Ryan Seacrest Says American Idol Finalist Michael Johns’ Death ‘Shocking’ [VIDEO]

At the American Idol 2015 auditions in Nashville on Monday, host Ryan Seacrest shared his sadness over the tragic, sudden death of season 7 finalist Michael Johns. Ryan told Extra that he remembered how talented Michael was and he couldn’t believe it when he heard the news he had died.

American Idol 2015 host Ryan Seacrest (Extra)
American Idol 2015 host Ryan Seacrest (Extra)

Former American Idol finalist Michael Johns passed away at the age of 35 on Friday. Although no official cause of death has been determined, there is speculation he may have died from a blood clot after an ankle injury.

“Obviously it’s tragic and shocking news. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I think back to when he was on the show and I remember just what a great guy he was,” Ryan Seacrest told Extra. “Obviously very talented, and somebody that when I think back through all the many seasons and all the contestants, he stands out to me. I will always remember that about him.”