American Idol 2013: Producers Address Backstage Drama

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The ongoing feud between new American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey has been all over the internet for the past couple of weeks and American Idol producers have finally spoken out on the drama.

“This is one of the best, most passionate, dynamic and invested judging panels we’ve ever had,” Producers said in a statement. “We love and support all of the judges and the fantastic work they are doing, and we can’t imagine a better group to find the next American Idol. Despite all the accusations and media speculation — much of which is inaccurate — production is going extremely well today and the judges are focused on finding the best talent here in Baton Rouge.”

The View host Barbara Walters has been at the center of all of this as she has been following the drama and keeping up with Mariah Carey on how it’s going. According to Barbara, Nicki has not apologized for the alleged remarks she made to Mariah.

“Nicki walked off the set and multiple people heard Nicki say, ‘If I had a gun I would shoot the b****,” Barbara reported. “Nicki has not apologized and since then they have been together at meetings with producers and judges.”

Barbara added that Nicki said the two may fight again but Mariah claims she will not partake in another battle. We shall all see.

What do you think of this feud? Divas being divas or is it a publicity stunt?




  1. Get rid of Nicki. She is not in the same class level as the other judges. And she should be arrested for her death threat on Mariah. I can’t stand Nicki.

  2. Drop me as a viewer. “nicki” looks like a troublemaker and acts like a troublemaker. Mariah is much more a lady and judge material. “nicki” is the clown in a 3 ring circus you all have created this year. How I long for Simone. I will just watch the last show-that’s all. you need to get rid of that girl-ratings will show I’m right.

  3. i think the producers are in their own universe!! they LOVE this crew of clowns who are working so hard!! then again, what else can they say… they made a big mistake hiring minaj and carey?? the show has really hit the skids. my husband wants to watch just to see the cat fights. maybe the wwe is interested in two more divas. these two would fit right in!!

  4. I think Barbara Walters needs to quit being an instigator and stay out of it! I think the producers are getting EXACTLY what they wanted and I feel sorry for Randy and Keith Urban for being forced to sit through this garbage.

  5. They Idol producers I have an idea for making it better, FIRE MINAJI!!!! I will not watch the show so long as she is there. She shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. I am not interested in watching a grown woman act like a 3 year old.

  6. This is a publicity stunt if I’ve ever I heard…..They need to get people to watch and now a lot of people will tune in just to see them fight…..and trust me…..they won’t…..To all the people that don’t want to watch should just DVR AI and skip over the judges and watch the young talent…..

      • To be honest… too!!!! I still listen to Thats Entertainment……I love both of them.
        Hey Namesake……maybe you should watch AI, no hockey (no fighting). Maybe a fight will break out on the live show….HAHAHAHA!!!!

      • great idea!! and when minaj checks carey into the boards seacrest can put her in the penalty box!! then it’s back to the cd player for more ADAM!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello sweet Phyllis. I agree. Too much sensationalism going on with those two….more of a publicity stunt than anything else. I can remember in previous years the new young talent seen and heard at the auditions was being promoted…now it’s the judges. Being a die hard fan, I will still continue to watch no matter what. 🙂

  7. Get rid of Nicki!! She is not fit for this show or any other! How can she be a judge of singing when she can’t even sing?

    • Thank you, this is bull sh**, she cant sing so why does she get to tell other people wether they can or not, AI used to be full of class and fun, but now it’s just nicki minaj proving what a piece of trash she is and ruining AI while doing it, I am very disappointed with her and the producer’s judgement.

  8. Whether the infighting is real or staged, it shows the level the producers will stoop to in order to get viewers. Even their following of contestants seems to be pandering to the lowest level instead of focusing on the voice (pun intended).

