American Idol 2012: Top 7 Round 2 Has A Theme

American Idol 2012 Top 7 round 2

American Idol theme this week for has been revealed: Now & Then. No, not those tasty candies “Now & Later” but rather a mix of songs from “now” and then another from “then.” Looks like Nigel is wising up to what audiences want to hear on American Idol, and by that I don’t mean he finally started listening to our complaining but started watching The Voice and X Factor!

Since each of the returning American Idol 2012 Top 7 will be doing two songs they’ll pick a #1 hit from 2000-2012 off the Billboard charts. The other song will be a “soul” selection and come from a previous decade. I’m hoping for something early 12th century. You know, something really classic.

Branden will have his list of “sing this, not that” up tomorrow for this American Idol 2012 set of finalists, but until then let’s hear what you’d like to see your favorites perform this week on stage. Remember, after last week’s chaos during the American Idol results show the pressure will really be on to bring it home.

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  1. It will take some thought to figure out what I’d like them to sing and make a list.  This theme could work very well.  All I know for sure at this point is I’d like Joshua to do Hey Soul Sister [Train] for his “Now” song

  2. Great job to all of the American Idolists from last week and especially to Jessica! Wow Hon You surely did amazing and i love you so much! Great 🙂 ! Wow the judges must love you seeing them run up on stage to you and the looks on their faces when you were about to be kicked off! 
    But out of all my vote goes to Hollie! Hon you are amazing and beautiful and your voice just like shoots my like an arrow in the heart and not as a lovey dovey way becuz i am a girl but because its just so beautiful and shocking! 
    Actually there is a little confusion of either Hollie or Colton … Colton when you sang Love the Way you Lie I was like OMG ! Where is this coming from and i wanted to cry… that song is like a hip hop / rap song and hearing you sing it like a lulaby was so sweet ; so my wishes to you and Hollie and hope one of you may win! ♥♥♥ Your so cute not to mention and who ever sent you that PROM invite on the last show made me jealous! 😛 Lol Jk … but you and Hollie should date so just know i will be watching you guys and ruting you on! LOVE ALL OF YOU ♥
    -Kayla Fink- 
    Age; 13 
    Minneota St.Paul
    PS. does anyone know their adress so i can send things to the show ? 

    • You can probably get a mailing address at Idol’s site but why when you can leave messages to them right there?

      • People hear what they want to hear. and they are gonna like whoever they feel like liking. If Jessica is your favourite, so be it. you don’t have to force someone to like these contestants and say something like, “if people have ear they should love..” cuz it’s rather stupid and immature.  I know Jessica is a great singer… probably the best. But I am just not a fan of her.. my bet is still on Skylar, Colton and Hollie. Get it ?

  3. the way things are going,  I have a feeling, philip and elise will be the final two.  

  4. Here is what i would want them to sing-

    Colton- hey there delila or we are young. I think he could nail both these songs.

    Hollie- firework or rolling in the deep. On youtube her video of ritd sounded great and im sure she could belt out a great firework

    Jessica- take a bow or empire state of mind. Im sure she could blow both of these out of the water, she is good!

    Philip- Hey ya or bad day. If he could take hey ya and slow it down with just him on stage i think he could have a moment

    Joshua- Let me love you or grenade.  he proved that he can sound current with his song last week and i want to see more of that.

    Elice- No one or Falling.I think her rasp would blend well with these two songs.

    Skylar- My life would suck without you. I really just want her to sing this song because i think she could put a country spin on it.

    good luck all 7 of you!

  5. I also need to think about songs I would like to hear them sing , we are at a point were all the contestants are now like family , anyone of them could win…..
    Hollie and Colten are my FAVS ! But Skylar is my Country Girl ! Jessica and Phillip are just ok to me . Don’t get mad at me for saying so .Elise is doing much better, but it’s all in her song choices , Joshua belongs in a church somewhere down south ! Must take my time to think this thru ! =3

    • It’s a shame that you have such bad taste on who should bag this competition, but hey! that’s you. All I know is your Hollie should have gone home long time ago. SHE CAN’T SING!!!!!!!!!!! She can hit high notes alright but she just doesn’t have the melody and she’s almost always off key. How can that be an american idol????? Wake up and start realizing that the one’s you’re criticizing are the one’s that’s deserving to get votes…So good luck with your bad predictions. As far as I’m concerned, Jessica, Joshua and Colton should make the top cut.  

