American Idol Finalist Needs Kidney Transplant to Live

American Idol season 8 finalist Scott MacIntyre is in dire need of a kidney transplant within the next six months. MacIntyre, who placed 8th on American Idol 2009, is suffering from end-stage kidney disease. The average time to locate a compatible donor is usually three to five years, but MacIntyre just doesn’t have that long to wait.

American Idol 8 finalist Scott MacIntyre (FOX)
American Idol 8 finalist Scott MacIntyre (FOX)

During his time on American Idol season 8, MacIntyre became a fan favorite for his smiling perseverance in the competition despite being almost totally blind. His visual impairments stems from Leber’s congenital amaurosis, leaving him with only a two-percent field of vision.

Sadly, MacIntyre has also dealt with severe kidney issues since he was a teenager, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was first diagnosed at 19 with kidney failure and received a kidney transplant just under a year later. Unfortunately, MacIntyre says, “transplanted kidneys can’t last forever, and now I’m facing the same life-threatening illness once again.”

A nationwide search is now underway to find a compatiable kidney for the former American Idol singer before it is too late. Anyone who is willing to be tested as a potential match can contact Vanterbilt Hospital at 6-5-936-0695, ext. 3. There is no cost involved in being a donor if a person is found to be a successful match.