American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey


American Idol 2013 is still months away from airing and new judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are already involved in a heated feud.

There have been rumors that the two were not getting along for days now, and on Thursday, Mariah Carey confirmed that there’s been an issue or two to Barbara Walters, which she discussed on The View. Mariah told Barbara in a pre-show phone interview that several people heard Nicki say that “If I had a gun, I would shoot the b***h,” referring to Mariah after the two had a disagreement on set about an auditioning contestant.

“She said there were staff members that heard it, producers, hairdressers, other people,” Barbara said. Mariah also told her that she “doesn’t feel comfortable emotionally.” Mariah says she doesn’t plan to quit the show because she’s really enjoying her job mentoring the young singers.

Nicki fired back at what Barbara said Mariah said (is this 8th grade or what?) via Twitter. Or at least I think it was firing back? I’m not exactly sure. “Hey yAll. Lets just say nicki said smthn about a gun. ppl will believe it cuz she’s a black rapper. Lmao. I’ll then hit up Barbara n milk it” she tweeted.


What are your thoughts on the Nicki and Mariah feud? Do you think they’ll make it a whole American Idol season without having a throw down? American Idol 2013 premieres in January.




  1. My family, friends and I have already said we won’t be watching. The Judges are not our cup of tea! LOL! We also have a problem with the voting. It isn’t fair. They should go to a voting like DWTS 12 votes per person.

  2. It s over, branden. You will be out of business next year. These two cats are going to bring the whole show down. Show is in a steep downhill from now on

  3. Well it’s official I’m not watching this season. I can read and watch the recaps and watch the performances on youtube. I have no interest in watching a couple of grown women acting like 3 year olds. Why they felt Minaj would be a good addition to the show is beyond me. I’ll stick with watching X-Factor and the Voice.

    • Yes now the is one great show THE VOICE now there at least you have 4 talented judges and Balke or Adam are not hard on the eyes….and the x factor ain’t bad either but there again you have some one who has lost it several times (Brittany) so who is she to judge any one else and she kinda acts like she is above all the contestants…I’m just sayin’

      • At least Brittany hasn’t gone off on another one of the judges on the X-Factor simply because they didn’t agree, and has shown that she can disagree with the other judges without going all ghetto. I am not saying Brittney is a good judge(I’m waiting for the live shows to say anything about that) but at least she can disagree with her fellow panelists without having a mental episode.

  4. All will be fine. It’s reality TV and the all the shows have been about the hosts for quite some time now. Many people watch the X factor just to see if Spears has a melt down, the Christina/Adam rivalry on the voice, Howard’s outspokenness on AGT and people will watch AI just to see if a nasty cat fight is brewing. Sure some viewers will tune out but others will tune in.

  5. Nicky Minaj arguing about contestant’s musical ability? wait what did she know a single music note to back her decision?

  6. First of all, what’s a “throw down”?

    I think they are just building drama to up the pre-season interest and get people to tune in. After all that’s what AI is all about these days, D R A M A. LOL

    They had enough of it last year with JS almost being eliminated and then saved and the judges rushing on stage. Phillip’s kidneys and Joshua Ledet screaming his way through every song.

    Good to see that AI is sticking to it’s guns and not giving in to unsatisfied viewers negative remarks.

    I guess they still haven’t changed the voting have they? Probably wont either. If they do it’ll surprise the hell outta me!

    • You just can’t get over Phillip’s kidneys. Teehee to you, he won it all in spite of his pain. Who knows what the future holds for him, but for now he’s counting his money for selling almost two million copies of Home. Worst case scenerio he’s a one hit wonder…but that would be a hella of a lot more than most of the kids achieve on the show. Yay P2.

      • Vanessa? I write a comment about the drama with Minaj and Carey and all you can find is a reference to Phillip Phillip’s kidneys to comment on? There was way more other stuff in that comment. Talk about infatuation!! That just proves they need to change the voting format. You need to start voting based on what your ears hear more than what your eyes see and your body feels. All you cougars are whats causing this wgwg phenomena. I can see you now sitting in front of the pc with a pic of Phillip pulled just uhum, “voting” away til your heart’s content.

      • By the time AI rolls around I’ll be holding my newborn. The only boy I’ll be infatuated with will be my son. For some of us life is more than tv. Love ya, mean it!

      • Hi Vanessa, How are you feeling? When is your son due? I’m sure you will be watching AI like me….I just love the young talent on the show…..I’ve had issues with the Judges since The Original 3 broke up and the voting but I still enjoy the show.

      • Hi Ms. Phyllis: I’m feeling fine. The big day is around Christmas which would be great as that is my twin sister and my birthday as well. A bunch of little elfs. Time will tell if I watch Idol, I’ve been losing interest, but kept watching as it was a tradition watching with my mom. Now if Adam was there, you know I’d be watching!! Hope you are well:)

      • @Vanessa-I think they would have had a better following with Adam than with Nicky N. There loss….I guess by the time Idol starts your little one will be here….Best Wishes!!!!!

