American Idol 2012: What Should the Top 7 Sing This Week?

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Colton Dixon. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

This week’s American Idol 2012 theme is “Now and Then.” What that actually means is, it’s going to be very hard for me to pick song suggestions for them. OK, that’s not what it really means, but it’s what I’ve translated it to.

So, what I’ll do is pick some songs for the American Idol Top 7 and those picks will represent the kinds of songs they should be singing, and not necessarily the songs I picked. Unless they end up singing those songs, then I’ll take full credit. Ha.

Colton Dixon

Now: “We Are Young” by Fun. I think it’s important for Colton do do a popular song right now. And what better song than one that’s all over the radio, commercials and Glee (and isn’t an Adele song!).

Then: “My Girl,” The Temptations. Basically, he just needs to keep catering to the female vote. A song to a girl or about a girl will keep him solid.

Hollie Cavanagh

Now: “I Want You to Need Me,” by Celine Dion. I think Celine is right up Hollie’s alley. She might want to take on something younger though to get some extra votes. But I’d like to hear her do this song.

Then: “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandelles. Yeah, this sounds like a generic choice at this point (meaning that song has been done a lot), but Hollie at least needs to do something upbeat to follow or precede a slower “now” song.

Joshua Ledet

Now: “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Joshua basically just needs to do something younger and hipper or he’s going to keep landing in the bottom now until he’s eliminated.

Then: He can choose pretty much anything and be right in his element. These are the kinds of songs he does best. I’d like to hear him do some Drifters though, if it were up to me. “There Goes My Baby,” perhaps.

Skylar Laine

Now: “If I Were a Boy,” the Reba version. Most people will know Beyonce’s version, but Reba McIntyre did a country version that would be right up Skylar’s alley.

Then: “Midnight Train To Georgia.” Sylar is a good story teller with her music, so this would be a great song for her. I’d love to hear a country version of this.

Phillip Phillips

Now: Phillip is probably going to sing something obscure, but he really needs to do something popular. I’m going to go with an acoustic version of “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas.

Then: I have a feeling it might be more like “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” but I’d rather it be something more like “Stand By Me.”

Jessica Sanchez

Now: I keep wanting to go to Beyonce for her, but that’s probably not a good idea. Like “Irreplaceable.” So maybe Mary J. Blige would work. Like “Be Without You.”

Then: Is it too obvious/cliche to go with “Respect” by Aretha Franklin for her? It just seems like a song she’d be great at. Regardless, it needs to be high energy and full of soul.

Elise Testone

Now: I can’t believe I’m going to suggest this, but I could kind of hear her doing “Soak up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow. But I think she needs something a little edgier.

Then: “Knock on Wood.” She should stick to the classic soul version and throw in some of the disco touches from the 1970s cover. Elise just needs to have fun and stop trying to have another moment. She should just let it happen if it’s going to happen.

What kinds of songs would you like to hear the American Idol 2012 Top 7 sing this week?




    • but i think she should be wise on song selection as always emphasized by the mentors and judges…

    • Yes Jessica can sing whatever song and she nails it but in the end of the day, even if she nails a not-so-familiar or sort of never-been-heard song by many then it will end up she chose the wrong song again and again and thus creates disappointment to those who believed and even followed here. I never doubt her singing capability and I am confident of her vocal pipes but if she still goes on  for another poor choice of song then I will never complain or be against of her elimination this week. Enough for those our idol Jessica, you now have learned a lot on how things went wrong for you. It’s time to bring back the sparks  and threat in you  by singing known powerful songs because 100% you can nail them.
      Remember that not all of the most deserving contestants of every season takes home the win but you can change it, it is just up to you sometimes.

      • It’s very true. We have the same thought about what she should do next time around.

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      • Oh, Jessica won’t be eliminated for a while after the save. America got freaked out that she was almost eliminated and will vote a lot for her this week. I see a popular favorite like Philip Philips and probably someone like Holly being eliminated this week. (If it’s a double elimination). It’s not fair, but America is terrified of Jessica leaving and will abandon their favorites to vote for her.

      •  Yes. Its make it or break it for Jessica this week and next week. If she stands out this week like what she did in I Will Always Love You song she can get that # 1 spot again.  Please vote for Jessica

  1. I hope they consider this list for the first part of the show (NOW):
    Lady Marmalade by Cristina Aguilera (2001) / Family Affair by Mary J
    Blige (2001) / Foolish by Ashanti (2002)/ Crazy In Love by Beyonce
    (2003) / Take a Bow by Rihanna / Say It Right by Nelly Furtado (2007) /
    Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (2009) / Only Girl by
    Rihanna (2010)
    PERFECT CHOICE — Crazy In Love – Since the other
    song would be soulful (I hope she would pick I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta
    James), she should come up with a song that is more upbeat to make her
    more current, likable, and most especially versatile…She must show not
    only her incredible vocals but her moves as a performer as well.
    Amazed by Lonestar (2000) / I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden (2000) /
    How You Remind Me by Nickelback (2000-2001) / Inside Your Heave by
    Carrie Underwood (2005) / Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks (2006) /
    My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson (2009) / Last Friday
    Night by Katy Perry (2011)
    PERFECT CHOICE — My Life Would Suck
    Without You – If she can deliver this hip and country, it would
    definitely turn her odds for good, like David Cook did with that Mariah
    Carey’s song. Why not this one?
    Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson (2002) / We Belong Together by Mariah
    Carey (2005) / Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (2008) / Fireworks by Katy
    Perry (2010-2011)
    PERFECT CHOICE — Bleeding Love – She can do
    this, I’m sure, without a doubt with her high vocals. I hope she could
    loosen up a little bit and improve her stage presence.
    Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie (2007) / So What by Pink (2008) 
    PERFECT CHOICE — So What – There are no other good choices for her
    that I know of, sad to say, but with Pink’s single I’m sure she could
    rock the house.
    Incomplete by Sisqo (2000) /
    Fallin’ by Alicica Keys (2001) / You Got It Bad (2002) / Let Me Love You
    by Mario (2005) / So Sick by Neyo (2007) / No One by Alicia Keys (2007)
    / Grenade by Bruno Mars (2011) 
    PERFECT CHOICE — Grenade –
    Since he was in the bottom three last week, to make him more current and
    likable with his gospel voice, I hope he could perform this with a
    piano and make it more intimate and yearning (slow I mean). I’m sure
    he’ll melt your heart away.
    With Arms Wide
    Open by Creed (2000) / Bad Day by Daniel Powter (2006) / My Love by
    Justin Timberlake (2006) / Irreplaceable by Beyonce(2007) / Fireflies by
    Owl City (2009) / Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (2010)
    PERFECT CHOICE — Irreplaceable – Making it a Male version, with a piano, surely he’ll have that votes once again.
    Smooth by Rob Thomas (2000) / Bent by Matchbox 20 (2000) / Hey Yah by
    Outkast (2004) / You’re Beautiful by James Blunt (2006) / Sexy Back by
    Justin Timberlake (2007) / What Goes Around…Comes Around by Justin
    Timberlake (2007) / Hey There Delilah (2007) Viva La Vida by Coldplay
    PERFECT CHOICE — Hey Yah – I don’t know but like Colton, I
    would like for them to take the risk, I think he could make justice with this single and make it his own,
    making this pop dance tune into something alternative blues.

