American Idol 2016 Group Round: Trent Harmon – A Group of One! [VIDEO]

Poor Trent Harmon was so sick with mono, that doctors told him he was not allowed to perform with a group because he’s too contagious. So, instead of possibly hiding any vocal flaws in a group, team Just Trent had to give the American Idol judges yet another solo performance. This is the first time in fifteen seasons there has ever been a group of one, and Trent had to basically do the job of four voices.

American Idol Group Round: Trent Harmon
American Idol 2016 Group Round: Trent Harmon

Despite being sick and feeling terrible, Trent covered all four parts of his ‘group’ song beautifully, and gave the judges an energetic and passionate performance. After he was done, Harry Connick Jr. joked that he learned something about the song Trent performed… “it sounds better in mono.” Yes, he went there. How do you think Trent did on his solo group round performance? Did he deserve to move on to the next round? Or do you think he should bow out due to his illness and go home? Sound off in the comments section below!

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