      • Oh the politics of American Idol, Phyllis! Adam would have gotten some hate but not nearly as much as Nicki. He would have way surpassed Urban, who to me is boring…but they had to stay in stride with the Voice and get a country guy. I am getting very excited as are my little girls…speaking of which I know you were happy to see your precious granddaughter! The kitchen is closed after this little guy..3 is a nice number!!! And He Isn’t A Twin!

  7. I don’t get it why they chose Nicki Minaj to be a judge. I don’t like her at all and I don’t even want to see her face and listen to her song. She was miming during the guest performance last season and they put her to be a judge?? She doesn’t even know how to sing live. I just don’t get it. And me too decided to not watch AI this season unless if they throw that Minaj to the dustbin.

  8. today’s ny daily news has these two byatches on the front page and carey claims minaj wants to shoot her! she’s afraid for her kids so she’s hired extra security! is this for real?? these two are going to tear into each other all season and the contestants will be left hanging out to dry. i really feel for these kids who are all going to be upstaged by these two talentless, juvenile, junior high schoolers trying to dominate the show. yes, it sells advertising space but it sure turns off a lot of the viewers, especially since the voting procedures are still the same. so glad “the amazing race” is back, if you wanna see a REAL alpha femae, check out katy segal as jemma teller in “sons of anarchy”. she could teach carey and minaj a thing or twelve!!

      • I don’t condone violence…but gimme a break, no one heard the gun shot comment but Carey. This has been diva needs a little dose of reality from a girl who was chosen for the sole reason to shake things up…and look at the comments, she’s done the job. Nicki is definitely earning her paycheck!

      • Hahahahhaha. I have a feeling that’s what the PTB are betting on! I’m sure these two don’t like each other, but am just as sure that most of the fights will be scripted. Ah the good ole days when the fighting was between Paula and Simon!

  9. No need to watch. If anything earthshaking happens it will be all over the media within hours. And if they don’t limit the voting, your votes don’t matter. Why bother?

    • We have already decided not to watch before they even picked the Judges. The voting was the main reason. They need to get a new voting system. Like DWTS, you get 12 votes per Text, Phone & Internet. Not hundreds per every young girl. Another pet peeve is the Judges giving one or 2 standing ovations all thru the season. This isn’t fair!

    • Templar I think you care more than you admit since you comment on a regular basis. You’ll be watching!

      • Putting aside your penchant to disagree and contradict nearly everyone, and against my better judgement, I will respond. I’m waiting to see whether they modify the voting. if they do, I will watch but will mute the judges. If they keep voting as it is, i will not watch, nor will I post here.

  10. Along with most of the commenters below, our household will NOT be watching Idol this season. It has been obvious since Minaj was chosen that the producers are looking for an entirely different audience and it is definitely not an audience that I belong to! Just listen to the Minaj rant against Mariah and you can see for yourself what kind of trash she is.

  11. Nicki Minaj is not a singer and that what American Idol is about not psychotic rapping LOL she has no place on the show!!!!

  12. i cant believe that the show would bring on a low life ghetto speaking person like Nicky Minaj. She doesn’t hold a candle to Mariah!!! We have watched the show since the beginning. If she is on the show we will not watch it anymore.

  13. I have watched this show almost since it began. But I don’t think I will be able to stomach Nicki. I will probably not watch this year. Sad to say.

  14. The classiness of AI has come doqn quite a few notches with NM as a judge. If producers are trying to bring on drama for ratings they are making a big mistake. You don’t thr4eaten to shoot someone. I wont be watching this season. Ill stick with The Voice and the X Factor. AI is stooping to the lowest common denominator.

  15. More BS from the Idol camp. AI died when the show became about the judges not the contestants.

  16. I don’t particularly care for Nicki’s music but have to say she’s not intimidated by Super Star Diva Mariah! But she is not as Ghetto as she try’s to appear. It’s all about her image. But I agree with most, not liking her for Idol!

  17. I have no idea why Nicki Minaj is on the show. She is a one hit wonder and her comments are out of line. If AI allows her to continue to be a judge my family and I will not watch this season. Her comments are both vulgar and threatening.

  18. Nikie’s not idol materal, who gets along with this, don’t care for her materal!!!

  19. All she is, is a wanna be singer and she needs to look at Mariah and Keith Urban if she wants to learn talent cause she has none.

    • and she can’t even judge hair she don’t know what great hair looks like so again i say to look to Mariah and Keith..She needs to learn how to sing herself before she can judge other talent. Anyone they bring to audition for AI would be a better singer than her.

      • Keith Urban looked horrible standing next to Nicole at the Emmys. His hair was flat and dirty, ill fitting tux, five or six studs in his ears…so 90’s. If everyone is going to judge one person’s appearance, why not pick on a dude for a change. Believe me, Nicki chooses her outfits very carefully and has had a myriad of number one records, just not in the genre that you or most of the commenters listen to. No wonder she’s so tough, she has to defend herself all the time!!

  20. Dump the scank, Minaj, keep Mariah who is an amazing and more mature lady/singer, and fix the voting procedures! Either that, or loose ratings/viewers! Enough said!

