Dexter Roberts Going to Nashville, Wants His Own Reality Show [Interview]

Eliminated American Idol finalist Dexter Roberts already has big plans ahead for what he’ll be doing next. After the American Idol Live Tour this summer, Dexter plans on checking out what sort of trouble he can get into in Nashville. He also would love to have a reality TV show of his own!

Dexter Roberts

In an interview with FOX Audio Central after his elimination, country crooner Dexter Roberts said being on American Idol 2014 has been a “crazy” experience but he had a “great experience.” He can’t wait to set out on tour with his American Idol season 13 buddies this summer, and then get on to the hard work of making his mark on the music business. And maybe even TV too!

Re: Looking back on his American Idol experience:

“It’s’s crazy, it is crazy. I’ve had, you know, a great time, you know, being able to be on American Idol. It was crazy, you know, great experience. I remember the first day that, you know, that I made it on the bus tour, I was like “Oh my gosh, here I go,” you know. And just to be on the top seven is this amazing feeling.”

Re: Looking forward to the finale and tour:

“Yeah, man, yeah, we’re going. I’m ready to go on this Idol tour, ready to kick it off. Ready to, you know, I’m just ready to, I’m ready to go to the finale. I want to see, you know, who wins. I’m really pumped up, man, because everybody is so good you just don’t know who is going to win and I’m just, I’m really pumped up about this tour though.”

Re: His plans after he’s done with the “American Idol” tour:

“I’m going to look up Nashville, I’m going to get up there and I’m going to keep Nashville hot, man, and I’m going to try to have my own hunting show one day.”

Re: What the judges told him after the show:

“They told me I was a great singer, said just to just keep going. They said I’m going to be, have a big career one day.”

Re: A few words for his fans:

“Oh man, thank you so much for getting me this far and just thank you for everything you’ve done and I am so blessed to have great fans behind me and just thank you so much.​”

* Interview courtesy of FOX Audio Central.



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