American Idol 2012: What Should the Top 12 Sing This Week?

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Skylar Laine. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

This week, the American Idol 2012 theme is “Songs From the Year You Were Born.” And by you, I mean the Top 12. And even though each contestant will have a HUGE list of songs to choose from, I’m still going to take the task on.

But instead of just honing in on one song from a particular year for every contestant, I think it’ll make more sense to go with an artist or group that had hits from that particular year and maybe suggest a couple possibilities. Once we get back to a theme that isn’t as broad, we’ll get back to just one main song suggestion.

So here’s what I think the American Idol Top 12 should consider for this week:

Colton Dixon (1991): OK, I’m immediately going to steer away from what I just said and just go with “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac for Colton. I don’t know why, but when I saw that it just kind of clicked for with me for him. Is he old enough to do such a sexy song? Eh.

Deandre Brackensick (1994) “The Sign” by Ace of Base. I’m totally kidding. I’m feeling some Prince for Deandre. Prince had the Diamonds and Pearls album out around that time. I think in particular, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” would be good for his range. And not to mention for the female voters.

Hollie Cavanagh (1993). Hm. This is a tough one. Mariah Carey maybe? Celine Dion? “Dreamlover” by Mariah. Sure.

Erika Van Pelt (1985) Pat Benatar. “We Belong” or “Love is a Battlefield” would both be great. She just really needs to sing Pat Benatar. If not this week, then sometime!

Joshua Ledet (1992) Is Boyz II Men too obvious? Yeah, it probably is. But I still think it would be a good idea. He could slow things down (and not shout as much) with something like “End of the Road.” Even though that song could be a bad omen.

Elise Testone (1983) When I saw Elise’s birth year I immediately thought of Stevie Nicks. She’s got a rasp that could really mesh with Stevie. And since Stevie’s solo album “Wild Heart” was released in 1983, there’s a whole song list there. I’m thinking “Stand Back” in particular maybe?

Jessica Sanchez (1995) Jessica has a lot to live up to after her popular performance last week. She’s got to both mix things up and still sing as well, if not better. She might want to consider Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” Or take the typical American Idol route with The Pretenders “I’ll Stand By You.” Nah. That didn’t work well for Pia Toscano.

Phillip Phillips (1990) I think he needs to go for a hair band. They were nearing extinction at this time, but there were still some good songs. He could put his own spin on something by Skid Row or Motley Crue. “I Remember You” perhaps. Just no Aerosmith. From anyone

Skylar Laine (1994) I would say Melissa Etheridge had Lauren Alaina not done that just last season. And even though I think she could sing Reba every week, I think I’ll go with Faith Hill. Faith had a couple good songs out that year, and I think “Wild One” would be right up Skylar’s alley.

Heejun Han (1989) I think Heejun needs to shock us. Do some Madonna. “Like A Prayer” even. He could just do his own version of it and could have a moment. Or not.

Jermaine Jones (1986) I have no idea. I can’t figure out what kind of music he should be singing. Billy Ocean? Sure, why not.

Shannon Magrane (1995) Sheryl Crow? Sophie B. Hawkins? I’m kind of bored with Shannon. I promise I’ll be better at this by the Top 9. There are just too many singers who are all over the place at this point.

What are your song suggestions?




  1. Hi, suggest Jesica should have tried ‘Step by Step’ The Whiteney Houseton’s version of 1996. She should give it atry in any o the future stages. How ablut ‘I Believe in the Beat’ by Carol lynn Towne of 1984 the featured in the film ‘Brakin2’ in the beginning and the end.

    Current Oldie

    • Leave aside Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey. No more of these divas. There are so many artists, so many songs to choose from. Be original guys! Look Adam Lambert, this guy was original in all his songs. “Mad World,” fabulou song!! You guys have good voices, do something amazing. In every season of AI is always the same songs. Please pick new songs. Thank you.

