American Idol 2013 Hopeful Megan Miller Loses The Crutches

Megan Miller - American Idol 2013

Last week on American Idol 2013 we met Megan Miller, Miss Baton Rouge, as the night’s opener for the Louisiana auditions round. She was the singer who braved crutches and ignored doctors’ orders to attend her Idol audition for a chance at Hollywood.

According to TMZ, Miller has fully recovered and is off her crutches after three surgeries to fix her leg. Megan told TMZ she went straight from her performance for the judges to surgery and spent a week at the hospital in recovery.

The funny thing is that Miller told TMZ that she’s “focusing all of her attention on prepping for Hollywood week.” That’s funny because while that article was posted a few days ago the actual Hollywood Week was held back in December where, according to our Idol spoilers, Megan may have hit another bump in the road.

Here’s Megan Miller’s American Idol audition performance one more time:




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