American Idol 2014: Keith Urban On Finalists’ Song Choices

Keith Urban on American Idol 2014

We hear a lot about the impact of song choice on American Idol and Season 13 is no different. As Idol Judge Keith Urban points out, it’s not always just about picking the song as it is about deciding how it’s going to be delivered.

Keith explains the importance of knowing yourself and what your capable of on the American Idol 2014 stage:

“I think it’s more about knowing what your strengths are and how to play to those [strengths], presenting all these different sides of yourself but knowing what’s true and what you’re good at, you know? It’s sort of like, we’ll it is one thing to say, “well, I can play piano and do this song,” [and then we think] “but can you do it really well?” If you can’t do it really well…probably don’t do that.

He’s so right. We’ve seen the finalists urged to avoid taking their guitar, etc. out there on stage with them and then they do it anyway. Sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn’t.

Keith advises the finalists that they need to be aware of their limits and stay within them. “So it’s not just about showing a different side. You still have to play to your strengths and know that you can make it work, you know?” says Keith Urban.

Of course this week the finalists won’t have much of a choice on their songs as that choice came months ago. They’ll be singing their audition songs again on Wednesday’s show. But going forward, hopefully we’ll see the contestants listen to Keith’s guidance.

What do you think of Keith’s advice for the Hopefuls?

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