  2. I can’t even begin to guess what these performers should sing except to say that Jessica really needs to sing an upbeat song.  I would hate to see here fall into the Pia Syndrome…….not that I think its a bad thing but for some reason America thinks that “only ballads” don’t count.  Don’t tell that to Celine, Adele, Barbara S. or even Billie Holiday!!!!!

    • glad you put in lady day!!   i really don’t care what they sing at this point in the competition.  three of the girls are going to stand out no matter what.   as far as the guys, well, there’s no one really that outstanding.  and isn ‘t our guy supposed to be on this week??

    • I agree Phyllis, except for the only Ballads part.  That was a weak argument for Pia leaving so early.  I attribute it more to an excessive amount of text votes for Scotty.  If you remember, after Pia left, Haley stopped being in the bottom three every week and was constantly safe.  That was because people woke up and realized that they needed to start voting to offset the text bias.  Again, just a personal opinion of mine.   

      • I definitely respect your opinion but if  you remember even the judges were telling her to get more upbeat and stop playing it safe.    I think America will have the same reaction to Jessica if she keeps playing it safe.  Personally, I loved Pia singing ballads….that was her venue.  I also think that Jessica is a great ballad singer but unfortunately AI voters are not crazy about Ballad singers.  JMHO

      •  Pia left top 9 and Haley was in the bottom 3 for top 8 and top 7 and eliminated at top 3(much to my dismay at having an all country finale). It was around top 8 though that Haley did manage to pick up some steam. I could never bring myself to like her because of her attitude, which is a shame because unbiasedly I could have supported her but her rotten attitude kept me from doing so.

  3. C’mon Branden, I posted my choice for Colton to sing Wicked Game on this site a few times over this past week.  And for Hollie to sing Expose’s I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me.    For Josh, I leaned toward Bon Jovi’s Keep the Faith because it’s up tempo but Sort of churchy.

  4. some blogs suggested “waterfall” by tlc for jessica…she can also do some rap. it is more up beat and sounds current.

  5. Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” will work out fine for Jessica, she needs an upbeat song after making 40 million cried as per Steven Tyler : )

  6. Shannon is not boring Branden.
    she is the only one im interested in.
    skylar and jessica are so boring

    • a two-time standing ovation for Jessica? is that what you call boring?? lmao. get some nerves dude.

    • if JESSICA is BORING then what is SHANNON!? HAHAHA!!! her performace of I Have Nothing last week really really sucks. she’s the weakest link. hope she’ll be the one to go home tonight… if not tonight because of Jermaine’s disqualification, she should leave the show next week!!! the sooner she got booted, the better. Leather, Jr. is very much more deserving to be in the top 24 than her

  7. OK, Skylar is a pop singer with a country style.   She always sounds like her idol Reba. That’s great she has the voice for it. However, she could really show her versatility and vocal gift if she reached back in the past and updated an older song with her style. Go back and get a beautiful love song, Wynn Stewart’s ” ‘Cause I Have You”, put today’s instrumental to it with her vocal style and she would blow away the judges. The worst thing someone can do is try to be someone they aren’t and never will be. She is not Reba. But her, Skylar’s, style is perfectly suited for that song.  I doubt the viewing audience, dominated by pop rocker youth, would have the where-with-all to understand it, or appreciate it, but it could definitely be their wake up call.

      • i know she could if only her nerves could go down.
        she has the best voice in the girl maybe she should play safe a upbeat song would do good, i hope she brings it or plays it safe till the top 10.


  8. Actually I’ll Stand by You by Pia received a standing ovation. She was awesome. I think her rendition of River Deep did her in even though I thought she nailed it.

  9. I’m pulling for Elise to go all the way although most people will not gree with me. Remember, teenie boppers vote for the cute boys regardless of their talent. Should be 1 person, 1 ote.

    • How many more out there that likes her too!  She is getting the bum rap
      only because she wasn’t smiling in one of the pictures.  Imagine , that one group picture had given her a much unfair rating of “attitude girl”.

      Even so, I still like her voice better than most of the girls in this competition.  I am not saying she will be the next American Idol, she could!  but she has to want it bad enough to take on the rest of them.

