American Idol 2012: Hollie Cavanagh Praises Top 3 Singers

Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol

After her elimination on American Idol 2012 last week, fourth place finalist Hollie Cavanagh spoke with THR about the remaining Idol Hopefuls and what makes each of them an “Idol.” Keeping that same positive attitude we saw in an earlier interview Hollie had nothing but wonderful things to say about the singers she lost out to this past wek.

“[Joshua’s] voice is like from, I don’t even know. I don’t think he’s human. It’s just ridiculous what he can do with his voice. He sings Whitney Houston songs in the original key.” Hollie continued, “He’s amazing and he’s going to be huge in this music industry and I just can’t wait to see what he does.”

Moving down the list Hollie begins to explain why she enjoys Phillip’s performances. “His voice is so different to me. It’s very unique and has its own style. All the girls are really obsessed with him and he’s really charming. He doesn’t just come off like that on TV. He’s just a really humble person and has amazing music talent. He could sit down with a guitar and play songs all day and anyone would listen.”

Last but not least, Jessica Sanchez. “She’s 16 and she comes out with the performance like that and the voice like that. It’s just like ridiculous and you don’t see that everyday.” Hollie predicts big things for Jessica and the guys as well. “She’s just amazing. She’ll be a legend, as well as the other two.”

Watch THR’s full interview with American Idol 2012 singer Hollie Cavanagh:




  1. Wow, aside from the fact that she’s oh-so-gorgeous, she’s nice, humble, kind and sweet. My praises for her are endless! Lovelots Hollie!

  2. I believed Skylar and Hollie have something in common. They all have positive attitude. Their humility with their respective awesome talent will bring them to the bright future they dreamed of becoming. 
    Good Luck Hollie…………..

  3. Don’t stop singing Hollie, you could be a legend too like you’re predictions for them~ 🙂

  4.  Songs for the next week in no order .

    Jimmy’s choice:

    – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana),

    – “Secret Door” (Evanescence),

    – “One of Us” (Joan Osborne).

    Judges choice:

    – “I Surrender” (Celine Dion),

    – “Sober” (Pink),

    – “Heartless” (Kanye West).

    Contestants choice:

    – “Burnin’ For You” (Blue Oyster Cult),

    – “Grenade” (Bruno Mars),

    – “Don’t Rain On My Parade” (Barbra Streisand).

    • AI wont give a leak… im pretty sure this one is not true…besides i dont like the song choices….

    • the only latest tweet I’ve seen is from Nigel “theme this week.1. Judges Choice 2. Jimmy’s Choice 3. Contestants Choice. Believe me some very interesting choices!!! ”
      I also hope that’s not the list~ 🙁 If it is, it’s not interesting Nigel~ tsktsk.

    • hmmmmmmmmmm another batch of wikipedia thing?…………terrible list…………..

    • My guess, if this IS true. 
      Joshua – One of Us (Duh) I surrender and Grenade. 
      Phillip – Smells like Teen Spirit, Heartless, Burnin’ for you
      Jessica – Secret Door, Sober, Don’t rain on my parade (Which I hope she’ll kill [In a good way])

    • I think Jessica’s songs will be
      One of Us
      I SurrenderDon’t Rain On My Parade

  5. Never seen hollie soooooo up-close…….drop dead gorgeous!!! Love her accent 🙂 she is soooo sweet!

  6. i’ll miss you hollie 🙁 you are a reall nice hollie and jessica finale is not possible anymore..:-(  im wishing for a female winner this all my solid votes are for jessica..

    • I adore everything about Hollie – she will be greatly missed.  However, I will never vote for contestants that have been saved by the judges, no matter how great a performance is.  I don’t believe in overriding the voters and giving one contestant a double elimination while the other contestants only get a single elimination.  Also, the competition is not about sex.  If I vote at all, it will be because someone blew me away with his performance as a whole.  Since they aren’t standing behind a screen and this is television (not radio), I have to judge my overall impression of the performance, not just vocals.  I need the complete package.  There were certain performers this season (not Hollie, for sure) that made me use their performance time to go to the bathroom or get a snack.  Not a good sign… lol.

  7. Hollie has shown the world what class is.  She is beautiful, humble and altogether amazing. 

    The top five have been amazing and all will be successful in career and life.  I wish the best to all of them  The next two weeks will be nail biting.  My favorite (Hollie) is gone so have no worries regarding who will win, all 3 are equal in talent, just different. 
    Best of luck to all of them!!!

  8. good luck HOLLIE… little upset coz ive been rooting for both of you jessica and you in the finale.. .. so SAD

  9. It is interesting , that she describes Joshua and Jessica only about their voices, but Phillip also about his personality.

    • I guess, JS & Josh voices are standout aside their personality~ 🙂
      I mean, I never think Hollie would meant anything bad about JS & Josh, they’re good friends~ Not big deal~ 🙂

      • JS and Josh stand out with their voices. Phil doesn’t have a voice so the only thing keeping him in the competition is the girls vote and the personality. That’s what hollie meant. I agree.

      • Just my point is I don’t think Hollie meant JS and Josh are bad person for not saying anything about their personality~ 🙂

    • Phillip Phillips is special, there is something about him then just a voice. He is so humble and his whole face lights up when he sings. He is a true artist.

  10. Hollie is arguably one of the most likeable contestants I have seen! She’s awesome! I hope she does well in life! Cant wait to see her at the finale!!!

