How Much Do the American Idol Judges Make For Season 13?

American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. - Source: FOX

Every season people ask “How much do the American Idol judges get paid?” And the question remains one of the most popular  for American Idol 2014.

So how much do the American Idol judges make for season 13? It is reported that Jennifer Lopez makes $17.5 Million, while her fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will be bringing in $5 Million each. JLo’s last American Idol salary was $15 million.

Believe it or not, JLo’s salary is still half a million less than Mariah Carey‘s was last season. And we all know Mariah barely lifted a finger on that judging panel. Also for comparison sake, Christina Aguilera reportedly makes $12.5 million as a coach/judge on NBC’s The Voice.

What do you think of the judges’ salary? Is the gap between the guys and Jennifer Lopez fair? It’s a good panel, for sure, but is it really worth $27.5 million total? I’m not to ally sure. What do you think? Let us know in our comments section below.




  1. That’s why the X Factor had to stop after Britney Spears. It was even more expensive than AI to produce because of all the bells and whistles from start to finish. Note how plain the “Voice” is. X Factor will have to be more like the “Budget motel” instead of the “Hyatt or Hilton, if it is to return next season. Jlo’s appearance may help to get more people to live audition, but the “Voice” doesn’t have this expensive part .

  2. Mariah barely lifted a finger? Is that why all of the contestants praised her for being very hands on?

  3. Don’t have any opinion of last season, Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj’s antics were a complete turn off..let us eee this year; I like the vibe of the current Season 13 judges…

  4. I’d say the guys are quite happy with a $5 million pay packet. Boy, how many people could we feed for that combined salary? Really is quite ridiculous.

    • Wow! Jenny- Lyn
      Something to think about!! Absolutely right!! What one person is going to do with all that money!! Yes indeed agree with you guys!! Feeling the homeless! Building Apartment for them!! Ect. But yet we have to fight to raise the pay scale for the hard work people!!

    • Like you wouldn’t do the same if you were them,I’m sure they give their fair share to charity….get a life

  5. Why does J.Lo make so much more than Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr ? Is she really better than them? I don’t think so. I like her. She is sweet with the contestants. But she is not worth that much more than them.

    • She is a pretty face (most beautiful women in the world 2 years ago. An actress as well and a TV cosmetics ad magnet. A live Barbee doll for all those millions of teenyboppers watching! Plus she is tried and proven from 2 years ago.

  6. I really LOVE the panel of judges this year- they are the BEST by far – but I agree with most – WHY is J.Lo worth that much more than the boys. Keith Urban is the Worlds leading guitarist and Country Music Musician – he is AWESOME – so why pay him so much less. The salaries are a bit outrageous anyway – but I would pay them the SAME – they are doing the SAME job aren’t they ! If they could pay Steven Tyler and especially Maria Carey the enormous amount they were paid – and for what I might add – Maria was a complete turn off for the season – Why can’t they pay this panel of judges equal amounts like $10 million each – Wouldn’t that be fairer all around.

  7. Our nation is one built on free enterprise. If an employer has a job (s)he wants filled its up to them to decide the duties and to negotiate the salary. What American Idol is willing to pay its judges is frankly no one else’s business. It also has nothing to do with what our government pays the soldiers. What American Idol pays any of their employees is their business and theirs only and it has no bearing or affect on the rest of us. Welcome to America! Greatest place on Earth where if you work hard and have something of value others are willing to pay for, then go for it. Complaining about what others make or have won’t ever change your own situation, only you can do that. Jealously is an ugly disease that will eat you up, try hard to avoid it. As far as what Keith, Harry and Jennifer make, God Bless them! They have valuable skills and opinions which the producers and contestants need and obviously appreciate so they are worth it.

  8. Perhaps if they stopped paying the obscene millions they keep paying these overrated judges, they’d have enough money left to return to a top 10 tour format instead of this reconfigured top 5 tour. Now there’s even less reason for very talented, deserving newcomers to want to audition for this show.

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