha, what a JOKE! I call myself the International GENIUS Music Critic of Universe (IGMCU).

      Your rankings are in exact REVERSE order! Too funny.

    • “International Cool Music Critics of World (ICMCW)”…ahahahaha, what a JOKE! I call myself the International GENIUS Music Critic of Universe (IGMCU).

      Your rankings are in exact REVERSE order! Too funny.

  101. Jessica is a star! They are all talented though one is rising high enough really,:-)

  102. I’ve been reading bad comments about Joshua’s second performance. I actually think it was outstanding and deserved the SO this time. I really liked it. There was screaming but this time it was controlled and in tune scream with diaphragmatic support. It was much improved from previous performances. I think that performance deserves an A++.

    • Not really, it was decent nothing more.

      Joshua screeched his way through the song and then the judges stood up and clapped like the producers told them to do.

      • Well I will just have to agree to disagree with you on this particular performance. I have been right there with you in the past but this particular performance he nailed and It was definitely a great performance. 

  103.  I have to say, the girls trio tonight really helped in comparing the three…
    Every week…Hollie is winning me over more and more..
    Skylar…may be peaking too soon…we’ll see, I think she is great, but worried about her getting voted off
    Jess…I do love Jess’s voice…but she isn’t my genre, but in the trio, honestly she looked the weakest.

  104. The way the judges overpimp Joshua annoys the crap out of me.  Best singer in the past 50 years?  Really?  It was a big enough stretch to say he was one of the best singers on idol or even this season.  If he makes it another week I may just start skipping his performances.

  105. Based on DialIdol ranking predictions:
    1. Skylar 15.409
    2. Hollie Cavanagh 14.145
    3. Joshua Ledet 13.85
    4. Jessica Sanchez 9.718
    5. Phillip Phillips 7.404

    • so peeps need to vote for Jessica until you drop. let’s bring her to the top America.

    • This ranking means nothing because West Coast/California voting does not open for another hour.

    • last time, hollie was predicted to be safe by dialidol.. it turned out its wrong.

  106. On dialIdol Phillip is in the bottom, If you like hearing something different like he is you better get some voting done NOW before it’s too late.

  107. The best of the night was Philip.  Snooze-fest with Jessica omce again.  By the way, the BeeGees are AUSTRALIAN, not British. Back to Philip – he made both of his songs his own.  He interpreted the songs and sang them – he didn’t yell them.  This guy is a musical artist!  Bravo.  Second best was Hollie.

  108. i actually don’t care anymore who wins as long as it’s not the screaming duck!!!

    •  I just cannot understand the standing ovation all the time and the overrated comments the judges give to Joshua.   There is no smoothness on his voice.   I listen and close my eyes and it sounds like he is quaking. and screaming all the time.   He is has a lot of back up singers all the time.    Sorry, but this is just my opinion and the judges are experienced musical people. 

    • Because this poll is so polluted by non-voters and because by just letting you vote for one person, it doesn’t accurately reflect what happens with real voting.

      • Just like Hollie was on top of dialidol last week and ended up on the bottom 2? James, you know everything!

  109. Jessica did her thing tonight… I do not know why Randy who first suggested to Jessica to watch Tina Turner before tonight could criticize a 16 year old to do what a full grown woman do. I think for her age the dance she did in Proud Mary was her age appropriate Dance.
    Instead of the implied dance of shaking Tina’s best assets. Great Job Jessica…

  110. For the first time I voted for Hollie. I also voted for Jessica.   Folks,  I’m just not that impressed with Phillip or Joshua.   Wish Simon was still around!

  111. Lines are closed already. Cant get through anymore. Vote for jess online!

  112. Whats up with joshua and phil I think phil was trying to be nice and joshua was being a jurk vote for phil skylar and jess

      • sailor moon…Why do I feel like Pepe Le Pew…

        “I must find out what this ‘pew’ means every time I appear”….
        “Pew, pew. Ah, here it is. Pew. It means… No! No, not me! C’est les ridiculous. C’est impossible pew, no. No Pew! ”

        ” Do not come wiz me to ze Casbah – we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!”