  9. It’s obvious the producers don’t care one iota what the public thinks about their hiring the rude, crude, lewd, low class, untalented, trouble-making Nicki Minaj. There have been numerous posts on several AI news releases where the overwhelming majority of comments were negative about her…mine included! But there has been no addressing our issues by the producers to acknowledge how we feel. What affect does this web site have, if the prducers show thay don’t care about what the public thinks? I’m part of that public. Hear me out! Nicki will bring the downfall of Idol based on her common behavior and obnoxious actions, causing America to tune in elsewhere when Idol is broadcast. Hey, AI producers…the public is responsible for paying your salary…your paycheck may be reduced this season because you didn’t listen to what your public was trying to tell you. Bottom line: If Nicki stays on as a judge…I don’t watch the side show called American Idol any more. Do the right thing so that Idol doesn’t fall completely into obivlion…Issue a pink slip to Nicki!

  10. This show has finally succeeded in losing me as a viewer. This is either a setup or nicki acting like a punk and thinking she’s all bad.( really!!! what a phony…) You got Randy trying to act all cool.( he needs to act and dress his age not like he’s in some boy band.) Barbara Walters should be put out to pasteur. The only one I feel sorry for is Keith, to bad you came on the show with these losers. Mariah sounds like she might make a decent judge, but came to the show to late,because I think this show is headed for the end.

  11. My husband and I have been American Idol fans from the beginning. But we won’t be watching anymore with Nicki on the show. The producers made a huge error in judgement by hiring someone like her who has no class. We loved the show and never missed it but we refuse to watch any longer unless she goes. I have a feeling that by trying to cause some drama on the show they may now have their last season. It’s too bad. It used to be a good show. I am very disappointed in the bad judgement made in hiring her.

    • I completely agree, it was a bad mistake, how have they gone from people like Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson to this? I loved the show but now I am quite disappointed

  12. I have not read one positive response about Nicki…..That alone should be your answer. Send her walking.

  13. I’ve started watching the Voice. I had recorded the shows, but didn’t start watching them until this past week. Now I’m caught up except for todays (Tuesday, Oct 9) episode. I like the judges on that show a lot better. I like em better than any set of judges Idol has ever had…………….. another paragraph………. I’m hitting spacebar twice, lets see if it bunches it all together……………..
    Anyway, where as before I was sort of annoyed with AI for hiring such lame judges (Lopez & Minag) I now no longer care so much.
    And another paragraph………………
    As someone said above, I feel bad for Keith. He seems to have walked into a hot mess. Other than that though, they deserve each other. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.
    And one last paragraph……………..
    From what I can gather, the talent on the Voice is about even w/ AI. The judges are much better. The format is neat, though I also liked Idol’s format. I’ll probably give Idol a shot next season, but if it turns out to be a singing version of the Jerry Springer show I’m out.

  14. So all of y’all have something to say about nicki but she didnt have the argument by herself y’all need to sit down check where you are and check where she is and feel sorry for yaself thank you I will be watching and dont waste ya time replying because what’s done is done

  15. I also agree, idol producers did not listen to 80% of thier viewers not wanting nicki m ! They screwed up big-time and after 11 years I won’t be watching either. Good luck to you Idol- I will for-ever love you for bringing us adam lambert!

  16. I gave nicki m the benefit of the doubt and research her and her songs to see if I was missing someting. No- I wasn’t WTF was idol thinking- she’s dreadful-phoney, stupid lyrics, not once of talent except a manufactured ,autotuned, lypsycing, joke to the music industry, (Kids , if you are listening- rapping is noice it’s not singing) I’m very open-minded but I’m furious for picking someone Nicki M because she is not an artsit in no shape or form. God help these kids today – they don’t know what a real singing voice his!

  17. evidently idol thinks America is stupid. Whether it’s staged or not, most people tuned in to see the talented singers not the has been judges trying to reinvent themselves (Please note that I do not include Keith Urban in the talentless or re-inventing equation as I think he is possibly more talented than the rest of the panel alone, I do however feel terrible for him walking into this train wreck).

    Anyway, if it is staged shame on idol for trying to reel in viewers this way (perhaps Jerry Springer and Geraldo are available for next season then…you might want to bolt the chairs to the floor).
    And if it isn’t staged, you are about to make a mockery of what has been a great show with a flawed voting system. Either way, you might find even more viewers tuning out. I will give it a shot because of Keith Urban and the talented contestants. But, if it goes south with the dueling divas and their name dropping “dawg” Randy, I’m out.

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