      Her birth year is 1983 , I agree with Branden , she should do a Stevie Nicks song or One I’m thinking of that may fit her even better is
      Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”.

    • Me too, I think she is awsome,great voice, she just doesn’t get the hype that some of the other girls do

      • Elise will not make it to top 6 or 5 I think. her style is interesting but her age will not help at all . It’s not season 6 any more . I hope u don’t take this as ” u hate her ” . 

  10. The only problem with Wicked Game for Colton is that Phillip Phillips already sang it in the Hollywood Round and did a really sexy version of it….  it was really good. 

    What about “Unbelievable” by EMF

  11. Stay away from Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Adele. No more of these divas. There are so many artists, so many songs to choose from. Be original guys! Look Adam Lambert, this guy was original in all his songs. “Mad World,” fabulou song!! You guys have good voices, do something amazing. In every season of AI is always the same songs. Please pick new songs. Thank you.

  12. I most enjoy up-lifting, romantic, or music that is fun.
    Music that is sad makes me cry and takes me down.

  13. lol!  That DIDNT work well for Pia Toscano?  The pretenders?  Only one of the best single preformances in Idol history! 

    • she can.. then make another dead person came out of his grave and slap her for disgusting his song. LOL

  14. Elise needs Bonnie tyler but melissa ethridge would be better to bad she wouldnt born in 1995 lol.

  15. Colton wicked game
    phillip blaze of glory
    Elise stand back
    shannon ill stand by you
    jessica you are not alone
    heejun who cares about heejun
    jermaine “maybe another stevie wonder song to show he can sing”
    hollie “maybe someone remade rocking robin for her to do”
    erika “Pat benator”
    if i forgot anyone then they where to forgettable to remeber.

  16. How about next week we have a week that is interesting instead of stevie and whiteny and year of birth.
    whats next year you first started to sing.

  17. I totally agree Heejun needs to shock us.  He needs to pick a song to show what he can do.

  18. Colton Dixon – Don’t Cry
    DeAndre Brackensick – Always
    Hollie Cavanagh – Breathe Again
    Erika Van Pelt – We Don’t Need Another Hero
    Joshua Ladet – Good Enough
    Elise Testone – Love is a Battlefield
    Jessica Sanchez – Colors of the Wind
    Phillip Phillips – When the Night Comes
    Skylar Laine – Why Haven’t I Heard From You
    Heejun Han – How Am I supposed to Live Without You (Obviously)
    Jermaine Jones – Sweet Love….IDK
    Shannon Magrane – Strong Enough

    IDK about Jermaine and Shannon. Any better suggestions would be welcome. LOL

    • Colors of the Wind is a ticket home for Jessica.  Thia made the mistake of too  Disney, too many ballads.

      • Thia wasn’t even on the same planet as Jessica as far as vocal ability is concerned. Jessica Sanchez is astronomically talented and while she knows her vocal ability well she actually surprises herself at times when she nails every note and if you ask me she is surprised by the audiences reaction at times too. She is note perfect and sings with an emotional connection and when you put all those things together it can be deadly for the other contestants. What does all that mean? It means she can do ballads, power ballads, upbeat, and soulful music or any mixture of the four and it will never be boring. It will be captivating or it will make you jump out of your seat or make your hair stand on end. The only thing going against her is that she looks very Asian and I just think that plays against her. Not for me but just for the American culture. We’ll have to wait and see if she has enough talent to overcome that and if she does I think she can pave the way for a multitude of talented Asian/American performers to rise to stardom. God Bless and have a good day!

    • For Jermaine how about:

      Addicted To Love – Robert Palmer
      The Way it is – Bruce Hornsby

      But then again if he wants to go home quick he can do:
      Papa Don’t Preach by you know who, LOL

      • OMG! Been nippin the ole bottle again Ed? Papa Don’t Preach? LOL That would be funny. Now Joshua on the other hand might be able to pull that off. OOOPS! Did I say that out loud? Sorry but I think my choice for Jermaine was better than those two. Addicted to Love might work for him if he could pull it off but he might be discouraged by that girl on the right with the rainbow guitar strap. Do you think she was trying to send some sort of message with that…..way back then? Hmmmm. You never know.