    • I like a lot of your choices. So What by Pink for Elise and Smooth for Phillip are perfect. I would like to see Hollie do something that would make her look current.  Bleeding Love would be just another ballad.

      • But you see Hollie is a balladeer so Bleeding Love is perfect for her.   

    • rooting for Jessica and Colton for the FINALE… i just thought that colton is a good guy… and Jessica for being a great singer… 🙂

  2. JESSICA WILL BE BACK ! AND I LOOK FOR HER TO BRING THE HOUSE DOWN ! I love her and I hope she wins !!!!!! I’m keeping the faith !

    • I do hope Jessica stop picking lesser known songs like she did last 3 weeks ( I’d rather be blind-Etta James would be perfect for a soul song for her) But if she continue picking lesser known songs and re-arrange them where nobody will appreciate them except for the Judges and people in the music industry. Then even thought she is very talented and is one of the best if not the best on AI this season and  I want her to win she’ll be gone sooner than later.

    • so pick up your phone after the show and VOTE,,,, we must fight and gooooooooooooooooooooooo,,, FIGHTING JESSICA

      •  You are 100% right ! Vote for Jessica not only 1x or 2x, but for 2 Hours. She deserves to be a winner.

  3. Smooth was 1999 that’s a year too early Branden. It has to be 2000 to 2012. Unless someone has released it since then.

      • Oh I thought they had released the spoilers already. I didn’t doubt you. That song was popular for a good while.

      • no i dont, silly you, but if you look up in the wiki you’ll see that Smooth was in the list of hot 100 number ones of 2000 (US)…why would i say that if it isn’t in the net.

      • I’m just a fan…no spoiler there…still excited and looking forward to the contestant’s song choices.
        Good luck to them!!!

  4. I can’t pick for everyone but as I posted on the other topic I would like to hear these three contestants sing these three songs. Only one of them could do the song I am suggesting justice and I am not gonna say who but I think you can guess

    Joshua Ladet–Believe(Brooks and Dunn)

    Elise Testone–Here Without You(3 Doors Down)

    Skylar Laine–My Wish(Rascal Flatts)

    I would love to see these three try these songs. If they could do it well I would be on board and voting every week. My favorite songs of all time right there.

  5. no matter what the song choices the judges are going to rag on hollie, give a standing o to josh, be wishy washy with elsie and cry for jessica.  the show will be filled with “dawgs”, “beautifuls”, and “you know i love yous”.

  6. I heard Rihanna’s “California King Bed” this morning and instantly thought, “Jessica!”, I’m excited again for the “Now” songs, the “Then” will probably be too boring for me :/

  7. all I care about is Jess should sing Wishing on star! by Rose Royce. It has everything. Simon oicked this for Jordan Sparks but she couldnt pull it off. Jessica could.

    • I think suggesting anyone sing Celine Dion is like asking them to commit AI suicide. I take it Branden doesn’t care what happens to Hollie. 

      That comment is my first reaction to Branden’s suggestions. I’ll have to look more carefully at each. But OMG, that was enough to make me gag.

  8. Jessica Sanchez
    Now: Listen
    Then: And I am Telling You.

    Now: If I die Young
    Then: Life goes on by LeAnn Rimes

    Then: It’s all coming back to me now

    Now: Viva Lavida
    Then: I don’t wanna miss a thing

    Now: Without You by Usher
    Then: Have you ever really loved a woman

    Now: Through the rain
    Then: Run to You

    Now: Can’t Take that away from me
    Then: Ironic by Alanis

    • I like Viva Lavida for Colton but I also like Just The Way You Are.
      Either of those would be good for the NOW song. 

      I like Smooth for Phillip for the now song. I was reading it was reissued in 2000 so I think it would be allowed.

      I think maybe “Through the Fire” for Elise for the THEN song. I could definitely hear her singing that. That right there could win her the competition IMO.

    • The “Then” Song is supposed to be a Soul Song……not sure Alanis Morisette fits that criteria…..or LeAnn Rimes

    • my song choice for them:
      Jessica Sanchez 
      Now: Empire State of Mind
      Then: And I am Telling You

      Elise Testone
      Now: We Belong Together
      Then: I’d Rather Go Blind

      Skylar Laine
      Now: Big Girls Don’t Cry
      Then: Midnight Train To Georgia

      Hollie Cavanagh
      Now: Fireworks
      Then: I’d Do Anything For Love (but I won’t do that)

      Phillip Phillips
      Now: How You Remind Me
      Then: Knocking On Heavens Door

      Joshua Ledet
      Now: Be Without You
      Then: PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

      Colton Dixon
      Now: We Are Young
      Then: Take This Broken Wing

  9. Funny how I made 4 rankings with the top 7 finalists :))

    Based on THE VOICE
    1. Elise
    2. Philip
    3. Skylar
    4. Hollie
    5. Colton
    6. Jessica
    7. Joshua

    Based on THE LOOKS
    1. Hollie
    2. Colton
    3. Philip
    4. Skylar
    5. Elise
    6. Jessica
    7. Joshua

    1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. Elise
    4. Joshua
    5. Colton
    6. Skylar
    7. Philip

    Based on THE FASHION
    1. Jessica
    2. Hollie
    3. Elise
    4. Colton
    5. Skylar
    6. Philip
    7. Joshua

    These four are the qualities of an Idol.
    But I often vote in terms of PERSONALITY. Regardless of the voice, someone has to touch your heart through his/her singing, and I believe that is what counts.