  11. okay , fine,…im not gonna hate jessica…..and talk negative things about her….i want phillips n jessica  in the final…how about that….

  12. I salute you Hollie. Good luck to you. . . You will surely have a bright future as well like the 3 remaining idol hopefuls. .

    • Hollie you stick to your roots. Become the next Olivia Newton John. Sjes a sweetie jsut like you. Dont be tainted by corporate rock.

  13. It is wonderful to read allof the positive comments this morning, love it.  Hollie did make a difference. 

  14. according to 
    Nigel Lythgoe ‏ 

    the theme this week is 
    1. judges choice
    2. jimmy’s choice
    3. contestant choice

    expect 3 songs from the IDOL contestants
    this week!
    this will be exciting. 

  15. Colton says “So I’ve officially written 11 songs in 11 days…. Now it’s time to start rehearsals for the finale=) Gonna be a killer show! Be sure to tune in!”……JUST WANNA SHARE,,…

  16. Phillips not as talented as Elise. But Elise’s gone.
    He’s not as talented as Skylar. But Skylar is gone too.
    He’s not as talented as Hollie. But Hollie’s not there anymore.
    He’s not even half as talented as JESSICA/JOSHUA. But one of the will go home next week.

    Why will Phillips be in the finale? 

    “Well, he’s cute.”

      • They will knock out Joshua or Jessica this week and put the weaker P2 against the other for the win. Its a girl thing. Ok magic jack users dont forget to vote manilla time. Let’s show AI that Jessica can win.

    • You should say ,  Jessica, Joshua, Elise are better singers than him but that doesn´t mean he is not so talented , he has a lot musican skills apart from singing.
      And Skylar and Hollie are not better singers than Phillip.
      When you look on the american idol homepage or on You Tube, you can see the ratings of the performance videos. Skylar got the weakest ratings last week and Holly this week.

      • I may not agree with your evaluations of all of the singers, but I agree that P2 has some musical skills that the others do not.  He is unique, and it’s easy to see why the girls might like him.  He seems like a very nice guy.  Also, people have different moods.  They may not always be in the mood for big, powerful vocals.  Not all music demands that.  Sometimes, it boils down to what you like.

    • Talent is in the eye/ear of the beholder.  Comparing P2 to some of the other singers in the competition is kind of like comparing apples and oranges.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taste and what genre of music that you prefer.  Some people are lucky enough to be able to have universal appeal.  For example, I may not listen to the kind of music that Skylar sings so much, but I acknowledge that she owned the stage when she performed.   Very few performers have her kind of energy.  So, while I may not race out and buy all of her music, I have a deep appreciation for her talent.  When Skylar performed, I always knew that I’d see/hear a finished, polished performance.  She was one of the stand out performers in this competition, for sure.  I like clean performances, and Skylar delivered consistently.

  17. Guys if you want Jessica to have the best chance at winning listen closely.
    You need Joshua to be eliminated next week to give her the best chance at winning, because Joshua’s votes will go to Jessica.  So this Wednesday be sure to vote for Jessica and then slightly less for Phillip.  This will help the finale to be Jessica/Phillip and Joshua will get voted off giving Jessica the best chance possible to win because she will get Joshua’s votes.  In a Joshua/Jessica finale Joshua would get Phillips votes and then he would win so if you  want Jessica to win be sure the finale is Jessica/Phillip.

      • Then she is going to end up losing to Joshua..Just saying vote for both and she wins, vote only for Jessica then Joshua wins.

      • Great point….the night that Jessica received the least amount of votes, I voted as much as possible for Hollie.  No of us thought that Jessica even needed our help that night.  Doh!

      • Keep telling yourself she will win. Get all your pinoy boys and pinay girls to vote. SO she wins? and then? SO AI has a Manilla concert and then? She still will be lucky to sell more records than Eddie Murphy’s Party all the Time.

      • Yeah she does and I cant wait to watch her voted out on Thurs night.

      • agree… if u vote for someone else the chances of her(JS) getting to the final 2 will dwindle cause u don’t know other’s might be voting for one of the other 2 it only increases the number of votes for them, so just for for JS, all the votes..

      • Aren’t you even going to listen to the people sing before you decide for whom you wish to vote?  I won’t be voting for Jessica anymore since I don’t agree with the save policy.  However, when it comes to Joshua and P2, I’ll listen to both.   If one of them wows me, I might jump in the voting again.  Either one could sway me with the right song choice.  Sadly, the contestants have no choice about two of the songs.  So, if the judges don’t like someone, they will just pick a song that they know will showcase someone’s flaws (or just give them a middle of the road song to sing).  There are so many ways that they can lead people to vote for the people they like (or the people that Coke and Ford like).  Remember the sponsors of the show are important, too.  Sponsors like certain types of people to be endorsing their products. 

    •  Great theory. And I have nothing against this outcome. I badly want Phillip in the finale, but then should Jessica win. Its time again for a woman winning and she deserves it. She is hardly working all her life, and I don´t think she had really a childhood. This should be honoured. And I also think it is better for Phillip, as American Idol he would get not enough creative freedom. But this it what he needs to do, his own style. And offcourse the discussions would end, if he had won only because of his looks.

      • She is 16, all her life? This is like the finale of toddlers and tiaras meets the voice. Shes ok but shes not all that. Joshua walks away 5 mins later comes back with an original cut on any song true craftmanship. Jessica does the same growl and yell all the time. The duet with Hollie was brutal. Even Randy said it was Weird. P2 stole volcano right from youtube. I will cast my vote to originality, non diva, jsut plain soulful talent.

