American Idol 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Carmen Delgina Make It On Season 13?

How far did Carmen Delgina make it on American Idol Season 13? Check out the spoilers below and see if she’s rumored to make it on this year’s live shows.


American Idol 2014 Salt Lake City auditions found a lot of standouts to send to Hollywood. It also found Carmen Delgina, the daughter of Sugar Hill Gang’s Wonder Mike. But how far will she go on American Idol 2014? Read on to find out.

I didn’t think her audition was very good. Her version of “Tainted Love” was pitchy and all over the place. The judges even criticized her, but then suddenly agreed that they wanted to see more of her so they sent her to Hollywood.

Let me translate all that for you: producers wanted her to go to Hollywood so she did. But what about her Idol career after Hollywood Week? According to our American Idol 2014 spoilers, Carmen Delgina does not get place in the American Idol Top 31. That means America won’t get the chance to vote for her and help further her career.

What do you think of Carmen? Should she have made it to the Top 31 or were Idol producers just throwing in some possible stunt casting?

Carmen Delgina auditions on American Idol 2014




  1. I think she was good. I personally know her. Ihave for years. I know for a fact that this girl can sing her heart out. Granted, that wasn’t the best audition. But that girl can sing.

  2. In my opinion her audition wasn’t worth sending her through. Can she sing? Maybe. I guess we’ll get a chance to hear it as the season progresses but I am not convinced as of yet.

    I felt that her obvious connection to The Sugarhill Gang is what made her stand out to the judges and what ultimately got her through. Everyone today will use their connections to get ahead, I’m not against that, but now it’s up to her to stand on her own and be more then just Wonder Mike’s daughter if she wants to prove she deserved to go to Hollywood.

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