    • I love Hollie too even though many say she is the weakest in the 7 remaining. For me, she was the best, everrr.

    • I think JS and Josh 6th-7th ranking under the voice for me is not justified~ And P2 being last under personality not good for me~ Nevertheless, I respect this~ 🙂 and I agree most of it, though. 🙂

      • I just thought of P2 being the last in the personality because he is sometimes arrogant at other comments like how she commented on the perform-in-a-standstill-mode issue. Also, when asked by Randy why Elise had much more parts in their latest duet, he answered “ELise is a better singer than me” which is not too endearing to me. Lol.

      • For me, Josh’s and Jessica’s voice are not the type many would love to hear always. Take for instance the voice of Elise. It is very soothing for me. It may lack the vibrato but it is always beautiful maybe not for all but just saying, for me. :))

      • I just think JS, Josh and including Hollie have that great vocals alone regardless if many people would not love to hear it again and again~ 🙂
        I still do respect your opinion~ 🙂

    • now average all of that out and it goes like this:

      2.0– Hollie
      3.75 –Jessica
      4.0 –Colton

      It looks like Hollie is your favorite over all with Jessica second. You like Elise and Phillip the same and you don’t like Joshua at all…LOL Just having fun with your numbers.

      • Ironic how you made fun with these numbers huh. But you hit the bull’s eye. You must be a psycho. LOL!

      • Yep I’m a psycho….no doubt about that!!!!!!!!OMG! LMAO
        You must be psychic to figure that out…I can’t take it! :-D~

      • Well, if you would want to kill one of the 7, who would it be and why?

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I will stay away from this guy, Remember Throw momma from the train”  ?     ha ha ha

        Next thing you know you will be asked to push one the contestants into a shark infested  ocean. or worst ,  drown one of them in pool filled with rabid idol fans , ha ha ha.

        be careful who you talked to , the blue jays is a pro baseball team in Toronto, Canada,  uhmm I wonder?

        just saying………………………..LOL

      • There are more weirdos on here than I remember from past seasons. IDK what is going on. I’m skeerd of that guy.

    • Your personality rankings could not be any more wrong. PP has the best personality. Hollie and Josh have the most boring personalities.

    • 100% DISAGREE in The Voice category: Jessica @ #6?  Josh @ # 7? WHATTTTT??? One of the BEST SINGER IN AMERICA EVER is at #6??????are you kidding me????? (According to IDOL ICON Randy Jackson…LOL)

    • Wow, Josh AND Jess on the bottom for Voice and Looks, hmm…..not even gonna say it, think most people can imagine for themselves, but I think most rational people in this country that watch this show would highly disagree with you. When you put the two BEST vocalist on the bottom of your poll, well….you might need to wake up and see that this is 2012. Well your lil poll is a joke, but it’s your opinion, or shall we say your Belief, shame shame shame

  10. I haven’t totally made my list, but so far;
    Joshua – Now:  Hey Soul Sister [Train]  Then: Find 100 Ways [James Ingram]
    Hollie – Now: Turn Your radio On [Corrine Bailey Raye] Then: You Don’t Own Me [ Leslie Gore]

    Colton – Now:  Something from Snow Patrol  Then: Drift Away [Dobie Grey]
    P2 – Now: Who Says You Can’t Go Home [Bon Jovi] Then: Georgia [Ray Charles]
    Skylar – Now: Mean [Taylor Swift] Then:  Under The Boardwalk [Billy Joe Royal]
    Don’t have any for the other two girls yet.

  11. Here’s what I think they should sing for NOW:
    Jessica : who you are-Jessie J
    Colton : happy-Leona Lewis
    Elise : Just Like A Pill-Pink
    Hollie : King of anything-Sara Bareilles
    Skylar : Last name-Carrie Underwood
    Joshua : DJ got us falling in love again-Usher
    What do you think of my list??

  12. According to the judges Jessica has already won. We may as well quit watching.  That must make the other contestants feel awful.  Don’t get me wrong she can sing but she doesn’t have the kind of voice I care to listen to all the time.  The judges have irritated me. 

    • Yeah. There comes a time when her beautiful vibrato turns so awful I could want to die. Haha. 

    • Uh.  The topic here is what should they sing.  We don’t need another 200 posts bashing and cross-bashing the singers.

      • How can you say that she is the favorite wherein she didnt get much standing ovations compared to others like Joshua Ledet or Philip.  In my opinion the reason for the action of the judges becoz they believe that of all the 7 contestants, Jessica is not the lowest nor should be in the bottom 3.  She deserved to stay because of her consistency in her performance.   

    • The judges were very unprofessional.  I do believe there will be a backlash against Jessica because of the way they reacted  last week.  And their obvious dislike for Hollie, so blantant. 

  13. anything can sung by jess but it must be popular to a teens of she will be kick out soon… agree?

  14. my song list for the NOW part is  …

    Elise : sober – PINK, superman – five for fighting, anything by PINK and ADELE ?????

    Jessica: Take a Bow by Rihanna, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Lady Marmalade by Cristina Aguilera ( fave !! )

    Hollie: the one that got away – Katy Perry ?? (maybe?) or we found love – rhianna

    Colton: A thousand miles – vanessa carlton 😀 or Skyscraper – Demi Lovato (my dream come true !) or what makes you beautiful – one direction or use somebody  – kings of leon

    Phillip: without you – usher or she will be loved – maroon 5 or Never Too Late by Three Days Grace, please dont go – mike posner

    Joshua: man who can’t be moved – the script (idk XD) or jars of hearts or grenade – bruno mars

    Skylar: if i die young, god gave me you :”>

    • For now Listen and other slow suggestions are great, as well as And I’m Telling You but if she sings 2 ballads that night, she might get a little boring so I suppose she will sing only one of them..
      I’d LOVE if she sang and I’m telling you. She already sang Beyonce so she should do something upbeat or fun like I don’t know, someone well known. If she really wants Beyonce, Single Ladies can be nice 😀

  15. Phillip needs to sing “Dig” by Incubus.  This is perfect for him!  check out the song if you don’t know it.  It’s awesome!