  113. Whats up with josh and phil I think phil was trying to be nice and josh was being a jurk vote for phil jess and skylar

  114. I wish all the Jessica Sanchez fans would shutup. She is so overrated and I’m tired of every single fan of hers hating on Hollie. All because she has finally surpassed Jessica doesn’t mean you have to make hateful comments about her.

    • i’m a jessica fan and i don’t hate hollie so don’t talk like that to some fans of jessica be fair ok

    • I like Hollie too!  To be fair she is a good singer and the underdog in this competition. I would chose Hollie over Joshua.  I wish her all the best and to keep us entertained all the time.

      Jessica for the win!

      •  NOT!  hollie is like pitting a chihuahua with a pitbull!!  jessica is wayyyyyyy more talented….. her voice is pedestrian at best!!!

    • I used to like Hollie, but since I saw her giggling when Jessica was “eliminated” 3 weeks ago, I was like “what a BEEYATCH!” Hollie should be ashamed of herself!

      • i think that was all planned to have jessica getting voted out , and the jusdges keeping her

    •  Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in each of her songs. Try listening to all her songs over and over again.

    •  dude….clean your ears!!! hollie has been pitchy, either flat or sharp….and in music parlance….”glissando” .   she can’t hit the notes….she’s constantly looking by sliding to it.  no no no!!!  hollie’s talent level is high school musical at best…..sawwwwwry!

  115. You are so beautiful …. Jessica. I love that sweet …mesmerizing voice of yours.
    You do not have to scream to be heard.
    Doesn’t matter if you don’t win this game… You’ve been heard and makes us want more… Thank you.

  116. Jessica Sanchez????????the most visited in all streaming video  after every week performance,it’s show only she is the most popular AI11 contestants. Also the most commented topics at all sites elsewhere,especially in this site either good or bad,are they afraid of this girl to reach the finale?
    “Pure Vocal Ability”Solo vocalist are good singers.
    1. Jessica Sanchez…………………………..90%
    2. Hollie Cavanagh………………………….80%
    3. Joshua Ledet……………………………..75%
    4. Skylar Laine……………………………….55%
    5. Phillip Phillips…………………………….40%

    • Only because youtube and online sites can be accessed by people outside of the USA.  America has a different favorite.  Jessica won’t win.

      •  i have to agree with you… i am a jessica fan. all of the voters are americans and seems like she doesn’t stand out from the other contenders in america’s perspective. if the competition is over, we will see who can sell albums globally like what carrie and kelly did.

    • Jessica will win. Jessica will be a star not only in America but all over the world.

  117. where ever i go.. Jessica is always mention by the people.. meaning she done all here best to become popular…. 

  118. I have an idea! Let’s not bash hollie/jessica. Instead, let’s unite for a hollie-jessica finale! i thought that would be GOOD seeing jessica and hollie singing head-to-head!!!!

  119. Why did the judge compared with Tina Turner ????  Of course they are different.    This is NOT Tina Turner concert performance, this is Jessica performance.    Tina is Tina, Jessica is Jessica.   Do I need to say more ??   The dawg needs to shut up !  What a dumb statement he made !!!

    It is like saying oh you don’t sound like Michael Jackson.  Of course nobody would EVER sound like him…..     


    •  If you try to emulate Tina Turner in your performance, you should absolutely expect to have the comparison made and to not get the same feedback she would. Tina Turner is a whole different animal. And Jessica’s very good, but she’s no Tina Turner. And if anyone truly expects to be told they sound like Michael Jackson – they’re delusional. But she was doing classic Tina Turner moves, adding the same inflections, etc. Randy was spot-on.

      •  We can say that Hollie is no Celine, Skylar is no Miranda, Philip is no Dave Matthews and Joshua is no James Brown!!! ‘Nuf said!!!  Are you kidding me?

      •  one more point….who’s emulating who??? she’s 16 and prolly never heard of Tina…..get a grip and grow up!  you’re talking imbecile!!!

      • The funny part is, last week Randy told Jessica to watch Tina Turner videos and study them. Then he criticizes her for trying to act like Tina. He’s soo confusing.

  120. If Jessica will be eliminated tomorrow, the number of people visiting this site will decrease ;))

    • Actually, the number of people visiting this will “normalize” and not decrease. There are just way too many visitors in the site.

