American Idol 2014 Auditions Episode 3 Recap: Detroit Comes On Strong

Marialle Sellars audition - American Idol 2014

Detroit definitely rocked the American Idol 2014 auditions Wednesday night. It was probably the best night yet as far as good auditions go. There are a lot of standouts from the night so let’s get to the best of the night.

Keri Lynn Roche, “Radioactive.” and “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Off to a great start with this one. I think she might be my favorite audition yet. And that’s weird for me because I usually don’t gravitate toward girls who try to sound gimmicky. And then when she sang her second song, I was like, aaah yes, that’s why I liked her. I knew there was no pretense in there. I like her a lot. She gets three yeses from the judges. We’ll see her in Hollywood.

Malaya Watson, “Ain’t No Way.” That was fantastic. And she’s only 15. It was pure. It was effortless. She’s in glasses and braces so I cannot wait to see her on the Idol stage. If she makes it. She has to make it, right? She was fantastic. She gets three yeses and heads off to Hollywood.

Bryan Watt, “So Small.” WGWG alert. But it’s OK because he’s charming, smooth and tender. Yes to this guy. He’s perfect for the show. He’s marketable and his ability to perform is effortless. He’s a natural. He gets yeses all around and heads off to Hollywood.

Jena Asciutto, “Rolling in the Deep.” No Adele! No! Don’t! I thought she was OK, but I found her pretty boring. I could see her getting to Hollywood but not much further. She doesn’t seem to have much control over her voice. She moves on to Hollywood.

Melanie Porras, “Fever” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” She’s not bad. She reminds me of a less-talented version of Haley Reinhart. But I don’t mean that as an insult. She’s fine. Just kind of boring and safe. She moves on to Hollywood.

Liam Newberry, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Joke audition? Eh. No, not exactly. I mean he’s not great, but he’s not awful. He has a decent tone, but he doesn’t have much of a presence. I think I’d say no for sure. The judges say no, too.

Jade Lathan, “Tanqueray.” Another great audition. This girl’s version of that Amy Whinehouse was fantastic. I think this girl needs to be a star. The judges agree. She’s off to Hollywood.

Sydney Arterbridge, “Loving You.” WAIT. 15? HOW? NO!? Wow. This girl is fantastic. That high note!? Amazing. Love her. She gets three yeses and heads to Hollywood.

David Oliver Willis, “Too Close.” Now this was an audition. It was so effortless and he was so in the zone that it actually sounded like a concert performance. Very impressed with this guy. He gets three easy yeses and is off to Hollywood.

Brandy Neelly, “Wanted.” She was a little shrill and nasally a few times, but I think she’s got a great voice overall. It was a good audition. She gets her ticket to Hollywood.

Ethan Harris, “You’ll Think of Me.” What a sweet and tender voice. I love this guy. I was getting worried this would be a joke, but I’m really digging this guy. I hope we get to see more of them. He’s going to Hollywood! Yes!

Ryan Nisbett, “Angel.” Hipster alert. He has about 12 things too many going on with his look, but he has a pretty solid voice. He has quite a range, actually. He gets some easy yeses and is off to Hollywood.

Marrialle Sellars, “Grenade.” This girl looks like she’s ready for the American Idol 2014 finale. She has the look, the sound, the talent, the presence. She’s fantastic. She gets one of the easiest tickets to Hollywood of the night.

The final count of golden tickets from the night was 40. That’s 119 so far this season.

Video: Harry Connick Jr. auditions on American Idol



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  1. I think Jena Asciutto sounded amazing! You say no don’t sing Adele, but tell me, could any of the other contestants last night sing Adele like she could? Nikki Mardegian

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