American Idol 2019: Ranking The Top 8

The American Idol 2019 Top 10 became the Top 8 on Sunday as America voted live for their favorites. And the judges did not use their one save of the season, so that is still in play.

So let’s take a look at how the Top 8 did this past week and overall in the competition.

American Idol 2019 Top 8 Rankings

1. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Once again Jeremiah takes the top spot. He edges out Laine because Jeremiah is humbled and isn’t being manufactured. And there’s never been an off night for Jeremiah.

2. Laine Hardy. Laine chose an obscure song this week, but he nailed it. America is loving him so the American Idol machine that cranked him out is successful. What do I mean, you ask? You don’t just get new teeth, voice lessons and show up at an American Idol audition simply to play guitar for another hopeful. You spent the year working with producers to come back and win American Idol. It’s TV, people, so think about it.

3. Laci Kaye Booth. I struggle between where to place Laci and Madison because both are very talented. But I decided Laci has a more unique sound and there’s just something really inviting about her. So she barely edges out Madison for the No. 3 spot.

4. Madison VanDenberg. Madison is a great vocalist. She needs to work on song choices, though. She and Jeremiah are probably the two best vocalists in the competition, but there are better actual performers.

5. Walker Burroughs. Walker is emerging and coming into his own. I really liked his past couple of performances and he’s just a cute and sweet guy so people are responding to that.

6. Alejandro Aranda. I loved Alejandro at the start. He is a musical genius, clearly. But the past three weeks have really disappointed me. His song choices haven’t been great and his vocals have just been off. Maybe he’s a better guitar player than a singer? I don’t know. He’s still great, but he’s just slipping.

7. Alyssa Raghu. She has never been my favorite and I don’t think she should have been saved by Katy, but she had a good moment this week. I’m not sure she’ll make it next week, but it worked out for her this round.

8. Wade Cota. I guess I’m the only person who just doesn’t get Wade. I don’t like his voice and his stage presence makes me uncomfortable. His song choice this week was really good for that voice, though. It doesn’t matter what I think though, the judges love him and so does America.

What do you think of the American Idol 2019 Top 8? How would you rank them?