American Idol 2012: What To Expect Top 3 Week

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips hometown

It’s American Idol 2012 Top 3 week and that means only four more episodes remain until the season 11 winner is crowned.

This week, the American Idol Top 3 are heading home for their hometown “heroes welcome” where they’ll find out what songs the judges and mentor Jimmy Iovine has chosen for them. They’ll sing three songs each: a song picked by the judges, a song picked by Jimmy and a song of their own choosing. I think it’s a safe bet to say the songs that will make the most sense will be Jimmy’s choices.

On Thursday night we’ll learn the final two that will compete in the finale the following week. Will it be Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips or Joshua Ledet to be the last contestant eliminated? Also Thursday, Lisa Marie Presley will perform (really? she’s trying the music thing again) and so will season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert.

It’s going to be quite a week for American Idol. Don’t forget to keep yourself locked in on American Idol Net and our Facebook & Twitter for all the updates, recaps and results as we head into finale week next week!

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez hometown

American Idol 2012 Joshua Ledet hometown




  1. Goodluck JESSICA! We love you and we believe in your talent! We will support you all the way! GOOO JESICAAAAA!!!!!!!

  2. It’s very nice to see all of them on home coming.  Their pics and vids are all amazing.  Can’t wait for Wednesday’s performance again.!!!  Good Luck to the Top 3.  My the best Idol win.   Go Jessica!!!!

    •  This reply is for Armond: 
      Where is your logic?  “How can anybody not root for her?”.  Of course there are plenty of people who do not root for her, not vote for her, not even like her. 
      Your opinion is not absolute. neither is mine.

      • To AI fan, logic means using your brain not your heart . If Jessica Sanchez is praised by so many qualified singers in the industry who don’t have any dog in the fight so to speak, then it is hard to understand people like you. If you must know, I’ll mention some names here and remember they did not root for anybody else. Jennifer Holiday , Jennifer Hudson , India Arie, Akon, James mc Cartney, Adam Lambert , Kris Allen, Haley Reinhart, Tommy Mottola and many more. These people judge Jessica without bias but simply because she is really that good.

  3. Jimmy’s choice must really be the one to look up to~
    C’mon jimmy, please no dissapointments~ Hehe.~ :)))

    •  I also hope Jimmy does a good job picking the Top 2’s first singles! He did a good job with Scotty and Lauren last year.

  4. Hoping Jessica will finally sing “Listen” now……..Hoping a long wait is over for us who are hoping for that song to be sung by her. Originally I rooted for Jessica and Philip in the finale but I think of possible change now, probably Jessica and Joshua in the finale.

  5. Not to make this a big deal, but why is Phillip’s homecoming pic is shown? Just repost the pic of the top 3 as per posted on other articles. Thanks.

    • Yes it’s not shown because the judges have their little darlings all picked out for who they want to win.  They have shown complete disrespect for Phillip and you know what, it’s all gonna come back and bite them is the butt cause when the curtain falls down to end this most annoying (by the judges), season of Idol, it will be Phillip Phillips standing tall and proud.  Go Phillip buddy, America loves you, we love your style, we love your attitude, we love your music….. You just “keep on rocking in the free world”………..Namaste’…….  BTW, I am not in the 50 and below category, us well seasoned ones, know what kind of music will sell.

      • I am in the 20 and below category, right at the line and I agree with you 100%.  I am a Hollie fan but will now switch my votes to P2.  I do believe he will receive the wrath of Jimmy and the judges this week.  I think Hollie was crucified by them.  But watch out, P2 has never been in the bottom, the othertwo have.  Everyone says the favorite is JS, could be a shocker.

      •  What is wrong with Phillips picture?  It suits to him, because he hates it to be in the center of great mass events and he probably is  more comfortable with this little child-group.

      • How in the hell have the judges disrespected Phillip? That’s such a crock. He’s been praised by the judges AND Jimmie just as much as Jess and Josh. He was their pick to be in the finale from the beginning, just listen to Jimmie’s remarks about how he started out on top for the guys, and ther others would have to prove themselves to catch up to him. If anything, He has gotten Over praised. For example, ‘time of the season’ was awful, his own brother in law told him it ‘sucked’, his melody was terrible, but that judges complimented him on it, at any point in the entire competition where the judges could have justifiably criticized him, they Didn’t. If you go back and listen to the comments the entire season, you will see for yourself that Phillip was their favorite from the beginning, but Joshua has gotten stronger throughout the competition while Phillip has coasted through doing the exact same stuff every week. So you think Phillip is being disrespected…..that has NEVER happened, Josh and Jess are simply far superior to Phillip, Period, and they have deserved the praise, so get over it, that just a ridiculous and untrue comment.