  16. this is unfair for deandre he could have sung climax last week and this week differences by ginuwine. so sad that hollie is still there over him. the boy was robbed. oh well everything happens for a reason

  17. I’m telling you Joshua needs to sing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.. he will do fantastic at it.
    Colton needs to sing Breakeven by the script or Animal by Neon Trees
    Hollie needs to sing The Only Exception by Paramore
    Jessica needs to sings Listen and I Am Telling You by Jennifer Holiday/Hudson
    Elise needs to be fun with both of her songs.. but still bring down the house
    Skylar could do the beyonce song that reba did a cover on If I were A Boy
    Phillip needs to do something unexpected again like he did with In The Air Tonight. He still has not lived up to that moment.

  18. Here goes:

    Joshua –
    Now – “Hey Ya” – Outkast
    Then – “Try a Little Tenderness” – Otis Redding

    Now – “Cowboy Take me Away” Dixie Chicks
    Then –  “Drift Away” – Dobie Gray

    Now – “Kryptonite” – 3 Doors Down
    Then – “Living in America” – James Brown

    Now – “Drops of Jupiter” – Train
    Then – “Show and Tell” – Al Wilson

    Now – “White Flag” – Dido
    Then – “After the Pain” – Betty Wright

    Now – Something by Beyonce
    Then – Something by Aretha

    Now – “1, 2, 3, 4” – Feist
    Then – “In The Heart of the City” – Bobby Blue Bland

    • Technically it’s more jazz fusion than soul, but I’d love to see/hear what Joshua could do with Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat & Tears.  I can hear the horns in my head.  Yowza!

      • Or maybe, “And When I Die” by them would be fun…..

        I think Elise’s voice would be great with Bobby Bland, Solomon Burke, or even Candi Staton — “Young Hearts” — but none of their stuff was mainstream enough….. maybe “Cry to Me!”

  19. Posted this earlier and reposting here:
    Colton-I have Colton going with his spiritual side.  I think this is what he wants to do.  Current – “With Arms Wide Open”, Creed Soul “Wake Up Everybody” Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

    Elise-Elise needs to take advantage of the soul in her voice.  Current “No One”, Alicia Keys – Soul “Sweet Love” Anita Baker

    Hollie- Hollie seems to have a solid voting base from somewhere, but I think she needs to work hard to maintain it.  Current “Beatiful”, Christina Aguilera – Soul “This Will Be” Natalie Cole

    Jessica- Jessica has to show that she is the Idol and that the save was worth it. Current “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, Fergie – Soul “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going” Jennifer Holliday (see youtube for her doing this)

    Joshua-This is a day that should be made for Joshua.  Current “I Believe”, Fantasia (and the circle is complete) – Soul “Lets Stay Together” Al Green

    Philip- I like the Mraz tune.  It lets Philip go with a bit of a ska beat and works well with his WGWG image.  The recent CBS special with Lionel Ritchie and country artists shows how easy it is to mold his songs to other genres. Current “I’m Yours” Jason Mraz – Soul “Easy” Commodores

    Skylar- I think if Skylar does one slower number she needs to do a second number where she can let lose.  This is a perfect combination to show both. Current “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert predicted for a second week – Soul “Respect” Aretha Franklin.

    • i agree with:
      colton – with wide arms open (rock but christian, great for him)
      elise – sweet love (i could hear her sings this, definitely)
      jessica – and i am telling you I’m not going (telling her audience that she’s here to stay up to the finals LOL)

  20. For colten i would like him singing, How to save a life by fray,
    For Phillips, Don’t you forget about me by David Cook,
    For Skyler, Stronger by Kelly
    For Joshua, Grenade by Bruno Mars,
    For Jessica, skyscraper by Demi Lovato
    For Hollie, Love story by Taylor Swift
    For Ellise, Viva Lavida

    Now, i know this is a bit awkward selection,.. But its different for everyone, and this is what i would like them to be!

    • I’d LOVE if she sang and I’m telling you. She already sang Beyonce so she should do something upbeat or fun like I don’t know, someone well known. If she really wants Beyonce, Single Ladies can be nice 😀

  21. Could Skylar make LAST FRIDAY NIGHT or MY LIFE SUCK WITHOUT YOU a  country???
    Could Colton make IRREPLACEABLE a male hit version in a piano???
    Could Joshue make GRENADE explosives with his gospel rendition???
    Could Hollie do FIREWORKS or BLEEDING LOVE justice with her high vocals???
    Could Philipps make SEXY BACK  or HEY YAH into an alternative blues???
    Could Elise make SO WHAT? captivating with her raspy voice?
    Could Jessica outdo CRAZY IN LOVE and perform like she never did before like it was her last?

  22. I don’t think just a hard song sung good gonna save Jessica, Simply because, we all know she can hit the hard notes! What the people want to see from her is much more of an innocent childish, yet mature connection with a song in this genration that suits her age! So thats why i suggest her skyscraper rather than beyonce or mariah cause they are a generation older than her, and demi lovato’s skyscraper would bring the wheel back to jessica with more connection!

  23. jessica
    now ” I got you” Leona Lewis
    then ” I ( who have nothing) Shirley Bassey

  24. again the song is the key,,,,don’t sing a song thats not popular to the masses,,,that will be your downfall,,,,it don’t matter how good you sang it,,,if the viewing public never heard of will end up in the bottom 3…..or go home….thats the only advice l can give,,,,in this case,,lm referring to jessica sanchez……

  25. Would any of these contestants dare attempt “Run” by Leona Lewis? 

    If they could and nail it that would seal the deal.

    • If anyone could do tHat it’s Jessica. But the thing is leona version of run is perfected for her. And I don’t believe anyone could pull that they way she does. So I think no one should attempt that cause even a slight change of a note would bring great criticism.

  26. and BTW jessica     forget ballad for now,,,,,we already know you can sing it flawlessly,,,,,sing pop, rock and roll ,,,,bouncy songs,,,,this is the best advice l can give you……GOOD LUCK……

  27. For the “then” song, Joshua realllly needs to sing I Was Made to Love Her by Stevie Wonder.  I think he could really do it justice and it’s a classic.  Soulful without being “churchy” I think it would really showcase his voice and range and maybe get him some of the “female vote” that usually goes to Colton and Phillip.

