American Idol Spoilers: 2012 Top 12 Song List

Here’s the American Idol 2012 Top 12 song list as a little pre-show spoiler for you. Actually, make that Top 11 as there’s no twelfth song. Of course if you’ve missed that big news from earlier then you’re about to hear all about it on the live show tonight. This also confirms we’re not getting a previously eliminated singer back on the stage. Sorry, Jer-Bear fans. It wasn’t meant to be!

American Idol 2012 Top 12 songlist

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who is about to sing what song tonight on American Idol since they’re doing songs from the year they were born.




  1. Huey Lewis and The Black Crows!!???!

    Fucking sweet!

    Phil has got to do either STP or Alice In Chains at some point

  2. The Power of Love and Turn the Beat Around look like the only uptempo songs that are on that list. Looks like we’re in for a night of mostly slow ballads again. Can we please have a week of uptempos, have a no ballads allowed theme? I can understand the girls doing ballads last week as they had to sing Whitney Huston songs and most of Whitney’s songs were ballad, but most of the guys were disappointing last week by not doing some of Stevie Wonder’s more uptempo stuff. Only Joshua and Phil did uptempos last week with the guys.

  3. Endless Love (1994 – DeAndre)One Sweet Day (1995 – Jessica or Shannon)When A Man Loves a Woman (1991 – Colton)Heaven (1985 – Erika)Broken Heart (1992 – Joshua)Love Sneakin’ Up On You (1994 – Skylar)The Power of Love (1993 – Hollie)Hard to Handle (1990 – Phillip)Turn The Beat Around (1995 – Jessica or Shannon)Right Here Waiting (1989 – Heejun)Let’s Stay Together (1983 – Elise)

  4. Jermaine elise phillip has are went last now and it looks like elise is going last again. there going to try to kick off shannon tonight.
    vote shannon dont give them what they want.
    jessica has went second to last twice this is how it should be
    phillip 1
    elise 2
    jessica 3
    erika 4
    hollie 5
    heejun 6
    colton 7
    skyalr 8
    9 shannon
    10 colton
    11 joshua

    • i think jessica will not be in no. 3 since ‘when a man loves a woman’ is a 1991 song. I think she’ll be no. 2 or no.9. but i have a strong feeling that she’ll be no. 9. Shannon will not pick turn the beat around for she knows in herself she can’t handle that song. T think she had learned her lesson last week from her awful rendition of I have nothing hahaha

  5. I think Jessica will be the one singing “ONE SWEET DAY” yay!!! so excited :>

  6. For the most part the song choices sucked tonight. I don’t see why it was so hard for them to decide. I actually think the choice should have been clear for most of them. Jimmy gave some bad advice to a couple of people tonight. Notice Ryan said they would be “at risk” of going home. He didn’t say someone would actually be eliminated tomorrow. I don’t think they will send anyone home this week. So with that in mind I still would have stayed with my list for all of these performers song choice. Joshua sang that song for all it was worth. Hollie and Skylar also did a great job. I would say the same about Phillip and he did well on keeping the rhythm of the song but he concentrated on that so much he lost the melody. It just kind of lost it’s punch for me and felt rushed through. Not enough dynamics but I know he was recovering from surgery and all that so I still enjoyed it.

    All that said I am still gonna pick  Phillip Phillips to win the entire contest and that’s who I will be voting for. So Ed there you have it. Phillip is my choice so now you need to make yours. 

  7. Terrible songs choices… What a waste of talent. This guy Jimmy is not helping them at all… Very disappointed!

  8. PasswordTrivia:  What show were you watching?  There isn’t one rating in your listing that I agree with!  It would be beneficial is you added some justification for your choices.  Maybe you should record the program so you can play it back before making such outrageous performance ratings.

    airforce 1

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