    • From almost all of the articles I’ve read, if Jessica performs decently (no Proud Marys), then there is no way that Joshua would beat Jessica.  Phillip would stand no chance whatsoever since the Joshua votes would go directly to Jessical.  No need for any special strategies from this point out.  Phillip could be second, but that is all (like Adam Lambert who was killed by more than 20% points)

    • Thanks again Tia. But seriously stick to facebook. Its obvious you are the same person doing all the pro Jessica spin.

    • Funny but I have read a post very similar to this but under the name of James.  So, Rinsewash, are you into plagiarizing posts now, or James, is this you too?

  18. I am not really a fan of Hollie but my tears fell while watching her perform her last song when she got eliminated and finished 4th on AI. I’ve  been a witness on her journey from this show and seen her struggle through the early rounds, improved her craft and survived this far. I salute her for achieving such moments.

    • i know how u feel…becoz im crying too *first time*, when colton  voted off…T___T

    • I was teary eyed also, between her beautiful song, her stage presence and watching Joshua…quite an emotional moment in time.

  19. She’s great. Always liked her. Not bitter at all, like some of the contestants who left! 😛 Good luck with your career, Hollie! I’d buy your album!

  20. Very classy Hollie. You kind of “grew up” over the season, right in front of us, so best of luck. Listening to Jimmie, it seems any of the final 4 could be recording in no time. As a personal preference, P2’s would be the most interesting for me but he doesn’t have to win to be a winner . His rendition of Volcano made me think back to Adam Lambert doing Mad World and driving the whole world mad. Kind of dark and intriguing. 

    • I agree, I’m not a Phillip fan but when I heard his “Volcano,”  I am now a convert. lol.. Although I’m also a Jessica and Joshua fan…They’re all so good. May the best man/woman win.

      Hollie has shown maturity and class by the way she conducted herself after being eliminated, so now I’m a fan too.

    • Hollie is classy. She reminds me of Olivia Newton John. Maybe another Greese in the making? Just don’t pick greaser kid from the voice to play Danny and not Deandre either. Although Deandre would make a better lion king. LOL.

  21. Just heard from fox news vid clip that although jessica did not reveal her song choices, she nevertheless gave a hint that she’s gonna do one of the songs that she already sang in idol. Is that possible? Could it be that the judges or jimmy would want to hear back her rendition of “i will always love you”? 🙂

    • I believe that’s for her homecoming concert. FOX news covered the homecoming concert of the Top 3 Idols.

    • I am really hoping and praying that she’ll sing  THE PRAYER. She already sang that and she was chosen to be part of top 24.

  22. My grandma always told everyone that she wanted her roses while she was alive. “Don’t wait ’til I’m dead and then shower me with roses.”, she would say. 

    All of these comments are great but you should have all realized what a great person she was while she was on the show and how much she deserved your vote. If P2 deserves your vote for his personality then why not Hollie? Why not any of the ones who have been voted off and had such a great attitude about it? 

    I know why, cause all these horny little girls and old ladies aren’t voting the personality or the talent. They are voting because he gives them something to fantasize about. That is just really disgusting and sad if you ask me. 

    It’s just a shame that everyone puts you down and insults you and says it’s time to go and then all of a sudden it’s all praises about how that contestant handles it. She was placed at a disadvantage at every stage of the game and insulted and people would not vote for her and now they want to say …”Awwww how sweet, what a beautiful young lady.” 

    She might not want to take it there but I will on her behalf.

    Don’t wait until she is gone to shower her with compliments. You should have been voting for her. That would have been the greatest compliment of all. 

    Just sayin! 

    • Well said!!  I can honestly say that I voted several times for Hollie and no one else, and today I am praising her again.  That being said, the unfortunate thing about Idol is you really do not get to know the contestant, just hear them.  I personally always liked everything about her.  The first thing she did that really impressed me was when the gentle giant did not make the cut (before they brought him back as the 13th)  and this petite adorable blonde went  over and gave him big hug.  At that point I did not know who she was.  None of the other contestants did that.   After that when she sang I remembered what a kind person she was.   There is so much more to these kids than just their vocals.

    • Funny you say that when all you do is praise Jessica. Hollie is a class act and will go farther than Jessica. Jessica will become another Jasmine Trias. She belongs on Radio Disney with other girls her age, not ready to sing with the big girls like Adele and Rhiana. Thanks for playing…

      • HOLLIE will not go further than JESSICA. Hollie won’t change her vocal  habilities (you was born with that). Jessica will get better and better. She’ll be a HUGE STAR. Hollie won’t (not outside the USA at least).

      • Only time will tell. I think Hollie is amazing and she was the only one I ever voted for.  I do believe she will be very successful.  I believe Jessica (actually all of the top 5) will be very successful.  If I have one criticism of Jessica it is that she needs to choose different songs.  She is only 16, she is not Celine Dion or Barbara Striesand.  That being said even though I am not a fan I think she is amazing.

      • All I do is praise Jessica? I don’t know what flavor Kool-Aid you have been drinking. You need to double check all my past posts before commenting.

      • Jessica is so much better than Jasmine Trias.  I am Filipino but I still think she (Jasmine) got way farther than she should have in Season 3. She even went to the Philippines to try to get a career there but nothing came out of it because her musical abilities were a dime a dozen there. And most of her support came from Hawaii.

        Jessica is getting support from Filipinos because she has genuine talent, and she has worked hard to hone her talent.