      • Since the save is gone, the judges should take the hint and not be so partial.  They are why Hollie has been too nervous to sing.  It is going to be their fault if who all you consider to be better singers get voted off early.  People are tired of their antics.

      • People hear what they want to hear. and they are gonna like whoever they
        feel like liking. If Jessica is your favourite, so be it. you don’t
        have to force someone to like these contestants and say something like,
        “if people have ear they should love..” cuz it’s rather stupid and
        immature.  I know Jessica and Joshua are great singers… probably the best. But I
        am just not a fan of them.. my bet is still on Skylar, Colton and Hollie.
        Get it ?

      • People like who they like. Music is a matter of personal preference. You cast your vote and let others cast theirs. No need for all the disrespect here. Peace!

      • Off key? I don’t know where that comes from, and to say she can’t sing. She sings well. I think she should sing one of Linda Ronstadt songs. I’d love for her and Joshua to sing Somewhere Out There, by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.

  6. Id like to hear one of the boys sing David Ruffin’s song (I wish it would rain, with Temptations) and Chain Melody.

    • you probably won’t wanna do that cuz that song’s murdered by 1st Malaysian Idol – Jaclyn Victor somewhere in 2004. she sure don’t wanna  get oversang by some unknown idol right ? hhe

      • who’s the unknown idol you’re talking about??? jessica sanchez??? wow if she’s unknown to you then what planet are you from?

      • whose Jaclyn Victor? and where is Malaysia? LOL. Hey , we’re talking about American Idol for pete’s sake. Who cares about your Malaysian idol. oh well.

        I’ll definitely vote for Jessica.  Go girl!

      • what Malaysian Idol? you’ve gone too far dong, i thought the subject was American Idol…

  7. This week should be a double elimination as I recall last year was the same am I wrong?

  8. hope philip would sing without his guitar….wanna see what he can do without it…i mean just try something new! joshua could try singing something mellow without the screaming and all, for a change! Jessica can sing anything, just pick a more popular song, a song that would showcase the power of her voice… love to see jessica and colton on the finals 😀

  9. Ha ha! I knew it! I said last week that they should do a Now and Then theme and they are! 🙂

  10. One of these singers should try:
     ‘Bleeding Love’ by Leona Lewis, winner of Britain’s Idol….( new)……Jessica S.Adam Lambert’s   ‘What do You Want from Me'( new)..JoshuaCher: If I Could Turn Back Time  (old)….Jessica or Elise       ??    :Gypsy Woman (old)…. Bruce Springsteen or Joe Cocker :  any hit (old)….PhilDan Fogelberg:  Longer (old)  ….ColtonOlivia Newton John (old)…HollieReba McIntire hit (new or old)..Skyler

  11. Phillip Now – Mad Season by Matchbox 20 (from 2000)


    Always and Forever – Heatwave

    • Hi Ernie,

      I recently have seen Jessica’s cover on that song in U-Tube and she did a wonderful job, good suggestion. She will do well with this one.

  12. “And I am Telling You” for Jessica Sanchez. Singing this song is a sweetest revenge. 🙂

    • I agree!!!! This song will totally showcase her vocal range and make people realize that she is a great singer. After all this is a singing competition. So please Jessica, if you can read this pick something big. Never let your guard down….You do have a good chance to win this all the way if only you will learn to choose the right song for your voice.

      • I could almost hear her belting out “and im telling you im not going….. Cuz you….you…youll gonna love meeeeee!!!!!!!!” lol…. Ill borrow your phrase vheejannify….. “what a sweet revenge!!! I really hope she considers this song. 🙂

  13. Jessica:
    NOW – Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera
    THEN – Respect by Aretha Franklin

    NOW – Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s
    THEN – Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

    NOW – We Found Love by Rihanna
    THEN – I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James

    NOW – Fallin by Alicia Keys
    THEN – I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

    NOW – Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood
    THEN – Mignight Train To Georgia – Gladys Knight

    NOW – You’re Beautiful by James Blunt
    THEN – Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles

    NOW – Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
    THEN – Lean On Me by Bill Withers

      • Oh God, here we go again. This is the same line of crap that the Bible Belt crowd and country music fans used on Haley Rhienhart last season. Why is it that when a strong minded, female performer voices her own viewpoint, it ALWAYS considered “sarcastic and conceited” by some? But, when a guy performer does the same thing, it is never held to the same standard? Can I ask if you are ultra religious? As women are expected to be docile and humble and never speak their mind in those social circles … Am I correct? Personally, I like a person (man or women) who stands up for what they feel is right, as opposed to being all humble and docile in a subservient way.

