American Idol 2016: Trent Harmon “Lay Me Down” Hollywood Week Solo Performance [VIDEO]

What’s a Hollywood Week on American Idol without an illness or two? Trent Harmon learns he has mono after his doctor calls just minutes before he’s set to go on stage for his first Hollywood Week solo performance. Yikes!

Trent Harmon on American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week
Trent Harmon on American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week – Source: FOX/YouTube

Trent Harmon wowed the American Idol judges during auditions and easily earned a trip to Hollywood Week. But now he’s dealing with a serious ailment, and the pressure is hardcore to survive the cut and move on in the competition. Considering how brutal Hollywood can be on Idol, seems like a near impossible challenge.

However, Trent is apparently up to the challenge! While he’s obviously a bit rough around the edges, Trent pushes through and gives the judges enough with his performance of “Lay Me Down” to move on to the next round.

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