American Idol 2019 Top 5: Did America And The Judges Get It Right? [Op-Ed]

Sunday night on American Idol 2019, the judges used their one save of the season. But did they make the right choice?

The American Idol Top 6 performed some pretty powerful songs throughout the night, but no one performed quite as powerful as Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. He has clearly had the strongest vocals all season, and at one point was a sure frontrunner. But last night he landed in the bottom two next to Laci Kaye Booth based on America’s votes.

So let’s start with the first question here. Did America get it right? Well, that’s always subjective. We all like who we like and that’s our prerogative. But it’s also our prerogative to complain in we don’t like the outcome of something. So I guess I can’t say America got it wrong, but I can sure complain.

So let’s complain. America should have voted for Jeremiah. They should have voted for Jeremiah over Wade and maybe even Alejandro. And I love Alejandro. I just don’t think he’s a marketable American Idol contestant. He’s more of an indy label niche artist so him lasting over Jeremiah is odd to me. And don’t even get me started on Wade.

Wade had a better week than last, but I cannot get past last week’s Queen performance. He sounded terrible, looked awaked and even forgot the lyrics to one of the most iconic songs in the world. This is a singing competition and if you aren’t at your best, you should be out of the competition. But we know that’s not how it works. We like who we like and we vote for who we like no matter what. And for some reason you guys like Wade. So congratulations.

Now for the second question. Did the judges get it right? As much as I love Laci, no, they absolutely did not get it right. I don’t think either of them should have been in the bottom two, but if it was between the two of them, Jeremiah has earned the save. Even based on the critiques of the night it was clear! The judges had only great things to say about Jeremiah, but Laci was told she needs to move more and have more star power. And then they turn around and save her? It just makes no sense.

And it’s not just me who is upset. Social media exploded with angry posts and tweets following the judges’ decision. Almost ever response to Luke, Katy and Lionel’s most recent tweets are people telling them they made the wrong decision and should have saved Jeremiah. So that in itself is telling. Of course we might ask, OK then why didn’t those people vote? Maybe they did? Who knows.

The only thing I can figure out is that they’ve known this season was Laine’s all along so they took the chance to eliminate the biggest threat to that. By leaving in less talented people, there’s no mishap now that can cost Laine the title of American Idol. And don’t get me wrong, Laine is a great performer and will make a fine winner. I just wish it all seemed a bit more fair and balanced this season. It just seems so lopsided with the decisions the judges have made which leads me to think they are trying to extend their impact and make sure who they want to win does just that.

Listen, I don’t know if Jeremiah could have actually won the season, but I was looking forward to a Jeremiah vs. Laine finale. I think that would have just been a very entertaining showdown. And now it’s just going to be Laine vs. whoever the judges decide to push into the end next to him. Here’s to hoping it’s Laci or Madison competing next to Laine at the end.

What do you think of the results last night? Did the judges get it right? And also, let me know what I’m missing with Wade. If you’re a Wade fan, what is it you like about him?