  21. I posted some comments yesterday and signed up for Disque. My comments appeared openly UNTIL I signed up for DIsque, and then they disappeared from this discussion afterwards. What happened to my comments, and how do I disenroll from Disque?? Help!

  22. minaj has no talent anyways so i dont know what american idol was thinking. mariah is a legend!

  23. We have watched American Idol since it started but this year we decided like many others Minaj is a rediculous choice of judge. Definitely no class and one self-centered Diva! What were you thinking

  24. They’re both wrong. Don’t they have a clause in their contracts not to talk about the upcoming season anyway? But talking behind each others backs certainly isn’t going to solve it. Yeah, it is 8th grade and they are both guilty. I love Keith Urban and I feel bad that he has to sit through the Diva Diaries. I’m afraid that even with KU I won’t be able to watch these two fools. I can’s say I’m particularly fond of either of them to begin with, but after this I can assure you I will find no reason whatsoever to spend a dime to hear more from them. AI, ratings is your motivation I’m sure, next time shoot for the Blake Shelton/Adam Levine battles and not the daytime drama divas who aren’t fit to mentor these young artists. This pair is an absolute JOKE and while it may help ratings for a week or two, it will make AI the biggest joke of the reality tv music shows. You are playing really bad poker on this one and everyone loses here. Get rid of the dueling divas and find some real talent for the panel. Keith Urban is a strong addition but the others are highly suspect.

  25. And BTW, if Mariah feels her children are not safe as has been stated due to Minaj’s threats…act like a parent and do whats best for them rather than throw fuel on the fire by blabbing to Barbara Walters shut your mouth and if you are truly afraid bow out. I guarantee if AI had to choose between Mariah and Nicki they would HAVE to choose Mariah. Nicki is a no talent barbie doll with a bad attitude. These two have made the prospect of a season 13 seem very unlikely if nothing changes. If you want to watch a bunch of divas go at it, watch a soap opera or WWE. I doubt Ryan Seacrest or Keith Urban will be enjoying this season. Randy will eat it up of course.

  26. I won’t be watching this season if that “Howdie Doodie” look alike minaj is judging. AI must of been on crack when they hired her. She has absollutely no class & no talent.

  27. With all of the uproar and discontmentment by the fans of AI with the selection of Nicki Minaj as a judge for this new season, it appears that our negative opinion of her doesn’t seem to affect the AI executive staff’s position to admit their mistake in hiring her. This latest outburst from her against a REAL diva…Mariah…demonstrates how rude, crude, coarse, grotesque, untalented, and low class she is. What is, IS! She’s far from being a model personality for anyone today…young or old! Judges should be selected on their YEARS of talent and documented expereince in the music industry…none of which she has. Nicki is a disaster waiting to happen, and she will be the main reason AI falls at the bottom of the reality show ratings. I, for one, won’t lower myself to contribute to this impending disaster by watching AI, as I have done for all past seasons. Too bad…for the contestants…the other three talented judges…and the audience…they deserve better.than to be subjected to a person who’s so completely out of touch with the real world. Good luck AI…you’re going to need it as you sink into your final season!

  28. Idol are just trying to fuel these rumours to keep their viewer base for when Idol comes back on screen. I just want to know who did the photo shop with Nicki’s hand on Ryan’s shoulder and also by her side. Maybe she has 3 arms? I will say though that Keith Urban was an excellent judge on the voice Australia, hence the reason they asked him to join Idol for some stability.

  29. I can’t believe her! Seriously? No one’s gonna believe she’ll shoot someone just because she’s black and a rapper, thats kinda racist. Plus, you’re on a computer, learn how to spell. Additionally, she is such trash, she tried to make good out of a bad situation and failed. Why is she even a judge? She says she raps but she only talks fast about freaking starships!!!!!!!!! At least Eminem talked about. Standing up and making your life better, but no she threatens to shoot someone on what used to be a good show but because of her turned really bad!

  30. I think that if a person is going to be a judge on a show like American Idol, they ought to remember that they are SUPPOSED to be adults & mentors & that as such, they should also act with a bit more class. Of course, I expected nothing less from Nicki Minaj. And no, it’s NOT because she’s a black rapper (lets drag that race card out one more time), I actually LOVE rap, but she’s acted pretty tacky & classless from the get go. So, like my Mamma always said, beauty & class are two things that you can’t buy, no matter how much money you have……& I think Nicki Minaj just proves that point in every way, everyday. A gun? Seriously? Grow up & get some grit in your craw. It’s pretty bad when you can’t disagree with someone without them saying they’d shoot you if they had a gun. Wow. All that class & nowhere to put it. Just sayin

  31. I think that Nicki Minaj was a very bad pick. I change the radio station when ever her songs are on. She was awful when she performed on Idol last year. I have watched American Idol every year since season 3. Now I don’t think that I will be able to watch it with her on it. It would be different if she could sing.

  32. Not watching this year. Think minaj was the WORST possible choice. No talent, nothing to add but low-class behavior. I’ve been with you since season 1. It was a good run.

  33. Minaj needs to go never felt like this since 1968 in Flint, Michigan she belong on industrial street. It was probably her mother I saw.

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