American Idol 2014 Auditions Episode 6 Recap: Omaha Closes It Out

Harry dancing to the beat

The American Idol 2014 auditions are a wrap as the Idol judges handed out their last golden tickets in Omaha, Nebraska. There were fewer standouts this time, but there were some worth mentioning. Let’s take a look.

Quaid Edwards, “A Change is Gonna Come.” This guy has a great look and he’s not a horrible singer, but I agree with Jennifer Lopez that he’s not perfect. I think he should get a chance to go to Hollywood and the judges give him the chance.

Madisen Walker, “Before He Cheats.” She’s got a great voice and she’s cute, but like Keith said, there was nothing about her that stands out. She’s only 15 so maybe Idol isn’t for her right now. But I agree with the judges that she will definitely be able to use her voice some day. But I’d probably pass this season. But they say yes, so she’s off to Hollywood.

Alyssa Siebken, “No Hands.” Her audition was kind of spazzy but it was also pretty spot on. But it was so spot on that it seemed super rehearsed. But I think she’s pretty solid and I liked her audition. JLo says yes. Harry says no. Keith says yes, so she’s through to Hollywood.

Tyler Gurwicz, “Set Fire To The Rain.” Well the audition wasn’t effortless, but I didn’t hate the guy. I think I like his voice, but like Harry said, what would they do with him on the show. And he chokes when Keith asks for another song, but then he pulls out a solid audition. He gets through to Hollywood, but the judges are a little skeptical about their own decision.

Tyler Marshall, “Proud Mary.” I thought this guy was gonna be awful, but he wasn’t. He’s super energetic and happy and not even annoying. He’s solid. The judges send him off to Hollywood.

C.J. Jones, “Stand By Me.” I liked this guy a lot. His voice was didn’t match up to his look, but I liked that. I think his tone is unique and he also had a nice energy. He’s off to Hollywood.

Paula Hunt, “All I Can Do is Cry.” What a great audition. She was really connected to the song and you could just sense how she relates to it. It was all very natural and effortless. The judges send her off to Hollywood.

Andrina Brogden, “Halo.” Not the best song to sing for an audition since even Beyonce sounds weird singing it, but she’s pretty good. JLo picks up on her fears though. Then Harry thinks her voice isn’t right for Idol and it’s sounding bad, but then they give her a golden ticket. We’ll see her again.

Tessa Kate, “Folsom Prison Blues.” This girl’s very unique. I never expected her to sing that song and I also never expected to enjoy it as much as I did. There’s a hint of Dolly Parton in there, and I really liked it. The judges send her through to Hollywood.

In the end, they handed out 21 golden tickets in Omaha, making the final Hollywood Week total 212.

Video: Harry Connick Jr. dances for CJ Jones



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