Majesty Rose: American Idol 2014 Top 9 Finalist [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 finalist Rochelle Majesty Rose York sometimes just goes by the name Majesty York, like on her profile, or by Rochelle York, as on her Facebook page, or just by Majesty Rose. The teacher who looks like a teenager decided to audition as Majesty for American Idol, which suits since her voice is certainly regal and she earned the ‘crown’ achievement of making it to the season 13 Top 9!

Majesty Rose

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Majesty Rose American Idol Performances

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Majesty Rose York Background

Majesty York, who is 21 and from Goldsboro, NC (thank you reader Jamie!), has a gift for singing beautiful music, as you can hear in the video below.

From her Facebook profile, we do know that Majesty loves Messianic music and is a member of “I’ve Been AWAKENED,” which is described as a group for those who will “never see the world the same way because of a real encounter with Jesus Christ.”

Faith is obviously important to Majesty, who has a lot of other Christianity-based likes on her Facebook page and has several video clips of herself performing gospel and praise music.

Majesty is also a sports fan, who likes Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics. Her other interests include Philly Cheesesteaks, Bright Nail Polish, Butterbread, and oddly, Asians. Yes, she just has “Asians” listed as one of her “Interests.” Strange,  but there you go.

Watch and listen to more from Majesty on YouTube.




  1. Majesty is actually from Goldsboro, NC and find her on Instagram as Majestyrose. She is a wonderful singer and really does love The Lord. She definitely has my vote!!

    • If you have the link to her Instagram, please do share! We are having trouble locating it even with the username. She may have set it to private though.

  2. To the fan that said she is mediocre..These videos do her NO justice. I have been blessed to hear her sing and she has one of the most beautiful voices and she is a beautiful person in and out with a quirky sense of style. You will change your mind if she has made it ♡

    • We do wish we had been able to rustle up some better quality videos on many of our contestants. If you know of one you really like, let us know and we’ll add it to the page!

  3. What an amazing woman of God who I have been blessed to call her a friend she is such an encouraging and inspirational woman with an A M A Z I N G voice! Here you go AMERICA here is your next American Idol!

  4. Majesty is the real deal! Beautiful girl with a true heart for reaching others for Christ and blessed with the voice of an angel! This girl is anointed and will do great things!! So excited that America gets to meet her! #vote4majesty

  5. She had my vote I have a 13 yr old daughter named majestie she has a great voice and is going to be the next idol

  6. Omg I Still Can’t Belive She Graduated With My Sister (Eastern Wayne High School 2010) Its Funny How In The Year Book Of 2010 She Had Said She Was Going To Be On American Idol.

  7. Majesty, majesty you are so cute and you are my favorite! You are to good and I pray you win this whole thing.

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