American Idol 2013 Results Impact By Twist

American Idol 2013 results twist

Last night on American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest announced a new twist would turn the game upside down. That may have been a case of extreme exaggeration but it definitely had an impact on the American Idol results show and the week to come.

The twist was revealed to be that no one would be going home from the Top 4 competition. We had predicted that to be the case after the Judges Save came and went and then had its deadline erased. The move kept either Amber or Candice, this week’s Bottom 2, in the race for at least another week.

To avoid enraging viewers who invested time and charges to send in more than 38 million votes for the Top 4 performances the twist was given another dimension. This week’s votes would not be dismissed outright but rather combined with the results from next week’s performance show. Things just got a lot tougher for Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb.

This week’s bottom two performers will be faced with the daunting task of securing enough votes to overcome their current deficit of support and surpassing last night’s top two to survive next week. In other words, Candice and Amber can’t just do better than Angie and Kree next week. They’ll have to do a lot better. Out of those 38 million votes, say Angie earned 10 million more than Amber this week, then next week Amber will have to blow past Angie and earn 10 million + 1 to survive. Wow.

So while we will get another week with both Candice and Amber I don’t think it’ll be any easy task to see them both move on to the Season 12 Top 3.

What do you think of this twist on American Idol 2013? Was it a good move or an annoying gimmick?




    • No ! They got it wrong, with Amber gone it’s anyone win and that’s how you play the game.

  1. Not good. Seems to me they did this to probably keep Amber. It was obvious Wed night that judges were pushing her and trying to get rid of Kree. I agree that Cancace should have been saved but I really doubt that was the case as she is one of the best ever. Angie, Kree and Candace are all really good. Amber is talented no doubt but just not as much as the other three.

    • We know Angie, Kree and Candace are great singers but they couldn’t match the quality of sound Amber gave.

  2. Boy AI you stooped to an all time low , only you know how many votes came in and can manipulate this as you wish. So why not just be honest and say America has NO SAY IN AI OF WHO REALLY WINS.This is the last season for me I had enough , I started to record show but that helps the ratings so i will no longer do that, however I would love to see who AI wants to sign that contract. Jimmy I wish you luck here and hope another show scoops you up.Keith ty for making the show tolerable to watch, one can tell you love the music world good luck.AI you started to play with these peoples love and passion for what they would love to do in life and that also covers there future.America LETS VOTE ON AI SHOULD THEY STAY OR SHOULD THEY GO……………………………………….

    • Amber is going to be around a very long time, Her voice has all the passion and heart to make it .

  3. Niki Minaj is NOT spot on, her comments are bizarre, often nothing to do with the singers ability. As far as talent Nicki has no right to judge anybody, you need talent to judge talent. Of all of the girls singing in the competition anyone one of them could sing circles around Nicki. Her “Attitude” is all that most people find exciting and that has nothing to do with fostering and promoting talent. Mariah, Keith and Randy are all light years ahead with ropes of experience under their belts. Randy has produced, played with and arranged music for so many different legends his ear is very much on the pules of talent. One other fact, Nicki Minaj was give a HUGE break by Mariah Carey, when she asked Nicki to guest on “UP out My Face”, Nicki was in the industry, but not a Household name, and that Cameo really helped her. So Nicki should have a little more respect, and realize both Lady Gaga and Lil Kim want their Schtick Back.

  4. I don’t believe that the show is rigged. Think about it. If it was rigged, then Kree should have been the bottom last week so that the judges could use the save. As it turned out, Jannelle was at the bottom, and the judges could not find it in their hearts to save her because she has been a bottom dweller. So what was the result? They’ve got one free week. Therefore, the twist that happened this week is not a ploy to save Amber; for all we know, Candice could be the one at the bottom. This is just to fill in the gap.

    • I don’t really believe its rigged either. I know there seems to be some manipulation of the voters going on with contestant placement, judges remarks, etc. but I don’t think this “twist” was planned too far in advance. The judges didn’t use the save on Janelle for the reasons you stated. They may have been told that they would have the opportunity to use it later on or that something would be worked out if one of the others that have consistently been in the Top 3 ended up in the bottom.

  5. Hope that they get to sing original songs at some point. Angie could perhaps recreate one of AI’s best moments when she sang an original during Hollywood week and Kree would have the judges, as well as a nationwide TV audience, in tears with her intimate heartfelt original ‘You would have wanted it that way’. Non-songwriters could perform songs they wish they’d written.

  6. Ryan’s “Twist” is to “Save” the judges safety in situation like this. Expectedly and likewise to happen last night. Judges will utilize their Save and cannot let go of Candice and especially their favorite Amber at this point of time. “Twist” is analogy to “Save” the show with AI current rating to mind!!! Case the producers needed to utilize this strategy and too early tho…should waited next week for Top 3. More dramatic and corns, you know!!!

    • I agree with you Jedidah! But she will not win??? I give her my fifty votes every time I can vote!!! Even Jimmy said she was great! I did not like McAurther Park. But how would a young girl like Amber know a good one hit wonder??? I think the show is rigged too.. Hers why. The best two singers there were in the bottom last week. How does one explain that? Have a great day!
      Sherry K

    • It really doesn’t matter who wins, America got it wrong again ! I just want Amber to know, You give something they don’t give the song and that’s heart and soul .

  7. Sorry.. but i love Nicki. At least she’s more honest, true and natural than Mariah who can’t say anything than #pow and A+mazing…. And she’s a redundant to Randy most of the times. You don’t have to be a super musical person to judge a singing contest. You should only have a good listening ear. We too make our own judgements and comments so don’t argue if Nicki can or should be a judge. She’s just doing a good job.

    • I like Ncki too! at least she has the gumption to say what she thinks. she doesn’t stumble all over her self like Mariah the Queen. My husband likes her too! watch her looking at Keith Urban while he is talking! She looks like she is going to jump him!

  8. KREE is the only natural singer performer left in the competition with very powerful angelic voice and i hope she will be the next american idol…!!!! go KREE, our votes only for you…!!!!

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