American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week Episode One Recap: Off To A Sloppy Start


It’s American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week! Well, I think. It doesn’t feel like that’s what I watched. I feel like I watch a jumbled mess of nothing. A lot of nothing. Two hours of nothing substantial. I’m pretty disappointed, but I’m shutting off the negativity now.

The best part of the episode was the new twist. The contestants think they’re on their way to the hotel but they’re really taking them to an airplane hangar to perform! Some of the singers on the fence with the judges, have to sing for the judges for the shot to actually make it to Hollywood Week. So some will get cut.

We didn’t get to see many performances from this quick round, but there were a few standouts. The best  was easily Johnny Newcomb with “Pumped Up Kicks.” I liked this kid when we saw him last week and I liked him again this time. I don’t know why Harry is so iffy with him. I will say this version wasn’t AS strong on this song, but I still like him.

After that round concluded, Idol added a new layer to the competition: the buses. The contestants were split into two buses. One would be going to the hotel for Hollywood Week and the other would be going to the airport. I’m actually pretty impressed with this little bit of drama. Well-played, American Idol. Bus 1 goes home. Bus 2 goes to Hollywood.

And now it’s time for the actual first round of auditions. Let’s take a look at the standouts. Please keep in mind we got very little audition time from anyone tonight. So please excuse my brief recaps for each.

Majesty Rose York. This girl is ready for this contest. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Her audition was smooth and solid. Majesty Rose moves on to the next round.

Samantha Calmes. I’m not sure what I think of this girl. She sounds good but I don’t understand how she would be marketable. She gets cut.

Brandy Neely. She’s a natural. Her Hollywood Week audition was definitely better than her original audition. The judges liked it too, because she’s on to the next round.

Spencer Lloyd. We get our first version of “Say Something” (expect it a lot more), but I don’t know if it’ll sound as good as his did. This was a fantastic audition. Great song choice for him, too. The judges send him on to the next round.

Austin Wolfe. Adele alert. Of course. But hey, when you can sing like this girl, I can forgive singing Adele. I liked it. She moves on to the next round.

Sam Woolf. This guy is a star. The girls will love him and everyone is going to want to hear him sing. His audition this time was even better than the first time we saw him. He goes on to the next round.

Kerri Lynn Roche. I didn’t really take much notice of this girl the firs time around, but I was really into her audition this time. She finds her way into the next round.

C.J. Harris. This guy is getting more airtime already, which means Idol producers are really into this guy. And that’s OK with me, because he’s a great performer. His audition was solid and it’s not surprised the judges put him through to the next round. One of the best of the night.

Alex Preston. This guy is totally unique to American Idol. I think if this guy gets the right song choices and gets that Idol makeover, he might be around a long time. He gets one more chance this time as the judges send him on to the next round.

Ben Briley. I don’t love this guy, but they seem to dig him. He’s getting a lot of airtime and now he’s moving on to the next round.

Dexter Roberts. I will say that I prefer Dexter to Ben. They’re similar, so I think one of them will eventually have to go. But not this round. Dexter moves on, too.

Casey Thrasher. This guy is getting a lot of airtime, too. And his old-school sound and old-school story will make for great TV. It’s no surprised that he makes it to the next round.

Briana Oakley. What a natural. I hope this girl gets to last because we’ll hear a lot of good things from her. She makes it to the next round.

Malaya Watson. I’m not sure who I feel about her. She’s got a lot of power, but I don’t think I like hearing her sing. But the judges give her a chance to move on to the next round.

Jena Asciutto. This girl, however… I could listen to her sing anything I think. I love her tone. I really hope she sticks around. She makes it to the next round.

Savion Wright. This guy is fantastic. There was emotion and strength and just yeah. Very happy that the judges put him through to the next round.

Before the episode ends, the judges let the contestants know that tomorrow is group day. And then we go into the first part of groups day. You know, the part where everyone is frantically trying to find groups to join and there’s fighting and bitchy vocal coaches. And that’s all we get. The actual performances will air Thursday night.

What did you think of this episode?

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