American Idol 2015: New Promo Touts Winners, Grammys, Oscar


American Idol 2015 producers are pulling out all the stops in the new Season 14 promo.

The latest video has Kelly, Carrie, Jordin, Phillip and Jennifer Hudson. You know, because she won an Oscar (with no help from American Idol). It also reminds us that there have been millions of records sold, Grammys won and that one Academy Award.

It also reminds us that “Superstars are made here.” I do have to hand it to the marketing folks. They’re putting a lot of energy and emotion into these promos. They will definitely get existing American Idol fans fired up. I don’t know if anything will pull in new viewers, but they’re doing a good job trying.

I will say the song choice for the promo is a little iffy. “We’re just getting started?” No, just now. It’s Season 14. You are not just getting started, silly.

Check out the promo below and keep it locked here for all American Idol 2015 spoilers, news, updates and features!




  1. Disagree! Superstars galore but just getting started for “MORE TO COME”! Look out for Jena Irene to be the next soon! Then there is the Voice now into their seventh season (more than 1/2 AI’s with presently 13), and “NO SUPERSTAR”. Because the Voice wants the “FEEL GOOD SHOW” instead of critiquing the bad spots in contestants vocals to improve them so they may have a chance in the “REAL” music market. But the Voice continues to dwell on what makes Nielson ratings rather than Superstars!

  2. Reply to Leigh Hicks: Like “Superstar’ like “All” the winner/conterstants of the Voice? The last two AI winners are just starting-much like Ariana Grande’ 8 years ago. Ariana after accepting a Teen Choice Award told fans that she had been told “many times NO”. Also Katy Perry said she got a record label and was dropped Multiple times and picked up multiple times before she is where she is now (Note: Katy started out in Gospel like Amy Grant). The Voice is on it’s 7th season so maybe one winner/contestant will perhaps take as long as Ariana Grande-Nooooot! lol

    • Leigh, keep track of Jena Irene (last seasons runner up) for your next American idol “SUPERSTAR”!

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