      • this is to soulshines….you couldn’t of said that better…..the judges certainly do have their favorites all picked out and HIGH FIVE cuz when the final curtain drops this year the judges will be left with nothing but egg all over their faces…they truly are washed up has beens… the HELL would they know….P2 is what talent is all about….. and cheers on the P2 “keeping on rocking in the free world”

      • and the other to final wanna beeees are simply “blatters” give it up…P2 P2 P2 P2 all the way…your next american idol

    • Phillip went to visit children at Phoebe for a private concert while at home. I too wonder why they didn’t put a picture up of his homecoming, but I’ve noticed all along how they at AI try to keep him down like he’s nothing special, but he’s the most special and talented one of them all. I love to hear Phillip sing, he’s awesome. 

      • First find out before you talk crap…
        However,  go figure..he been the favorite of the judges all along….so ENOUGH OF YOUR MIND GAMES…STOP TRYING TO GET THE SORRY VOTES..IT NOT HAPPENING.

    • Because he is the best, didn’t you know that?  Not to mention, he had 2 travel 2 Ga.  Miss Jessica won’t be suffering any jet lag..give P2 a break!

  6. We are rooting for Jessica, the best American Idol! Go, Jessica ang God bless!

  7. Why is Joshua still on the show?  He can sing – but NO ONE will ever want to go see him like in a concert setting!  Idol is supposed to be about picking an upcoming star that the people will actually want to see.  Like Daughtery, Carrie, Kelly not ones like Fantasia!  No one will want to see Joshua anymore than they ever wanted to see Fantasia!!  Makes a mockery of the show.

    • I am with you on this one. If ever I hear Joshua sings on  the radio, I’d turn it off. I can’t stand those screechy noise plus the contour of his face when he sings the high notes. 

      • I was watching my facebook  and showed the best 20  singers on american idol. One of them was Katherine Mcphee’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Clay Aiken’s ” Bridge Over Troubled Waters” Those were the songs that etched in your mind, including the way they sang. they were unforgettable songs. But from Joshua? I felt robbed. Yet Steven commented that Joshua was the best singer of all time.
         I beg to differ.

    • me too,every time Joshua perform in AI i turn it off the tv coz i can not stand his screaming all the the times he sing look likes the end of his life and seems someone breaking his neck and the face so scary…sorry….

      • Yeah! When Joshua sings the high notes he looks like there is a rope in his neck and he was hanging and he was trying to gasp his last breath. That’s how terrible his face looks like. I would not want to see his any concert not in a million years.

      • Joshua is trying to reach high notes and you expect to see his face in perfect condition? Phillip’s face looks distorted even if his singing low notes. 

      • Actually the stadium was past capacity sat night, so Wrong on that one to!


    • you must be crazy, talking bout no one will want to see him, you must dont know didly about music, and far as fantasia, she speak for herself, that’s why she won!!!! girl got skills, just like joshua, dont hate!!!!!

      • Agree~ His songs may not be as popular as lady gagas or bieber and the likes, but he definitely can deliver a great song~ 🙂

    • Joshua is very talented, but I would not go see him in concert nor purchase his music.  I feel that way about the top 3.  That being said, that is my taste in  music.  To use the term ‘everyone’ is a bit much, you can only speak for yourself.  Apparently many folks like him  or he would not be in the top 3.  P2 has never been in the bottom, I do believe he can take it all. 

    • J. Reid, you are wrong on so many different levels. You should never use the words “No One” in referrence to seeing Joshua or Fantasia in concert. Well for ur info, the first time I tried to see Fantasia in concert I couldn’t because it was SOLD OUT in NYC. If you go on utube you can see it for ueself. She have sold MILLIONS of albums, won MANY awards and have a HUGE following. And as for Jousha, he’s in a league of his own. Like it or not, the man can sing! He’s the only idol in history that recieved 14 STANDING O’S in one season, and I’m sure they will be more to come. It’s funny how people talk about how Jousha and Fantasia  “screams” when they sing and how “horrilbe” they sound, but they never talk about how Adam Lambert and James Durban “screams” too. Why do Adam and James get a “scream” pass but Joshua and Fantasia don’t?  Hmmmm, I think I know why but I’m not gonna go there. Smh…Anywho,if people don’t like R&B music just say so, but don’t make up lame excuses why they don’t like Jousha’s and Fantasia’s music. But at the end of the day, I wish the ALL the best! Peace.  

