American Idol 2020 Top 7 Performances Recap: A Salute To Moms

The American Idol 2020 Top 7 took to their bedrooms, porches and garages once again to sing for America’s votes. This week, the idols honored Mother’s Day with some performances from the Disney songbook and songs dedicated to their moms or mother figures.

As always, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade I think each deserved. Let’s get it!

Arthur Gunn, “Kiss The Girl.” I’m not sure this was the best song choice for Arthur. I liked his arrangement and it all felt very happy, but I didn’t love his voice on it at the start. It did get better, though, and I think we can expect Arthur to make it in the finale. Grade: A-

Just Sam, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.” I could have done without the silly graphics they put behind her, but luckily I could just look down and listen to the vocals, and they were on point. The song is pretty sleepy for the most part, but it does build up to some stronger notes that she nailed. Grade: A

Jonny West, “Almost There.” I don’t know this song, really, but it really worked for Jonny. It’s clear that America likes him, so I think he has a good shot at making it into the finale. Especially after this tender and effortless performance. He’s just good. Grade: A+

Louis Knight, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” Well this was a bit predictable and actually quite boring. Also, I’m starting to wonder why most British singers don’t sing with an accent but he sings with MORE of an accent. I’m starting to get suspicious. Regardless of all that, I thought this was one of his weakest performances. Grade: B-

Julia Gargano, “Beauty And The Beast.” Well that was terrible. I don’t know if it was a problem with her sound, or if she didn’t rehearse enough, but that was bad, bad bad. I don’t want to say anything else because I feel bad because something was just wrong. Grade: C-

Francisco Martin, “You’ll Be In My Heart.” This was as predictable as Louis’, and not a much better performance. Francisco is just such an infectious personality and presence, so it’s hard to criticize, but those vocals were not great. He has been a favorite of mine, so it was hard for me to be so critical, but other than one or two moments, that was bad. Grade: B-

Dillon James, “Our Town.” This was a very smart song choice. Dillon really knows what he’s doing in this competition. He knows what songs fit him and he knows how to appeal to his audience. And the vocals were beautiful. Grade: A+


Arthur Gunn, “Hey, Ma.” This was a much better song choice. This is the Arthur that America is in love with. He totally redeemed himself from the first round. Not that that one was bad, it just wasn’t as good as I expected. Grade: A+

Just Sam, “I Turn To You.” This felt a lot like a rehearsal. To me, she just didn’t seem connected to the song or audience at all. Her first performance was much better. I did like the song choice though. Grade: B+

Jonny West, “Amazing Grace.” This was a bold song choice. I don’t like that he chose it, really, but a lot of voters watching, who are moms, will definitely respond to it. So it was smart. Song aside, his vocals were great. Grade: A

Louis Knight, “You’ve Got a Friend.” I’m not sure what it is, but I’m just really bored by Louis tonight. I think his voice is starting to annoy me because of what I noticed in the first performance. He’s talented though, and looks like a star, so he’s going to be successful. Grade: A-

Julia Gargano, “Sweetest Devotion.” This was much, much better than her first song. She picked a much better song that suited her voice a lot more. The sound was better, too, so maybe someone had her adjust it. Grade: A

Francisco Martin, “River.” Almost everyone is doing better this time around. This was so much better than the first round and exactly why I’m a Francisco fan. He’s so tender and sweet and just easy to listen to. Grade: A+

Dillon James, “Hang On, Hang On.” Dillon is the real deal. He’s never not on at 100 percent. He’s a star and deserves to be so. This was a flawless performance. I didn’t even know the song, but now I want to hear it again, so I’ll look up the original artist, but will probably prefer Dillon’s. Grade: A+

I think I would say Dillon won the night and deserves a spot in the finale with Francisco and Jonny. What do you think? Who were your favorites from the night?

So that’s your Top 7. One of them will be the next American Idol. Tonight we said goodbye to Jovin Webb, Grace Leer, Makayla Phillips and Sophia James.