American Idol 2016 Top 5 Report Card

Last night on American Idol 2016 we had America to partially thank for the Top 5 performances and let me just say that America shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions any longer.

The American Idol 2016 Top 5. (Fox)
The American Idol 2016 Top 5. (Fox)

Some of the songs chosen for the contestants were just bad. Luckily each person got to sing two songs and round two was better for everyone. Let’s get to this week’s report card.

American Idol 2016 Top 5 Report Card

Trent Harmon, “Counting Stars.” I wasn’t a fan of this song choice. But we can’t blame Trent; we can only blame America. It sounded great as always, but it definitely wasn’t a song Trent should be singing. Grade: B+

Dalton Rapattoni, “Numb.” Well this was boring. America got it wrong again. I mean, sure Linking Park seems like something Dalton could sing, but this was super boring. And it really showed us that Dalton isn’t a great vocalist. His voice is actually pretty weak. Grade: C+

La’Porsha Renae, “Are You Ready For Love.” Even thought this was a good song for La’Porsha vocally, it’s not one I know. So another odd choice. But the performance was solid. It was emotional and strong and perfect. It was a bit slow, but that’s being nitpicky. Grade: A

MacKenzie Bourg, “Wild World.” This is a great song, but not a great song for MacKenzie. He made the best of it, though. Even though it came off pretty boring, he had fun with it and really seemed comfortable on the stage. He’s a pretty likable, so that always helps. Grade: B+

Sonika Vaid, “Let it Go.” This was a very smart song choice for Sonika. Not only did she get to do something that was showy enough to earn her the safe, it could earn her some votes. The vocals were solid and she’s definitely opening up more than she used to. Grade: B+

Round 2

Dalton Rapattoni, “The Sound of Silence.” This was probably the only performance of Dalton’s I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I think it was an actual brilliant performance. I’ve been pretty rough on him, but I loved this one. So I’m giving credit where it’s due. Grade: A+

MacKenzie Bourg, “Billie Jean.” This was a great effort by MacKenzie. He’s had a few lows, but this was one of his highs — probably his highest high. There’s not much else to say but this was just good. Grade: A+

Trent Harmon, “Simple Man.” What a perfect song for Trent. Not only did it appeal to his southern roots, but it was a nod at the kind of guy he is. But there’s nothing simple about his artistry. Trent nailed the performance once again and even brought Jennifer to tears. Grade: A+

Sonika Vaid, “Clarity.” I loved how confident Sonika seemed. That being said, I didn’t love the performance. I wouldn’t have picked that song for her. It was just an average performance. Grade: B-

La’Porsha Renae, “No More Drama.” This was a great song choice and a great performance. She poured every ounce of herself into the song. There sas so much power and emotion that this one had to close the show. It was flawless. Grade: A+

How would you grade the Top 5 performances?




  1. To say Adam Lambert was the highlight of the night would be a masterpiece of understatement. I was left wondering when the talent was due to show up most of the time. The people’s song choices for them were dismal. I’m so sick of the blatant manipulation of the sob stories [especially La’Porsha’s] that I’m at the point of ennui. IMO the only one of those left with any chance of a career is Dalton and that would be more as an actor or TV personality rather than as a singer. He’s very likable, but only an adequate singer. So, maybe a Tom Bergeron, Ryan Seacrest, Alphonso Ribeiro type career.

  2. La Porshe’ gets the top last spot, so the producers can show the people she has Kelly-like emotions for a song (Piece by piece tears); so look for her to be the “BOOK END”. Too short for Sonika to feel easy this last shortened season of AI How come no eliminated contestant gets to sing on the Kelly and Michael Show this year?

  3. No offense
    First round, Trent performance are really bad rather than Dalton, the mark that Trent got must be C- and Dalton is B+. More enjoy at Dalton’s performance. Ahh maybe you must relistening their performance
    Trent’s performance when he sing Counting Stars at first row is very very very funny and awkward
    How can you give him B? Dalton very solid and you give him C? OMG Hellooooo…. please don’t just look at their past performance, look at their performances now too. Dalton improve every week and even his vocal isn’t great. But after this I change my mind. Trent must sent home first and my Top 4 picks Sonika, La Porsha, Dalton and Mackenzie. Sorry Trent. I just feel you can’t pass through. Not even better than Phillips or Caleb

    • Trent is ten times better than Phillip and Caleb and he’s a better singer than Dalton and Mackenzie. Coming from the track record, it’s looking like Sonika will be sent home. It’s not up to you and you only, so “Trent must sent home” isn’t going to happen. It was one off performance and he rebounded.

