American Idol 2013: Jimmy Iovine Reviews Top 4 Performances

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol

I heart Jimmy Iovine and his frank reviews of the performers. These American Idol 2013 hopefuls are so close to the finish line that one stumble could cost them dearly and he knows they need a little course correction here and there. If the judges could stop bickering and follow his lead there might be a lot more to enjoy on Season 12.

The judges outburst over Jimmy’s feedback on Amber’s performance was outrageous and childish. The entire panel should be ashamed of their behavior in that situation. It was embarrassing to watch and rude to Candice as she stood there waiting to discuss her performance, not the hurt feelings of Nicki and Randy.

Here are Jimmy’s four individual reviews of Amber, Angie, Candice, and Kree. Watch all the videos and share your thoughts on Jimmy’s feedback.

Jimmy’s Thoughts on Amber Holcomb – American Idol 2013 Top 4

Jimmy’s Thoughts on Angie Miller – American Idol 2013 Top 4

Jimmy’s Thoughts on Candice Glover – American Idol 2013 Top 4

Jimmy’s Thoughts on Kree Harrison – American Idol 2013 Top 4




  1. Is Jimmy a mentor or a judge? As a mentor, his comments on performance do not belong on performance night. They should be on results night. Otherwise, he is the fifth judge and is causing additional controversy. It’s difficult to be impartial, but it is needed to be a good judge. The “best of the night,” “you are my favorite,” “best ever on this show” comments have no place in judging the contestant’s performance. Some voters are influenced by these comments because they think these judges “know music” and are better qualified to decide. Others vote against the judges because they are tired of their biased comments. I don’t care if Jimmy doesn’t like the song. He should have said that to the contestant when the song was chosen. His job is to help the singer give the best performance possible. I would like to hear what he tells the contestant during the practice sessions, not what he thinks after the performance.

    • I read in some interview that Jimmy only meets with each singer for 15 minutes or so each week. So the mentor line offered by AI is a bit of an overstatement. Agree though that there is no point him offering comments during the same night they sing. Can only assume it is a damage control measure being done by AI because the criticism of the judges. In regards to the bias of the judges, I agree with you, but people complained exactly the same last season so it’s not just a case of these judges. Wonder if this crap is being done by the judges or the producers of the show. Lets face it, they couldn’t co-operate with each other all season and now they are like a chinese acrobatic team out there.

      • Wow! 15 minutes once a week doesn’t even give the performer a chance to see if he or she is on the right track. Seems like twice a week would be better (once initially, then once for follow-up). Thanks for that information.

    • Maybe jimmy does make song suggestions but the contestants sing what they want to sing. The judges disagree with him so much maybe the contestants feel they can ignore his suggestions. He definitely shouldnt be commenting on performance night. Thats ridiculous.

  2. I really had a laugh when Ryan asked Randy what is MacArthur Park all about after Jimmy critiqued Amber about her not understanding the lyrics. Randy said, “Jimmy, the song is about her performance. She sang her face off” Does that even make sense hahaha It just proves that even Randy does not understand the meaning of the song,

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