American Idol 2016 Auditions: Josiah Siska [VIDEO]

The American Idol premiere is almost here, and we are starting to get a few peeks at some of the hopeful contestants who auditioned for the American Idol 2016 judges. From what we’ve seen so far, this looks like it could be the best crop of talented singers we’ve seen in years. Which is only fitting, of course, since it is the show’s final season and they should go out with a bang!

American Idol Auditions: Josiah Siska (FOX/YouTube)

One of the first American Idol auditions we’ve been able to watch so far comes from 19-year-old country singer Josiah Siska, who loves Johnny Cash. So, of course, the “big Johnny Cash fan” had to pull out one of his idol’s songs, “Ghost Riders In the Sky,” for his audition.

The American Idol judges were immediately impressed with Josiah’s incredibly deep, rich vocals. His old school, low country voice was quite a surprise coming out of such a young guy! Harry Connick Jr. was having so much fun with the song, he had to get up out of his chair to join the young man for a little impromptu jam session.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see whether or not Josiah got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood (although you can peek at our SPOILERS list here). But the American Idol judges certainly seemed to think he was something they’d never seen before during auditions!




  1. You say that every year. What counts is the top two. Caleb Johnson (even though a Steve Perry (journey) type is outdated) and Jena Irene Asciutto were the best top two ever (on any show). They paired together better (duet) than second place Carrie Underwood (Country) and Bo Bice (Rock).

    • Gave you thumbs up on part of what you wrote, but have to disagree with with the beginning, I think it is the entire journey not just the finale.

  2. By the way in the above survey why did you list non-idol winners like Clay Aiken and Jenifer Hudson(don’t think she even made to the top 3).

  3. LOved Josiah’s audition! His voice was soothing, familiar and heart warming. That he is humble and a diamond in the rough is worth watching as American Idol grooms him for his fans and the world at large. This is going to be the best year!

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