      • Every people has their own opinion about their performance. I don’t like Trent performance at all. So better Tristan McIntosh at Top 5 and Trent Harmon sent home

      • Caleb and Phillips of course better than Trent even Alex Preston also better than him for me and its my opinion

  4. I think top four will be la porsha Trent Mackenzie and dalton. I wish Sonika the best, but I think she’s going to be eliminated based on the clarity performance. Love this season…anyone of them could win. Will miss AI much.

  5. I just want to say that I’m difficult to love someone performance, but I don’t know why when first I listened to Olivia Rox Confident, I really love it same like when Angie Miller sings I surrender at Top 12, Jena Irene Suddenly I see at Top 11 and Joey cook sing Fancy at Top 11.
    However I just keep repeating Tristan sang Independence day. I really love her performance there even she slow down the tempo but I love it very much. Tristan same like when I loved Hollie Cavanagh, I always wanted Hollie got eliminated at the begining of the show and I don’t find who was my favourite contestants but it changed when she sang Honesty, Jesus Take The wheel and so on until she got eliminated. From top 10, Hollie shows something that unique came from her. That’s why from there I love Hollie until now, even every season I have my own favourite with AI 2013 Angie miller, AI 2014 Jena Irene, AI 2015 Joey Cook and AI 2016 Olivia. And now after left 5 contestants I just pick up La Porsha, Sonika, Mackenzie and Dalton. But if I must pick, I will pick
    1. Hollie Cavanagh
    2. Jena Irene
    3. Angie Miller
    4. Olivia Rox
    5. Joey cook
    This just positions but I love this 5 wonder women
    Ahhh for me, Tristan never show something that unique came from her like Olivia, Sonika and La Porsha. But I don’t know why she got her best performance when she got eliminated. This was really her best. I’m sorry Tristan, I used to hate and see you go but you deserved to Top 5 too. But this is a competition, someone will lose and someone will win, you are still 15. Your career still long. If you show your skill like the day you eliminated. I will love you. If at the day you got eliminated, sorry I will say better Trent go home rather than Tristan because Tristan has something.
    And now still Sonika and La Porsha for my Top 2
    The contestant I never like is Avalon, I don’t know why she doesn’t have any unique like Tristan

  6. After I relistening all the performances again again and again
    I must remade my favourite
    This is my opinion
    Every body have their own thought so no offense
    Top 6 :
    1. Dalton Rapattoni
    I putting Dalton at the first rank because Dalton improve every week and even his vocal isn’t great like La Porsha or maybe Trent. But I just very enjoy at his performance actually at Numb and The Sound of Silence. It was a solid performance. One of the best contestant. Ahhh finally I found something unique inside of him so not just his look was great but he sound also great and improve. Top 3 will be Dalton’s
    2. Tristan McIntosh
    I really love Tristan sitting down on the piano. One of her best best best performance with singing Independence day. I jave found something unique inside Tristan and I’m so sorry because she got eliminated already at her best performance. If she sing like this from the first. I am sure she will be at least top 4 or top 3
    3. La Porsha
    I have no words to describe La Porsha, La Porsha has became my favourite since the first along with Olivia Rox and Sonika Vaid. But for me I don’t know why, I don’t feel her performance like she done Halo, Diamond and the rest but still her vocal was great absolutely. There was Diamond inside her and Top 2 will be her
    4. Sonika Vaid
    Sonika Vaid also been my favourite since the first. I don’t know why she keep falling to Bottom 3 maybe same like Hollie Cavanagh that I loved. all of her performances were ok. But I don’t feel something like when she done Bring Me To Life. I think this week or at least next week she will sent home even I hope she was at least Top 3
    5. Trent Harmon
    I still don’t find something unique from him. I don’t know why. For me still boring (sorry for Trent supporter this is my opinion only). But at least I think he will face until top 3. Hope I can find something unique in Trent
    6. Mackenzie Bourg
    At least I can put Mackenzie at here. I have found something unique in Mackenzie even before idol, because he went to the voice. But sometimes Mackenzie performance too boring and his performance lost to the other contestants. If this week, Sonika isn’t sent home then my pick will Mackenzie sent home. If this week Mackenzie sent home then next week will be Sonika turns

    For now, my favourite contestan
    1. Dalton Rapattoni
    2. La Porsha
    3. Sonika Vaid

    Top 3 pick for me if choose the winner :
    1. La Porsha
    2. Dalton Rapattoni
    3. Sonika Vaid

    This is just my opinion

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