    • Hey Cool Aid, you dont even contain real fruit. Justlike Jessica. She is a professional karokee singer who has copied everything from otehr artists. She is about as all natural with talent as cool aid is with real fruit and nutrition.

    • people voted – she got to the final 4 ahead of a lot of other talented people including spunky Skylar.
      I love Phillip but have never fantasised about him or Josh for that matter who for the record are the two I’m hoping to see in the final.

    • I agree…that’s why I have always been making sure that all my admiration for Jessica are translated into votes. It’s useless to just praise her when I can do so much and make a difference by voting for her. In the case of Hollie, I’m deeply saddened that her fans were so much affected when she was voted off. But, the question is, where were they when Hollie needed them most?  

    • It makes sense to think that those who recognized and appreciated Hollie’s talent did vote for her.  The problem is, there just weren’t enough of them to keep her in the contest. 

      • I’m talking about all the PP fans that are on here admiring how classy she is in her exit while knowing that Phillip doesn’t sing near as well. They say they are voting personality but that doesn’t hold water because there are a lot of contestants this year with great personalities. So that leaves me to ask, “What exactly are you voting for?” I think I know the answer to that question. Don’t you?

  23. Hollie is a class act.  She was definitely on the upswing.  The last 3 weeks before Wednesday night, I think she earned her right to stay on the show.  Too bad she had such brutal competition in the final four……two great singers and one cute guy with a guitar.

    • You forgot to add that Jimmy and the Judges crucified her.    I am sure P2 will get their wrath this week.  Whomever wins, best of luck, they will all do so well with their talent.  I believe the top 5 were amazing.  With the exception of Adam Lambert, some of the best ever. 

  24. As if she’ll say anything negative bout the remaining finalists, right? Duh. Anyway, happy for Hollie. Hope she’ll get a deal soon.

  25. If Jessica wins we know the show is rigged. That means the ratings will plummet lower than Finding Bigfoot.

  26. i am a filipino and yes rooting for jessica 100%….but things went out of hand. if allegations that anyone can vote outside the US territories are true, and if jessica will win because of such bogus votes, then such victory is a mere gaudy triumph. this is american idol people, let america decide. i really wanted jessica to win but never did i ever think of cheating just to support her. i am still a jessica fan and hoping that these allegations will not hurt her chances in bagging the crown, so pls stop cheating.

    jessica sanchez FTW

    • i’m also a big jessica fan but i have agree to with you… let america decide since it’s AMERICAN idol… though i’m really hoping jessica makes it to the finale… 

    • These allegations are not true.  American Idol made it sure that other countries can not vote.  You are spreading rumors that are unfounded.
      American Idol Co. is not stupid.

      • This is for JoMz: You said it yourself: AI can track votes from outside the US through IP addresses, so if they want the results to be credible, then all they have to do is filter out these votes.  If you really don’t want to jeopardize her chances, don’t you think you should stop speculating about it here.

      • @JoMz:  So are you saying that it is true that if you have Magic Jack you can vote from the Phillipines?  My dad lives in Nevada, has magic jack and has a Santa Barbara County number.  How can Idol trace the numbers, they are legitimate numbers.  If this is true what a travesty. 

    • Who are you fooling. You’re not a Jessica supporter.  You are spreading
      just rumors to jeopardize Jessica’s  chances to win.  Grow up!!!! 

      • those rumors didnt come from me…i read a comment from here about people voting online. i know american idol is not that stupid to let outside votes to destroy its credibility. but such comments could ruin one’s chances may it be true or not. i just reacted on that comment. try searching it in the last topic…i think its the top 3 revealed. sorry but i dont intend to jeopardize her chances…. still hoping that she could win the crown. 🙂

      • this is the comment posted by MagicJack 3 hrs ago

        “Jsut google it.. AMerican Idol? haha AS IF!
        UsingMagic Jack, NetTalk 
        phones: If 
        you have Magic Jack or NetTalk phones in Pinas, you can vote forJessica by dialing the toll free 
        number that will be assigned to her after the American Idol show. Check the 
        American Idol website or Jessica Sanchez facebook 
        to find out the toll 
        free number she got for that episode. You have 2 chances to vote: 10am-12noon 
        and 1pm-3pm on Thursday Manila time. If you get busy tone (try at least twice to 
        be sure) on the first time slot, that means your Magic Jack or NetTalk phone has 
        a West Coast number, so trying dialing on the second time slot (1-3pm). You can 
        vote as many times as you want via dial method. If you get a busy tone, it means 
        the voting is closed”
        i just want them to clear these kind of rumors coz they can ruin jessica’s chances and us filipino as a nation

    • so stop spreading this… did u think u can help Jessica posting like this…

    • Anything new? This has been going around since last year. If people outside US can vote, especially in the Philippines, then definitely Thia Megia could have bagged American Idol last season.

      Think before you click.  Got it?

    • AI wont allow that….IP address…they can track that and they wont allow votes outside America to come in..if ur really a JS fan, you wouldnt post a comment like that coz ur creating an issue here…which are not proven to be true

      • I AGREE!!!!!!! AND I FEEL SO DISAPPOINTED W/ JoMz comment. Please dont start..

    •  If you know the rules, you have nothing to fear. Things never went out of hand….only people with limited knowledge and childish innuendos believe in selfish propaganda just to bring Jessica down. You seem to be a sensible person, so use your better judgement!!!  Let’s just vote for her and stop this non-sense.