      • Ha ha ha, That’s my Taymaro!!
        We may not have to worry finding a song to fit the not so gentle giant.
        If the news is correct, he may be packing and going home.  Too bad for him.

    • I agree, I think Deandre will do Bon Jovi’s  “Always”. It suits him and if he pulls it off, will win some of the girlie votes.

  19. I would love to see Jessica put her own rendition of a male song “Always” by Bon Jovi.

      • Yes, it’s a guy song but the lyrics can be modified a bit to suit the singer or she can narrate it using a third person voice. I believe there’s so much power on that song compared to the other suggested songs. It’s another risk but definitely a strong entry in the competition if she can do justice to the song. I haven’t heard a female sing that song and it would be another bold move for her if she tackled that song. 

      • Hi AICritic,

        “This Juliet is bleeding”????  naaaah that doesn’t sound right. LOL

        Next song please!!

      • LOL! As I said, she can just use a third person voice to sing that song.  That line does not need to be modified. Instead of the lyrics “I,” she can use “You” instead.

    • A female artist in the Philippines sang this song and i find it amazing. ..check her youtube —->Always – Sheryn Regis …

      •  Hi idolfanatic,
        Anyone can sing any song, whether it is appropriate or not, whether it sounded good or not.  Jessica is already under a large microscope and
        every word she says, every song she chooses will be discussed, dissected, criticized over and over again.  Do you think you want her to
        receive more pressure than what she has now?

        There is no doubt she is a power  house singer, ballads , up beats and anything in between she will handle.  But a careful and smart song choice will increase her chance in winning.  Just as long as she stays away from boring  songs that has been done in Idol so many, many times in the past and present. You know the songs! LOL

      • I am with u Ed and I can assure u ” not persuadin ” that she will handle it very well.

  20. Well here are a few suggestions for a few contestants that I would so. (Not going to do all of them as I’ve got other things going on at the moment).

    Phillip-I was disappointed in him last week by doing a song we’ve already seen him do. I hope he picks something this week and shows us something new.

    Jessica-She can nail ballads but she really needs to up to tempo and show us if she can blow it out of the water.

    Joshua- Not much to suggest except maybe do something we wouldn’t expect him to do.

    Jermaine- Just go home.

    Heejun- DON”T DO A BALLAD!!!

    Hollie- Refer to Jessica

    Well that’s it for now. Maybe later I can give thoughts towards all the contestants.

  21. A contestant on “American Idol” will be kicked off the show Wednesday because the singer concealed multiple crimes from producers … TMZ has learned.

  22. because u r a big BIG FAKE! U cheated a lot of potential and TRUE idol contestants and fooled AMERICA! nevermind the judges, they’re all fools anyway for bringing you back! FOO!!!

  23. so many true talented contestants that was sent home just so this so-called gentle @$$ giant can be o TV..for ratings? really aijudges and nigel? UGH!

  24. I’m so sick of hearing about Pia! Pia was a good singer, but was not relevant, and in my opinion was the one with the attitude. I don’t think Haley had an attitude…I honestly think they were being unfair to her and her criticism was all over the place…she just had enough. She knew she didn’t stand a chance against Scotty (although I still don’t know why he is so popular). His album is not very good, while Lauren’s is great).

    I want to see Haley put out an album…I would definitely buy it.

  25. Song suggestions to some of the singers:

    Philip – Born 1990 – Praying For Time   by George michael
                   He has to do this his style and fit it in his vocal range

    Hollie – Born 1993 – Come Undone   by Duran Duran
                   I know this is an odd song for her but I think she will do well
                   given her vocal range.

    Heejun – Born 1989 – How Can I fall   by Breath
                   If he does this song justice with his vocal range Watch out!!