  14. if hollie could try a song from birdy which is skinny love, i think she could have a moment if she gives just enough soul… 🙂

  15. I want someone to do “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down and someone to do “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts and another to do “Believe” by Brooks and Dunn. I don’t care who does what. Three of my favorite songs on the planet and of all times. 

    • wud luv to here a girl version of here without you…. no guy shud sing this song coz noone will beat the original (for me anyways, even boyce avenue pales in comparison).

  16. Rumor says that Jessica Sanchez will sing Listen by Beyonce and And I Am Telling you by Jennifer Hudson

  17. Jessica, please do a Chaka Khan classic “Through The Fire” for “Then”, and do Beyonce’s  “Love On Top” for the “Now”

  18. i’d like Jessica to sing LISTEN….go jessica sing  this song and dedicated you to the  people of philippines!!!!!!….your so talented girl…good bless!

  19. Jessica Sanchez should sing:

    Now:  Mama Knows Best by Jessie J.
                Lady Marmalade by Xtina, Pink, Mya, Lil Mama feat. Missy Elliot
                And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going by Jennifer Hudson          
                Bring Me To Life – Evanescence        

    Then: Through The Fire  by Chaka Khan
                 I’d Rather Be Blind by Etta James
                 Respect by Aretha Franklin
                 Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack
                 Proud Mary – Tina Turner

  20. For the ‘now’ would like someone the sing ‘The Reason’ bu Hoobastank. And for the ‘then’ would love to hear Joshua sing one if my all time favorite songs, ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye, one of the best belly rubbing songs of all time, but I think he would absolutely kill that song.

  21. I hope this time Jessica Sanchez has learned a lot. I have been rooting for her but after her near elimination last week I am ready for whatever fate is destined for her. Many used to expect for certain songs that she would probably sing every round but it everything seemed to turn disappointment because she chose to sing songs that are not so familiar and sort of never-been-heard songs by many. Again, I hope she learned that this is not a competition of who makes the best version of an unfamiliar song but rather who wows the audience by nailing known powerful songs.  I hope last week ended up her poor choice of songs, she came there not to pay tribute to the singer of her chosen songs but she came there to sing for her win and be a American Idol.

    I knew Jessica will land in the music industry very soon like Jennifer Hudson but things would be very remarkable and great if the best singer in the competition is the eventual winner of it.

    • Colton sings obscure songs at times too but he does them so well he remains in the top tier. That song that Jessica sang is not only relatively unknown but it’s just a bad song IMO. She sang it well actually. Probably better than the original but I just don’t like the song. It has corny lyrics IMO and that might be part of what cost her last week.

  22. Too predictable as a theme choice. Anyway, you should feed the people what they want Nigel. Everyone has to be satisfied with your show.

    After last week, I will surely see Jessica this week. I won’t really refer nor predict songs that she should sing. It’s up for her to satisfy my taste. I’ve always loved her and I hope she won’t fail me. 

    Elise and Philip shouldn’t disappoint me either. Elise has been pimping herself up and I want to see Philip experimenting his choices.

  23. i would love to hear them all sing the same song and each do their own individual spin on it.  then you would see the real talent shine through.

    • In theory, that sounds good. But, that would be very repetitive and boring to watch. And would ruin the show.

      • I don’t think so Foxstar. I would be captivated to find out how each person would interpret that song. It would be very interesting. Everyone isn’t going to sing it the same. That’s my opinion anyway.

      • You’re right.  years ago, on The Gong Show every contestant came out and sang Feelings.  Kill me now.

    • I was thinking that same thing. I think that is how it should be for the whole competition. 

