American Idol 2012 Summer Concert Ticket Giveaway Ends Tonight

American Idol 2012 Live Tour

Hoping to see your favorite American Idol 2012 singers live in concert this summer as part of the American Idol Live! Tour? Here’s your chance to win tickets and see this season’s Top 10 singers for free!

We’re giving away 40 pairs of tickets, 1 pair per available event, but the giveaway ends tonight, Friday, June 8th. It’s easy to enter and win, just check the details here and act quick because the deadline is midnight PT! Comments left on this post will not count as an entry. You must comment on this post instead.

The contest is open to everyone 18 years of age and older. You MUST be able to get to the concert event on your own. No transportation is provided. Entries must be received by the end of Friday, June 8th. Best of luck!

Don’t think you’re lucky enough to win? Check locations and buy tickets.

The tour kicks off July 6th! More info here: AEG Live & American Idol Live! Tour




  1. Good luck to everyone on winning those tickets! 

    Thanks to Matt and Branden for giving some people the chance to see their favorite on Idol tour!

    • Jessica Sanchez is nominated at the National Reality TV Awards 2012.

      The Nominees for Reality TV Personality of the Year are:
      Jessica Sanchez (American Idol)
      Jeremiah Jermaine Paul (The Voice)
      Astro (XFactor USA)
      Lamar (Khloe and Lamar show)
      Kim Kardashian (Keeping up with the Kardasians)
      Ben Flajnik (The Bachelor)
      Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (America’s Got Talent)
      Arsenio Hall (Celebrity Apprentice)
      Tia & Tamera

      You can cast your votes here:
      www nationalrealitytvawards com

  2. This was the first year we watched EVERY episode of Idol because we fell in love with Phil Phillips talent the first time he auditioned in front of the judges. We love the talent this year and felt that America got it right.  What a great birthday present it would be for my daughter!!

  3. I have been watching Idol since the beginning.  I have been to 3 concerts but am no longer able to afford tickets.  Would really like to go to Baltimore MD arena to see concert.  I am a senior citizen but still enjoy the young performers!    

  4. I love everyone of you.  I am most excited to see Phillip Phillips..And, of course home town girl, Jessica Sanchez..I’m sure I will win, so just let me know asap.  San Diego venue would be best!!
    Good luck to all you you future stars.

  5. Can’t wait to see you all.  I love you Phillip, but all of you have worked so hard, it is impossible to say who my favorite is.  I would love to see your concert in San Diego..Love to you all, you’re all STARS..

  6. I’m still wondering why American Idol has a TOP 12 (or 13) but then only 10 go on tour – so then 2 (or 3) people are cut for the tour???  Doesn’t seem FAIR to me…why not a Top 12 on tour?  Anyone wondering the same?

  7. 7 7 7…. yeah they will be in chicago (in rosemont, il, to be exact) at the all state arena… 7 7 7, that is, 7/7 (jul 7th) at 7 pm. there will be 7 of us in the family going there, one of whom loves philip very dearly and is hoping he’d say philip in person, and one smitten by de andre to watch (hear) him live in person, and the rest (5) are jessica die hards. quite a few of my neighbors are filipino-americans who have originally come from well-to-do families in the philippines. they will all be there in droves, in the front seats worth more than 200 $ a ticket. 200 dollars each, all for the love of jessica sanchez. 

    as for me, this will be my very first time to see an Idol concert, or any pop concert for that matter. i’m going there to see my top 7: (1) jessica, (2) de andre, (3) joshua, (4) colton, (5) elise, (6) hollie, (7) phil. hence, concert on 7 7 7 for top 7.

    the one who loves philip dearly, you might wanna know HER top 7? (1) phil, (2) philip, (3) phillips, (4) philip phillips, (5) pp, (6) p2, (7) colton.

    the one who loves de andre her top 7: (1) de andre, (2) jessica, (3) elise, (4) skylar, (5) hollie, (6) colton, (7) joshua.

  8. I don’t see my post here? Not sure if it went through! Would love to take my Granddaughter to see Idol in Chicago on July 7th at the Allstate Arena, not very often we like the same music LOL! But we both love Phillip Phillips, although her first choice was Colton Dixon.  (Not me, voted for Phillip every week!)  I really enjoyed this season, all of the talent was exceptional!

