American Idol 2016: Trent Harmon ‘Tiny Dancer’ [VIDEO]

American Idol 2016 singer Trent Harmon has not had it easy in Hollywood. After a terrific audition that landed him a Golden Ticket, Trent came down with a nasty case of mono. Doctors told him he needed to rest and take it easy, but he wasn’t about to give up on his American Idol dream. So he pushed on, despite being forced to perform during group round as a group of just one person so he wouldn’t infect anyone else.

Trent Harmon American Idol 2016 (FOX)
Trent Harmon American Idol 2016 (FOX)

Trent’s group round performance could have been better, but the American Idol judges believed he deserved another chance to impress them. Apparently he did just that in the last solo round of Hollywood Week with his performance of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. The celebrity panel felt he shined during his solo, and gave Trent a pass to the Top 24. Then firmly told him to stay away from them so they don’t make him sick!

Check out the Trent Harmon Top 24 profile page for more information on this dedicated young singer. Can’t wait to find out if Trent Harmon made it through to the next round of the competition? Take a sneak peek ahead in the season on our American Idol spoilers page as soon as the next round of results are in!