      •  James Durban does not scream and strain his voice he has a full voice 4 octaves range, one of the very few. Very different than Joshua who is mostly trying to sing outside of his vocal range.

      • @ James, even if Joshua is ”trying to sing out of his vocal range”, he’s doing a GREAT job! He delivers on every performance. Just like James Durban, Joshua Ledet is in it to win it and he just MIGHT pull it off. I don’t know why people just can’t except the fact that Joshua is a talented singer with a voice that is a gift from God. Don’t get me wrong, Phillip and Jessica have vocal skills too. However it seems like Joshua and Jessica wants to win more than Phillip. I’m just sayin’…Peace.

      • Thank you Corey. I totally agree. Showing Range and reaching for a High Note, does not constitute screaming. True fans of Music understand that. Those who only appreciate one or two types of musical genres, don’t understand or appreciate singers from other genres, so they are the ones missing out on really talented singers. It’s easier, I guess, for some people to put those types of singers down, rather than acknowledging that they are talented, no matter the type of music they prefer. People don’t have to like Joshua’s style, sound or genre, but to say he won’t sell records (CDs), won’t fill stadiums, or that no one likes him, is just ASININE, pure and simple.

    • The people here should stop put down the contestants, who are not their favourites. Firstly they did it with Phillip  (“he is only because his cutiness in the Top 3 and he has no talent… “) and now Joshua.  And  while Josh is also not my cup of tea, I think many people like him and his voice and would go see him in a concert.

    • So the millions of people that vote for him would never want to see him in concert then? Oh some people make the DUMBEST comments!

    • So no one would go see the black singers from idol, only the white ones you named huh. Funny how YOU can speak on behalf of millions of people. I D I O T.

    • If by chance I was spend my money to go see a American Idol Concert (which is not likely) Joshua and Jessica would be the ones I would look forward to hearing from the most.

    • No particular songs yet, but it’s gonna be “jimmy’s choice, judges’ choice and comtestant’s choice”. So its gonna be a mind-boggling performance night (i hope), as they have always been preaching about the best song choices for the hopefuls! Like the past few weeks, im always looking forward to JESSICA’S performance, cant wait to see her on idol stage again! GO JESSICA!!!!!!! I will give you my SOLID votes!!!!! 🙂

  8. God bless you on your performances, Jessica! Lift everything to Him and He will surely guide you on your quest for triumph. Kudos to you for pursuing your dreams in order to help your family. At a very young age, you know how to use your God-given talent. That’s what AI is all about…you don’t only share your gift of music but you do it for a purpose. Keep soaring high! If God wills it,  you’ll definitely win this whole thing!

    • What choice did she have, her mom has been pushing her out on stages since she was 3. I feel sorry for her.

      • Don’t be bitter bro! Mother knows best for their children, it’s still God’s will that push her mother on the stage to use her talent. 

      • Being supportive is different from being pushy. Jessica loves to sing eversince she was little and so her mom decided to quit working in order to support Jessica’s dream. If Jessica didn’t even like to sing yet her mom imposes her to do that…that’s being pushy. Get it?

      • @james! her mother saw her she have talent. So why u pushed away your opportunity when it is ready to come? Have u seen kids in commercials? They are also got talent. Be realistic! So many big star, they start when they are a little kids. So get use to it! Goodluck jessica god bless america!!!

      • James u can say that her mom is pushing her if Jess doesnt want to sing, but this girl loves to sing so I think the mother is just supportive. If I have a daughter who sings as great as Jess & she loves doing it & joining AI or any singing contest I would gladly support her. Your comment is not fair, sorry…

    • The only girls who should be the American Idol have already claimed the title.  BS for girl power….vote 4 the best, not for gender.