    • Its not true that you can vote even if you are in another country, ur vote is not counted so dont be fooled by scammers who only want to discredit Jess supporters & this poor girl. Dont be affected by this issue. You are just making them (scammers) happy.

  27. ,we need phillip to be voted off! he dont really have enough vocal talents compared to joshua and jessica!

      • Are you kidding me, Phillip voice is no way better than Josh.  Skylar and Hollie sing better than Phillip.  I believe one of them should have been in the final (3). Regardless of whoever win, Jessica and Josh will be more successful than Phillip. 

    • be careful with ur comments coz there a certain guy here named JAMES  who bashes anyone who says negative things about Philip, hahahaha….i think he’s inlove with the guy…

  28.   for  a big change, I  want female to win the american idol season 11,
    who else i want JESSICA …. VOTE AMERICA, choose the best singer….

    • I want the best to win, if that is a female,so be it.  That being said, remember, it’s all a matter of taste.

  29. You’re a real down to earth sweetheart. I miss you and Skylar already! Lots of luck to the 2 of you, I know you’re both going to do very well in the entertaining business!! I’ll be looking for both your cd’s to come out. Lots of luck!!

  30. @Jonas De los Reyes:  I think America got it right when they sent JS home.  Now allow me to explain why.  The easiest way to do this it to take a performance and give a few examples from it.  So I’d like you to go to youtube and take a look at the duet Hollie and Jessica did by the Bangles.  Be sure to look at the version that was posted by the user “american idol” so I can point out a few sections to you.

    1. Jessica swallowed the word “darlin” at  (:16).  If I didn’t know the song very well, I wouldn’t have even known the word from her performance.
    2. Jessica has a very uncontrolled, unwieldy vibrato that lacks maturity (right now).  One example of her forced vibrato begins on the word “eyes” (1:28 -1:30).  Hollie’s vibrato is more mature and doesn’t ever pulse in a forced way like a metronome.
    3. At the very end of the song, Hollie cut off the note and Jessica kept holding the note for several more seconds.  Hello!  When you perform a duet with someone, you have to pay attention to what’s going on.  You can’t just keep holding a note out when your partner has ended.  You can’t sing like it’s a solo performance.  It isn’t.

    These are just a few examples, nothing that a little time can’t solve.   I could go on, but I don’t see any reason to write a diatribe here.  However, lots of little things like these get noticed by people with musical training, even if others miss them.  JS is very talented, but she definitely still has room to grow.  I’d like to hear her in about two more years.

      • I think you meant to say “you’re” old. 
        You’re = you are
        And, yes, I’m guessing that I’m way older than you.

      • Get a Life and move on.  Hollie, Id buy your CD any dayover JS who’s music if she ever gets that far,will be along time coming.  Just saw Hollie on TV morning show and she was FABULOUS!!

    • are you talking about the song eternal flame? the duet last week? Jessica was sent home on the 6th or 7th week ryt? and during that entire run of AI…from Top 13 to Top 7, JS was doing good, consistently good, has been receivng praises from the judges and mentors (and from diff artists, grammy winners outside the show) i think d reason why she was voted off because her fans got complacent, thinking she’s gonna be safe and all…but i really dont think she deserves to go home that week…Hollie and jessica are two good singers but i honestly think JS has the edge, she has more experience than Holly, Holly cant do runs on her songs, she sings its straight….but she’s the most improved among the batch, in two to 3 years she can be great…just needs more experience…

      • Yes, that’s the song.  I heard both singers in Eternal Flame, up close and personal, and (overall) I thought Hollie did a better job with the song.  That’s not to say that JS isn’t a good singer – I just think she has some growing to do, too, in spite of the judges’ relentless praise.  When I observe a performance, though, I have to go by what I hear on that day.  It doesn’t matter how long someone has been singing or how they might have sounded on a different day or on a different song.

        Please give a specific example of a song that Hollie did where you feel that she missed a run that should’ve been there.  (Give an exact recording time on the song so that I can go right to it and listen to what you mean.)

      • Are you still bitter that Hollie got voted off? Hollie was voted off because she is not one of the best. Accept it and stop looking for excuses to bash other contestants. You are beginning to sound borderline delusional.

      • Not bashing anyone.  I’m giving a critique.  There’s no need for you to get all defensive.  Just because I don’t put on a little cheerleader outfit and say, “Go Jessica” and grab the mike while she’s singing after America votes her off doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s talented.  She’s just not the best this year, imho.  Moreover, she’s no Adam Lambert, either (at least when it comes to singing Queen) – that’s a definite.  Someday… well, we all can dream.

    • you’re talking about the duet between jessica and hollie rigth? well how about hollie’s solo performances? do you still remember when hollie sang “honesty” and “what a feeling” and how about “save me”? she’s pitchy and can’t control her voice well like jessica

      • I am assuming that by “pitchy” (a term invented by Randy, I think), you are talking about intonation.  Prove to me that you aren’t just a parakeet of the judges, and pick one of Hollie’s songs (any one you choose) and go through it measure by measure and identify the “pitchy” places.  If you can do that, then we can talk some more. 

        I agree that her intonation isn’t always spot on (but nobody in this contest has had consistent perfect pitch – sorry).   One thing I like about Holly is that she has a beautiful tone to her voice – she does not suffer from a forced, unwieldy vibrato.

        The bottom line is that as much as I agree that JS is very talented for her age, she just was not my favorite this year (for many reasons).  You, however, are certainly entitled to like and vote for whomever you want.

