Haley Johnsen Has Sweet Dreams Of Redemption

Haley Johnsen

Haley Johnsen was shown the exit after her “more like a nightmare” rendition of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” during Top 25 week on American Idol 2012. There’s no way around it. That performance was bad. Surprisingly, even Haley herself will admit to that and wants to set the record straight.

Johnsen has now released a studio version of her original vision for the performance of “Sweet Dreams” and it’s a definite improvement. She insists there are no “sour grapes” but that she wanted to let viewers hear how things should have gone that night. Of course, being a fan of the 1983 original (watch that version at the bottom) makes it hard for me to enjoy it without the usual synthesizer background, but what can you do?

Not to pour salt on her wounds, but in case you forgot why Haley Johnsen was eliminated from American Idol 2012, here’s her Top 25 week performance of “Sweet Dreams.”

Personally, I’d recommend jumping over that version and going straight to the source:

What do you think of Haley Johnsen’s redemption attempt of “Sweet Dreams?”




  1. Elise Testone(’83)- TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART by Bonnie
    Tyler or WHAT A FEELING by Irene Cara (she has the vocals for this , kills this
    one Elise)

    Erika Van Pelt(’85)- CRAZY FOR YOU by Madonna or HEAVEN by
    Bryan Adams (imagining her sing either of this song gives me goose bumps)

    Jermaine Jones(’86)- THE LADY IN RED by Chris de Burgh (this
    will fit his voice)

    Heejun Han(’89)- STRAIGHT UP by Paula Abdul (He is great but
    he needs to break the usually)

    Phillip Phillips(’90)- BLAZE OF GLORY by Jon Bonjovi (He
    will kill this! And Slam this straight to the face of his haters)

    Colton Dixon(’91)- (EVERYTHING I DO) I DO IT FOR YOU by
    Bryan Adams or RUSH RUSH by  PAULA ABDUL
    ( He has the Daughtry tone thats why I pick Bryan Adams but WHAT I WANT HIM TO

    Joshua Ledet(’92)- BLACK OR WHITE by Michael Jackson or END
    OF THE ROAD by Boyz II Men(He would do great on MJ, but I just wonder how he
    will take Boyz II men)

    Hollie Cavanagh(’93)- HERO by Mariah Carey or I’D DO
    ANYTHING FOR LOVE by Meat Loaf(She is the type of singer who would pick HERO
    but with that big voices and for her to break the usual she should sing  I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE)

    Skylar Laine(’94)- THE POWER OF LOVE by Celine Dion(She can
    belt this to hell I’m tell you)

    Deandre Brackensick(’94)- ON BENDED KNEE by Boyz II Men(If
    he would sing this surely alot of people would cry and vote for him)

    Jessica Sanchez(’95)- ONE OF US by Joan Osborne(OHHH!! This
    one ! she can sing anything! But i hope she’d choose this one. T_T PLEASE!)

    Shannon Magraine(’95)- ONE SWEET DAY by Mariah Carey feat.
    Boyz II Men or DREAMING OF YOU TONIGHT by Selena (She needs to go back on track
    and show the judges and the people that she has that dynamics in her voices.
    Being the youngest is not a disadvantage!)

  2. I thought this version was awesome!!  She may have had a chance making the top 10 if she had sang like this.

    Now I really want Baylie Brown to redeem herself…she could have made it over Skyler if she sang like I knew she could. 

    • I totally agree. So now can we recognize her redemption by spelling the poor girl’s name right? It’s Johnsen, just as it is on the video.

    • her voice is amazing and she should try again i would d of picked her the winner what a voice
      Haley Johnson you deserve a second chance someone will  give you a contract take it from me i sing and i no a fantastic singer you are

    • agreed.  Baylies audition made me tear up.  And she had held it together pretty well.  Her Audiophile ranking was 8.7 heading into the final week, and that included all youtube postings she had and even live youtube postings.  The girl can obviously sing.  I bet she just couldnt hear herself well.  Plus, Baylie might be the hottest girl to ever hit American Idol.

      • Matt, do you really want to know?  It isn’t indictative of her at all, and its pretty terrible.  Lets just say its below 3.  Anytime someone scores below 3 i try to keep it off here cause well, its embarassing.  🙂  Unless its William Hung, who humerously recieved an 0.5 during his audition.

  3. it got me upset when she was eliminated…she got a beautiful voice and she could… they should saved her i expected them to save her and specially creighton fraker

    • 100% agree with Matt. There is no redemption. She was horrendous live. Now she’s just mediocre. Let’s all enjoy the original song and move on…

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