  28. I would like to hear Phillip sing “Stand By Me” or “Georgia on my Mind” for then……….

  29. did you know …

    PIANO MAN, the song sung by Colton Dixon once occupied itunes chart  ranked 25 

  30. Despite the extremely polarized viewer receptions of last week’s (non-) elimination results show (to be all-inclusive of the merit of the save, who was saved, and how the save was used), I think we can all be in agreement that one good thing might have come out of it; that is, the slate has been wiped clean for any single one of the remaining idol hopefuls to put his/her stamp on it.

    Last week’s events defied the idol status quo, which, in the previous weeks has been more akin to a stagnant bottle of salad dressing with the perceived frontrunners on top like oil and the rest like bottom-dwelling sour vinegar.  Alas, the bottle has been shaken and the contestants stirred.  I hope that the reincarnation of the top 7  is a promise of a tastier, more palatable salad dressing we can all enjoy till the end of the season.

    •  I agree Now I think Elise should and will win. She is the best performer on the show

      •  I’ve got it at 1.) Colton  2.) Skylar  3.) Elise… but yeah those three are the best performers.

      • While I am nowhere close to being  a good judge of song selection, I do agree with many that Elise has not always had the best song choices.  She is one of my favorites, so I am waiting for her to galvanize her spot as a top contender.  Happy viewing this week!

      • for elise to win the competition she needs to be consistent and do your still remember when she sang “i wanna know what love is” no offense but her version is really awful and i have to admit that elise really has a beautiful voice but hello she’s a music teacher and she’s 28 compared to other contestants like jessica who’s 16 and hollie who’s 18 meaning elise is more matured when it comes to music so i should expect that she’s the best among the others but she’s not

      • Tim, how is Colton the best performer when he sits behind the piano most of the time? Skylar stumps around stage presenting herself as an angry country woman, and Elise Just has a bad attitude, watch her body language and facial expressions during elimination night, so that dampens her performance. Nobody ‘performs’ harder than Joshua. He puts his entire body and all his soul in every performance. Nobody puts their entire body into a performance quite like Joshua does, that should be easy to see. You don’t have to like his style or genre, but you can’t deny this kid puts Everything he has in Every performance!

    • Hi just1dgal,

      Hey stop it you are making me hungry, yum, how about a good serving
      of greek salad with  fresh feta cheese and lots of ripe and juicy kalamata
      and the dressing you are talking about, really………………..:D

      Let’s get back to song choices alright?

      • Hi, Ed; my apologies for the salad dressing bit.  Yeah, I can be helpful with many other things, but, sadly, I’m mostly a “sometimes bemused, sometimes oblivious” spectator when it comes to song selections, hahaha.  I did realize after having posted my comment that this isn’t the most appropriate thread for it; sorry.

      • Hi just1dgal,

        don’t apologize, I actually like your analogy, it is refreshing for a change instead of bashing and slashing and trashing that goes on in this site, food is a welcome change.  Honestly don’t stop!   I was just kidding with you. 

      • Where are your song suggestions Ed? Don’t you like “Through the Fire” for Elise. Nobody has agreed with me on that…LOL

      • Hey, Ed!  Just know that I border on giving compulsive apologies, hahaha.  No need to explain.  🙂

  31. Yes Jessica has an amazing voice !! but hey the others didn”t get there cause they can’t sing !!! they are all amazing – what are the judges going to do if Jessica gets voted off again ????? Lets face it win or lose Jessica has a record deal waiting for her the minute she walks off stage …. so lets just sit back and enjoy all the contestants and would the 3 judges who are just there to observe now – not judge – let America Judge!!

    • But with due respect…..America does not know how to judge. Look at the past seasons….Even in the past Randy and Simon did publicly comment “Come On America this is a Singing Competion. Someone’s career is at stake”. Think it was Season 2 when Reuben was in the bottom 3 which shocked the panel of the then judges, Randy, Paula and Simon. So, I repeat, America did not know how to judge back then and America does not know how to judge now. Things have never changed after so many years.

    • YES!YES!YES!
      Let America judge!!!
      You, 3 judges only observe and enjoy all the contestants

  32. I’ve said it right along… Jessica may be the best singer in the Top 7, but she’s also the worst performer.  And for that reason is the least entertaining contestant left.  Hollie’s performance  skills are far from refined too, but at least SHE tries.  Phillip’s same old act is getting stale aswell.  Joshua’s coming along, but the two that got performing to an audience on lock are easily Colton & Skylar.

    • Jessica is by no means the worst performer… have you forgetton her performance for the top 24 show? Or how about her performance of Turn the Beat Around.. and let’s not forget her performance of Stuttering.. she shows a lot of performance skills in all of those. Hollie on the other hand shows no performance skills…

      • For me its not about jessica and hollie, but its about jessica and colten! Where, colten is miles aahead of her in performance.. not in vocal acrobatics.. and more often in life being a perfectionist in vocal acrobatics aint gonna bring you stardom and fanbase… its more likability and personality and individuality.. All three aspects which jessica lacks in comparison to colten and skyler.. Elise is the worst though!

      •  Addition to Kmbaker, the judges, Jimmy and the mentors said that Jessica is so mature from her voice to her performance.  What Ive seen to Jessica compared to others is when she sings her actions follow in the right position and timing.

    • I agree with what you say about jessica … Great voice, but I am never moved by her performance. I agree with what you say about Phillip as well … Same one trick aact can get a bit boring. But, Skylar and Colton being the best performer? No, I do not see that. My favorite performer is Elise. I love that gravely edge to her voixe. Not as much as I liked Haley, from last season. But, she is my favorite performer this season.

      • totally disagree. Can Elise slay Whitney Houston’s song like Jessica did? Elise a great performer? give me a break.

      • if you are not moved by jessica’s performance then try to dance while she’s performing so at least you’re moving while she’s singing right so next time you won’t have to say that she didn’t move you

    • I don’t really think she is the worst performer. I do think she should wear some flat shoes. She is preoccupied with having to be too careful when she is moving around the stage. She should just let it go and maybe wear some flat shoes. Remember Haley Reinhardt actually fell in one of her performances.