    • America didn’t want her to go home again. They wanted her to be in the top 3. Surely, in top 2. And maybe win it all. If you desagree with that, make a new talent show with your rules and you’ll decide how it goes. Stop complaining.

    • One thing is for sure. Hollie has more flaws than jessica. Confirmed. You just described “eternal flame”. Go on. Do it in all her songs! 🙂 and i’ll do it too on all the songs hollie sang.

      It’s clear. Jessica is better than hollie in singing. Hollie has a pleasing personality.

      • Why don’t you do that.  Pick a song of Hollie’s and critique it measure by measure.  That will give me (and the rest of us) and idea of your musical background.   I would *love* to see this!

    • You know why Randy said the duet was weird? He was actually referring to the arrangement made on the song because the high notes which were supposed to be sung by Jessica were given to Hollie considering the range of their voices. And that “darlin'” part you were saying was Hollie’s part…better watch it again! It was during the first few lines of the song that Hollie played second voice while Jess sang the melody.

      • No, it was Jessica.  I even gave you the number of on the youtube tape where you can see her singing the word with her lips, but you can’t hear it.  Duh!

    • HAHA. this makes me laugh a bit~ :)))) 

      You can’t judge JS with just a song~ :))) I already said this, their duet on stage is really not good, but their studio version of it is good. 🙂

    • What’s the point of sourgraping? Hollie was voted out not because she is a less-better singer than jessica, joshua and philip…. Jessica and the two made the cut not because they are way better than hollie. We have our own standards of judging and liking a particular music. It was the votes of america that made all these things possible. At this point, there is no point of arguing that one singer is better than the other because all of them are amazing. Honestly, i am a fan of jessica since audition days, and i never fail to express my support by giving her all my votes – SOLID – but i have no problem whoever of the three gets the title because all of them are deserving to be the next american idol! So instead of finding faults on petty details, just enjoy the show while it lasts. And im telling you NO singer will ever be soooo perfect so as not to commit little flaws! Peace:-)

      • The judges tried to force JS down our throats, and American threw up/  That is the truth.  The only reason JS is still around is because the judges saved her.  No one else got a double elimination.  You know, in a racquetball tournament, for example, sometimes they have double elimination, but the double elimination applies to everyone, not just one person.  If you’ve ever played in a Texas Hold’em tournament, sometimes they allow people to buy back in once if they get knocked out of the tournament, but the same rules apply to everyone.  What applies to one has to apply to all in order to be fair.  So, in my mind, JS is already gone.  If she wins, it really won’t mean as much as if she had won it like contestants in years past, without any “help” and constant  promotion by the judges.  However, you can think whatever you wish about JS.  If you like her the best, great!  Vote for her.  Nobody is trying to stop you.

    • She was not sent home, all contestants were not sent home, they have the least vote!!! and that was a wake up call to all js supporters for being complacent that she is always safe because of her positve reviews from the judges. Her being in top 3 proves that her fans have realized the mistake they have done for being so confident and now they are voting for her like crazy. You talk like you know everything here..

  31. Me: “Hey, girl. Who do you think will win American Idol?”

    Amy: “Phillips will win. He must win.”Me: “Why do you think so?”Amy: “Cause he’s cute and a good person.”Me: “But so are the others.”Amy: “No, Phillips is the best person. I know. I can feel it while I watch him every Wednesday in his eyes. He is an incredible person.”Me: “He doesn’t sing as well as the others.”Amy: “Yes, he does. He’s a true musician.”Me: “Why do you think so?”Amy: “‘Cause he can play the guitar.”Me: “But he doesn’t have the best voice.”Amy: “The voice is not everything. He’s cute.”Me: “But when you buy his CD, you won’t look at him.”Amy: “Yes, I will look at the picture in his album. He’s so handsome.”Me: “Won’t you be tired of listening to him for 1 hour straight? He’s range isn’t big enough and his style is always the same.”Amy: “I’ll never get tired of him. I love him so much.”Me: “So, are you voting for him?”Amy: “Yes, of course I am. He’s cute, handsome, popular and can play the guitar. That’s all I need for my idol. I don’t care about a good voice.  Today there are computer programmes who fix the voice and make it look amazing. My vote is with the look, not the voice.”Me: “I thought American Idol was a singing competition.”Amy: “Who told you that? It’s a popularity competition!! The most popular always wins.”Me: “But Jessica has got more followers in twitter and facebook and like 10 videos over 1 million views. I think she’s more popular than Phillips.”Amy: “It’s because of the people from Philipines who like her. She’s from that country.”Me: “I’m not a Pilipo and I always watch her videos because I think she’s the best singer in the competition.”Amy: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!She isn’t popular in America. We don’t like her here. She can’t win an American competition. It won’t be fair.”Me: “But she was born in America. So she’s American.”Amy: “Have you seen her face? She doesn’t look like an American!”Me: “Yes, I have. It’s because her mother is from the Philipines. But she was born in this country. Just like you.”Amy: “But Phillips is American and has got American parents. He’s a true American. He deserves it more than Jessica who doesn’t have American parents.”Me: “She deserves it! Jessica is very versatile and has a huge range in her voice. She can sing anything she wants.”Amy: “Phillips too! He sings very well and always the same. He’s the best. He’s perfect. I never get tired of him. He can play the guitar that’s why he’s a true musician!”Me: “You’ve already told me all that. LOL. But Jessica can dance and sing. It would be great to see her in concert.”Amy: “I don’t want to see someone dancing. I want to see someone playing the guitar and singing the same kind of songs for hours. That’s what I call talent.”Me: “Do you like his voice or his cuteness?”Amy: “Everything! He’s perfect. I’m in love with him. I’m dreaming some day we’ll date and get married and have children. He’s the man of my dreams.”Me: “So, you’re voting for him, aren’t you?”Amy: “YES!! I’m voting for the most beautiful, cute and handsome among them all. He must win. ‘Cause our American Idol must be someone who you’ll like to see in a picture on your wall every day and every night.”Me: “I thought it was someone you’d like to listen to his/her music. Someone who can really sing and who will be a legend in music. The best singer, entertainer and the most talented contestant.”Amy: “Phillips will be a true legend. The world will speak about him. He’ll be as huge as Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury, Justin Timberlake. He’s the new Justin Bieber!!! Nowadays, you need to be good-looking for succeeding. You can fix all the rest. So, my vote is for Phillips. Just like Soctty and Lee got my votes the past years. He must win.”Me: “I don’t think so. I’m not voting for him.”Amy: “Don’t worry! Me and all my friends we’ll be voting for him. And at school, all the girls will do the same. I don’t need your vote.”

