American Idol 2016: The Best Of Hollywood Week (So Far)

This week on American Idol 2016 we saw all the nerves and all the drama of Hollywood Week, but we also so some great performances during the solo and group rounds.

Trent Harmon on American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week

Let’s take a look back at the Top 5 best performances from American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week from this week.

Kory Wheeler, Kelsie Watts, Jenna Renae and Jordan Sasser (Team Blue Eyes). This talented group nailed their group performance with their version of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. I would like to say that Kory was the standout, but I think they were all great. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about any of them. A+ performance. Especially for group week.

Trent Harmon (groups). First of all, I have to say it’s hard to get past the judges bending the rules for anyone on this show, but I’m kind of glad they did. Trent came down with a case of mono and per doctor’s orders, he wasn’t allowed to be around others because he’s highly contagious. So instead of bailing out of the competition, he was allowed to do a solo performance during the group round. And he nailed it.

Manny Torres, Malie Delagado and Christian Eason (aka Rebirth). Despite losing LaPorsha Renae, this group shined and all made it through to their next rounds. Manny is definitely a standout and is getting a heavy edit, so we will surely see a lot more of him.

Sonika Vaid. Her group performance wasn’t the greatest, but her solo during the first night of Hollywood Week was great. Sonika is one of the strongest performers in the competition and I think we can expect her to go far in the competition.

Trent Harmon (solo). The only one to make this list, Trent’s solo performance was fantastic. Trent is definitely proving to be a major contender this season.

Honorable mention: LaPorsha Renae. I really liked LaPorsha’s performances and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her, but there’s something boring me a bit about it all at the moment. I just think there are more interesting contenders as of now. But she’s amazingly talented.

What were your favorite performances from American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week?