American Idol 2014 Auditions Episode 5 Recap: Salt Lake City Shines


The American Idol 2014 auditions in Salt Lake City turned out some pretty impressive talents and with only one audition episode let, we’ll be seeing some of these standouts again next week.

Let’s take a look at the standouts from the night.

Austin Wolfe, “Radioactive.” So since that’s not a song that can be very easy to sing on the spot without music, I think this 16-year-old did a fantastic job. And like the Jennifer, Keith and Harry said, she’s the entire package. So she’s an obvious choice for Hollywood Week. And the judges agree. She gets the first golden ticket of the night so she’s off to Hollywood.

Kylee Adamson, “When You Say Nothing At All.” It was a fast bit, but she was a great singer and the judges dug it, so she gets a golden ticket to Hollywood too.

Alex Preston. He took off with an original song and I wasn’t digging. At first. But then I started getting it. And I enjoyed it. He’s also pretty technical, so that’s nice as well. Put him through, judges. And they do. He’s off to Hollywood.

Samantha Calmes, “From Birth.” The original song started out weird, then it got sweet and nice. The judges asked for another song, so she pulled out The Jefferson’s theme song and it got on my nerves. So I’d say no. But the judges put her through to Hollywood Week.

D.J. Bradley, “Hometown Glory.” He’s rough around the edges, but I like that about him. His tone is pretty nice and he’s got a lot of connection to the music, too, which is good. JLo says yes right away, but Keith and Harry sit on the fence a bit before saying yes.

Kenzie Hall, “I’m Gonna Find Another You.” Well this girl screams American Idol. It took only a few seconds before I was like, OK, yes, see you in Hollywood. The judges liked her a lot, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Paisely Van Patten, “When The Lights Go Down.” We got her backstory and it turns out she had a recording contract at 16 and then lost it all to alcoholism. Now she’s trying for another shot and has turned to American Idol. Her audition was very solid and she seems to be the full package. The judges send her on to Hollywood.

C.J. Harris, “Soulshine.” This guy has a lot of soul and emotion, but I don’t think his vocals are great. He seems like a great guy, though, so I’m not surprised the judges put him through to Hollywood.

Tequila Wilson, “Someone Like You.” More Adele. Yay. I’m not sure how I feel about her. I like her soul and power and she took us to church, but she was very shouty. So I’m confused by her. The judges were not. She heads off to Hollywood.

Emily Rottler, “Valerie.” I liked her audition. I’m not sure if she’s got a lot of staying power, but the judges gave her another chance by handing over a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Dexter Roberts, “I Like To Drive.” This guy is 100 percent country. Like if country was country, it would be this guy. He’s got this old-school country sound, too. It’s not my bag, but I would definitely put him through. The judges do that and he’s off to Hollywood.

Briston Maroney, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” I like this kid. I couldn’t even take notes because I was busy watching and listening. It is sort of gimmicky, I guess, but I think he can probably mix things up a bit. He gets a ticket to Hollywood.

Johnny Newcomb, “Last Kiss.” Wait, I think I like this guy better than the last. But Harry got righteous and said no. But JLo asked him for another song. And he changed her mind. So it was left up to Keith. He says yes. So he’s off to Hollywood.

Carmen Delgina, “Tainted Love.” She might come from a musical family, but she’s not very good. Ack. I’d say no. I don’t care if her dad is from The Sugar Hill Gang. But producers would’t say not to her for obvious reasons. Bogus.

Casey Thrasher, “Believe.” This guy has to classic struggling musician story. He’s got two kids and works odd jobs and wants to provide for his family. He’s got a great story. His audition was pretty solid, too. He’s got a lot of emotion and it comes out in her music. The judges send him on to Hollywood.

In the end, 30 golden tickets were handed out, making the  total so far 193.