      Next years rules: Everyone sings the same song. They can change it how ever they want and even sing different verses but it has to be the same song. Then we call in and rate each performance 1-5 with 5 being the best. No voting for one person or the other. The one with the lowest rating goes home. What do you think?

      I think this would work. I also think they should give us up until noon the next day to finish our ratings. The phone companies would be happy because instead of quantity of calls and texts the calls would be longer. It would be a wash as far as the money they would make. 

      This goes along with my theory of if a person is a good singer they can sing anything. If you are a true artist you can make it your own style and do a great job no matter if you are a rocker or a pop star or a country singer. 

      • love it, love it, LOVE IT!!   as we all know, the voting system is ludicrous and so are the judges.  and you’re right, a great singer can sing ANYTHING and blow it away.  and also have fun with it.  in the long run, however, the great talent on this season, seasons past, and seasons to come will be making records for years.  the rest will fall by the wayside as so many past winners have already done

  24. I suspect that I am one of the few who think this way. But, I think American Idol is making a huge mistake by making selections from such broad categories as … Now and Then. As part of the charm of American Idol was the “challenge” the performers faced by having to pick from the catalogue of some musical artist from the past, that they most likely never heard. And seeing the occasional Adam Lambert rendition moments that would blow us away. The shows’ “X-Factor” and “The Voice” let their performers select any song they want to sing, for the most part. And I think most on this website will agree, that American Idol is far more entertaining than those shows, because of it. Sometimes, if we complain to much, we will get what we wish for. And in this case, that is NOT a good thing.

  25. I hope Jessica will sing “Believe” by Cher. She should make it rockish and powerful with her voice. just an opinion. But it’s not their theme anyway.

  26. I would love to see Jessica sing one of these POWER HOUSE songs:
    – Out Here On My Own
    – There’s A Winner In You
    – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going
    – I Am Changing
    – I Believe (Fantasia Barrino)
    – Listen (Beyonce’s Live Version, Extended)
    – Weekend In New England
    – Let Me Be Your Star (SMASH)
    – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Patti Labelle’s Version)
    – You’ll Never Walk Alone (Patti Labelle’s Version)
    – I’ll Never Love This Way Again
    – Midnight Train To Georgia
    – Healing
    – Raindrops Will Fall

    This song for Skylar just snap on my mind when I’m thinking songs for my fav Jessica. Hope she’ll sing this as well, a country-soul.
    Skylar Laine:
    – Jesus and Gravity (Dolly Parton)

    I would really love to see Jessica sing songs which could showcase her vocal prowess. Give them a performance like it’s finale already and you’re in it to WIN it! The first female contender who will break the trend of male winners these past years.

                     lADY ANTEBELLUM-
                    katy PERRY- any recent hit
                     Adele-  SET FIRE TO THE RAIN
                     BRUNO MARS-Grenade
                     Michael Jackson- Man in the Mirror/ Smooth Criminal
    Then: Lionel Richie   Hello  
                 Diana Ross( Supremes)- Baby Love/Stop in the Name of Love
                 Four Tops 
                 Beach Boys
                  Dan Fogelberg-
                 Bryan Adams
                  Phil Collins
                 Bruce Springsteen

    • Again, Beach Boys, Dan Fogelberg, Bryan Adams, and Bruce Springsteen are not soul, and Phil Collins is only when he covers a different artist.

    • Uh, The Four Tops, The Beach Boys, Dan Fogelberg, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen are NOT soul.

  28. And I feel so excited~. I think they would do great~ Pressure is on, especially for JS, Hollie & Elise, I guess~ 🙂 Oh, before I forgot I hope Colton will do great to have the SO from the judges that he really wanted~ 🙂 

  29. I think Phillip can sing “Smooth” by Carlos Santana feat. Rob Thomas. I think he can pull it off because his voice is similar to the one of Rob Thomas.Elise can sing Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”, Joshua can sing “Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding,Jessica can sing”One Less Bell To Answer” by the Fifth Dimension.

  30. I don’t care what everyone else does if only these singers would sing these three songs:

    Elise Testone–Here Without You(3 Doors Down)

    Joshua Ladet–Believe(Brooks and Dunn)

    Skylar Laine–My Wish(Rascal Flatts)

    Do you think they could do it? If you say no then what chance have they got of ever reaching the level of these artists? I think one of them could do my song choice justice. Sadly we will probably never find out. Which one do you think I am talking about?