    • No she is DEFINITELY not the worse performer….Come on…..Were you not touched by her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”? The girl blows…….is this not a singing competion after all? Voice should count but for AI voice has not mattered for a long long time. Only the popular, good looking ones will win….For sure!!

    • jessica is the worst performer? in what aspect? aren’t you aware that some famous musicians praised that girl in twitter and if she’s worst like you said then why is it that she’s so popular right now? can you answer it?

  33. I thought that the judges acted very immature last week.  They caused this big drama for ratings and it definately turned me off along with many viewers.  I will still be watching because I feel that there are still so talented contestants that deserve better.  Elise is my dark horse that I just love listening to her sing.  She deserves to be in the top 3 and I have seen comments stated the same fact.  Colton is also growing on me.  All the remaining 7 are very talented but there are just a few standouts that i am in awe of when they sing.  Good Luck to all!

    • Hi Becky,
      you are a girl after my heart, Elise has been my one and only favourite
      from the beggining.  let us hope she chose well this week.  I am still
      waiting for the official selection from the producers.  i told some of the friends here that Win or Loose she is my darkhorse.  Love her tone.

      Just saying……………………………………….

    • I try not to lock onto one performer, as I like to vote on who performed the best on that given week. But, if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Elise as well. Sadly, I think we will be losing her this week. Colton, I can take or leave … But, with his good looks they might as well crown him the winner right now. As that is how it usually works when we allow EACH pre-teen girl to vote 100 times a night.

  34. I agree with most of the song selections. Colton singing “My Girl” would be awesome! Also, I think Jessica doing Aretha would be really fun to watch

  35. I think Joshua would do well with *When A Woman Loves* by R Kelley. Its right up his alley and he could blow it outta the water. As for his then song, I suggest *Try A Little Tenderness* from Otis Redding. As for the others, I think Elise would do well with Sheryl Crow, they kinda have the same vibe. I think Skylar should do something by Reba and I would love to see her do something by Linda Rondstadt for her then song….

    • Ok, but if Skylar tries to do Blue Bayou [Ronstadt] I’m going to have to mute it.  She’d probably do a good job on Different Drum [Linda with The Stone Poneys].

  36. this is the week when, rather than going for two songs that are ‘the perfect song’ for them and written and previously recorded in a way that we think is right for them, they should think outside the box and deliver something extraordinary – think David Cook’s Billy Jean or Adam Lambert’s Mad World.  

    • Singing Adam Lambert would be the kiss of death…..No one could sing the songs he did on AI.   He was outstanding when he sang Mad World.

      • trying to sing adam is like trying to sing adele.  no one can come close, especially on “mad world”.  don’t even attempt it!!

    • Yes I think this week they can take a risk on one performance as long as they know they can nail the other. I would like to hear what they can really do. Push themselves to the limit of their capabilities and beyond. I know people think I am crazy for suggesting Elise should do Chaka Kan but I really think she could pull it off. If not she could do something safe for the other performance. 

  37. GOOOOOOOOO SKYLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            song,one of  carries underwoods!!!!

  38. Hey Branden, didn’t Josh do a younger, hipper And upbeat song last week? It don’t matter what he sings, or how good he sings it, he will not get the credit he deserves because he is not a WGWG or WGWP. No matter what he does, he will not get the same credit as Phillip or Colton because he’s different, has a different style, and sings a different genre, even though vocally he’s more talented. It doesn’t matter if he does a ballad, uptempo, old, new, no runs, a lot of runs, he will continually be criticized for something by you Branden and others here, because he doesn’t fit the normal type that end up winning this show, and we all know what type that has been the last several years. If it’s meant to be the two best Vocalists in the finals, then it should be Jess and Josh, but since we all know the main demographic of the voters, we all know that will not happen, and it’s quite sad, and possibly an indicator that this show is gonna have to change some things, or it’s demise will soon follow.

    • I agree with you 100pct…110pct. You hit the nail on the head. Yes, Jess and Josh should be the top 2 but we all know this will never happen. ……you have said everything. need I say more…..Very very true…and ver very sad

    • Certainly you must be aware that American Idol has had a good number of winners and large number of runner-ups that have been dark skinned minorities. Are your sure you want to cry that “Woo is me, I am a minority and just can’t win because of it” song and dance. Because you will look a bit stupid, if you do. Now if the show was American Rapping Idol, then you would see racism against both Whites and Asians. And you would have something to complain about.

      Jessica has a great voice, I get that. But, there are two HUGE reasons why she will not win:

      Reason One – While she has a great voice, she seldom (OK, never) has got me to feel a emotional connection with the song. As she is not a complete performer. And I suspect a lot of other people feel the same way. David Archeletta from a couple seasons back had a great voice, but was a weak performer. And he reached 2nd place. Why? (see reason 2).

      Reason Two- Jessica is NOT a young handsome man with a nice smile (as Colton is). And being as the power voters on American Idol are pre teen girl who vote a 1000 times a night and vote mainly on how cute the performer is … Jessica is at a distinct disadvantage. Is it fair? No. Do I wish it could be changed? Yes.

      But, go ahead and play the part of the fool and continue to say racism is why Jessica can not win … If it makes you feel better. But, you are not making yourself or the Asian race look good, if you do. And to ber honest, I thought Asians were above such pettiness.

  39. Here are my random picks for the Top 7:
    Jessica (my favorite ^_^): She should something classy-soulful like “And I am telling you” (Jennifer Hudson’s verion with “Please don’t go, away from me, stay with me, stay with me… Mr man, I know you caaaaan!!!”) for a power house performance. She could try a fighter-like performance of “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele or maybe “Purple Rain” by Prince. Actually, “Summertime” will do as well. “You haven’t seen the last of me” by Cher, It’ll be superb!!! Because america’s haven’t seen the last of BBChez!!!

    Skylar: I would like to see her perform “Jesus and Gravity” by Dolly Parton because this song could showcase her vocal prowess as well and yet it’s country. I would like to see her sing “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne.

    Joshua: “Try A Little Tenderness”, I know that he’ll bring his church side on the stage again. “Home” from The Wiz or “A House Is Not A Home” Luther. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” will do as well.

    Colton: I would love to see him sing “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 or “The Reason” by Hoobastank. “Escape” by Enrique.