      • Lindsay everything you’ve written to me has been an insult.  I am so glad I am getting off the site while ur just starting. Blah blah blah blah

  9. the best part of the shows will be adam coming back!!  (it’s about time).  seriously, jimmy’s choices should be right on the money.  as far as the three doofuses who sit at the judge’s table, i’m sure their picks will be as signifucant as their comments

  10. i think it’s going to be between  Joshua and Jessica, because they both got mad skills.. American idol is about talent and if you give anyone of those two a song of any category and they both will tear it up!!! I true singer can sing anything and they put there own flavor into any song, that’s what make music.  anyone can sing but sing and bring people out there seat, or tears in there eyes is a true singer!!! It will be a hard decision between the two J”s!! I call them, the AWESOME J’S OF AMERICAN IDOL!!! Jessica got a bright future ahead of her, You Go Girl!!!!

  11. i think Phillip is out of his league with other two, i think phillip should’ve been the one to be eliminated, but it’s not about the opinions but the votes of the callers and if enough people dont call in, the wrong one will get sent home, look at what happened to Jennifer Hudson! Tho, i think Fantasia was the best choice, Jennifer got sent home too early.  Now, is this a repeat!! Go Joshua and Jessica, may God be with you both!!

  12. Branden,
    Including this week, there are only 2 weeks left not 4 weeks of the AI season.  On Tuesday, May 22.  It’ll be the singing showdown and the result will be on Wednesday.

    • It’s at the top. Look how young all of his fans are! I knew the youngsters were voting for him but I didn’t realize how young they were til now. Some of them can’t even walk yet. I wonder how they know to use a cell  phone.

  13. Joshua Ledet may not WIN the American Idol 2012 competition, but, he WILL be heard…..a lot!  He is exceptional, and shows great emotion and insight when performing.  Of course, he is my pick of all the contestants.  I believe in his ability and talent, and chose to support him from the very start, before the top 10 were even chosen.  There is, IMO, something lacking from the other contestants, not to say they aren’t good singers, they just don’t hold my attention.  I would not, under any circumstances, buy any of Jessica Sanchez’s music!  Phillip Phillips is very unique and on some songs, he is outstanding….I would, on occasion, buy his music.

    I would definitely pay to see Joshua Ledet in concert!  Not so, Jessica Sanchez.

    • there are a lot of people here saying that they don’t like jessica sanchez because of her fans uhm maybe that’s the reason too why i don’t like joshua because some of his fans like you don’t want to stop bashing on jessica

      • Sailor, how do you gather anything Swamplady said about jessica as ‘bashing’?? She said in her Opinion, that Jess doesn’t hold her attention, and that she would not buy her music…..that’s not ‘bashing’ in any sense of the word. There was no disrespect to Jess with what she said, only an Opinion that she doesn’t connect with Jess like she does with Josh

        Another point, why is it you reply to so many post that make fun of Joshua, or another poster being out down, you wanna reply haha or lol or funny. How mature are you? Not very, apparently You’re so concerned when someone has a negative thing to say about Jessica, but your the first to think someone’s post putting down Josh , or calling him a girl, or whatever the derogatory words may be, your right there laughing at them. So this poster didn’t in any way bash Jessica, but because she does not care for her as much as Josh, you accuse her of such anyway, then your the first person to laugh when other contestants, or posters, are being made fun of, bashed or degraded……your such an immature little nitwit Hypocrite!!

    • Your sooo right..theres is something lacking about the others esp. Jessica…shes lack of screaming…

  14. i got to watch all the homecoming videos… jessica has alot of fans as well as joshua… but it is too scary coz philip is the underdog… WHOEVER WINS… well… I just hope its JESSICA!!!!

    • “Idology: Joshua’s Landmark Moment! Phillip’s Big Comeback! And Jessica’s Underdog Status?”

      Source: entv, idology

      • i have a bad feeling for jessica this thursday,i never felt this way before. but now is extremely strong.please vote and more vote for her coz we can’t vote here in middle east.we are counting on you those people who can vote. thanks

    • please vote for her more,i have a bad feeling for her this coming thursday, hope i’m wrong, please vote coz we can’t vote in middle east.thanks

      • If u don’t live here, are u following her because of her nationality, personality or because of her talents.  I hope the latter, bc if you vote for someone simply because of their ethnicity, it’s warped.

      • Juvy, are you a psychic or something? Or you’re just plain “intuitive”?How can you say that?  You cannot just rely based on your feelings.

    • yeah thanks Ecyojsantos – – Jessica deserves to be the 11th season American Idol. We pray for her . . . & thank you to all who votes for Jessica, Please vote again. Thanks

  15. “Idology: Joshua’s Landmark Moment! Phillip’s Big Comeback! And Jessica’s Underdog Status?”