  31. wo songs, a recent #1 and a “soul” song from a previous
    decade.  Define soul!

    Colton-I have Colton goin with his spiritual side.  I think this is what he wants to do.  Current – “With Arms Wide Open”, Creed Soul “Wake Up Everybody” Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

    Elise-Elise needs to take advantage of the soul in her voice.  Current “No One”, Alicia Keys – Soul “Sweet Love” Anita Baker

    Hollie- Hollie seems to have a solid voting base from somewhere, but I think she needs to work hard to maintain it.  Current “Beatiful”, Christina Aguilera – Soul “This Will Be” Natalie Cole

    Jessica- Jessica has to show that she is the Idol and that the save was worth it. Current “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, Fergie – Soul “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going” Jennifer Holliday (see youtube for her doing this).  As I look at this in  retrospect the titles are sort of ironic.

    Joshua-This is a day that should be made for Joshua.  Current “I Believe”, Fantasia (and the circle is complete) – Soul “Lets Stay Together” Al Green

    Philip- I like the Mraz tune.  It lets Philip go with a bit of a ska beat and works well with his WGWG image.  The recent CBS special with Lionel Ritchie and country artists shows how easy it is to mold his songs to other genres.
    Current “I’m Yours” Jason Mraz – Soul “Easy” Commodores

    Skylar- I think if Skylar does one slower number she needs to do a second number where she can let loose.  This is a perfect combination to show both. Current “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert predicted for a second week – Soul “Respect” Aretha Franklin.

  32. their theme is  soul song from a  different decade and   billboard #1 hits from 2000 to 2009, not any new songs and not any old songs. jessica should sing etta jame’s I’d rather be blind  and  christina aguillera’s lady marmalade.

  33. Jessica will showcase her vocal prowess if she choose this week competition ” I SURRENDER…Love to hear it!

  34. I want colton sing complicated by avril lavigne…while playing a piano….

    # I like it

  35. Colton should sing something by Coldplay, like “Fix You” when he did his final audition. I want that on Itunes!

  36. Joshua should sing an upbeat song that matches his voice….like Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson style)

  37. As of today I’m no longer watching American Idol.
    I love all to contestants, however after last weeks bottom three………….
    I found it very disturbing, I don’t like what happened and therefore I’m just going to change the channel.

  38. Judges’ decision to save Jessica was just right. AI is a talent show and therefore is supposed to find the best among the contenders. Others say bad things about Jessica and her not being “a real American”, but hey, Jessica would not have been allowed to audition in the first place if she was not recognized as American. Wake up folks, i am American myself, but i see nothing else in a contestant except from his talent.  After all, this is what a TALENT show is all about –  finding the BEST, not stopping the “star” from shining.

    • you’re so right dude and if AI is a popularity contest like the others are saying then why do every contestant needs to sing and practice every week if the voice is not that important to become popular right, AI is created for talented people who’s great at singing and not a contest to find the cutest boy next door or the next it girl

  39.  These themes are so obviously favoring Jess & Joshua it’s sick.   
    Only #1 hits from billboard is very limiting, surely it’s just not #1s?

    Very tough themes for these guys, this really sucks!! Talk about rigged.

    Now: Matchbox Twenty-Bent
    Soul: Phillipized version of Tony Toni Tone-It Never Rains (In Southern California)

    Now:  Vertical Horizon-Everything You Want
    Soul: Brian McKnight-Anytime

  40. Would love to see Phillip do You Can leave Your Hat On, a really old song by Joe Cocker, or Black by Pearl Jam.

  41. JESSICA NEEDS TO GO HOME …SO LAST WEEK WHEN the judges saved jessica Randy said that the show is about finding the best…. so he just said jessica is the best one n the other idols suck… whats the point of the other six even trying…i would just give up… WE ALL KNOW WHOSE GOING TO WIN

  42. I think that jessica needs to go home so the other idols have s fair chance to win……damnit go home already

  43. Hey there,

    does anyone know the piano piece from the beginning of Top7 Round 2.
    I just can’t figure what piece that is and the internet isn’t much of a help there. It is really nice though..

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