    Elise: “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera or “My Immortal” or “Bring Me To Life” by Evanessence.

    Philip: “My Sacrifice” by Creed. “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling will be great as well.

    Hollie: “Inside You Heaven” will do by Carrie Underwood or “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

  40. Then Songs
    Phillip Phillips – Da ya think im sexy? by Rod Stewert

    Joshua Ledet – Mmmbop by Hanson

    Colton Dixon – Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

    Skylar Dixon – Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

    Elise Testone – Love In an Elevator by Aerosmith

    Hollie Cavanagh – I Don’t Care Anymore by Phil Collins

    Jessica Sanchez – House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

    Now Songs
    Phillip Phillips – I’m Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO

    Joshua Ledet – Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

    Colton Dixon – Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

    Skylar Laine – Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

    Elise Testone – “Forget” You by Cee Lo Green

    Hollie Cavanagh – Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson

    Jessica Sanchez – Love on Top by Beyonce

    • I dont know if this is supposed to be a joke, but Phillip and Colton don’t sing songs with no meaning in the lyrics.

      •  if they vote off two this week they’ll be a week ahead of the finale.  remember someone got kicked out earlier.

  41. When i listen back at Colton’s live performance of Love the Way U Lie, i just thought that the break between the bridge and the final chorus is somewhat similar as the intro of Taylor Swift’s You’re Not Sorry.

  42. i would like Jessica Sanchez to sing – NOW: Love on Top (Beyonce)/Already Gone (Kelly Clarkson) THEN: And i am telling You I am not going/Better Days (Dianne Reeves)….. i hope she will pick the right songs coz i know all eyes are with her right now, good luck Jessica. God bless! 🙂

  43. LOVE your suggestions for Skylar! And I really, really hope Jessica sings Love On Top!!!

  44. I’m rooting for Hollie this week. I have a prediction she’ll have a big moment this week that will push her over the top.

    • hollie has a beautiful voice but she needs to control it and put some technique on her singing that’s why steven always says that her pitch is all over the place because most of the time she’s hitting big notes but it sounds like she’s just screaming and can’t control it

  45. I would like Jessica to sing: The Voice Within, Listen or And I Am Tellling You. She will nail these songs and she will be getting standing ovations, LOL.

  46. We are sending our deepest prayers and sincere condolence to Jessica Sanchez and to her family.  May God Bless you and your whole family.  Your fans are here for you.   Thank you for being you.  We support and love you all the way no matter what the outcome is.  You are truly blessed.

  47. Off topic, but are any of you watching the Voice? There’s no WAY any of them are better than the top 7 on Idol! They all sound horrible. As much as AI is stirring up controversy, they DO pick much better talent than that show! Geez What is up with that country chick Raylynn, however you spell her name, is she even speaking English? I don’t know why I watch this show, thank goodness for DVR and fast forward, uggggh

  48. I would love for Colton to sing ‘Someone Like You’ from Adele!!! I’ve always wanted to hear a male sing it, and I feel he’d be AWESOME!!!!

    • while playing the piano….it’s gonna be great … because “someone like you” need a good appreciation … and I’m sure Colton has a great appreciation …. because every time he looked at the camera, we know what message that his want to deliver….

      i hope so he’s gonna be sing someone like you…….

  49. EVERYONE! For the now theme, the songs should have been #1 in billboard! Ok? 😀 Bleeding Love or We Belong Together for Jessica would be perfect! 😀

  50. I think the 3 young girls (hollie, jessica, skylar) will all have amazing performances this week!!

    rooting for hollie!

  51. Colton: then- dream on by Aerosmith
    Now- how you remind me by nickelback

    Skylar: now- banjo by rascall flatts
    Then- undo it by Carrie underwood

    Phillip: now- we are young by fun.
    Then- I can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis

    Joshua: now- OMG by Usher
    Then- if I can’t have you by bee gees

    Elise: now- so what by pink
    Then- like a prayer by Madonna

    Hollie: now-

    • Hollie: now- love story by Taylor swift
      Then- forever young by rid Stewart

      Jessica: then- im still standing by Elton John
      Now- someone like you by Adele

  52. Jessica Sanchez should sing any of the list below:

    Mama Knows Best by Jessie J.
    Lady Marmalade by Xtina, Pink, Mya, Lil Mama feat. Missy Elliot
    And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going by Jennifer Hudson
    Bring Me To Life – Evanescence     
    Through The Fire  by Chaka Khan
    I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta James
    Respect by Aretha Franklin
    Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack
    Proud Mary – Tina Turner

    • yup it should be HOT 100 number one of billboard…but the THEN songs are great list for her, many people are rooting for ID RATHER BE BLIND or RESPECT…I’m one of them

  53. Phillip Phillips doing “Smooth”by Santana and Rob Thomas – that’s a great idea, Branden. I love that song.

  54. Disrespectful to the other contestants telling America that Jessica is the best singer we’ve ever had on AI. Vote for her!  I also think they needed to allow her to sing and then decide. I do like Jessica Sanchez and agree with judges that she is great. But how do the others feel about hearing that?  I don’t think it was appropriate to save her like that.

    • They didn’t say that Jessica is the best. They did say that Jessica was ONE of the best… not just in AI but in the entire country.

  55. Jessica can do any Celine, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson song.  Elise’s voice is nice for a Roberta Flack song like Killing Me Softly amd Phil Phillips is appropriate for a Police/Sting song like Every Breath You Take

    • I was thinking that Phil Phillips sounded a bit like Sting in the song he sang with Elise last week

  56. Move on people… Jessica was saved already, maybe it’s time to look at the bright side of the contest… Give the girl a chance to fulfill her dreams, she is not here to be praised or what… she just want to sing, that’s all. 