  9. I like to watch American Idol on TV. I have done so religiously for about 10 years now. But as a grown man, I can not see myself being bothered to pay good money to watch them play live. For some reason, that has little excitement for me. It all seems kind of like a concert that should be playing at Disneyland, to me. Do other grown men feel the same way. As I see the live concert as being a “almost” strictly a Mom’s and their pre-teen kids bonding kind of thing?

    • I don’t know how to put it so let me just say it this way; The Idols Live tour is not going to be a wild night out with mosh pits and crowd surfing and people smoking marijuana and blowing each other shot guns. 

      I would think that this would be a more tame crowd and people who still enjoy good, wholesome and clean entertainment. There are still a few of us around. Anyway I would think a grown man had long surpassed the wild rock concert stage but you never know. 

      Hey did you know that some grown men even enjoy going to the opera and attending Broadway musicals?

      Are you saying you would be embarrassed to go to the Idols Live tour @96eee719adfc8164fce6b15a272c7609:disqus ? Do you have some insecurities going on there that maybe you need a little help dealing with?

      No I am just kidding. I understand where you are coming from but this another option to take your child or a niece or nephew to besides the zoo or the circus. Plus a portion of the proceeds goes to charity so you would be aiding in a good cause at the same time. You could kill two birds with one stone by helping a charity and also taking some under privileged children along. I am sure they would enjoy it. 

      But I do think there will be people of all ages there just for the music. I will let you know when I get back. 

      •  How are you doing ? BTW…make the doggies feel guilty…for a long time darling.

        “Anyway I would think a grown man had long surpassed the wild rock concert stage but you never know”
        I and my friends are in our 40-50s and yes we still attend several hardcore rock concerts each year. The mosh pit is actually more violent than it used to be until the weed gets going, but then the snacking is much worse than it used to be and then..the fights over the snacks begin. (I believed this is caused by the weed being stronger than it used to be). A woman I was engage to on 3 difference occassions, I broke up with once because of this very point.

        “Hey did you know that some grown men even enjoy going to the opera and attending Broadway musicals?” Sure they do…the “Joshua” type maybe. Real men (Justin Beiber is so cute) don’t do opera. But I do love some Broadway musicals with all the singing and dancing! Ok…yes I perform…but I can’t help it if I ooze talent.

        I understand what Foxstar42 is saying; it’s like a grown man going to a Justin Beiber concert (yes, I would love to, he’s so adorable)…..just too embarrassing without a teenage daughter (I have one, but she hates Justin, she’s into that whole Goth/Vamp thing…well to be fair, I was once too…never have your teeth altered).

        I have solved this delima by dressing in drag as a young 20’s girl….and scream away…what a blast. (This is how I found out Adam swings both ways…he threw kisses at me, he’s so adorable)

      • Awwww….man just go ahead and go with it…Justin Beiber, Idols Live, One Direction. You know you want to go! Just take a sign that says “Weird Old Guy” and hold it up as high as you can. You’ll fit right in.

        You have to learn to face your insecurities and accept yourself for who you really are..LOL

        Stay away from the mosh pits though, you’ll end up in the same shape I am in except you wont have the dogs to blame.

        Oh yeah, and those Broadway musicals. That’s where it’s at! Learn to enjoy the opera and you’ll be well on your way.

        BTW…The Idols Live tour is nothing like a Justin Beiber concert. These 10 kids can actually sing and perform well.

        Have a great day and don’t let that daughter of yours get too caught up in that goth/vamp crap. You may want to nip that in the bud. That’s usually a sign of some deeper issues. Oh yeah, you should be well aware of that each day when you look in the mirror. Maybe if you threaten to make her go to a few JB concerts she’ll snap out of it.

  10. any videos of jessica singing the national anthem for paquiao-bradley fight? it was awesome. and please vote for jessica for the National Reality TV Awards. she’s nominated for Reality TV Personality of the Year. WOw, she’s the best in the list of nominees.

    • I’ll be randomly selecting the winners this week. Winners will be directly notified, but I will not reveal who they are. With so many entries I can not contact everyone who did not win as well.

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