Majesty Rose Would Love to Model, “Be on TV a Lot” [Interview]

Being eliminated from American Idol 2014 is “bittersweet” for kindergarten teacher turned reality TV singer Majesty Rose York. While she couldn’t be happier about the experience of being on the show, it’s hard to say goodbye to the hope of winning.

Majesty Rose

In an interview with FOX Audio Central after she was voted off American Idol, Majesty Rose talked about what the show has done for her as an artist, and her dreams for the future. Making music isn’t the only thing Majesty would like to pursue in the entertainment world. She’d also love to act and be a model!

Her feelings after her Idol elimination…

“There are a lot of mixed feelings. Like I’m happy that I did this and I’m happy
that I learned a lot from this experience, but obviously it really is a bittersweet
thing. Because you’re a part of this journey and you never know when it’s going to

What has her time on Idol has done for her as an artist?

“Well, I’ve grown as an artist because I wasn’t…like I didn’t even know that I was
an artist before I came. I knew what type of music I like, but it’s just I didn’t know
who [or] where I fit in that. Now, now I knew who I was. Like now I know who I
am on the inside, and I think I really, really grew as far as perseverance and really
just knowing where I stand in things and sticking to it. That’s where I’ve grown a

The best part of her Idol experience…

“Well I made a lot of great friends. The contestants, like we’re going to be friends
forever. And I have a lot of fans and people who really believe in me. They
believe in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. So I’m really happy about


The most memorable thing that happened to her while she was on Idol…

“Like we’re just walking down the street and stuff and people are like “oh my
gosh, like I know you.” It’s just like, “Really?” And then we take pictures with
people; I think I’m definitely going to remember that. Well I know it’s going to

She’s looking forward to the challenge of touring because…

“I’m excited to learn more about myself because it’s going to be, I know it’s going
to be a challenge just like everything else has been. And I’m excited to get to
know myself and for my fans to get to know me and just, you know, go along with
me and my journey of life.”

Her plans for the future…

“Well I definitely want to be on TV a lot. Oh my gosh, I would love to be a
commercial model. That would be great. If I could just, if I could be like a
representative for natural hair if I could have my own show just for kids ‘cause I
really like kids a lot because I mean I’m a pre-school teacher.”



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  1. I’ve read all of her exit interviews and IMO she’s not all there mentally. She thinks she’s friends with Jonelle Monae. She ran away after the show was over, and only HCJ could coax her back. She has identity problems[multiple names]. And her sing for the save behavior was schizo.

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