    Source: entv, idology 

    I think this a good article to read and to watch also~
    They got the point! 🙂 Surprised me, JS’ underdog status but I think they’re right on that saying “Judges’ praise for JS are kinda muted” with the reluctant SO, and all others~ 

    JS’ being the underdog is best for me, no pressure for her~ Go girl~ 🙂

    • She should be the underdog because America has already voted her off.  She should be on her knees thanking the judges and Idol for letting her stay.  Without the save, she’d be watching on tv like us.

      • Why are you soooo bitter? Because your favorite was already eliminated? Tsk tsk tsk! Jessica was not voted off, she got the least number of votes! But she redeemed herself for the past few eliminations! And do not undermine america’s judgment for that! You can sourgrape all you want but you can’t change the fact that jessica is in the top 3! DEAL WITH IT!!! Oh, and you can eat your heart out! lol 🙂

      • I don’t think Jessica has your kind of thinking……your perception of life seems so pitiful.

      • BITTER again…and why has Jessica survived all the eliminations after the save? She even made it to the top 3. Does that give you so much bitterness? Get real…this girl can even make a record for being the 1st ever saved contestant to win in AI.

      • I reiterate…look up the word bitter please.  It is so overrused on this site.  It’s annoying.   A fact is a fact and if you can’t deal with it, enjoy the tainted victory.

      • That episode was rigged.. Plain and simple. Suddenly out of nowhere both J’s were in the bottom.  Then the Jlo’s dramatic run up on stage to stop Jess from singing.. Too scripted. They had to use the save that night for ratings.

    • I think Jessica sings great, but Josh got my vote all the way. I will make sure I vote 100 times for him to win!!!!!!

      • Try to beat my 300+ call in votes for Josh!!! That’ll really help our mission even though he’s already good as far as exposure & acknowledgement goes.

      • On the other hand, I think Josh too sings great, but JS got my votes. 🙂
        Let’s vote hard for our favorites~ 🙂 AJA!

  16. Good luck to all the contestants!  Phillip is the one with the most tatent and the only one that has not been in the bottom three. . . Go Phillip.

    • They all been to the bottom 3! Have u ever watch ai?Go jessica american idol 2012.

    • Don’t forget the disclaimer that AI reserves the right to disqualify votes.  So things may not be as they appear on the show.


    • Might be because of this:

      “Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.”

    • Sorry, I didn’t know it. But I didn’t write it in all caps. He removed it cause he didn’t like what i said.

      • He would not have deleted it just because he didn’t like what you said. I’m sure that Branden is much more mature than that!

      • No way. I got the message all right. No talent Philip has to go! How dare he passing himself off as a singer! He’s got more ambition than talent. That’s the truth and nothing but!

    • I agree.  We’ve seen Jessicas and Joshuas before, but no one quite like Phillip.  David Cook paled in comparison when he sang last week.  I absolutely believe AI wants J v. J.  They need a girl and boy of color 2 offset the previous few years and get people talking.  Not fair to Phillip and I hope it’s not the outcome, but think it will be.  Reading articles, heard Simon was still getting flack 4 berating Kris Allen as the winner that year.  In other words, no WBWG allowed even if they deserve it.

      • I was reading your previous posts and now i understand why you are soooo bitter about jessica! She is a threat to your beloved philip! And i thought for a while that your campaigning america to vote for the best talent and not on the basis of gender, ethncity, or whatever! There’s just reason for all the bash – your super talented (#sarcasm) philip!! Tsk tsk! I got it 🙂

      • You got that right! Nobody is quite like Phillip. It takes a real character to put yourself up there and sing so poorly in front of so many people.

        Now that’s why we’ve never seen anyone like him before. Most people know when NOT to shine!

      • Good grief. Reading some of these comments make me question the age and maturity level of many that post. Funny hoelw so many people have such crazy conspiracy theories, but ZERO proof. So now if Phillip doesn’t make the finale, it’s only because AI wants a black guy, and a female to be in the finals??? So if a white guy doesn’t win for the fifth year in a row, it’s rigged…..geez the level some people reach for their favorites, and it’s not even the finals yet!! Are Phillip fans trying to come up with any reason in the world if he gets beat other than, THE OTHER TWO ARE BETTER! What you Phillip fans are not realizing, is that he would be better off NOT winning, surely y’all can figure out why.