  32. I don’t know.  Amy is right about one thing: that P2 is awfully handsome.  Those “tortured artist” types can be very appealing to the ladies.  P2 is also very unique.  I really want to hear both him and Joshua sing “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison – I like to hear people singing the same song.  It can be very telling.

  33. which contestant that already eliminated that you all really2 miss and really2 want to watch her/his performance in finale……me: COLTON DIXON..

    • DeAndre Brackensick/Hollie Cavanagh duet again please! 

      “I’m So Excited”

    • I really like Colton.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him.  That day that he said to the judges that he wondered what he’d have to do to get a standing ovation, I just wanted to hug him. *clapping for Colton and giving him a standing ovation for a great job on AI*

      • I really though the got a standing ovation for the “piano man” but realized he didn’t.  He should have gotten one then.

  34. Until now I kept wondering why the duets last Wed have to be another boy/boy-girl/girl. Not good.

  35. Now I know why I like Hollie. She is such a nice, nice, nice girl…and so talented too!!!

  36. I seriously think I’d like Jessica more if it weren’t for most of her fans. Half of her fanbase is full of obnoxious people… Just saying. I’m really not trying to hate, just speaking the truth. :3

    • I don’t dislike Jessica at all.  She’s just no Adam Lambert (or anywhere close) in my opinion (which together with 50 cents might buy you a cup of coffee).   When Adam Lambert sang “Mad World” – well – I actually liked it better than the original.  Jessica is not at that creative level yet, imho.  When I hear Jessica, I think to myself, “she’s pretty good for her age.”  When I would hear Adam Lambert sing, I would think to myself, “This guy is a true artist.”   When someone who is not at the same level as Lambert, for example, wants my attention, they have to draw me in with some other kind of a hook.  Hollie was able to do that for me this year with her grace under pressure, her vulnerability, her love and kindness toward others and her very natural, unforced sounding voice.  She ‘s just very high on my likability index.  Of the guys who are left, I like that Joshua is the person who can most consistently perform and deliver a song – he clearly has great vocal ability.  However, I also am very drawn to P2 for his artsy side.

    • Well, Ferjp_88, if Adam loves Jessica, I would absolutely love to get his opinion on her performance of Boehmian Rhapsody.  Imho, she killed the song (and not in a good way) — more like butchered it.  This is my opinion here, and you’re entitled to disagree.

    • I agree with you however that is not Jessica’s fault. She did not ask for rude and obnoxious fans.

      • I agree with that.  Jessica has no control of her fan base.  She seems like a sweet  little girl.  I want to be very clear about something, too.  Just because Jessica wasn’t my favorite (this year – she has much room to grow) doesn’t mean that I don’t think she is an amazing singer for her age.  As Hollie said, you don’t see that very often.  She is a prodigy.  Give her some life experience and listen to her in a couple of years.  I guarantee you, she will be even better.

    • If you are not trying to hate why are you saying half of her fan base is full of obnoxious people.  I am a fan but I sure hope  I’m not obnoxious–i think you like a person when you like a person…and you have to realize that Jessica is not the obnoxious one–maybe a few fans but please don’t generalize.  And I am ashamed of those who are.  But face it each contestants have their own obnoxious fans.  Peace be with you.

    • If you are not trying to hate why are you saying half of her fan base is full of obnoxious people.  I am a fan but I sure hope  I’m not obnoxious–i think you like a person when you like a person…and you have to realize that Jessica is not the obnoxious one–maybe a few fans but please don’t generalize.  And I am ashamed of those who are.  But face it each contestants have their own obnoxious fans.  Peace be with you.

  37. total class, talent, and maturity.  this little girl should have a helluva career in the future.  how many of these contestants bow out so gracefully??  hollie is a star

    • She’s a class act all the way.  I think everyone agrees on that part. 🙂

  38. Whoever wins American Idol among the three (Jessica, Joshua and Phillip) is deserving. I think they’re all great singers. And I think (for me), this is the best top 3 🙂

  39. In behalf of jsan hater.. Guys lets all unite and crown jessica as the winner!! Sorry for all the hatred and bullying!! Peace peace peace, love love love !! 🙂

    • Sorry, but I just don’t think she deserves to be the winner this year.  I’m being honest.  No hatred.  Think she’s a sweet, talented girl – just not ready this year.