    Elise – Born 1983 –  Total Eclipse Of The Heart   by Bonnie Tyler
                Her raspy voice will do it for her and put her back in contention.

    Thas all folks !!

  26. How come Joshua Ledet is not being mentioned here, the guy is a great great singer…Love him… I hope to hear him sings ballad this week, to give him more attention again : ))

  27. Suggestion for Hollie and Jessica:

    Mariah is my favorite singer. i do hope you will sing her big ballads:

    For Hollie: i guess Music Box is perfect for you.
    For Jessica: i see u sing Mariah’s “Forever” you might receive another Standing O from the Judges!
    I know that these two songs are not popular but it is perfect for them.

  28. sophie B Hawkins !  that is a great suggestion…have her come on and teach em to sing Damn I Wish I Was your lover, my parents played that a lot….for deandra, jessica or shannon

  29. Taymaro >>>>
     … U are totally right about Jessica,  but I have to disagree with u “COTW”
     If Jessica  sang ” COTW ” , that will lead many of the voters to make a comarison between her and Thia ” American culture as u said, Asian look … ” IMO, she needs to chose another song . jessica knows how to play her cards even though she is 16 .


  30. Elise Testone(’83)- TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART by BonnieTyler or WHAT A FEELING by Irene Cara (she has the vocals for this , kills thisone Elise)
    Erika Van Pelt(’85)- CRAZY FOR YOU by Madonna or HEAVEN byBryan Adams (imagining her sing either of this song gives me goose bumps)
    Jermaine Jones(’86)- THE LADY IN RED by Chris de Burgh (thiswill fit his voice)
    Heejun Han(’89)- STRAIGHT UP by Paula Abdul (He is great buthe needs to break the usually)
    Phillip Phillips(’90)- BLAZE OF GLORY by Jon Bonjovi (Hewill kill this! And Slam this straight to the face of his haters)
    Colton Dixon(’91)- (EVERYTHING I DO) I DO IT FOR YOU byBryan Adams or RUSH RUSH by  PAULA ABDUL( He has the Daughtry tone thats why I pick Bryan Adams but WHAT I WANT HIM TOREALLY DO IS TO GIVE A TWIST ON “RUSH”)
    Joshua Ledet(’92)- BLACK OR WHITE by Michael Jackson or ENDOF THE ROAD by Boyz II Men(He would do great on MJ, but I just wonder how hewill take Boyz II men)
    Hollie Cavanagh(’93)- HERO by Mariah Carey or I’D DOANYTHING FOR LOVE by Meat Loaf(She is the type of singer who would pick HERObut with that big voices and for her to break the usual she should sing  I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE)
    Skylar Laine(’94)- THE POWER OF LOVE by Celine Dion(She canbelt this to hell I’m tell you)
    Deandre Brackensick(’94)- ON BENDED KNEE by Boyz II Men(Ifhe would sing this surely alot of people would cry and vote for him)
    Jessica Sanchez(’95)- ONE OF US by Joan Osborne(OHHH!! Thisone ! she can sing anything! But i hope she’d choose this one. T_T PLEASE!)
    Shannon Magraine(’95)- ONE SWEET DAY by Mariah Carey feat.Boyz II Men or DREAMING OF YOU TONIGHT by Selena (She needs to go back on trackand show the judges and the people that she has that dynamics in her voices.Being the youngest is not a disadvantage!)

    • i like the songs that you’ve chosen. the songs are familiar, surely the audience can relate.

      • Wrong!   Imagine Hollie trying to convey the message of Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love” which runs over 7 minutes into 90 seconds.  People need to realize that a lot of their song choices lose too much when they are condensed to 90 seconds.

      • I’d do anything for love was also perform by Evanescence it would be great for her because she has this big voice with nice control.

      • I’d do anything for love was also perform by Evanescence it would be great for her because she has this big voice with nice control.

      • sorry i didnt know that Stand by you was released 1995.. i’m changing shannon’s song.. stand by you for her..

