American Idol 2019 Auditions Round 3 Recap: Stars Are Born

Usually during an American Idol audition episode we get to see one, maybe two potential stars. On Sunday night’s American Idol 2019, we got to see three… or more really. This was an episode jam-packed with talent.

Let’s take a look at the standouts.

Ashton Gill, 20, Livingston, LA. “Broken Halos.” Ashton’s audition was tender and natural and she has a good presence about her. But the real star power in the room was her accompanist Laine Hardy. He made it to Hollywood Week last year and the judges are very aware of him. Ashton gets her ticket to Hollywood. They ask Laine to sing… and he does.

Laine Hardy, 18, Livingston, LA. “The Weight.” Laine has grown and found the confidence he was lacking last year. So even though he wasn’t really there to audition, he does and they give him a pass to Hollywood Week.

Austin Michael Robinson, 15, Van Alstyne, Texas. “Your Man.” The country boy from Austin has an awkward approach to performing, but he has something about him that stands out. Luke gives him a Yes, Katy a no, and Lionel is a yes. So he is off to Hollywood.

Jake Puliti, 20, Etters, PA. “This Is How We Do It.” That was probably a one-time performance. I think it was a good moment and a good song choice, but I don’t think that guy really has an American Idol vibe. He gets to try again though because the judges send him onto the next round.

Shawn Robinson, 21, Atlanta, GA. “Who We Are.” This guy has such a great sound. He seems to really love performing too, so his audition was really natural and entertaining. And he is off to Hollywood!

Nate Walker, 18, Pittsburgh, PA. “Say Something.” I didn’t like his fake voice. He’s clearly a talented singer (despite some pitch issues), but I’d love to hear a natural voice instead of that gimmicky sound so many singers are giving us now. I wouldn’t definitely given him a no. But he’s off to Hollywood.

Wade Cota, 27, Phoenix, AZ. “Blame It On Me.” I wouldn’t listen to this guy since for more than a minute. But he’s clearly a musician. He is great on the guitar and has a lot of passion. He’s not my kind of singer, but I’m going to have to deal with that because he’s off to Hollywood.

Riley Thompson, 16, Mabank, Texas, “Oh, Daddy.” I didn’t know what the beginning of this performance was – it actually made me cringe – but the rest of the audition was solid. She’s a natural country performer unlike a certain contestant from last season. She’s a very unique singer and the judges gave her her ticket to Hollywood!

Peter Lemongello, 19, Boca Raton, Florida. “I Can’t Help Myself.” This kid has a lot of passion and I love the fact that he’s like a time traveler, but he’s not a great singer. And the judges don’t say no.

Clay Page, 24, Elberton, GA. “Die A Happy Man.” This guy was a very natural country singer. Like a lot or the country guys on this show, there’s nothing that really stand out though. But he is very talented. The judges let him move on, but he’ll be an easy cut in Hollywood I think.

Drake McCain, 17, Spring City, Tenn. “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” I don’t know what that was (Thanks to Katy), but it was pretty good. This guy is a natural. So he’s off to Hollywood.

Madison Vandenberg, 16, Cohoes, NY. “Speechless.” It’s really hard to believe this girl is only 16. She has such a powerful voice and really seems like this is something she’s been doing for a much longer time that is possible for her. She gets an easy pass to Hollywood Week.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, 25, Catonsville, MD. “Almost Heaven.” Wow. That was powerful. From his story to his piano playing to his songwriting to his voice and range. Jeremiah Harmon might just win American Idol and I haven’t said that this early since another Harmon (Trent) audition. And I was right about that one.