American Idol 2012: Top 12 Performs Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Jessica Sanchez. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight the American Idol The Top 12 is scheduled to perform songs from the year they were born.

However, in light of the recent news about an American Idol 2012 contestant being disqualified, there’s no word on whether it’ll actually be a Top 12 or just a Top 11. I guess there could be a chance Jeremy Rosado could be reinstated. But since they already had one extra guy to begin with, they might just count the disqualification and spare a double elimination later in the season.

Regardless of what happens, be sure to check out my song suggestions for the Top 12. Also, feel free to share what you would like to hear the contestants sing.

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  1. Jeremy wont come back
    thats a good idea though dq jermaine and when the saved is used only kick off 1. Vote shannon

  2. Jessica is Gorgeous,Has An Amazing Voice, Is A Natural On Stage And Seems Very Humble She Is My Hands Down Winner At This Point.

      • Beg to diagree, for such a young girl she can perform different  genres and has trenendous stage prsence..AI champ worthy!

      • I can see u . Burning inside … Ice cream would be great especially when Jessica performs …

      • ahh so all you want is a winner who will perform with a guitar(or guitar background) and sing. We had that atmosphere since david cook, kris allen, lee dewyze, scotty mc reery(w/out guitar) now describe that… boooh you… I love them too but it’s so boring having 4 of them as winners and then plus ONE if phillip phillips wins! there will be like 5 of them! now tell me what is boring and what is more clone!

    • I know! Now we know why. I thought is was strange that it was just nerves, but hey, I got sold on the whole “this is my last chance” sob story. I still feel bad for the guy, though. History or not, everyone deserves a chance to escape it.

      • AI has disqualified performers in the past.  This is their policy and whats good for one is good for everyone….. He wasn’t going to win this contest anyway…..Plus he had a sucko attitude as of late……..

      • it doesn’t sound like this is his past…it’s his present…he needs to face the music and i don’t mean on idol. 

      •  I think a lot of people bought into it. He was voted into the top 13 on the sympathy vote. Fact of the matter was Jermaine signed a contract stating that he would disclose any arrests or convictions that he might have had in the past, not to mention that he is currently has stuff outstanding at present. The producers made the right call there.

    • thats a pretty pathetic name! with that name u sound like one of the lame and insane Scotty fans! lol

    • phillip has this down to a T he’s the most origonal and has the greatest voice on here hands down. has the most versitile voice in this compatition and his origanality is by far the most incredible that i’ve ever seen. he’s unigue in every way shape and form he’s just wonderful and he has everything going for him right now and my whole family of 8 are all routing for him to take this and run with it to the very end and kick some ass to get to the winners circle!!!!!!!! we”re waiting on you buddy to score that final win and we believe in you phillip the whole way baby, the whole way!!!!! good luck and we”ll be right with you all the way every week god bless

    • no it is better to come abck next year now if he did.
      he wouldnt make it past the top 11

  3. Let us vote let this week get holded back to next week. and this week
    all 12 that didnt make it to the top 13 perform and whoever gets the highest votes becomes part of the 12 and let all 12 go on tour this year.
    dont bring back jeremy he has been elinmated twice.
    now let us choose a wildcard for a change.

  4. Jermaine Jones, 25, is wanted in three separate counties for failing to appear in court on a variety of criminal charges dating back to 2006, according to court records. His two most recent arrests came last year in Camden County, where he works as a vocal instructor.

  5.  Jones’s next collar came in 2008 in Woodbury, where he was cited on an open container charge. In 2009 he was nabbed for providing cops with a false name in Winslow Township.New details about Jermaine Jones’ criminal record from TMZ:
    Soon-to-be-axed “American Idol” singer Jermaine Jones is a big, fat phoney … who repeatedly LIED to police … has issues with violence … and terrorized “Idol” staff … according to police documents and information obtained by “A.I.”
    We broke the story … Jones will be fired from the show tonight for lying to producers about his criminal history … and now we’ve learned the troubling details from the multiple run-ins with the law Jones was trying to conceal.
    One incident went down on March 5, 2011 … when Jones was involved in a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jersey. We’re told cops responded … but Jermaine gave them a fake name — Joel Jones.
    Jermaine was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants.

  6. A boring “one trick pony” won last year.  Infact, Jermaine is like the black version of Scotty when you think about it.  So, why couldn’t a boring ballad singer win?  If versatility was truely the key, Haley or James would have won.  And this season, Skylar is by far the most versatile.  And the best peformer aswell, with maybe Colton a close second.

    • Skylar … really … just coz she sang a whitney song … I would say Jessica , Erika and perhaps Hollie .

    • I think skylar is great, but a great country singer.  I think the country idol singers have been doing quite well in their careers.  I am not sure i would call scotty a one trick pony…but I did think jermaine was very limited and a bit odd.

  7. A boring “one trick pony” won last year.  Infact, Jermaine is like the black version of Scotty when you think about it.  So, why couldn’t a boring ballad singer win?  If versatility was truely the key, Haley or James would have won.  And this season, Skylar is by far the most versatile.  And the best peformer aswell, with maybe Colton a close second.

  8. 13 jeremy
    12 jermaine
    11 deandre
    10 erika
    9 elise
    8 heejun
    7 colton
    6 jessica “upset:”
    5 skylar
    4 Hollie “The New Rocker lol”
    3 phillip
    2 Joshua
    1 shannon

  9. Like if you think that Jimmy Lavigne will be mad at erika when she sings something stupid.

  10. Here is tonight’s song list…but who will sing what?
    1) Endless Love
    2) One Sweet Day
    3) When a Man Loves a Woman
    4) Heaven
    5) Broken Heart
    6) Love Sneakin’ Up on You
    7) The Power of Love
    8) Hard to Handle
    9) Turn the Beat Around
    10) Right Here Waiting
    11) Let’s Stay Together
    So it’s just 11 performances–Jermaine is off the show.

  11. the american idol judges suck tonight. The Jessica Sanchez was great and they screwed her over.  Unforgivable.  Randy is a loser.  Jenifer Lopez is useless without make up and Steven Tyler is just ugly.  Jessica is the best so far on any show.

  12. Okay I think Jessica’s gonna win American Idol or at least get close. I mean she started at 5 or 3 idk. Well love her 🙂

  13. Joshua Ledet took this to another level. It was the best for the night. I actually jumped out of my seat on a sick leg.

    This guy sings great

  14. The little girl, Holly, has a beautiful voice and she is a fine performer.  She is really amazing.

  15. wow, what happened to the judges?  I feel jessica sang the song so amazingly and perfectly,  I really love her performance here… really good!

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