American Idol 2013: Limiting Votes Is Unlikely This Season

Ryan Seacrest at American Idol auditions

We hear it from readers every season: “limit voting!” For those hoping to see vote limits on American Idol 2013 shouldn’t hold their breath.

In an interview with TV Line’s Michael Slezak we heard directly from FOX’s Mike Darnell that they don’t really think they need to re-evaluate the current voting system. Sure, they’ve talked about it but they’re American Idol and the other guys aren’t.

We’ve debated this over the years. There is a debate within the production companies even. Should you limit it, should you not limit it? I don’t have any evidence that limiting voting would change [the outcome], to be frank, although I know there’s this “white boys with guitars” thing that everybody keeps talking about.

The truth is, the last two winners have done, like you said, exceptionally. The audience, in the end, knows what it wants. And it’s important to give them what they want, because they’re the ones that are going to buy the records.

I think this show, when you get a winner, [the audience is] engaged enough to go buy the single and go buy the album. And they’re not in the other shows.

Ugh. I have a hard time believing that nothing their internal numbers are showing nothing would be impacted by a change in voting. Maybe, maybe the block voters are such a small percentage that they don’t influence the results, but come on.

What do you think? Should FOX finally introduce some restrictions on the number of votes allowed per person, per device, or some sort of “per”? Vote in our poll below and then share your thoughts in the Comments section.

Source: TV Line




  1. This just goes to show they don’t care what we think. This was the main reason my family, friends and I are not watching this year. We were tired of the unfair voting. Then they hired Nicki and that cinched it! Well they can count on their teens, but these adults won’t be watching or voting.

  2. I always thought voting was their biggest problem, but after the first two shows, I realize that voting is not their biggest problem…their biggest problem is the judges. How much more boring can we get????? And the constant back and forth between Nikki and Mariah is so annoying.

  3. They just love having Ryan Secrest saying that they got “70 million votes” leading people to believe that 70 million people watched the show. The AI producers believe that the people who watch the show are absolute morons and don’t seem to realize that people are smarter than what they give them credit for. I’m not watching this season for a variety of reason, but the voting system is one of them.

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