American Idol 2016: Showcase Round Films Next Week – Get Tickets

American Idol 2016 is fast on track to find its one last Idol winner and now fans will get a first ever chance to watch it live in action starting next week.

American Idol Judges during Season 15
American Idol Judges during Season 15 – Source: FOX

The Showcase Round made an excellent addition to Idol last season so I was glad to hear it would return for the 2016 season. Even better is the news that fans will be able to get free tickets and watch as the Top 50 (Top 51?) perform live before the Judges for a chance to move on in the competition.

Tickets are now available through On Camera Audiences and reveal there will be two tapings on December 8, 2016 at 3:30PM and 6:30PM. OCA teases with more details:

It may be the farewell season, but this is a first for American Idol… Join your fellow fans and watch the top 50 perform live in front of the judges! The show will be taped inside Hollywood’s historic Dolby Theater.

If you’re anywhere in the area then you should definitely jump on this. We’ve seen the American Idol spoilers revealing who made it to the Top 50/51 spots after Hollywood Week and now there will be even more confirmation with a live audience that can start building hype for the best talent in the mix this year.

Source: OCA via MJs




  1. Like the old song: video killed the radio, youtube killed the TV show. The Voice is different in that as Pharrel Williams said the scouts brought to them some exellent contestants (mostly by youtube). AI has invited youtube contestants to audition-example Caleb Johnson (3 years before he won). A reporter wrote that they couldn’t understand why Riley Beiderer (was a contestant on the Voice when she was already signed with Elton John’s owned Rocket label. Just recently wrote that all the Voice contestants were semi or all pro this season. Note: Riley won the same Justin Bieber youtube award, however she was eliminated a couple of weks ago. To sum it up label managers can also invite auditions from youtube singers, thus no need to go from unknown audition to AI winner anymore.

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