American Idol Auditions: Kelly Clarkson Superfan! [VIDEO]

When you think of a Kelly Clarkson superfan going out for American Idol auditions in hopes of following in their idol’s footsteps, you might might picture some young, cute rocker chick with a head full of dreams of stardom. What you actually get, however, is totally “obsessed” self-proclaimed megafan Justin Sullivan, who actually goes by the nickname Mr. Clarkson.

American Idol Auditions: Justin Sullivan (FOX/YouTube)
American Idol Auditions: Justin Sullivan (FOX/YouTube)

Justin Sullivan is so dedicated to his love of Kelly Clarkson, he’s even had t-shirts made with his Mr. Clarkson nickname splashed across the back. The 22-year-old singer almost got to meet Kelly once, but just missed the chance.

American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. was so impressed with Justin’s fascination with the singer, he actually had the crew move a giant standup poster of Kelly Clarkson next to him during his audition so he could be inspired. We only have the first part of his audition for you, and not the singing bit, but we’ll add that as soon as we have it. Not that it really matters, because the American Idol judges had to tell this superfan a no for Hollywood. He just didn’t have the chops to follow in the footsteps of his Idol Kelly.

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