      • @All  my haters, especially lindsay…for the 900th time I am not bitter.  Does anybody know the actual meaning of the word?  I think JS is an excellent impersonator of the original singer of the song she sings.  I do not enjoy watching her or listening 2 her.  Am I bitter, no, just don’t care for a singer.  3/4 of this site is a fan of JS who tries to belittle anyone who doesn’t like her. No one is liked 100% by everyone, or we would have a president winning with all the votes.  I just can’t get over these ridiculous comments from those who disagree.  Further, Ms. Lindsay, P2 is not beloved 2 me, only my family has that honor.  He is simply the contestant I like and don’t care if you do.   From all the press, Sanchez will probably win and then I hope you can all find another site that allows you to be so rude.

      • Uhm, we’ve seen Phillip before, their called Joe Cocker and Dave Matthews, that’s where he gets all his material, so actually he’s not original at all. Yes we see many divas similar to Jessica, but please tell me who out there right now sounds like Joshua……. No One!

    •  WOW! As if you have the qualifications to say that… if Jess or Josh wins AI, they are just singers? What a lame excuse to shield an obsession! I believe each one of them, Jess, Josh, P2 has their own individual artistic gift for music. How they use their God given talent lies in our interpretation and appreciation.

    • really? how come? because he plays the guitar? 😀 but ur right P2 is an artist and the other two (joshua and jessica) are BETTER singers than him, so much better….i just hope P2 would do something different, like sing a song straight as it is and not arrange it to fit his vocal capacity/range…ur obviously a P2 fan :))  so i get it :))

    • Good thing it’s not ‘Americas Best Artist’ then huh. He doesn’t hold a candle to J&J, not even close.

    • I have not heard any of his original music except for one ballad.  That ballad was okay imho, not wow.  He has shown some skills in arranging songs.  However he’s admitted he enlists the help from his bro-in-law a lot during the show.  Volcano, though an outstanding perf, was a direct copy of the original.  So I’ll have to wait for his first album to come to any kind of conclusion about him.

  18. Will be an interesting week especially with P2. Kind of got the feeling that their comments to P2 last week were gearing up for a departure. They did not critisize him but sort of acknowledged that P2 has grown past the show. Personallly don’t see how continuing on AI will help him much anymore. Anyway curious to see what the judges say this week and if they try to influence voters. It’s hard to imagine P2 not making the final if there is any truth to the stories that all the teenage girls vote for him. As far as the 2 J’s go, they need the exposure so making the final is important to them.

    • Not to mention the record company needs to find someone who can be molded and marketable.  Objectively speaking here, I do see more marketability and willingness to change in Joshua and Jessica than in Phillip.  Phillips music is not mainstream and that’s a fact.  Ppl may enjoy him and that’s great, but not mainstream.  I watched Phillips homecoming concert and noticed even those fans get restless toward the middle of his set when he’s just jamming.  If Leesburg feels this way what do you think the rest of america.

  19. Wow wow wow, no need for that language! Some people like Phillip, some dont, some love Jessica, others dont, some like Joshua and some dont, its based on style of music for some people, so theres no need of calling Phillip “garbage” and stuff. No need for hate! 

  20. Wow Phillip’s fan base is much younger than I even thought! I thought it was teen and tweens and cougars. Hell, some of ’em cant even walk yet. How do they dial a cell phone?

    Is that Jessica back there with her hand over her face? Is she a closet PP fan too! Wow! Who knew?

  21. Jessica doesn’t dress herself much better than the AI wardrobe people do. Does she?

  22. Look! I think that’s Gabriel blowing his horn right above Joshua’s head! Judgement day must be growing nigh for him on American Idol. Could it be that he will be voted off this week?

  23. I think that is Jessica in the pic with PP. She has the same expression in the picture below it. Look!

    • I think maybe that teacher is ashamed to be in the pic with Phillip after looking again.

  24. NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE, JSANCHEZ will nail them all to the finale, just watch out and wait for the announcement.  You’ll see the true IDOL out there…Go Amiga! GOD Bless

  25. add me to jessica followers.  that has always been since day 1 of AI11.  it’s jessica NO LESS.  and to all jessica believers, it’s not enough to give positive comments on line, VOTE VOTE VOTE.  that’s the key to jessica being AI11 WINNER. 

  26.   let JESSICA win this season 11 for a change….
    no one is laughing now if Philip landed 2nd place….