      • yeah, the “norma”l number of people visiting this site would be less than 500. And I don’t think you want that number. 

  121. Just saw a poll, link from MSNBC site:

    Which AI finalist CD do you want to buy the most?

    *Poll of random 2800 people nationwide

    This is how Ryan should end the show:
    “Vote for the contestant whose CD you most want to buy”

    That should be the definition of AI.

    •  I don’t believe  that Poll result you go to YOUTUBE whose the most viewed finalist every week  Jessica Sanchez is always on top and for sure those who love Jessica will surely buy her CD…

      •  YOUTUBE is free, CD is not. People apparently like to listen to Jess free, but not willing to pay for it. Really, are you so naive to think that play counts on Youtube aren’t subject to manipulation.

      • CD’s doesn’t cost a million $$$  we can even afford to watch AI shows…

      • I’m not a Jessica fan but I have even watched all of her Youtube videos to get a second take on the performance. I would never buy her CD though. 

        In fact I have viewed them all since the live shows started. So it’s not just fans watching and the poll, I think, was in the USA and the Youtube videos can be viewed in a lot of different countries.

  122. Read an interesting article on a Music Industry web site. Apparently approximately 45% of the copy-write artists rejected requests by AI to use their songs by contestants.

    The article further implies the song choices by contestants are very much at the direction of the shows’ producers for this reason. In other words, the contestants just don’t have a huge list of songs to chose from like the fans think.

  123. Jessica is the most viewed contestant,  she reached over million viewers  in few days time every after her performances while the rest reached only a hundred thousand, no reason for Jessica not to win this season,  no one can surpass her popularity…CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA IN ADVANCE …

  124.  I wonder why Skylar was able to make it to the top 5 her voice sounds like she had a chronic sinusitis

  125. I really cant appreciate Joshuas singing…..he is screaming and his voice is high pitched….its irritating to the ears…

    No offense to JL fans.

  126. Woohooo Jessica Sanchez…all the way!  You are the most talented and has the most exceptional voice among the 5 finalists!  Remember guys…this kid is only 16!  More power to you my girl!

  127. Woohooo Jessica Sanchez…all the way!  You are the most talented and has the most exceptional voice among the 5 finalists!  Remember guys…this kid is only 16!  More power to you my girl!

  128. I like all the remaining idols but would liek to see Josh Phillip and Sklar forthe last 3

  129. What a fantastic show on Wednesday  –  shown in the UK on Thursday! Whatever people say, and whoever your favourite might be, they all sang SO well, so professional. I knew all the songs of course, being English, and going back all the way to the 60’s  –  great to hear them again, and as new interpretations.  Go PP  –  go!! You’ve got something really special though by no means the best voice…..

  130. Jessica can sing anyone’s songs, Beyonce , Celene , Whitney’s and sing it just as good as the origional singer’s. Wow what a voice at 16, just wait till she is at her full potential. Whitney will never be dead with Jessica’s voice.  

  131. Whew! I’m glad my bet Jessica Sanchez is still on top4. She deserves to win. She has an amazing voice. Great!

  132. Joshua ‘s style of singing sucks…unlike jessica very controled and professional voice…im sure that after her american idol experience..she’ll have a great career ahead

    …because wecan see in the votes how people love her…

  133. Yes I hear many of you keep saying and predicting Jessica is going to win this year’s AI. However, sad to say this but it’s a fact.. Jessica is not a cute White Guy With Guitar like Phillip. Unless you can stop those young american girls from drooling over and voting for Phillip time and again, your cute WGWG may join his AI predecessors Scotty, Lee DeWyse, Kris Allen and David Cook. Sorry Jessica, you may end up like Lauren Alaina as a runner up.

  134. I guess this poll was almost right. Skylar got voted off, but it wasn’t Phillip in the bottom two, it was Hollie.

  135. American idol is a singing contest . Not a Beauty contest. SO do not based on how they look. base it on how they sing.

  136. joshua always scream like a constipated person. tarzan can join american idol if this is a shouting contest.

  137. Judges–please, please no more standing ovations for Joshua.  He is okay, but does not deserve a standing o every song.  Wed, you actually only gave him one.  Why are you pushing this guy over all the others?

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