American Idol 2016 Premiere Recap: The Beginning Of The End

Joshua Wicker. Next to Sonika I think Joshua’s audition was my second-favrotie audition of the night. I loved how young and fresh his voice was. He really made the song his own. I want to hear more of him. The judges agree so he’s off to Hollywood.

Alex Sasser. No comment.

Jordan Sasser. So Jordan is a little hard to watch perform because bis expressions are a little scary, but his voice is insanely natural. He had a few too many runs, but I think if he pulls back a little bit he can be something pretty special. The judges seemed to like him as well. He got his golden ticket to Hollywood even though his wife did not.

Kerry Courtney. This wasn’t my favorite audition, but this guy as enough has a lot of unique qualities that would appeal to a lot of people. I’d probably have passed on him, but the judges send him on to Hollywood.

Shelbie Z. I liked Shelbie’s spunk and attitude and the fact that she’s just a real girl. I didn’t LOVE her audition. It was all pretty much one-note, but I think she has potential. The judges loved her, so she’s off to Hollywood.

Who were your favorite auditions from the American Idol 2016 premiere?