American Idol 2016 Recap: One Last Night Of Auditions

Continuing on in the American Idol 2016 auditions’ last stops tonight we have Chynna Sherrod singing a Grande song which sounds like a challenge from the start but she actually makes it sound very nice. Jennifer says Chynna was amazing. The guys think it was a great performance and she’s off to Hollywood.

Going on the youthful side of the search we have Lillian Glanton at just 15 years of age. She lives on a farm and shows off her chickens and cows before hitting the audition stage. Harry says she seems like a lot of fun, but her voice isn’t strong enough. That earns a big reaction from production and Lopez. Keith says Yes. Harry says No. Jennifer is the deciding vote and says she liked Lillian’s original song so much she’s on to Hollywood.

Kacye Haynes has a backstory of a struggle with getting sober as he prepares to sing “Brother” for the American Idol judges. Jennifer likes it and says it showed that he had experience backing it up. Keith said it wasn’t enough for him and votes No. Jennifer and Harry agree that he’s worth hearing again and Kacye Haynes is going to Hollywood.

Up next is guitarist/singer Zach Person and he’s brought some blues with him. He’s good on the guitar, that’s for sure, and there’s not much bad to say about his voice either. He did some scatting and showed a lot of confidence. JLo thinks Zach is unique and Harry thinks he’s fresh, so he gets three easy yeses to Hollywood.

Red-headed nanny Colette Lush is here to tell you that she’s a redhead. And apparently audition for American Idol 2016. Despite her annoying intro, she’s actually not a bad singer. Her version of the Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You” caught the judges’ attention so much that Jennifer compared her to Carrie Underwood. I don’t know about all that, but I think her golden ticket to Hollywood is very warranted.

Avalon Young doesn’t care what she looks like, so don’t expect her to ever get an American Idol makeover when she makes it to the live shows. Her version of “XO” by Beyonce was a lot softer and sweeter than I expected it was going to be. Her voice was also very unique so it was no surprise that she earned her ticket to Hollywood.

Background actor Usen Isong hopes to make his way all the way to the front with American Idol.  He’s got a lot of good energy and entertainment value, but I’m not sure he will be able to hold up to this competition all the way to the end, but the judges are giving him the shot to try. He’s off to Hollywood.

Band lead singer Jacki Butler left the band behind for her audition and gave the judges a messy version of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain.” I thought it was all over the place and iffy, but the judges heard something I didn’t and didn’t hesitate to give her the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Stephany Negrete brought the goods — all the goods — with her version of “Who’s Loving You.” She’s got the looks, the energy and a solid voice. The judges loved her from the moment she walked in, but then faltered at the end, but there was something about her that made them want to see more. So we will be seeing her in Hollywood.

And the moment we never thought we’d see is here. The final audition of American Idol ever. And it’s Manny Torres. Did Idol intentionally save the very best for last? Surely we can expect to see A LOT more of this guy right? I mean he is the last audition ever.

Luckily it seems they may have saved at least ONE the best for last. Manny’s version of “This Love” by Maroon 5 was unique, confident and very entertaining and the judges loved him and his vibe. So Manny moves on to Hollywood and so do we …

See you next week for all of the American Idol 2016 Hollywood week coverage!

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  1. I’m greatly enjoying this final season’s auditions. Fantastic chemistry between JLo, Keith and Harry ~ luv it!

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