American Idol Auditions: Alexandra Sasser [VIDEO]

From the sneak peeks we’ve seen of the American Idol 2016 auditions, it is looking like a banner year for great talent and fascinating contestants for the final season of the show. Plus, of course, the network is pulling out all the stops to make this last year of American Idol be as entertaining as possible!

American Idol Auditions: Alexandra Sasser (FOX/YouTube)
American Idol Auditions: Alexandra Sasser (FOX/YouTube)

What, for example, could be more delightful than watching American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez go totally googly-eyed over the adorable daughter of husband and wife hopefuls Jordan and Alexandra Sasser? That kid has some serious star potential! Looks like at least mommy might have some too from what we got to see of her audition.

We’ll have to wait and see until after American Idol 2016 premieres on January 6 to see if this adorable duo made it through to Hollywood Week. Or, if you can’t wait to find out, you can take a sneak peek at our SPOILERS list here.