American Idol 2014 Season 13: Hollywood Week Here We Come! [VIDEO]

The American Idol auditions rounds for 2014 are finally over, but the grueling journey for the season 13 Golden Ticket winners has just begun. Next on our American Idol 2014 schedule comes the trials and tribulations of Hollywood Week. For those contestants who think they know exactly what is going to happen when they arrive in Los Angeles, however, they are in for quite a shock.

American Idol Hollywood Week 2014

American Idol Hollywood Week this season has a brand new twist that will have some of the hopefuls  shaking in their boots when they arrive. Of the 212 contestants who were given Golden Tickets, an unknown number of them will not even get the chance to unpack when they hit the ground in Los Angeles. Instead, some of them will be headed right back home again.

Some of the contestants who failed to impress the American Idol judges enough in the auditions rounds will have to sing yet again for Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. It’s a shocking twist that we are sure will cause plenty of freak outs and tears among those contestants who don’t get an automatic pass to the next round.

After that, it will be on to the first ‘real’ solo round of Hollywood Week, where the remaining contestants will have to impress the judges with an a cappella song. The infamous group round will follow, and that’s where we’re likely to see the biggest meltdowns and drama so far this season.

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