  27. Good luck Jessica Sanchez ..Be strong and prove to them that you can be a winner.

  28. Whenever a singer is able to reduce an audience into a speechless heap of shivering bodies, you know you are in the presence of greatness… and the humble could only bow.  A star is born, Jessica Sanchez is the name.

  29. Hey…! Let a girl win this season… Ohh I forgot, Joshua wants to be a girl (well he keeps on denying about it)….. hahaa jokeee 😀 hahaha… Jessica and Joshua for TOP 2…? GURL POWER? hahaha… well I am no fan of JOshua, sorry… I like Jessica and PP for top 2… sorry everyone for this comment 🙂 Peace to all..

    • TOTAL idiocy!!! Just vote for your favorite & keep your ABSOLUTE idiotic opinions to yourself. Seems pretty funny how people judge someone’s unknown sexual orientation instead of their musical/singing capabilities on a singing competition!!!

  30. GO GO GO JESSICA… we support you..goodluck and take home the pride..

  31. Jessica pls sing Listen or One moment in time.These are big songs just right for u…For me its jessica and philip for final 2.joshua is  good but he’s soooooo Fantasia…

  32. to answer your question  bencelest   a “blatter” is Jessica totally..meaning all she does is scream and raise her voice to the point where she sounds like she is a “blatting” child out of control….definitely not talent and she and Joshua are simply Karaoke  want a be’s ….not talent only copy nothing original about them at all….they might make great mickey mouse club tryouts tho…..

  33. If you think about it, the Brothers Grimm’s ‘Cinderella’ story has probably been lived as many times as it has been told since the early 1800’s. It can be said that the individual journeys of American Idol 2012’s remaining top 3 are 3 distinct Cinderella stories, with no one hailing from a privileged pedigree nor being anywhere near the national limelight prior to this year’s AI edition. They are where they are because enough voters in America deemed them worthy to advance this far in the competition (the absence of ‘singing’ as a qualifier for ‘competition’ is by design). Each of the 3 clearly brought something uniquely admirable / musically appetizing to a great many TV viewers the past few Wednesdays running. So hush your faces / keyboards all of you who post intolerant lines about how so-and-so does not belong and how the show sucks, lines that reflect your small minds. Your horses have run as far as they can run and are no longer part of the homestretch sprint. Believe me when I say there is release in acceptance. I have a sense however that despite your profuse disavowals, many of you will yet be glued to your TV screens for the next 2 weeks till a champion is crowned.

    Getting back to Cinderella, I’ve always been a sucker for Cinderella stories. In this present case, I am rooting for the Cinderella who: 1) fits the fairy tale character the closest because she too is a girl; 2.) must now break through the subtle racial barrier to music industry success 3.) must now also break the sexual barrier and arrest the 5-year run of male AI champions.

    Oh and did I mention that at the tender age of 16, Jessica can vocalize and emote with the poise and polish of a professional artist who’s been recording for years if not decades. (For those who opine that Jessica’s renditions lack emotion, know that only genuine emotion whether tearful or not can propel the vocal gems the girl has delivered so far). How much better will she sound like as those vocal chords mature? When Grammy-winning industry icons go on record saying they would buy tickets to a Jessica Sanchez concert were one being held now, I am then reassured that the multiple votes I will cast the next 2 Wednesdays are not misguided! Rise Chula Vista girl and embrace . . .  your God-given destiny! Go JSan! Go girl!

  34. JESSICA SANCHEZ, you have shown us how talented, sweet and incredible singer you are,,, so in return,,, our entire family and friends will Vote for you exclusively and relentlessly for two hours!!!

  35. Joshua should sing Whitney Song….. “I am a woman, it’s all in me”  or  the one from Anita Franklin “Natural Woman,”  or Barbara Streisand ” I am a woman in Love.”

    • And u think you should sing, ‘I’m a loser’ by Beck People that want to make fun of someone’s sexuality orientation, and without even Knowing the person, is either a bigot, homophobe or secretly in the closet. So which one are you
      M O R O N!!


    • I am a Filipino but I dont like what you are saying here. Just say all your praises for Jess but dont say that 94m pop is voting for her here in the Phil because that’s not true AT ALL!!. We cant vote ok but I hope Jessica wins & I cant wait to see her perform tomorrow..

  37. Just wonder why if she is so good Jessica had to be saved.  I am not saying she is not good, just think the others that were not saved were as good. 

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