  57. phillip~
    like to see he sing Grenade by Bruno Mars

    mad sound + Mad face(when he sing)+lyrics…lol
    Gavin DeGraw_-_I Don’t Want To Be
    Kings Of Leon_-_Use Somebody

    The Fray_-_You Found Me
    Falling Slowly
    Secondhand Serenade_-_Fall For You
    Bruno Mars_-_Just The Way You Are

    Paramore_-_The Only Exception
    Orianthi_-_According To You
    Katharine Mcphee_-_Terrified

    S Club 7_-_Never Had A Dream Come True
    Miley Cyrus_-_The Climb
    Don’t Stop Believing

    is she this she will 100% nail it and also can PK X Factor Usa winner Melanie Amaro~

    Bruno Mars_-_Lazy Song
    I’ll Stand By You

    Sugarland_-_Stuck Like Glue

  58. Joshua
    Now: You Lost Me – Christina Aguilera 
    Then: Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding
    Heard it Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye 
    Midnight Train To Georgia – Gladys Knight and The Pips

    Now: California King Bed – Rihanna (seriously!)
    Then: Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash 
    Fever – Peggy Lee

    Now: Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine
    Then: Feeling Good – Nina Simone 
    I’d Rather Go Blind – Etta James

  59. I’d like to hear “Make It Happen” or “Can’t Take That Away” both by Mariah Carey for ‘then’ song to Jessica. Any Beyonce (Love onTop/Crazy In Love), Jessie J (Domino, Price Tag) and Demi Lovato (Skyscraper/Give your Heart a Break) song would do for her ‘now’ song. If Mariahs song is not that old/soul enough, I suggest Id Rather Go Blind by Etta James or And I’m Telling You by Jennifer Holiday for her to choose from.

    •  At Armond:

      And if they don’t , are you prepared to cry  your self to sleep? LOL

      I have another singer in mind going home, so we will see tomorrow
      no need to tell you who, you won’t like it anyway.

  60. I wonder if the contestants will be allowed to finish the whole songs that they are gonna be singing or it will just be a  portion of it? I hope it will be the whole songs of each….

    • With 14 songs there won’t be time.
      14 songs at 2 minutes each is 28 minutes.
      40 minutes of commercials
      That is 68 minutes
      That only leaves 52 minutes for inane blather!  I am surprised they aren’t cutting the singing down to 1 minute each.

  61. please jessica sing ‘be without you’, totally agree with branden….
    JS FTW….

  62. Joshua Ledet should sing “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding for this week ‘then’ song.. It would be AWESOME!! 😀 😀

  63. Jess should sing beyonce’s run the world and better days by diane reeves….

  64. Hollie should sing Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life”. I’m quite sure she’ll be great with this song. She’ll have to redeem herself! I’m still not giving up on her. I think she will win this.

  65. The most anticipated AI11 idol this week is nearly to begin any moment no other than Jessica Sanchez,any songs  it’s ok for me.I’m sure she will pick for the best,to show that she was saved and give the 3 judges something in return.Show us followers that you are very much qualified not to be in the bottom 3 again otherwise you’ll be off stage on thursday.Go FTW Miss little brown girl……………………………………….go go go there we are behind you whatever it takes.

  66. Just select the best song that fits your vocal,Go FTW or FT2nd or FT3rd it will be ok to all your followers globaly.
    Recording company are on the line waiting for you there,promise you will be huge someday as Brandy told you in America’s got talent last 5 years ago.This is only the begining of your future career.

  67. let’s hope jessica choose the right, famous, memorable songs tonight.. And please, no more unknown never heard before songs..  come on jes… Raise your game a little bit higher than before.. don’t let the judges and america regret to have saved you last week.. Go Jes!! 😀

  68. im stu.. stu.. stut… stuttering … Go Jessica.. Go to win the heart of America…

  69. Some SONG Suggestions
     for COLTON:  Wicked Game by Chris Isaak 
                                 LONGER by Dan FogelbergJESSICA- Bleeding Love…….Leona LewisPHILLIP- Joe Cocker hit(old)JOSHUA- Any  early ELVIS PRESLEY (gospel/soul) hit
    ELISE- sing CHER ‘Gypsy,Tramps & Thieves’ or ‘Believe’ or any early hit!
    SKYLER-New Kelly Clarkson-STRONGER

  70. This is what I would chose for the contestants (Yes I know a list was leaked.  I scrolled right past it, don’t want to know until they sing.  I had a hard time deciding songs for Then, so I don’t have a Then choice for some, and am not 100% sure if the Now songs ever made it to top 100.)

    Elise: Now –  “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele (yeah I know, I’m a little tired of it too.  She’d do good though.)
    Then – “I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues” by Elton John.

    Philip: Now – “Grenade” by Bruno Mars or “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train or “Californication” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Then – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” don’t care which version since multiple people have done it.

    Colton: Now – “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga (I’ve always wanted to hear a slower male version done on a piano) or “You Found Me” by the Fray.

    Skylar: Now – “Consider Me Gone” by Reba or “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

    Joshua:  Now – “Forget You” by Cee-Lo or “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley or “With You” by Chris Brown or “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. 
    Then – “You are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson (Couldn’t quite decide if I should classify this as soul…oh well.)

    Hollie: Now – “Why Can’t I?” by Liz Phair or “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus or “White Horse” by Taylor Swift.

    Jessica: Now – “Unfaithful” by Rihanna or “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyonce or “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera. 
    Then – “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.  Definitely.

  71. This is what I would chose for the contestants (Yes I know a list was leaked.  I scrolled right past it, don’t want to know until they sing.  I had a hard time deciding songs for Then, so I don’t have a Then choice for some, and am not 100% sure if the Now songs ever made it to top 100.)

    Elise: Now –  “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele (yeah I know, I’m a little tired of it too.  She’d do good though.)
    Then – “I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues” by Elton John.

    Philip: Now – “Grenade” by Bruno Mars or “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train or “Californication” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Then – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” don’t care which version since multiple people have done it.

    Colton: Now – “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga (I’ve always wanted to hear a slower male version done on a piano) or “You Found Me” by the Fray.

    Skylar: Now – “Consider Me Gone” by Reba or “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

    Joshua:  Now – “Forget You” by Cee-Lo or “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley or “With You” by Chris Brown or “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. 
    Then – “You are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson (Couldn’t quite decide if I should classify this as soul…oh well.)

    Hollie: Now – “Why Can’t I?” by Liz Phair or “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus or “White Horse” by Taylor Swift.

    Jessica: Now – “Unfaithful” by Rihanna or “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyonce or “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera. 
    Then – “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.  Definitely.

  72. I think Skylar should sing “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. I think it was out in 2004, so it would be a “then” song.

    Her Biggest Fan,

  73. I think Colton should sing a son by Switchfoot. Maybe “24”, or “Dare you to move”


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