      • Sure. The winner will be Phillip. That’s no brainer. He is the cutest of the 3, and he is charming. All the young girls will vote for him. He has a very solid fan base and never been on the bottom 2 or 3, even when he sings OFF key and has limited vocal range. He can entertain any young girl with his looks alone. this season is the very first time I’ve watched AI and I got hooked on it because I was intrigued by the young 16 year old Jessica. I must say, what she has is trully a God given talent, however she will not win. Phillip will be crowned AI winner this season. That is my prediction. It does not matter who wins anyway, as they are all already winners. They will all have a contract after idol but I hope Jessica decides to finish school. She has been accepted and granted scholarship at one of the best acting schools in the country.

    • right on peace..peace…peace and love…  and

  40. Phil Phillps for the WIN!!   You are what makes up the American Dream……..Peace to all

  41. Why did you remove the conversation between Amy and me, Branden? You have a very bad humor, man! We must be free to talk and give our opinions without censuring. It’s not right!

    • Create your own if you don’t want t be censored.  It’s a free country but you should also know your limit for the better of you.  Do not take advantage of your freedom

    • I think Hollie is a beautiful girl, but I never get the impression that she should be swinging from a pole when I look at her costumes.  She always looks tastefully and appropriately dressed to me.  This is something that I really appreciate.  This is television, not radio.  You have to know how to dress.  Hollie’s attire, hair and makeup always looked very nice to me.  Since I’m a mom, I’ll let all the young guys debate on her “hotness” – she’s beautiful, for sure.

  42. @SimplyMe, I’m not bitter at all.  I don’t have anything invested in this show.  I’m just a home viewer with an extensive music background and my own opinions (which apparently aren’t shared by you, which is perfectly fine).  I don’t give two hoots if you agree with me.  I don’t need validation… lol.

    • I have decided that if Jessica gets handed AI for this year, This is my last season to watch the show.  She was already voted off.  We had fifficulties getting our votes in here in Texas Wednesday night.  Who is controlling that.

      • sour grape—u sure you wouldn’t watch next year?   If you won’t I’m sure it won’t be because of Jessica but because you just won’t like anybodyelse.  Sorry if your favorite is gone but accept it and move on–there is no need to put Jessica down.  

      • The voting system, such as it is, isn’t very good.  First of all, rich people can control the voting system.  They can pay little tweeners to sit and vote all night for their favorites if they want to do so.  Secondly, people without an “energetic” fan base don’t do as well.  Someone might be liked by lots and lots of people, but parents aren’t going to vote as vigorously as their kids.  They’ll vote once or twice, if at all.  So, someone like Hollie (as one example) might have the most “unique” votes with the most people liking her overall but still get voted off if the tweeners who vote 5000 times each have a different favorite.  Thirdly, anyone can vote (and multiple times at that).  No musical background is required.  Finally, as we have seen, the judges can push people to the conclusion they want in several ways.  They can relentlessly bash the people they are afraid will knock out their favorites.  They can give people they don’t like less desirable “positioning” in the program – not sure how that works but certain people  always seem to sing at the end.  (Anyone think it’s not a huge advantage to sing last?)  They can pick unflattering songs for the people they don’t want to win in the finale.  The show can also show lots of favorable comments from people in the industry for people they like (but they can fail to show interviews with people who don’t like their favorite).  Well, also, let’s not forget that there’s no accounting firm that certifies the votes (that I know about, anyway).  Oh, and one more thing.  If someone likes a particular judge a lot (say Tyler- he’s a real icon), if that judge doesn’t like someone, his fans may not not vote for that person.

        In spite of all of this, I often get sucked into watching the show (particularly on years that there’s someone I really like) or at least recording it (where I can fast forward through all the commercials and comments).   I never watch the auditions.  I take no pleasure in watching people who think they can sing getting their hopes crushed.  I start watching once the individuals start doing complete performances.   My ears can’t take it before that. 

    • You can have a very extensive Music background andstill not appreciate Music that is loved by other people.  Sorry but that does nothing to prove that you are right.  Good thing that you don’t give a hoot because I don’t agree with you (smile).

      • Now I agree with that.  Sometimes people with music backgrounds can’t appreciate music that is loved by other people.   Sometimes they can, too.  Anyway, I don’t need anyone to agree with me.  We all have our opinions.  It’s a big world, and there are room for lots of musicians with different sounds and styles.  So, enjoy what you like!

  43. @Only The Truth : are you sure that Randy is the only who said that hollie is pitchy? and if hollie is really good and more better than jessica then why is it that she’s always in the bottom 3? can you explain it to me? and you’re always saying that jessica got voted out and that she was saved by the judges (you’re right) but that is part of the show and sorry to say this but colton, elise and skylar is more talented than hollie

    • We all have our favorites.  I have no idea what the judges said – they all use that term from time to time.  None of the judges have music degrees that I know about (except Tyler may have some honorary degrees).  I don’t care what the judges say, because I’m capable of  listening (and watching) for myself.  And you can think what you want, too.  So vote away for whomever you like.  Have a good time, and enjoy yourself!  Peace.

  44. now hollie was sent off.. no hollie-jes finale.. will vote for jessica! still hollie would be my sole idol..

  45. @ jojo2012 i agree w/ you. If these were true AI shoud have done something about it already. They are not stupid. All votes are filtered you cannot cheat. So pls dont rub it in..

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