  31. I know it’s a man’s song, but Kiss From a Rose would be an excellent song to showcase jessica’s awesome vocals.  Angela Aki was able to do it, so I see no reason why Jessica can’t.

  32. I go for “One Sweet Day” or “Open Arms” of Mariah Carrey for Jessica Sanchez…….

    • Hey jermaine has been dq. passed the word along.
      if you dont believe me then google jermaine jones.

    • We are making the top 10 now passed the word and dont forget to vote for shannon. she actually made it far and square while deandre and erika didnt.

  33. Shannon would be awesome singing Sophie B . Hawkins ‘As I lay me down’!!! beautiful words, melody and Shannon can add her own unique twist!

  34. 1995
    Shannon – “Let Her Cry” Hootie and the Blowfish.  She needs to do something that sets her apart and no one would expect this one coming!
    Jessica – Obvious choice is “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson or Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” but I would like her to go more uptempo.  Maybe “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Ethridge to show her raspy side.

    Deandre-For some reason I see him doing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John so he can pretend his hair is a mane.
    Skylar-“I Try to Think About Elvis” by Patti Loveless.  Frankly there isn’t a lot by female country artists that year.  Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” is the one you would usually think about but that doesn’t fit Skylar.

    Hollie – I haven’t figured out what kind or artist Hollie is, so I am going to go with one that has been covered a zillion times and she can pick her style…”To Love Somebody” by Michael Bolton.  Other songs I think would be interesting are “Fields of Gold” by Sting and a “Have I Told you Lately” by Rod Steward

    Joshua – Another song that can be a bad omen, but I like “Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me” by George Michael and Elton John

    Colton – My personal favorite song of the year is “Rhythm of my Heart” by Rod Stewart, but that doesn’t seem like Colton to me.  How about “More Than Words” by Extreme

    Phillip – I would like to see Phillip tackle a song that has been a fail for countless women on the show…”Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles.  An inspired choice would be “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette.

    Heejun – He likes to croon, and I see “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler as a logical choice.  I would like to see him do “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Simply Red.

    Jemaine – Never Mind

    Ericka – “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves is a natural here.  She has already done the other natural “What About Love” by Heart.  She is a natural doing Pat Benatar, so “We Belong” falls in here as well.

    Elise – The “old lady” of the group (and I use that term laughingly).  Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is the logical thought here.  Personally I would like to see “Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes or “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.

  35. Elise said she is doing a remake….”You Can’t Hurry Love” maybe? or “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?”

  36. There is no way Shannon can handle I’ll Stand By You. Sorry but the girl just doesn’t have the chops. All of you who think she can, really need to get your ear’s checked. I mean the girl has a pretty good voice, but it isn’t anything that impressive. If there is any girl who shouldn’t make the tour, it should be her. The Ideal tour this season, should consist of
    Girls: Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, Erika, and Elise
    Boys: Phillip, Joshua, Heejun, Colton, and Deandre

    • your crazy no shannon is great you should get your ears fixed.
      and also she amde it far and square and erika didnt she should not be cheated out of it.
      i’ll will hold it to you tongiht when she blows you away.

  37. Colton-Somthing to believe in Poison
    Hollie-Dream Lover Mariah Carey
    Erika-Anything Pat Benatar
    Joshua-When a Man loves a woman Micheal Bolton
    Elise-Total Eclipes of the heart-Bonnie Tyler
    Jessica-Fantasy Mariah Carey
    Phillip-I remember you Skid Row
    Skylar-Piece of my heart Faith Hill
    HeeJun-Wild Thing Ton Loc just because I wanna hear him sing it
    Shannon-Colors of the Wind Venessa Williams

    • Better late than never JaimeSupreme
      Those were good picks although I can see you are much younger as some of the artists you mentioned were not the original person to perform. Oftentimes they were actually doing a remake of another person’s work.
      See u next season.

  38. I think Jermaine should be singing songs of Berry White….somewhere along there due to his voice.

  39. Deandre really really needs to sing “Wishing Well” by Terrence Trent…I love that kid and think he would sound great!!!

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